Enjoy Your Meal! From 6 May Corporative EU Will Lay Your Table with Monsanto´s Poisonous and Cancerogenic GMO Seed of Evil

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AKTUELLES: [1] The Daily Mail 26. April 2013 - Starke Nutzung des weltweit beliebtesten Herbizids, Roundup, konnte mit einer Reihe von gesundheitlichen Problemen und Erkrankungen wie Parkinson, Unfruchtbarkeit und Krebs verbunden werden.
Das Peer-Review-Bericht vom Massachusetts Institute of Technology, veröffentlicht letzte Woche in der Fachzeitschrift Entropy, besagte, Beweise zeigen, dass die Reste von Glyphosat“, dem Hauptbestandteil des Unkrautvernichtungsmittels, Roundup, das über Millionen von Hektar Getreide gesprüht wird, in Essen gefunden wird. ‘Negative Auswirkungen auf den Körper sind heimtückisch und manifestieren sich langsam im Laufe der Zeit als Entzündung sowie Beschädigung zellulärer Systeme im ganzen Körper“, besagt die Studie.
“Wir sind auf etwas sehr Wichtiges gestossen, das ernstzunehmen ist  und weiter untersucht werden muss.”

(Wie üblich bestreitet Monsanto Tatsachen in diesem Artikel)


In an article in[2] Euro-med.dk on 24 Sept. 2012, I once again described the EU’s corrupt relationship with  [3] Rockefeller-affiliated GMO corporation Monsanto, which by means of the US government exerts an enormous pressure to the EU to market the toxic and carcinogenic products of this company with mafia methods - without labeling their products with “GMO”. [4] Rockefeller and his intertwined [5] WHO and his [4] FAO see to that through their [6] Codex Alimentarius. And [7] Bill Gates tries to makeAfrica sick with the “green” Monsanto revolution. I have [8] previously and [9] here and[10] here written about the efforts of corrupt Monsanto . The worst side effect seems to be the development  of physical [11] Malformations in newborn and [12] here by Monsanto’s biggest source of revenue, Round-Up, which is now seeping into the drinking water - and incidentally also generates resistant weed.

The[13] US Ambassador to France, a business partner of George W. Bush, declared in 2007, according to Wikileaks, that nations that do not want to accept Monsanto’s GMO crops, should be “punished”. In fact, Ambassador Craig Stapleton went so far as to say that such nations were to threaten with trade war by military way.

[14] Tumors-Rats1

Right: When a French study showed [15] mice with monster cancer tumors through Monsanto corn feeding  - and when France wanted to ban this toxic feed, the EU took the side of a Monsanto and accepted the risk on our behalf!

[16] Monster-mus

[14] Tumors-Rats1

Left: Monsanto-Maize is poisonous in[10] animal experiments - leading to i.a. monster mice and [17] organ damages, killing the rats. Some GMO plants  are engineered to bring about[18] infertility.

[16] Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 1. Mai 2013: What the Europeans are to eat in future, would be decisively determined by the seed company Monsanto. In Brussels, Monsanto has already infiltrated deeply into the EU structures. Alongside with other industry representatives, the company is sending senior officials into the EU bodies, and creates itself the scientific studies for new cereal varieties (- even [19] forbidding independent researchers to investigate the effects of their products). To the citizens themselves, the processes remains hidden - until it may be too late. The resistance of the citizens of Europe against the planned seed-regulation of the EU is massive and the EU has clearly been taken by surprise. Environmentalists and representatives of smallholder structures try to prevent any future use of varieties of fruit and vegetables in Europe to be subject to regulation by Brussels.

Next week, the European Commission will present a corresponding regulation draft and attempts beforehand, to calm the waves (with [20] very equivocal calming).

But in fact, acc. to information given to the Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten (DWN), there is no reason to call all clear. Especially small nurserymen fear that they will be fully subject to the economic dictates of a few large corporations. Both the German and Austrian Federal Ministries of Agriculture  want to wait for the draft before they would talk about substantive changes. The text on a sheet of paper is one thing. But it depends on the political implementation. Citizens usually only recognize trends when it is too late. There is no transparency.

Recently, it  had become known that the EU lawmakers usually pass laws as the lobbyists submit them. Thus,  U.S. companies entertain a foundation in the Internet sector that ensures their access to MPs. In addition to Daniel Cohn-Bendit, sitting in the (EU) foundation are in fact representatives of all parties represented in parliament.

A closer look shows that the chances of citizens are poor. The seed and contrast food companies have been firmly anchored in Brussels for years. They know the laws because they make them. Create studies to prove whether their genetically modified products are harmful or not. They go in and out all the important offices.

Especially on one name we keep coming back.


This comes as no surprise. Nevertheless, it is remarkable how far the seed lobby has advanced into the inner core of legislation.

The manufacturers of seeds and pesticides are organized in several powerful networks. The most important ones are the European Seed Association and EuropaBio, two particularly resource-strong lobby groups. Before it ever comes to the formulation of legislative proposals by the Commission, the stakeholder takes influence. Often, new legislative initiatives are only launched to the direction general due to (the stakeholder´s) expressed wishes. “The agro-chemical lobby is one of the strongest in Brussels. Their approach is sometimes very aggressive, “says Nina Katzemich of LobbyControl to the DWN.

The interplay between human biotech companies and the European Food Safety Authority shows how closely private and official organizations are interconnected. EFSA is the highest point within the EU, where the food risks are assessed and controlled. Clubs like Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl  in collaboration with other NGOs in recent years brought several cases to the public, how close high-level personnel of the EU are to the industry (a list of such interests is given). The [21] European Court of Auditors has criticized conflicts of interest  in 2012.

Monsanto wants to conquer Europe. If things develop to the liking of Monsanto the future of food is without any alternative.

This is what it is all about
If things go acc. to the Commission’s plans, small farmers or individuals are not even allowed to give away their homegrown seeds in the future. In addition, environmentalists fear a strict official control. When replacing non-approved seed varieties harsh penalties can be expected. Only beneficiaries of the regulation are the food groups that have already divided the bulk of the seed market among themselves. For years, the lobby of the agricultural industry in Brussels has been encouraging a further step in the direction of seed cartel. The objective is to control the entire food production by a few large corporations. Already, smaller competitors are forced by reporting by  Monsanto and Co to exclusively buy their seed. In the future, they now also face administrative penalties.
Consumers hardly have any freedom of choice, as for what lands on their plates, it is stated in an open letter from more than a dozen European environmental organizations to the Commission and the EU Parliament. It is indicative of the lack of democratic legitimacy of the EU that such fundamental decisions are taken, without the citizens noticing anything about it. Members of the European Parliament might not even have read the request for regulation.

Quite right, the aim of the NWO is  to take control of the entire food production of the world by Rockefeller’s Monsanto. Because, as the Arch Illuminatus, [22] Henry Kissinger sagte, said: foods are weapons. In his context it meant to starve states, which did not want to reduce their populations as desired by the NWO. Monsanto’s dangerous GMO products that are now being imposed upon us unsuspecting, are clearly also part of the [23] population reduction and [24] here. It is a continuation of the “Green Monsanto GMO Revolution ” of Rockefeller and Bill Gates in India and Africa - where many thousands of farmers dependent on Monsanto hybrid seed have committed suicide, because they can not afford to buy new seeds from Monsanto (see video above).
The current death cult is led by the elitist group of the Club of Rome,  closely linked with the EU, with its books, [25] “Limits to Growth” in 1973 and the [26] “First Global Revolution” in 1991.

Are you losing appetite? Well, unless you can muster some hundred thousands of demonstrators in Brussels, you will eat Monsanto´s cancerogenic food when you get Hungry and probably have your cancer in due time!
Alternatively, you will have to grow your own food (”Preppers” now seen as “terrorists”in the US!).

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