Lord Jakob Rothschild takes a 130 Mio pounds bet against the euro (The Telegraph 18 Aug. 2012).
George Soros is another tool for economic and political warfare in the hands of the Rothschilds. He is among those circles who three years ago started a malicious “Fourth Reich” campaign against the reunited Germany; Soros is very anti-German (William Engdahl).



Spiegel 11 Apr. 2013: On 11 April 2013, the Spiegel brought an interview with Professor Brendan Simms, University of Cambridge, about the growing hatred of the southern European countries against Germany: Germany does save the South European states from bankruptcy - but imposes austerity measures on them which lead to poverty. Angela Merkel is being depicted as Hitler on posters. There is an increasing Germanophobia. The euro is forcing Germany to take over the leadership of the euro - or go back to the Bismarck strategy.

On 6 Aug. 2012 The Daily Mail quoted the Italian Berlusconi Newspaper “Il Giornale”: “Merkel is running the ‘Fourth Reich’: Two world wars and millions of dead, obviously this was not enough to quieten German egomania. Once again it has surfaced but this time not with the use of cannons, this time it’s the Euro.”

What is it about the EU and Nazism?  What has been  withheld from the Europeans from the onset of the EU? And who is really behind the 4. Reich, the Greeks are now talking about?


Short timeline of the EU and the euro manipulations
The EU is Rothschild´s 4. Reich and
here .

Right: The EU  is a corporate Ltd. – having the notorius Nazi IG Farben for its model.
On April 24, 1964, the key architects of the “Brussels EU” – all of them active members of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition during WWII – met at the “Brussels EU” headquarters to stake their claims on the future of the European continent. 1. EU Commission President Walter Hallstein
2. German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard 3. Ludger Westrick, Head of the German Chancellery
4. Karl Carstens, German Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - later the 5. federal president.
5. Karl-Günther von Hase, Head of the Press and Information Service of the German government.

In 1944 in Strassbourg, high-ranking SS-officer Scheid amd Dr. Bosse from the Armaments Secretariat told German Industry tycoons and Gestapo bosses to get their financial assets out of Germany and place them with their foreign connections - in particular the Swiss National Bank and Rothschild´s BIS - (The Telegraph 9. Mai 2009). The SS was intimately interwoven with Rockefeller/FED´s IG Farben. Im Jahr 1948 hatte die Bundesrepublik Deutschland daher mehr Geld zur Verfügung als Deutschland im Jahr 1936.


In 1948, the Federal Republic of Germany therefore had more  money at its disposal than Germany in 1936. Thus, the two Nazis Ludwig Erhardt and Hermann Abs (left) of the Deutsche Bank and IG Farben created Germany´s “economic miracle”, which was and is the source of financing of the EU.

The money was to be taken back after the lost war to build the 4. Reich, a financial German empire under supranational umbrella (the EU) - later to be taken over by Nazis. The Nazi regime was financed by Rothschild/Rockefeller´s Wall Street and the FED. So, in 1948,the German Federal Republic had more money at its disposal than Germany in 1936. Behind the scene, the Rothschild/Rockefeller agent Joseph Retinger - founder of the Bilderbergers -and Jean Monnet, Robert Schumann and Jean Henri Spaak were the puppets of the US Council on Foreign Relations and as such paid off by the CFR members, the Rockefeller and  Ford Foundations. In the background, the project was run by the ACUE (Activist Committee for a United Europe, started by the Rothschild agent Coudenhove-Kalerghi of the Paneuropean Movement as well as the OSS and its successor, the CIA/Bedell Smith,  Allan Foster Dulles.  In 1965, the the ACUE told Robert Marjolie, vice-president of the European Economic Community) to secretly prepare the Euro and only let it go public when no debates could stop it!

Helmuth Kohl´s 4. Reich
The Daily Mail 9 April 2013
:   “In one case – the euro – I was like a dictator … The euro is a synonym for Europe…. “I knew that I could never win a referendum in Germany. We would have lost a referendum on the introduction of the euro. That’s quite clear. I would have lost and by seven to three.” What he did NOT address in his interview were the lies he and his ministers told to get the common currency in place across Europe - a decision now seen to have fatal consequences as the continent thrashes around in the sixth year of a financial crisis without end.

KohlHundreds of pages of German government documents from 1994 to 1998 and released last year stated clearly that Italy and Greece should NOT have been allowed to join the euroclub.
Aides warned Kohl - who, along with the French relentlessly drove the European Project onwards.

German media dubbed the information in the files as ‘Operation Self Deception.’ The documents that have now been released suggest that the Kohl administration misled both the public and Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court (Der Spiegel) .

Rothschild´s 4. Reich today: “The moor hat done his duty. The moor can go!”
SorosBBC 9 Sept. 2012: International financier George Soros (Rothschild agent) has called for Germany to “lead or leave the euro” .Mr Soros argued that the eurozone should target 5% economic growth. That would require the bloc to abandon German-backed austerity measures and accept higher inflation, he says. He advocates a German exit instead of a departure by Greece and weaker economies.

This is all a very clear picture of the fraud - not only by the EU but also the entire Rothschild / Rockefeller NWO: First they mendaciously make their gullible populations accept a project - the European Union / the euro -which these gentlemen demagogues know very well will cause mischief for their own peoples. Kohl joined the euro in order to gain France´s approval for the reunification of Germany. This blackmailing grants France the greater blame for Europe going into chaos.
However, then the Devil shows his cloven hoof: The vassal state, Germany, refuses to let itself be pushed into total dependence, debt and impoverishment by Rothschild´s 4. Reich, taking loans from the Rothschild Banks  in order to fund the happy-go-lucky South Europeans with bail-outs, so that they can pay their interest to the Rothschild banks. Therefore, Rothschild and his esquire, Soros, want Germany to be isolated - and speed the  rest of the Euro members up on their their hell-bound journey into NWO-chaos and total submission to the Rothschilds´ whip - as in Greece, while weakening Germany’s export markets and thus forcing Germany to her knees. These arch banksters were particularly annoyed, when Germany´s Federal Bank in  2010 was ready to dissolve the euro. This was prevented by Rothschild´s central bankers of the FED, the Bank of England and the ECB knocking Germany back in its place. But Germany is still blocking the ECB´s purchase of bonds from endebted non-german banks and states - which George Soros demands.

Against these Luciferians, only the return of Jesus Christ helps matters.