LATEST EUObserver 4 March 2013: EU-Commissioner Cecilia Malmström: “I’ve worked to eradicate the term ‘illegal immigrant’ from all commission docs. No human being is ‘illegal,’ ever.”


With respect to immigration costs: in 2001 they were 30% of Denmark´s and Sweden´s budgets. More here.
The following is from a flyer published by the “Constitutional Association Danish Culture”:

Indvandringens-omkostningerThe state will increase a catastrophic deficit of over 100 billion DKK, raise taxes and fees, cut aid for the elderly and the sick, close schools and use the aid for developing countries –  due to costs derived from immigration to Denmark from predominantly Muslim countries.
Back in 2005, the Jyllands-Posten recognized:.. “For over 20 years, the political and intellectual elites have managed to organize a Muslim mass immigration which costs the public 65 to 75 billion DKK a year and threatens to kill the Danish unity culture “(06.04.2005 p. 11). From 2011-12, the immigration and their spending are completely out of control, going to pass 100 billion!

(Ghetto) Vollsmose (Odense) as an example of what the taxpayers’ money is used for
Free bus and concerts for immigrants: DKK 2,844,402 and 1,880,855 for wake up calls for tired pupils, better reputation 11,421,411, marketing 4,385,000, three consultants 6,040,692, including extremist Asmaa Abdol Hamid, operation 9,596,542, attempts to prevent vandalism 3,821,641, BonBon-Land-(trips), etc. In total 58,482,279 DKK (Jyllands-Posten, 18/2/2012).
During the years of 1993-2011, 48 billion were spent solely for housing improvements in ghettos and from 2012 another 11 billion  have been granted acc. to the own figures of the ministries. (Den Korte Avis 21/02/2012).
Vollsmose is just one out of 25 asylum centres - so the number of 58,482,279 DKK is to be multipled by a double-digit factor.

Also, large sums of money donated to individuals
A Croatian Gypsy family  has cost Denmark 74 million DKK since 1974. (The Korte Avis 17/12/2012). A gang leader has to be supervised in the asylum center around the clock - 7 million DKK per year (BT 15/02/2013). However, he is only one of 52  expelled convicted persons who live on “tolerated stay” in Denmark.

Asylum procedures leading to residence permits
increased during the years 2000 through 2008 from 35,000 to 69,277. The number of asylum seeker centers increased from 7 to 25 (Danmarks Statistik 2011). “In 2012, family reunifications will rise by the thousands due to the suspension of the points system and other concessions by the government.” (Lawyers, specialized in family reunification, The “Information” 12.01.2012).
The expenditures for immigrants in early retirement explode. “Massive increase of the number of immigrants in early retirement. The number of immigrants from non-Western countries permanently unable to work has increased over 5 years by 51% and on Funen by 68 %. Communities cannot manage to get them into the labour market. 3% fewer Danes went into early retirement. “(Berl Tidende. 01.02.2012).

Unemployment among immigrants from non-Western countries explodes:
From 2010 through 2011, unemployment among non-Western immigrants, especially Muslims, increased from 46% to 54%. (Teletext November 2011). Of working- age Somalis, only 38%, 41% of Iraqis and Lebanese were employed in 2009, although the state rewarded communities with 30,000 DKr to employ an immigrant, a clear discrimination against unemployed Danes (Statistic Yearbook 2011).

Crime costs explode: Over 70% of inmates in youth prisons are of another ethnicity than Danish. Rapes increased in 2010 to 430, violent crimes to 18,000! (Danmarks Statistik 2010). Men from Somalia, Morocco and the Palestinians are the most violent. They commit such violent crimes 3-4 times as often as the average. (Jyllands-Posten 12.07.2010). “Record-many were came up before a judge in Copenhagen in 2011. Almost 70% were of foreign origin” (1422 of 2099). (Ekstrabladet 10.02.2012, report by the police of Copenhagen).

The National Bank warns (Quarterly Overview 2008):.. “Much of the migration is from less developed countries with low employment rates and causing a high burden on public benefits. This  impacts public finances. If immigration is to support the needs for funding of the public sector, it be must be done by supereimmigration. This means a person who after graduation enters the labor market immediately with a participation rate of 100%, pays taxes like a Dane, does not bring his family and leaves the country before the age of retirement.”

The PISA study shows massive rise in the number of illiterates:
In 2010, 14% of children were illiterate on leaving school. But among second-generation immigrants from Arab countries, 64% of all young people are illiterate when they leave a Danish school, so they cannot go through with an education. The number of good readers among them decreased from 7 to 6%. The effort for migrant children meant that Danish children (especially the vulnerable ones) were neglected. Nevertheless, Education Minister Morten Østergaard (R) said in January 2012: “We can rejoice that the gap between young people from different ethnic backgrounds and Danes has been almost obliterated.”

The number of Muslim immigrants explodes
Each non-Western immigrant given a residence permit in Denmark since the 1980s  has now become 4, while every Western immigrant has become only 2. A study from Ishøj (suburb of Copenhagen) has shown that 145 Turkish men who came to Denmark in 1969-70 have become 2,913 people  in 2000  due to family reunification and births (Jyllands-Posten, 24/6/2011). Immigrants from western countries contribute annually with 34,000 net DKK in to the treasury, while immigrants from non-Western countries cost the community DKK 31,000 annually , on an average (Rockwool Fonden, quoted in Jyllands-Posten, 24/6/2011).

More and more neighborhoods are ghettos
In 2011, 4 new residential areas were named ghettos – inter alia due to the proportion of convicted persons for offences in them exceeding the 2.7% mark, equivalent to 3 times as many criminals as in Denmark as a whole (Jyllands-Posten 10.05.2011).

In order to finance the dramatic increase in migration costs, the government needs to take loans totaling $ 100 billion (plus interest) in 2012 – to be repaid. The government has abolished the early retirement benefits and help for the sick and elderly, dismantled 300 schools and demands duties and taxes from industry and families – which destroys competitiveness, closes businesses and makes the country poor.
As a result of immigration of unintegrable ethnic groups, in 2009 unemployment benefits rose to 36 billion, emergency assistance services to 15 billion, housing assistance to 12 billion, the cost of rehabilitation to 81 billion DKKr (Danmarks Statistik 2010) and they are now out of control.

In comparison:
Annual costs for the entire Danish Defence: 21bn.
The annual cost of the Church Ministry: 0.6 billion
Annual expenditures of the Ministry of Environment: 1.9 bn
Annual costs culture, museums, theaters, libraries, etc.: 6 bn
Annual costs for public transport: 10.5 bn
Annual costs for the entire hospital sector: 58bn
The total turnover of the Danish fisheries: 2.9 bn
Income from agriculture, forestry and horticulture: 64bn
Revenue from gas, oil, salt, lime: 46
(Statistic Yearbook 2011).

Ethical and moral bankruptcy declaration:
The money will partly be taken  by cutting out home help for the elderly and the sick, as well as by the reduction of pensions by $ 19 billion.
Money is taken from the poorest developing countries, the poor countries having to pay for the new government wanting asylum seekers to live in apartments and houses on arrival in the country. The relocation involves an expenditure of 400 million DKK over two years. In 2012 alone, government reallocates a total of 975 million DKK for developing countries to the asylum system, money that the poorest countries were to have had “(Jyllands-Posten 21.12.2011).
The money will be taken from the poorest provinces in Denmark: 2 billion DkK from the Agriculture Building Fund is reallocated, money that was to have been a boost for the marginal zones of Denmark, where houses are becoming dilapidated and schools are closed.
The money will be taken from families with children: 300 schools are closed, kindergartens are closed and become more expensive. (DR News January 2012)

Text TV 01/04/2012: Karen Haekkerup Secretary for Social Affairs and the government have canceled the immigration investigation, which was started by the previous government and the Danish People’s Party to illuminate the costs of  immigration economically and culturally. She said: “Now that time is fortunately over.”

This is just the beginning. The costs described have now, a year later, increased even further because of further explosive immigration. That is also the intention of “our” NWO politicians who want to destroy our old world order by “stealth” to be able to finish their Communist and Satanic New World Order by Adam Weishaupt´s / Rothschild´s recipe. The prime movers are Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations his Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission - including the prominent board member of both groups, Goldman Sachs Drector and former EU Commissioner, Peter Sutherland, Rockefeller´s Club of Rome as well as Tony Blair´s Labour government, the Danish government - and  the EU as expressed by Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.
As if this were not enough the EU Parliament will now facilitate the acquisition of tourist visa for people of countries outside the EU – especially old and sick ones – to boost jobs in the tourist industry off season. That many such immigrants will not return nor be able to be returned to their LDC countries not respecting the EU´s Fundamental Rights seems to be implicit to promote our economic and cultural collapse.