The Daily Mail: Infrared Tests Show Shroud of Turin NOT Medieveal Fake. It Most Likely Shows Christ at the Moment of Resurrection

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John 11:25 - ” I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.”


[1] The Daily Mail 28 March 2013: Researchers used forensic tests to compare fibres from the shroud with a range of ancient fabric samples. And they discovered that the material could have been made in Jesus’s lifetime.

Their results contradict a landmark 1988 study, spearheaded by the British Museum, which used carbon dating to examine the cloth.
Key to the findings are three new tests, two chemical ones and one mechanical, the first two were carried out using infra-red light, and the other using Raman spectroscopy - which measures radiation through wavelengths and is commonly used in forensic science.

The results dated the fibres from the cloth to a period between 300BC to 400AD, which covers the years of Christ’s life. Carbon 14 tests were conducted on the cloth in 1988 and these findings suggested it dated from between 1260 and 1390.
However, some scientists have since claimed that contamination over the ages from water damage and fire, were not taken sufficiently into account and could have distorted the results.

Since then, there have been several requests for fresh tests but Church chiefs have always refused - and this is why Professor Fanti and his team had to rely on fibres that were used in the 1988 tests. Thirteen years ago when he was plain cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI wrote that the shroud was a ‘truly mysterious image, which no human artistry was capable of producing. In some inexplicable it appeared imprinted upon cloth…’

The [2] Telegraph 28 March 2013 has more

The Italian Academy of Sciences, [3] ENEA, has declared the Shroud to be supernatural.

Sometimes, I meet the argument that my articles about the Satanic “new” world order are futile,  because we cannot change anything.

Certainly, each individual can make a difference. He can change himself. Christ preached against the same [4] world order of the Pharisees, which is not “new” - but as old as the selfishness of mankind. Christ actually did move the world through his influence on individuals - much to the chagrin of the Pharisees, who had just succeeded in organizing the Jews to [5] deliver them in droves into the hands of Satan. Unfortunately, these forces have quickly understood to distort and abuse the teachings of Christ for their own dirty purposes .

Through my writings, I may appear  negative and defeatist to some. That’s not me. I’m positive! I’m trying to point out that this world is lost and that the forces behind it always lead to disaster - the more the stronger the Pharisees, who plan the [6] destruction of the world acc. to [7] biblical scenarios, grow.  That they will  succeed with/ be allowed this, was confirmed by Christ (Matt. 24:6-24 and 29). These destructive forces of Chaos are just growing stronger through the silence of the fat stock lambs - who ought to  resist the Pharisees with strikes and large demonstrations. I’m in the positive in so far as I try to point out that there is an alternative to the hateful “new” world order: an eternal life where the neighbourly love of Jesus Christ reigns.

The destruction that might take place in the foreseeable future is only the beginning of Christ’s return (Matthew 22: 25, 26, 27, 30, 31). Christ suffered because of the Pharisees - we have to suffer because of the Pharisees, too. Eternal damnation awaits the latter -  life eternal awaits those who  abide with the teachings of Christ to their best of their abilities until death -  with expected participation in the [8] creative process in other universes (Eg Matthew 24:13).  As a former medical researcher, this is attractive to me, provided that Christ will approve of me for it (Matt. 25).

[9] Shroud-of-turin-face of-Christ

[10] Pantocrator

Left: The faces of the old Greek icons fit so well with the 3–dimensional photo on the Shroud of Turin that they must be assumed to have that Shroud for their model. Right is the oldest preserved icon, the Christos Pantocrator,  from the St. Catharina Monastery, Sinai.

At the time they were painted (AD 500–600) the [11] Holy Mandylion was kept at Edessa (now Urfa in Turkey). In 944 AD an  army was sent from Byzantium to Edessa to have the Mandylium extradited from the Muslims who had in the meantime conquered the city. The Muslims preferred to give the Mandylion to the Byzantines, who kept it until the scandalous 4. crusade in 1204, when it was abducted by the Knights Templar. They used it in their initiation rite – telling the initiate that this was the closest mortal man could come to seeing God on Earth. In all probability, the Mandylion was the Shroud of Turin folded 4 times so that only the face was visible. This is also indicated by the transverse crease corresponding to the upper neck.

The Catholic Church has right from the first exhibition of the Shroud in 1357 disputed the veracity of the Shroud and has never acknowledged the probably only authentic relic it possesses. Nevertheless the Church keeps it very carefully at the Cathedral of Turin – after having been given it by the last king of Italy, King Umberto II of the House of Savoy, which was its keeper until after WWII.

The [12] forged C-14– test in 1988 was ordered by the Catholic Church to be performed by 3 labs  disregarding   all scientific protocols. Two German atheist journalists tried to find out what really happened – and where the samples were taken. They were met by a long series of lies and threats – but did manage to get photos of 2 of the samples: The textile structure of these was not consistent with that of the Shroud of Turin!  Vanillin tests on single fibres showed much older age than 1260–1390 AD – and the texture of the Shroud is characteristic of 1. Century Judea, as is the calcium aragonite at the feet of the Shroud as well as flower imprints and pollen on it ([11] se here).

[13] Flowers-on-shroud-of-turin

Right: [14] Negative flower imprints on the Shroud of Turin

The history of the Shroud can be [15] seen here.

Legend has it, that the Shroud was brought to King Abgar V of Edessa by disciple Judas Thaddäus – after Jesus had sent  him a message:

One may wonder why the Catholic Church has been so keen on  concealing the true nature of the Shroud. In 1357, the reason may have been that the Shroud came from the gnostic Knights Templar, the order having been disbanded in 1312 (but lived on under other names in Portugal and Scotland, e.g.). The first exhibitor  of the Shroud was the widow of Geoffroi de Charni, who as the carrier of the Oriflamme fell in the famous battle of Agincourt, saving his king´s life. He was the nephew of the last treasurer of the Templars, Geoffroi de Charnay,  who was burnt on the stake in 1314.
Today, it is more mysterious. [15] On Good Friday – of all days – 1989, the leader of the fake C-14–test, Dr. Tite of the British Museum,  had his career greatly boosted, as his master received 1 mio. British pounds from “unknown admirers” for a professorship at Oxford – and Dr. Tite was the lucky one!

imprints and pollen on it ([11] se here). [16] SoonsAmulet1

Dr. Petrus Soons on this [17] video from 27 – 37 min. demonstrated holographically the Hebrew letters ayn – aleph – nun meaning lamb (John 1:29) in Aramaic (Jesus´language) on an oval 3–dimensional plate on the neck. The lamb was the symbol of Christ for the first Christians. They were ashamed of his cross death. Today this video from the [14] Shroud of Turin website is forbidden!!! However, you can [18] hear Dr. Soon´s lecture. (go to the last 1/4 of the lecture).

But perhaps more revealing: [19] Remi van Haelst, statistician, member of the Shroud of Turin Study Group: “In May 1989, Prof. Gonella, advisor to the Archbishop of Turin, declared that “the church was blackmailed  by a number of persons who did everything to make the church say no to a radiocarbon analysis. We were to say that we were afraid of the scientific outcome. The laboratories acted very badly - I still protest their absolute lack of scientific professionalism and the way they conducted the [20] experiments. I have told them that in fact they are mafiosi”. None of the parties involved have protested against this. Nevertheless, the Archbishop and Gonella declined my plea for access to his documents that were marked Top Secret.”
Suppose the Church would suddenly stand with the final proof that Christ is the one he declared to be, God´s son: his visiting card. Then the [21] Interfaith Dialogue started by Pope John Paul II back in 1986 would [16] suddenly stop – because there is nothing to discuss with the Muslims, Hindus etc. - to the detriment of the New World Order, which Pope Benedict XVI professes.

Or do the [22] Satanic Jesuits ruling the Vatican , the military successors of the  militant Knights Templar, wish to conceal the truth of Jesus Christ provenly being God´s son?  Well, one can hardly wonder given  the cooperation of the Vatican with the NWO gnostics of the Pharisaic  [23] United Religions Initiative and the [24] enthronement of Satan as the head of  the Vatican in 1963.

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