The EU has just bailed Cyprus out (10 bn dollars)- and in the process stolen 10% of the savings of Cypriots - and of criminal Russians who were so naïve as to believe their laundered money was in safety there.



Anger and last minute run on cashmachines to save what can be saved is outspoken - in order to send the money to other countries, emptying Cyprus further of money and thus speeding the next bail-out with even more interest to be paid and loss of sovereignty to the 4. Reich of the EU and Rothschild - the money lenders of the EU. Now austerity is not enough to make Europeans poor and ripe for revolution.  What Cypriots have already been deprived of - and this is crucial - is the opportunity to devaluate their currency and to raise their interest rate. Therefore, they are now in the trap of the 4. Reich and its Lord and Master and his Goldman Sachs Bank, doing the work of “god” (Mammon), and here - as  it is doing with Greece, Italy and the European Central Bank

The Chairman of the EU Parliament, Martin Schulz,  on 4 Febr. was quoted in the Deutsche Welle as saying: “A project or an idea which has lost popular support will at some point come to an end.” He also added: “When people turn away the EU’s very survival is “under threat,”  He added that the EU had lost a great deal of public support.
Today this hypocritical NWO socialist says, that only savings above 25.000 euros should pay the 10%!

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten  16.03.13: The Cyprus deal could apparently have been still much worse:
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and Christine Lagarde (IMF) wanted the bank customers in Cyprus to actually unbutton a levy of 40 percent of their savings.
At the end, they agreed to 6.5 percent for deposits less than 100,000 euros and 10 percent (officially 9.9 percent) for deposits above.

Schaeuble told the ZDF that the action was deliberately scheduled before the long weekend in Cyprus, “Bank deposits are a sensitive matter because you have to act fast, so one does it during the weekend.”
Also German SPD chief Peer Steinbrueck was satisfied. Several national media reports also mentioned that the Cypriots blame it on Germany and the Netherlands.

What just happened in Cyprus can and will take place in any EU country on behalf of the ruthless globalisation/NWO.