Mayor Anna Mee Allerslev Jyllands-Posten 13 March 2012: There’s a new normal at central Nørrebro, where in several places (Muslim) gangs and not the citizens are in control of the streets. And although the police have intensified their efforts against gangs, it is not enough. Our common goal is, that central Nørrebro is to be taken back to the citizens again.
irresponsible and inconsequent creature is, nevertheless, claiming that a positive and constructive approach to Denmark’s diversity is the only possible way in a globalised world.


In 2009, a remarkable confession was brought by the Daily Mail by Tony Blair´s and Gordon Brown´s speech writer: In the beginning of this century, Labour promoted an unprecedented Muslim mass immigration to change the British society radically and to “rub the right´s nose in diversity”. But already in 1975,  a Danish MP  stated that politicians promoted Muslim immigration, drugs, and free abortions  to sever the historical roots to the past and change the Danish society radically. Today we know that the purpose is to dismantle the Old World Order for the Communist and  corporate New World Order. The following will exemplify how. Behind it is the NWO EU.

Labour betrayed the working class over immigration
The Express March 7, 2013: As the floodgates opened to new arrivals the very fabric of our country was transformed. Vast swathes of urban Britain became like a foreign land. Social cohesion collapsed. British workers were thrown on the economic scrapheap. No occupying foreign invader could have done more damage to Britain than the treacherous, unpatriotic governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. There is now growing public fury and despair over what has happened to our once well-ordered nation.

Opinion polls show that immigration has become the most important issue for the electorate, while the dramatic rise of the UK Independence Party has been partly fuelled by anger over the unceasing influx.

In a cynical bid to capitalise on this public backlash Labour leader Ed Miliband now pretends that his party has adopted a new approach to immigration. But Labour has not changed from the dark days of Brown and Blair.

An ideological attachment to mass immigration and multi-culturalism is written into the party’s DNA. What Miliband is really trying to do is not proclaim a new policy but to mislead the public. He said with phoney candour that Labour “got it wrong on immigration”.  What a grotesque understatement.

In truth Labour almost wrecked our nation with their aggressive social revolution, in which the rate of immigration was deliberately cranked up to almost 600,000 new arrivals every year. Miliband’s blatherings last night would have been laughable were they not so offensive. He proclaimed in his broadcast that it is “not prejudiced” to worry about immigration yet Labour always painted critics of its open-door policy as xenophobes and racists.

“A bigoted woman,” was Gordon Brown’s notorious description of Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy when she dared to express her concerns about immigration. Only a few months ago Labour-run Rotherham council removed a child from the care of a couple who happened to be Ukip voters and were therefore deemed by the municipal race commissars to be unfit for the role of foster parents.
Miliband concluded his broadcast by spouting the predictable cliché, “ diversity makes us a successful country”. That is patently nonsense. Britain was a far more successful country when we had a settled population.

The era of mass immigration has led to an almost permanent economic crisis and falling living standards, not least because of the intolerable strain on our public infrastructure and the welfare state.  Indeed Miliband blithely ignored the reality that our lax benefits system has acted as a magnet for huge numbers of immigrants.

But Miliband’s party has spectacularly betrayed the very people it is meant to support. Miliband was Gordon Brown’s key ally yet the economic model they devised was expensive lunacy: importing millions of people, most of them from Asia and Africa, to provide cheap labour while keeping five million Britons of working-age on the dole.

The fact is that 80 per cent of migrants vote LabourLabour was determined to refashion our society along the lines of their ideology. So the twin forces of mass immigration and multi-culturalism were used as weapons to create “a new social order” to quote the chilling words of Labour’s Deputy  Miliband was one of the architects of Labour’s immigration disaster.

Spiegel 14 March 2013Wolfgang Bosbach, a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and the party’s domestic policy expert in parliament, would like to make it easier to deport religious extremists.
Following police raids of Salafist groups on Wednesday in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia, in addition to the foiling of an apparent Salafist plot to attack senior members of the regional, right-wing populist party Pro-NRW, German conservatives are demanding further action against the Islamist extremists. Today, 3 Salafist groups were banned

Bande3“Unfortunately, I think we shall have to get accustomed to shooting in the streets”,
says Copenhagen sociologist and journalist Aydin Soei, in Politiken 13 March 2013: “2008 kick-started a professionalization of the criminal groups becoming  professional units. Today, outsiders can also be part of the gang community. Now they wear back patches, which clearly indicate that they are a part of a criminal gang, “said Aydin Soei.

“He (the immigrant), has a group that has inflated macho ideals, where you defend each other’s honor and the club,” explains the band connoisseur. The environment attracts young people who feel abandoned by society. When it comes to bilingual young men, so many leave school without being able to read and understand a newspaper. The group is alpha and omega. “It is their whole identity, you pull away from them.” The question is, according to Aydin Soei, whether municipalities can even get rid of the criminal subcultures.

Politiken 12 March 2013: This morning, the police have taken action against gangs at 42 addresses. During the last week there have been six shooting episodes in the streets. In total, more than 50 shots been fired in Copenhagen, Birkerød, Herlev and Hvidovre. On 14 March  a similar action was again implemented.

Gangs´ security guards
Politiken 12 March 2013: “Where do you come from? ‘. This threatening question is reportedly being asked to several Danes in residential areas of Copenhagen in recent times, when people related to gangs have patrolled and acted as private security guards. “The intimidation has among other things consisted in  people being held up and asked what errands they have in that area. And the gangs also control access to the area. Meanwhile, the controllers show unusually threatening behaviour, “said Justice Minister Morten Bødskov.

Not only the British Labour and the Danish politicians have given their decadent populations up to violent Muslim imperialism. Here is a list of no-go zones for whites from all over Europe from the year 2011. According to an imam, Sweden is the best Islamic state.

This is the beginning of a return to something far worse than the Wild West: The Terror leading to the Sharia state. Terror is the way to enforce submission of the infidels. Mohammad forced Medina to submit with a Muslim population of just a few percent. Where a population has become decadent and its leaders corrupted by rich banksters, this ideologically strong Muslim wave will easily prevail, following the call of the Koran to conquer the whole Earth (sure 2:218, 3:151, 3:195, 4:97). This is the survival of the fittest on the premises of predators.