Abstract: In the European Commission,  pessimism is prevalent because of the economic / Euro crisis and the austerity measures prescribed, leading to poverty and therefore hatred of the Commission, the EU and national politicians. Jean-Claude Juncker, former head of the euro group, is short of imagination - he repeated his absurd scaremongering from the month of January 2013: The year 2013 was so similar to the year of 1913 that one can fear a European war next year, in which Europeans would slaughter their best dairy cow, Germany, because the demons of war were only asleep! That would obviously be the end of the announced fourth  Empire of Rothschild and its reorganization of Europe. Barroso also speaks of the demons of war. Do they know something we do not know - or is it just desperate scaremongering to emphasize the “need” of their union?

In Germany a New Party, “Alternative for Germany” is under way - led by the top economists of the country. It wants Germany to enforce contractual changes, that Germany abandons the Euro and return to the D-Mark. This party, acc. to an Emnid survey, can expect 25% of the votes in the upcoming parliamentary election.
In Italy, in the general election, Beppo Grillo’s new Internet 5-Star Party has just won 26% of the votes, making him the kingmaker. He holds the Commission, which is said to cost 300 million euros a year, to be totally unnecessary.

Former European Commission President Romano Prodi told the EU Council, i.e. Van Rompuy, is now taking over the power of the Commission - and the Parliament will not adopt the budget of the Commission.
In Britain, Prime Minister Cameron has had to promise a referendum on the EU in 2015 because of strong pressure from his own MPs.

But not enough: Germany and Finland have prevented Bulgaria and Romania from joining the Schengen agreement - life blood to the Commission.  In particular, the cause thereof is a harsh slap in the face of the EU: These countries and their populations are deadly tired of Roma immigration with indescribable pollution of whole districts and enormous pressure on social budgets.
However, the much greater threat: the opening for the immigration of theoretically up to 1.2 billion Muslims in the name of the conquest of the West for Allah they dare not mention. Is Roma antipathy the tip of the iceberg, maybe a vanguard for provisions that could ultimately limit the massive Muslim immigration? This would mean loss of more life blood with the Euro-Mediterranean process and its practically free Muslim immigration finally coming to an end, which would be a further huge loss of prestige for the globalist world communist EU Commission.


“In fact, Italy’s already out of the euro”. Beppe Grillo believes that the Nordic countries would keep Italy only so long, “until they have taken the pure investment banks in their Italian bonds again. Then they will drop us like a hot potato.”
Grillo sketched a popular decision on the euro. “Just as on the Lisbon Treaty. These are “all issues on which our Constitution was ignored”.
Grillo sees himself not as anti-European. “We are the French Revolution - without guillotine” .Europe needs a “Plan B,” says the Italian politicians.
“We must still ask: What happened to Europe? Why do we have no common information policy, no joint tax policy, no common policy of immigration? Why has only Germany been enriched?
(Beppe Grillo in an interview with the Handelsblatt)


Documentation of Abstract

The EU structure shows significant cracks, which is saddening  the unelected Commission bigwigs because they have no idea how to save their globalist brain figment, the EU as the 4. Reich aka Rothschild´s 4. Reich in the long run. It is good for just nothing - neither their political Euro-Utopia nor their ideas that the peoples of Europe will melt into a babylonian one world mass, easy to manipulate into slavery,  if they are made poorer and poorer - through the climate lie, through bailouts and endless immigration of violent, uneducated Muslims and Roma who despise us and live by massive welfare suck, while banks devour our last money. Gradually the populations are seeing a light: The EU itself  as well as our corrupt governments and here are even poisoning us by chemtrails. But if the populations knew that the Pharisees are the real force behind it all, there would probably very soon be a revolution? Hardly - because these forces have profoundly pacified us through brainwashing into total submission. Nevertheless, a colossus with feet of clay will not stand forever.

Juncker020708The Telegraph 11 March 2013 Jean Claude Juncker, prime minister of Luxembourg, (left showing the antichristian 666-sign) who chaired a group of Euro-zone finance ministers said that he had been appalled by protesters’ banners in Greece which showed Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, in Nazi uniform. Resentment over austerity measures advocated by Germany spilled over into public anger when Mrs Merkel visited Athens last October. Some Greeks protesters burned a swastika flag while others dressed in Nazi uniforms. Mr Juncker said in an interview with the magazine Der Spiegel: “Anyone who believes that the eternal question of war and peace in Europe is no longer there risks being deeply mistaken. The demons have not gone away — they’re only sleeping, as the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo showed. I am struck by how much conditions in Europe in 2013 are similar to those of 100 years ago.” Comment: This means the EU is a failure!

The way in which some political figures in Germany had been criticised in Greece has left “deep wounds” Mr Juncker said. He said the Italian election was also “excessively hostile to Germany and therefore anti-European”. Mr Juncker, who chaired the Euro Group from 2005 until he stepped down in January this year, said that he saw parallels with 1913. “In 1913 many believed that there would be no more war in Europe. The great powers of the continent were so closely intertwined economically that the view was widespread that they could no longer have military confrontations.”  However, his dramatic evocation of the past has also prompted some derision. Comment: This is desperate scaremongering. In 1913, Germany  had no Rothschild national bank. She has now  - whereby the banksters have no reason to instigate a European war against Germany - as they did then. How could Greece or Italy wage such a war? And why should France destroy its best dairy cow? Juncker had made his warnings to journalists already in January of this year. Why is he repeating that? Scaremongering? By the way: Barroso uses the same phrase with the demons.

Meanwhile, a poll published on Monday indicates growing German unease over the cost of the euro crisis. One in four Germans would vote in September’s federal election for a party that wants to quit the euro, according to an opinion poll conducted by TNS-Emnid for Focus magazine.

Logo_-_Alternative_fuer_Deutschland_rgb_kleiner_RandWahlalternative-2013_07Spiegel 8 March 2013 In Germany, a new party is forming this spring, intent on abandoning European efforts to prop up the common currency. And its founders are a collection of some of the country’s top economists and academics.
Named Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany), the group has a clear goal: “the dissolution of the euro in favor of national currencies or smaller currency unions.” The party also demands an end to aid payments and the dismantling of the European Stability Mechanism bailout fund.

Programm der Alternative für Deutschland

* We call for an orderly resolution of the euro zone. Germany does not need the euro. Other countries damage the euro.
* We call for the reintroduction of national currencies, or the  creation of smaller and more stable currency unions. The reintroduction of the German Mark should not be taboo.
* We call for a change in the European treaties to allow each state to leave the euro. Each nation must be allowed to decide democratically on  its currency.
* We demand Germany to enforce this right of withdrawal from the euro  by blocking further  ESM bail-outs with her veto.
* We demand that the cost of the so-called bailout policy not be borne by taxpayers. Banks, hedge funds and large private investors are the beneficiaries of this policy. They must be the first to be accountable.
More here.

In Geolitico 6. März 2013 an additional  program item can be read: “substantial transfers of sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany requires plebiscites”. Strange is an article by a signatory of the “Alternative for Germany”, supposedly ultra-conservative and clearly politically correct Konrad Adam, a retired writer of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Die Welt. For he has not a good word to say about the Alternative for Germany - although he actually can produce no serious arguments against its representatives - but for Hans-Olaf Henkel being an adviser to the Bank of America, and that the AfD only has the euro for a program.

As for prominent subscribers, see the Addendum below


What went wrong?
Interview with former EU Commission pres. Romano Prodi, EUObserver 18 Febr. 2013Europe´s progress will not be [led by] the commission but by the Council,” he noted.

The voice of the commission is very, very soft. There is interest only when Mrs Merkel and Mr Hollande … meet together. Van Rompuy is step by step becoming the centre of Europe.” And while the commission is becoming less political, national politicians are becoming more selfish, he warned.

“They (the Germans) had pushed for the stability Growth and Stability Pact and yet they were the first to disobey it and to put it in the dustbin. I can’t forget that night … I was shy. I said: ‘Look, but you can’t go beyond three percent.’ And I remember they told me: ‘Shut up. We are the lords of this.’ The euro was introduced in 2000 in a move which Prodi described as “a change in the concept of the state.”
Referring to the 17th century Peace of Westphalia, a treaty which defined the modern European notion of statehood, Prodi said: “The Westphalian state is basically dependent on its army and its currency. When you have a common currency, you have a different kind of state. I personally pushed for it [the euro], because it was a great step for the European Union and, even more, an absolutely necessary step in the context of globalisation.” The failure of the constitution broke the spell.

“Europe changed and the optimism changed into pessimism and then came the break-up of the European Constitution. It was too early to do it. I understand now that if you want to change the concept of nationhood in a peaceful way, as we are obliged to do because of globalisation, then you need time.
EurActiv 25 Jan. 2013:  A caucus of eurosceptic British Conservative MPs has issued a manifesto today (16 January) stating that “the status quo is no longer an option” and demanding “a new and different relationship” with the European Union. In consequence Prime Minister Cameron has promised an EU referendum in 2015

With Europe in the throes of an economic crisis, resentment towards Brussels is higher than ever. Many Europeans have blamed the EU for causing the crisis, citing a failure of the euro currency. They also resent the EU for continued rounds of austerity measures, which have seen some communities lose vital services, and for its perceived lack of democratic legitimacy. The president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso: “Of course [euroscepticism] worries me … There are old demons in Europe - extreme nationalism, populism, xenophobia. You see that in times in crisis that extremist forces, populist forces, have a better ground to oversimplify things and to manipulate feelings.”

Nik de Boer and Maarten Hillebrandt of the Amsterdam Centre for Law and Governance say the mistrust between citizens and the EU is understandable. “The European member states have never really sought to involve their citizens in the EU. The political debate about the goal of the EU and the way to reach it has largely taken place behind closed doors,” they wrote on BlogActiv.

EUObserver 13 March 2013Beppe Grillo’s extraordinary success in the recent Italian elections tapped into anti-establishment feeling that is ripe for the plucking in other member states too, say analysts.

The EU/NWO system calls this man a clown - for fighting for what the the European man in the street   wants . So what to call those who call that clown acts? The following video has German captions - but you can change it int English by clicking on texts/subtitle icon in the process line on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7I9OwaPq7g , click translate(beta), choose e.g. English.

Grillo’s 5-Star Movement, established by blog in autumn 2009, scooped 26 percent of the vote during last week’s elections, effectively putting him in kingmaker position as government negotiations begin. The 5-Star Movement has a lean programme with five themes: public water, transportation, development, internet connection and the environment. There is nothing on foreign policy. And nothing about the EU.

Grillo, a former comedian who built a following through out the 1980s with his political satire, is given to expansive rhetoric.
“Apart from Barack Obama, I have never seen a politician with such an incredible following,” says Jamie Bartlett, director of the UK-based Centre for Analysis of Social Media.The key factor for Grillo doing so well says Bartlett was that “his supporters went out and voted.”

The 64-year old, who will not enter parliament himself because it would fall foul of his movement’s own rules on not having a criminal conviction (he has one for manslaughter following a car accident), managed to get his online followers out on to the street to canvas, knock on doors and finally go to the ballot box.
Grillo’s supporters are generally young, reasonably well-educated and about 20 percent of them are unemployed. Forty-six percent came from the left; 39 percent came from the right.

Their distinguishing feature is their deep mistrust of political parties and institutions, of mainstream media and the justice system. For supporters of the five-star movement, the economy and unemployment is their main concern.

With levels of trust in institutions falling across Europe, Bartlett reckons a Grillo-ist movement could be replicated in other member states. He points to similar levels of across-the-board mistrust in the UK, Greece and France. This is compounded by crisis economics, high joblessness and continued austerity measures. So, “We could see quite a (EU) parliament next year,” says Heather Grabbe of the Open Society Institute in Brussels.

This likelihood is increased by the fact that voters tend to see their EU parliament ballot as having little domestic consequence. Grillo himself has denounced all traditional parties in Italy and has refused to deal with Italian media.  A couple of years down the line, predicts Bartlett, Grillo will aim for a pan-European movement. He is already telling other similar movements, such as the Spanish protest movement Indignados, where they are going wrong.


Contempt to citizens: Austerity to please the markets creates planned poverty
Deutsche Welle 13 March 2013
: Today, the International Red Cross distributes food aid in almost 20 EU member states as result of rising poverty levels. In Spain alone, some three million people now depend on help to survive.”Poverty is eating its way into the very heart of society,”



Further cracks have arisen: 1. The Parliament will not pass the budget passed by the EU Council, 2. Germany and Finland have now barred Bulgaria and Romania from joining  the Schengen area - because they don´t like these welfare tourists. Approximately 200,000 Roma, or “gypsies,” call Germany home. In Bulgaria that number is 370,000, and in Romania, 550,000. Other estimates put the two countries’ combined total at 1.5 million. But no politicians  protest to prevent 1.2 bn uneducated Muslims from coming legally and illegally into the EU to receive welfare benefits although the latter are following a Koran-program to conquer the west for the Sharia. Is the banning of Romas a first sign that our national governments are clawing back their sovereign rights to decide their own demographic future - a foreboding that the disastrous immigration on the whole must be stopped - although destruction of the nation state by immigration is another crucial EU point? One may hope so - The final death of the Euromediterranean Process with its promises of visa easing for Muslim states with “advanced status, like the Christian persecuting state Morocco, would be a real backlash for the EU.
The EU Commission is right feeling threatened because of its Utopian adventurous, impoverishing, undemocratic secrecy policies. May it fall and never rise again!


To the main subscribers of the “Alternative für Deutschland” count:

Dr. Konrad Adam, Journalist (FAZ, Die Welt) und Publizist.
Prof. Dr. Charles Blankart, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Berlin.
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Blum, Präsident des Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle a. D.
Prof. Dr. Ursula Braun-Moser, Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments (CDU) 1984-1994.
Peter Christ, vormals Leiter der Wirtschaftsredaktion “Die Zeit” und Chefredakteur von Stuttgarter Zeitung, Manager Magazin, Sächsische Zeitung u. a., Luzern.
Dr. Ebenhöh, Orthopädie, Chefarzt MediClin Reha-Zentrum, Bad Orb.
Günter Ederer, Filmemacher und Wirtschaftsjournalist, Weiler bei Bingen am Rhein.
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HenkelProf. Dr. Andrea Gubitz, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Frankfurt.
Christian Hanika, Mitglied im Bundesfachbereichsvorstand ver.di Ver- und Entsorgung, Bad Abbach.
Prof. Dr. Ing. E.h. Hans-Olaf Henkel, Praesident der IBM Europa, des Bundesverbandes der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) und der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft a.D. (right)
Dr. Wolfgang Hönig, Generalbevollmächtigter a. D. der Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt.
Prof. Dr. Stefan Homburg, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Hannover.
SchachtschneiderDr. Klaus-Peter Last, freiberuflicher Softwarespezialist, 1991-1998 Landesschatzmeister von Bündnis90/Die Grünen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
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Uwe Woltemath, Journalist, ehemaliger Landes- und Fraktionsvorsitzender der FDP Bremen