ADDENDUM: Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 18 febr. 2013: “Trading in CO2 emission permits in the EU is facing disaster. The project was a billion dollar flop of the EU - costing  taxpayers 300 billion euros. Due to the extreme drop in prices of CO2 emission  permits ( CO2-Preis 4 Dollar a ton), no green investments  can be financed. The price would need to be 40 euros a ton to boost investments in “green energy”. European taxpayers pay for this debacle. And the climate success = 0 ”
However, as long as there is money in the pockets of taxpayers, the EU goes on also pushing this scam : On 19. Febr. the EU-Parlament has decided to let the business at the Climate Exchanges of the banksters continue at our expense - and to merely temporarily suspend the issuance of new carbon certificates.


NACHTRAG: Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 18 febr. 2013: “Der Handel mit CO2-Emissionszertifikaten in der EU steht vor dem Aus. Das Projekt war ein milliardenschwerer Flop der EU - kostete die Steuerzahler 300 Mrd Euro. Wegen des extremen Preisverfalls der CO2-Zertifikate (  CO2-Preis 4 Dollar je Tonne) können keine grünen Investitionen finanziert werden.Der Preis müsste aber 40 Euro sein, um die Investitionen in “grüne Energie” anzukurbeln. Die europäischen Steuerzahler zahlen auch für dieses Debakel. Und der Klima-Erfolg = 0. ”
Jedoch, so lange es noch Geld in den Taschen der europäischen Steuerzahler gibt, treibt die EU auch diesen Betrug weiter: Am 19. Febr. hat das EU-Parlament beschlossen, das Geschäft  an den Klimabörsen der Bankster auf unsere Kosten weiterlaufen zu lassen - und bloss zeitweilig die Emission von Emissionszertifikaten einzustellen.


Abstract: Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that there is no global warming the elite carry on with their chemtrail business because that’s just one  way to get hold of our money - and to poison us as part of their global population reduction program.

However, by their chemtrailing the elitists are causing serious climate change with “extreme weather”, which, of course, they blame on their own figment of imagination, “man-made global warming” with the harmless “gas of life”, CO2.

Now they  have destroyed the ozone layer of the Northern and Southern atmospheres - so magnetic sunlight waves increase on the Arctic Ocean. They have saturated the atmosphere with toxic metals. Where the atmosphere is sprayed most rainfall declines. While normally the temperature gradient was North-South - it is now East-West! The sprayed poison in the West contains chemical substances and bacteria that cause ice nucleation. The precipitation falls as “heavy wet snow” that clings to the trees and destroy forests. As the state laboratory has demonstrated  this heavy snow  contains massive amounts of heavy metals.

The more they spray, the more they will have to spray to cover up the damage they have already done. Moreover, the control of the weather causes extreme costs to the environment as a whole on its own merits.

Spraying can and will wipe out the sun by creating very dense haze / cloud cover. (Specified 10-nanometer particles are stated as the preferred size by geo-engineers and some geo-engineering patents). When clouds are saturated with  toxic heavy metals and / or chemical particles of very small size there are too many “condensation nuclei” for cloud droplets to combine and fall as rain. Now the atmosphere has been  devastated by geo-engineering programs for decades is and so saturated with toxic metals and chemicals  due to the constant spraying, that there is virtually no completely “natural” weather any  more.

Therefore, there is mass extinction of animal and plant species (now estimated as high as 10,000 times the background extinction). In order to justify the 1 billion dollars for the annual spraying with poison in the United States (University of Calgary)  the elitists tell us, the world must spend an additional $ 14 trillion for clean energy infrastructure, low CO2 transport and energy efficiency to come up to the United Nations´ goal to cap the increase in global average temperatures, according to a World Economic Forum report.
This annual expenditure of $ 700 billion c
omes on top of the required $ 5 trillion euros per year across the EU for infrastructure of agriculture, transport, energy and water  by 2020, according to the report. The World Bank says the planet is on the straight way to a temperature rise of 4 degrees Celsius this century -twice what is held safe by the UN scientists.

The catch in it is: This projection is based on the lie of man-made global warming caused by CO2. Behind the spraying are national governments of the U.S., Europe, the EU and the big corporations and globalist foundations. It has been convincingly demonstrated that the spraying causes  health damage.
We are in Lucifer’s laboratory - like Goethe’s sorcerer’s apprentice.


We may seldom have any more clear, sunny days, storms may be of mainly synthetic derivation and direction, and in less than a generation children could be developing Alzheimer’s by their late teens, but are these sufficient reasons to jeopardize one’s professional and social standing? For these reasons I’ve tentatively resigned myself to a fate befitting a well-educated and properly conditioned member of the intellectual class. Realizing that my destiny and that of my loved ones can no longer be considered exclusively our own, I’ve finally learned to stop worrying and love chemtrails (Prof. James Tracy Global Res. 8 Nov. 2012).


Documentation of Abstract

Time and again, this blog has shown that there has been no global warming since 1995. But the climateers will not give up. They want their man made “global warming”, “climate change”, “extreme weather” against all independent scientific evidence – for there is money and power in this lie.  And,  indeed, they are having it. Their Chemtrailing and here and here, is poisoning us and the planet.  Behind it, the EU and national governments stand, coordinated by The Royal Society of London, as even admitted by the German Government. This scandal has now has now destroyed our natural atmosphere to an extent that it has changed our weather per se. And these elitist criminals are able to destroy us at will – for they own theweather.

NOAA-temp-2013-02-04-Dane Wigington of The Geo Engineering Watch wrote on 7 Febr. 2013 on the Activist Post on NOAA´s predictions for the period 2/10/13 to 2/14/13.
Look at the first NOAA map left, (temperature forecast - A = above normal - more the darker red): Temperature gradients should tear more from north to south, not from west to east. Virtually all the “weather modeling” maps for NOAA are now done by defense industry contractors like Raytheon, the same contractors conducting the geoengineering programs. Blue: Below – red above normal temp.
In general, the further above average the temperatures are, the more precipitation there will be (below right – rain prediction for the same period). The atmosphere is being completely saturated with toxic, reflective, desiccating geoengineering particulates, and the jet stream increasingly appears to be consistently manipulated with ionosphere heater installations (

The more the geoengineers spray to try and cool down the temperatures, the less it will rain. Add “artificial ice nucleation”  (even bacteria) to the spray mix and the precipitation appears to go down still further. “Artificial ice nucleation” is a chemical process that can produce colder weather/cloud temperatures and snow out of what should have been a rain storm at well above freezing temperatures.

Heavy wet snow”. This recent term coined by the Weather Channel describes the concrete-like “snow” that sticks like glue to trees and causes utter decimation to the forestsThe massive amount of heavy metals in these snow storms, tested at the state certified lab, proves our storms are being “seeded”.

NOAA-precipitationThe more they spray, the more they have to spray to cover up the damage already done. In addition, as already covered, the “engineered weather” comes at extreme cost to the environment as a whole. It is also important to consider there are likely many as of yet unknown aspects of the global spraying agenda. The spraying can and does blot out the sun by the creation of very large-scale upper level haze/cloud cover. When clouds are super saturated with toxic heavy metal and/or chemical particles of a very small size, (10 nanometer particles are specified as a preferred size by geoengineers and some geoengineering patents) then there are too many “condensation nuclei” for cloud droplets to combine and fall as rain. At this point, the atmosphere has been so devastated from the decades-long geoengineering programs, and so saturated with the toxic metal and chemical fallout from the constant spraying, there is virtually no completely “natural” weather.

We now have massive global ozone destruction in the northern and southern hemispheres, mass extinction of plant and animal species (now estimated to be as high as 10,000 times background extinction rates), total disruption of natural weather patterns, and a complete toxification of our air, water, and soils. How long can life on Earth sustain this total assault? No single cause of environmental destruction even comes close to the total decimation being inflicted by geoengineering/chemtrails.

Climate-science-money-on-treeThe costs of the chemtrails are to be paid by Taxpayers, of course.
Acc. to the Geoengineering Cost Analysis. Final Report. Contract between The University Of Calgary and the Aurora Flight Services, which i.a. cooperates with the US government, for maximum cooling impact, the particulate payloads are best placed near the equator. This study assumes that the payload is released within latitudes 30°N and 30°S, though North-South basing location had minimal effect on cost. Aurora Flight Sciences: Geoengineering Final Report Yearly cost estimates from different dispersal methods ranged from over 1 billion dollars a year all the way up to rocket dispersed aerosol in the upper atmosphere at the cost of over 100 billion dollars per year.

The Red Orbit 23 jan 2013:  The world must spend an additional $14 trillion on clean energy infrastructure, low-carbon transport and energy efficiency to meet the United Nations’ goal for capping the rise in average global temperatures, according to a World Economic Forum report released on Monday.
The $700 billion in annual spending called for is in addition to the $5 trillion per year countries must spend on infrastructure for agriculture, transport, power and water through 2020, according to the report. The World Bank says the planet is on pace to warm by 4 degrees Celsius (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) this century — twice the level considered safe by UN scientists.


Activist Post 2 Jan. 2012A 2010 study undertaken on behalf of the Belfort Group, a Belgian “environmental watchdog” organization, corroborates much of the information compiled by citizens and activists the world over regarding the existence of chemtrails and stratospheric weather modification programs.The study is entitled, “Contrail Science, Its Impact On Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted By The United States And Its Allies.”  In its conclusion i.a. this is found: 3.)   Both civil and military aviation is used for that purpose. The mix, containing oxides of metals and chemical components, can either be dispersed through special designed pods or directly incorporated into the jet fuel. This research paper is well documented in this respect.
4.)  Current climate manipulation programs are organized and directed by the United States government.
5.)  The spraying actions in Europe are only possible with prior approval and intense co-ordination on top government level and industry on executive level. The general public is intentionally kept unaware of the existence of such projects.
6.)  These actions may have a potential detrimental effect on health. There is sufficient scientific evidence available in this research paper to support this thesis.

Elitists´ interference with creation is nothing but Lucifer´s fudging in God´s laboratory: The more they do, the worse they make it – like like Goethe´s Sourcerer´s Apprentice.

However, in their process of destroying us, the elitists steal our money and our souls as well. The fact is the elitists are deliberately destroying our climate – not mankind as such which only exhales harmless CO2, the gas of life, and only contribute 1% to the CO2 of the atmosphere.