President Obama has grabbed dictatorial power: He expands his power by executive presidential orders like the NDAA and signing the paper on martial law in the US– suspending the posse comitatus law, spying in every way possible on his own citizens, and quelling the Land of the Free for NWO, wanting to shut down critical internet sites and joining the ACTA . Obama has become The Orwellian Big Brother and here of the US, nay the world. Now his obsession is 30.000 drones to cover the US and here to spy on its citizens – and to kill those of them who are “terrorists”. So an important question is: who is a terrorist to be killed?

Here is a reference to the US Dept. of Justice white Paper on the right of the US Pres. to kill “terrorists” – all based on the inside job now known as 9/11 and here. Apparently it is about attacking Al Qaeda leaders abroad. However, the US is declaring WWIII on Al Qaeda (the US partner in Syria and Libya, which acc. to The CFR is just a hoax) worldwide.

No wonder, Americans feel they are the “Al Qaeda affiliated” terrorists, if it pleases the president to see them that way (video). The video is a warning to Obama from a high school student.

The Guardian 5 Febr. 2013 brings a terrible article on that executive order allowing to kill even US citizens. The following is an excerpt of that article,


The entire process carried out solely within the Executive branch - with no checks or oversight of any kind - but there is zero transparency and zero accountability. The president’s underlings compile their proposed lists of who should be executed, and the president - at a charming weekly event dubbed by White House aides as “Terror Tuesday” - then chooses from “baseball cards” and decrees in total secrecy who should die. The power of accuser, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner are all consolidated in this one man, and those powers are exercised in the dark.

1. The core distortion of the War on Terror under both Bush and Obama is the Orwellian practice of equating government accusations of terrorism with proof of guilt. One constantly hears US government defenders referring to “terrorists” when what they actually mean is: those accused by the government of terrorism.

Drone-map2. “This paper does not attempt to determine the minimum requirements necessary to render such an operation lawful.” Instead, as the last line of the memo states: “it concludes only that the stated conditions would be sufficient to make lawful a lethal operation” - not that such conditions are necessary to find these assassinations legal. The memo explicitly leaves open the possibility that presidential assassinations of US citizens may be permissible.

Left: FAA´s drone map

3. The primary theory embraced by the Bush administration to justify its War on Terror policies was that the “battlefield” is no longer confined to identifiable geographical areas, but instead, the entire globe is now one big, unlimited “battlefield”. A president’s powers are basically omnipotent on a “battlefield”: anyone on a battlefield can be killed or imprisoned without charges.

4. The memo claims that the president’s assassination power applies to a senior al-Qaida member who “poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States”.  Indeed, the memo expressly states that it is inventing “a broader concept of imminence” than is typically used in domestic law. Specifically, the president’s assassination power “does not require that the US have clear evidence that a specific attack . . . will take place in the immediate future”.

5. It was written by life-long partisan lackeys: lawyers whose careerist interests depend upon staying in the good graces of Obama and the Democrats. That’s all this memo is: the by-product of obsequious lawyers telling their Party’s leader that he is (of course) free to do exactly that which he wants to do.

6. The core freedom most under attack by the War on Terror is the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of due process. It provides that “no person shall be . . . deprived of life . . . without due process of law”.  Due process now just means that there is a process that you do. The current process is apparently, first the president meets with his advisers and decides who he can kill. Then he kills them.”

This is just the US, you might say. No – it isn´t: This is the NWO, and the EU is the model for the NWO. So no wonder that the EU will also have drones and here! No wonder the EU see us who oppose its NWO  program “terrorists” (EUbusiness 29 Jan. 2013).

Whom is Obama doing this for. Who commands him?