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[1] Bionic-man3 A team of leading[2] roboticists have created a real bionic man - complete with artificial organs, synthetic blood and robot limbs . The astonishing creation incorporates some of the latest advances in prosthetic technology, as well as an artificial pancreas, kidney, spleen and trachea, and a functional blood circulatory system. ([3] The Daily Mail 5 Febr. 2013).


What Israel fears from the Syrian crisis (instigated by the US).
The Council on Foreign Relations:  Israel has been worried by several potential negative outcomes: that the Assad regime could be replaced by an Islamist, perhaps even a jihadist, one; that the regime’s fall could lead to anarchy, and that jihadists might launch terror attacks against Israel from north of the Golan Heights; that the regime could transfer some of its chemical and biological weapons to Hezbollah, or that such stockpiles could fall into the hands of radical rebels; and finally, that the regime itself, when its death knell has sounded, could fire missiles into Israel in a final act of Samson-like glory. In more general terms, Israel has feared that the regime and its allies might try to transform the crisis into another conflict with Israel.

Assad’s regime, though, made it clear that it did not intend to respond with force.
The political dividends of stoking tension with Israel are obvious, but given the sorry state of Syria’s armed forces, a military collision with Israel could provide the rebels with the golden opportunity that has eluded them so far. ([4] Foreign Affairs 6 Febr. 2013).


[5] The Independent 7 Febr. 2013:  The Iran Tribunal (The Hague) found that during the 1980s the Islamic Republic was guilty of the murder of between 15,000 and 20,000 political prisoners.


[6] The New York Times 7 Febr. 2013General Martin E. Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in a hearing that the Pentagon supported a plan to arm Syrian rebels that was developed last year by David H. Petraeus, the C.I.A. director at the time, and backed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was then serving as Secretary of State. But the White House rebuffed the plan. Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta was said by some officials to have been sympathetic to the idea

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