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[1] Lars-hedegaard

Assassination attempt on Denmark´s most prominent Islam critic, Lars hedegaard.
On 5 Febr.  2013 Danish media brings dramatic descriptions of an attempt on the life of the most prominent Danish critic of Islam, Lars Hedegaard: A man dressed as a postman rang the bell - apparently in order to deliver a parcel. When Hedegaard answered the bell, the “postman” drew a pistol and shot at him - the bullet passing over Hedegaard´s head. At the next attempt the pistol misfired - and the “postman” ran away into the nearby densely packed Zoo, where 2 men were seen running, one of them wearing a red postal uniform. The “postman” had an Arab look - and spoke Danish without accent.

What is incomprehensible to me is that it was possible to miss the target and to  shoot above Hedegaard´s head at a distance of, say 50 cm! Was it meant as a warning? Maybe the fact that Hedegaard immediately attacked the assassin distracted him? Or is there another explanation?

This should be enough to raise the nation in protest - but it will not happen, since the Danes are brainwashed into total capitulation to the NWO. I doubt, that the assassin will be caught - although [2] the police now has his DNA.  Years ago, something similar happened to the Muhammad cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard. On that occasion the assassin was apprehended and convicted, though.


Bashar Assad has ordered the resumption of weapons transfers to the Lebanese Hizballah
, Debkafile’s exclusive military and intelligence sources report. This was agreed with Iran’s National Security Director Saeed Jalilee, who arrived in Damascus after Israel’s reported air strike last Wednesday, Jan. 30, inter alia, on Syrian trucks preparing to ferry to Lebanon for Hizballah the sophisticated Iran-supplied arms stored at the Jamraya military complex north of Damascus.
According to our sources, Israeli military tacticians believe that as winter weather starts clearing up, Syria and Iran will devise crafty methods for outwitting Israel and getting the weapons to Lebanon.
In anticipation of such tricks, the Israeli Air Force has in recent days thrown a round-the-clock blanket over the border area. It is constantly monitoring the traffic moving across and is ready to prevent any arms traffic.  Without going through any formalities, Israel has thus effectively imposed a no-fly regime over a buffer zone straddling the Syrian-Lebanese border and placed it under the control of its air force.These transfers were expressly prohibited under UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which ended the Israeli-Hizballah war in 2006 ([3] DEBKAfile 4 Febr. 2013).

Desperate president of the EU Parliament: “When people turn away from a project or an idea, then at some point it will come to an end,”

[4] Martin-schultzGermany’s Martin Schulz, who was also elected president of the European Parliament in January last year, warned that the EU’s very survival was “under threat,” in an interview published in Monday’s edition of Bonn’s General Anzeiger newspaper,
He added that it had lost a great deal of public support.
The British prime minister, David Cameron, had simply “rubbed salt in an open wound,” Schulz said, when he announced a referendum on Britain’s future in the EU. If a British exit were to go ahead, he warned, member states would become “playthings for the economic and political interests of other world regions,” and would “plunge into insignificance.” ([5] Deutsche Welle 4 Febr. 2013).

[6] The New York Times 4 Febr. will not give up the CO2 climate fraud - but must admit that CO2″ is not such a vigorous global warming driver as the climate scientists have so far asserted.”
While plenty of climate scientists hold firm to the idea that the full range of possible outcomes, including a disruptively dangerous warming of more than 4.5 degrees C. (8 degrees F.), there is an accumulating body of reviewed, published research shaving away the high end of the range of possible warming estimates from doubled carbon dioxide levels

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