The EU Makes Its Own Foundation A Blatant Falsity

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There is a gap between the words and the actions of the EU. The EU has more and more the benchmarks of dictatorship. There is one lie which is worse than any spoken lie: Silencing the truth. For whereas you may see through a spoken lie, you do not even know to look at a silenced truth.

And the silenced truth is, that we are the victims of an impossible  experiment based on a demagogic invention: That there are universal values, such as freedom, equality, solidarity democracy- and respect for all others. These values were never shared by illuminists and their congenial favourites, the Muslims, which is a) clearly proven below by the EU itself and b) testified by the Koran and Hadith.
But this deliberate lie is a necessity to propagate for the EU, the aim of which is the illuminist world state.

[1] [1] EU Illuminism by death bed of European democracy

In the [2] preamble of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is written:
"Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity; it is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. It places the individual at the heart of its activities, by establishing the citizenship of the Union and by creating an area of freedom, security and justice.
The Union contributes to the preservation and to the development of these common values while
respecting the diversity of the cultures and traditions of the peoples of Europe as well as the national identities of the Member States".

Mark the [1] illuminist slogan: "Freedom, equality and solidarity". 

Furthermore, the EU has published 5 criteria for "good governance". In the following I shall comment on the EU-disregard of its own commitments, the standard by which the EU judges countries and persons outside the EU! But first a few words on "Governance":

The [3] term 'governance' describes the process whereby elements in society (institutions and [4] civil society) wield power and authority and influence and enact policies and decisions concerning public life and economic and social development. At the heart of the concept of governance is the construction of effective, accountable and legitimate governing arrangements.

Right Queen of Heaven, Carlo Ponti about 1670. Her 12 stars (Book of Rev. 12:1) were suggested for the flag of the Council of Europe about 1955 by Paul M.G. Lévi, as the cross of Christ was too Christian. The [5] Flag was adopted by the EU. Today there isn´t even room for the name of Christ or Christian culture in the 'Reform Treaty'.

[6] EU´s Principles of "Good Governance"
1. Openness. The Institutions should work in a more open manner. Together with the Member States, they should actively communicate about what the EU does and the decisions it takes. They should use language that is accessible and understandable for the general public. This is of particular importance in order to improve the confidence in complex institutions.

The eurocrats  completely disregard openness.
On May 19, 2006, I attended a meeting with Margot Wallström, 1. Vice-President of the EU Commission and its supreme responsible for communication. She stated that after the Dutch and French no to the EU Constitution, the EU had introduced plan D: Dialogue, Debate and Democracy in order to win the Europeans for the project.

Margot Wallström 

I was given the word and expressed my joy at those new notes, because, as I said, these principles had so far been completely unknown to the EU.

And then I asked her, why she, the EU (apart from unknown home pages), the media, and our own governments had been silent for 11 years about the [7] Euromediterranean Project, which will change our future completely and  make us  members of  an Islamic society - especially since the [8] EU granted 9 Muslim countries the 4 fundamental rights of the EU in Naples, 2003- including free immigration.

And I asked her why she, the EU and our governments have not told us about the initiatives of the [9] Danish Center for Culture and Development and the [10] Anna Lindh Foundation to destroy our ancient culture and introduce Islam in stead.

She crimsoned and only murmured something irrelevant. No communication - although here was an unsurpassed opportunity. And neither our politicians, the eurocrats nor the MSM have informed us about this disastrous project which is to be implemented in the year of 2010 according to the Barcelona Declaration and [11] my correspondence with the Danish Prime Minister.

Before the general elections in Denmark in Dec. 2007 the Prime Minister gathered the parties of the Parliament an told them the EU, its  Reform Treaty  - and of course the Euromediterranean Project - were not to be debated in the election campaign. And in fact, not a word was mentioned on these crucial questions.

2. Participation. "The quality, relevance and effectiveness of EU policies depend on ensuring wide participation throughout the policy chain – from conception to implementation. Improved participation is likely to create more confidence in the end result and in the Institutions which deliver policies.

But the EU careerists block any popular participation and consider us incapable
On June 14, 2007, the Danish Parliament was to discuss the new EU Constitutional Reform Treaty. The [12] audience and the media were thrown out and the doors closed. This is unheard of!
On June 15 President Valery Giscard d´Estaing, President of the European Convent, which had written the Constitutional Treaty, wrote in the Danish newspaper Politiken: "The EU-citizens unknowingly join some decisions which the politicians dare not present openly to their citizensIt is possible that it is a very good exercise if one earns his living as a stage magician. But it will strengthen the European citizens in their idea that the EU construct is some kind of machinery which is operated behind their backs by lawyers and diplomats."

EU- Parliamentarian, Social Democrat Christel Schaldemose: "It is annoying that there is an old alliance in Danish politics that thinks it probably is better that we leave the electorate in the dark about this matter."
This has now been removed from the internet. But on Oct. 27. 2007 [13] d´Estaing´s repeated warning was brought.

[14] Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen - future EU President as a reward for faithful service?

In 2005 the Danes were about to have a referendum on the  the Constitutional Treaty. It was cancelled. The Treaty was changed, crucial questions were taken out and transferred to the treaties of Rome and Nice - and some decisions fell under the Danish judicial EU-Provisos given us to lure us into the EU in 1994 -after we rejected in the 1993-referendum. And at the moment such decisions are not valid to Denmark.Whereupon lawyers say, there is no need for a referendum on the Constitutional Reform Treaty - and our Prime Minister broke his promise by refusing such a referendum!  The clever trick is, of course, that our smart Prime Minister Rasmussen will hold a referendum in order to have our judicial provisos eliminated this year - whereupon we are fully in the Treaty! For this treason he may become the non-elected first President of the EU!

Left: Modern Swedish police. Right the leader of the Swedisch Social Democratic Party and possibly coming Swedish Prime Minister, Mona Sahlin.  She really does participate.

And our media are completely silent on this treason. The British were promised a referendum on the Treaty by Tony Blair. He resigned and let his successor, Gordon Brown, break Labour´s promise to the Nation! Also the Portuguese had been promised a referendum. [15] But Brown and Sarkozy called Prime Minister Socrates and dissuaded him - as did Angela Merkel: As stated by [16] Sarkozy, it would be too dangerous for the elite of Europe to allow referenda, which might threaten European enlargement (Euromediterranean Eurabia).
This is not openness or participation . It is regular conspiration against the democracy of Europe by oligarchs.

3. Accountability. "Roles in the legislative and executive processes need to be clearer. Each of the EU Institutions must explain and take responsibility for what it does in Europe. But there is also a need for greater clarity and responsibility from Member States and all those involved in developing and implementing EU policy at whatever level."

Now, in spite of all the fine words from the EU, a free press is needed, if the eurocrats are to show responsibility. For many years our media have been gagged about the plots of the EU. Only the blogs are informing - reaching a small proportion of the Europeans, who believe nothing, until it has ben announced on the TV news.

[17] 2 revealing seconds on German TV:
Talk show. Young Turk (left) could find nothing wrong with his possibilities in Germany.The following was intercepted:

Turkish Member of the German Bundestag:" Has he not been briefed first" (to criticize Germany for racism). German Minister of Justice, Zypries:" Certainly"! In the[18] Berliner Zeitung Zypries is asking

On May 22-23, 2006, a scandalous meeting was held in Vienna: EU Commissioner for External Relations,[19] Benita Ferrero Waldner, during the Muhammad Cartoon Hysteria: " 'Freedom of speech is central to Europe’s values and traditions. But its preservation depends on responsible behaviour by individuals… By extension, we do not believe the media should be regulated from outside, but rather that you find ways to regulate yourselves… In considering the question of self-regulation, I would also ask you to think about the need for monitoring from within your own professional bodies."
At the same time our media were further [20] gagged by this same EU-directed seminar (pp.20-25) to strictly observe the self-regulation, if they would avoid legislation against the freedom of speech. And already in 2005 the EU twin, the European Council, had arranged a [21] symposium in Moscow to learn "self-regulation" from the very skilled Russians!!

This man showed a Christian cross in Brussels on 9/11 2007 - and was therefore arrested. This is the freedom of expression in the EU Capital!

Now [22] 571 Slovenian journalists are protesting against the EU censorship to which they are subjected 

So, it is not surprising that the [23] overwhelming majority of European citizens (78%) tend to say that people in their respective countries are not well informed about EU affairs. Conversely, only 18% of the sample thinks the opposite.

To this now comes the [24] Lionheart affair which is clearly an offence to the freeedom of expression.
The EU does all it can to repress the freedom of speech in order not to be held accountable for its undemocratic plots.

4. Effectiveness. Policies must be effective and timely, delivering what is needed on the basis of clear objectives, an evaluation of future impact and, where available, of past experience.

As for the implementation of its [1] illuminist enlargement procedures I have every reason to see the EU as very effective!


5. Coherence. Policies and action must be coherent and easily understood. The need for coherence in the Union is increasing: the range of tasks has grown; enlargement will increase diversity; challenges such as climate and demographic change cross the boundaries… Coherence requires political leadership and a strong responsibility!! on the part of the Institutions…

As for the [26] Climatic change: it is sheer bluff that they are man-made, as asserted by especially the EU [27] for political and economical reasons in order to [28] increase its own illuminist jurisdiction in the [29] direction of the world state.










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