ADDENDUM 14 Febr. 2013: The Fiat paper currencies will in the foreseeable future …be replaced by a new currency covered by tangible assets - such as commodities and precious metals. The ongoing process of huge transfers of financial assets from the masses of the industrious to the tiny elite of the super-rich is currently anyway unabated and gathering pace. At least the western world and its populations are consequently growing poorer.
With a  recognition of the metal by the BIS - ignored by the media and unnoticed by the public - the BIS   which is the central bank of central banks in Basel, has officially remade gold money in the beginning of  2013. Gold is accepted as  … deposited security in all financial transactions - now rated at 100%. (Prof. Hans-Jürgen Bocker, Goldseiten 13. Febr. 2013 and here)


Abstract: At present,  something disturbing is going on on the stock market: Anonymous investors bet very large sums against their own companies´s shares - that they will crash within 2 months! Something similar happened before the 2008 financial crisis. Observers believe this means that insiders have knowledge that we do not have. These investors advise their clients to invest in gold only (probably to ratchet  the price up before they sell). Moreover, central banks are now buying gold. What’s going on?

Illuminist New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently did something unprecedented: He published a graph showing how since its founding in 1913 the Fed Illuminati have devalued the dollar through its money printing out of thin air - like the alternative media have incessantly emphasized. This strengthens the suspicion that the elitists want to introduce Rothschild’s gold standard  and abolish the Fed - so the “Real Currencies”.

Already in 2010, in the middle of a huge demand for gold, Rothschild  stopped his gold production in Perth, Australia, and began to hoard gold in vaults.This aroused the suspicion of the introduction of his gold standard, as advocated by his vocal agent, George Soros. This would   mean even more Rothschild control of the money supply of the world, as  Rothschild is in control of most of the world´s gold.
In the year 1981, Pres. Reagan’s Gold Commission reported that the U.S. had no gold. It was owned by the bankers of the Federal Reserve.

Real Currencies writes: Gold standard helps the money power in its plan, to bring the U.S. still a few notches down , which is essential in their drive to  World Government. Controlling the money supply is most important - at least for the money power. Gold standard would be a disaster. It will lead to a collapse of the dollar and unbearable deflation.

Already in the 1970s, the Rockefellers had sold the Fort Knox gold to European bankers for a song  ($ 35 per ounce. On 7 February 2013, the price was $ 1,676 per ounce). The Chinese are also hoarding gold now and recast it into 1-kg ingots.

According to a statement by the Deutsche Bundesbank on 16 January 2013,  Germany will repatriate half of its gold reserves to Germany by 2020, (from the U.S. and Paris) and guard  it itself. This would mean an erosion of the trust of the Germans in the dollar - as pointed out by the Global Research. However, the Rothschild dynasty will not care because it owns all national banks, anyway - except for those of rogue states.

out However, there is a question: Is  the gold in the Fed and Paris physically there- or is it somewhere else as collateral for cash loans? The Global Res. says that those who have invested in gold and think they can find it in their accounts, no longer have it. Instead, they can find their gold in China. And what gold is there? The Chinese have been exposed to a delivery of 5600-7000 “gold ingots” from Fort Knox - consisting of tungsten covered on the outside with a thin layer of gold! The Fed is thought to be behind this.

Business journalist, Bill Still, warned in the 1990s that when the financial rulers of the world pull  money out of the market, we shall see a big deflation - and a collapse of world economy. Gold standard would mean  disastrous money constraint because of the scarcity of gold- and all power for the Rothschilds.

Bill still sees only one solution: to abolish the private central banks´s printing of money, leaving this to the governments who can  then allocate the money to the banks without interest.
But since governments are bribed/ corrupt this will not happen.




Documentation of Abstract

Large price increases of gold, central banks buying gold, unstable dollar and then this: CNN Money 6 Febr. 2013: Corporate insiders have one word for investors: sell.
Insiders were nine times more likely to sell shares of their companies than buy new ones last week, according to the Vickers Weekly Insider report by Argus Research. The Activist Post 6 Febr. reports  very high corporative puts - bets against their own shares - to crash within the next 2 months - and presumes that insiders have knowledge of an upcoming crash at the NYSE and a new financial crisis.  What is going on?


Real Currencies 31 Jan. 2013: A few days ago, Michael Bloomberg (right) published a chart that has been well known in the Alternative Media for years, showing how the Federal Reserve Bank debased the dollar since 1913. They had been on the Fed’s case before. Bloomberg’s efforts mimic those of the Alternative Media and perfectly serve the wider agenda: the Money Power’s efforts to get rid of the Fed and move to a Gold Standard, which is being erected as we speak.

Real Currencies 28 jan 2013 What has been in the cards for decades is now fully on the agenda: the returning Gold Standard. Gold as currency is a weapon. It is a wealth transfer to those holding Gold and will precipitate a massive deflation. The ensuing chaos will help usher in their coveted New World Order and World Currency. It could have a devastating effect on the dollar, as it would mean trillions of dollars would be repatriated from overseas as they are no longer used to finance international trade.

It helps the Money Power in her plan to bring the US down a few notches, indispensable in her drive to World Government. And control of the money supply is all important. To the Money Power, anyway. A Gold Standard would be an unmitigated disaster. It will lead to an excruciating deflation.

The quotes in the Protocols of the wise men of Zion (above) also confirm that they are able, willing and known to withhold vast amounts of Gold from the market. So the idea that Gold is a safe bet because ‘it cannot be printed’ does not stand.

The social and economic havoc it created through the Great Depression led to the rise of fascism.

We will have a long and painful depression and although it is not certain that Gold will completely replace paper, it is obvious that we will know scarce money and contraction for years to come. The austerity and deflation that the Money Power’s agents in the IMF, Bank of International Settlements and (Central) Banks are promoting will set the stage for major upheaval and the usual problem-reaction-solution, dialectically driven march to World Government.


On 31 Jan. 2010, I wrote on this blog: In 2008 N.M. Rothschild´s company, the Perth Mint stopped gold miningamidst an enormous demand for gold – and started hoarding gold in vaults under the Bank of England and the Fed. Rothschild can let the dollar collapse by letting the gold price go up – and let the world cry for Rothschild´s gold standard instead of fiat money – as advocated by the Rothschild puppet, George Soros.

Furthermore, I described how 5.600 - 7.000 “gold bars” were delivered to China - consisting of Tungsten covered by a thin layer of gold. Also, small “gold bars” were found by private dealers to be of the same kind. And I have  reported how Rothschild and  his big banks are manipulating  the course of precious metals.

Right: Fort Knox.

Andrew C. Hitchcock writes: In 1954, President Eisenhower orders the last audit of Fort Knox ever held. Fort Knox is found to contain over 700 million ounces of gold, 70% of all the gold in the world. Although Federal Law requires an annual physical audit of Fort Knox’s gold.

1971: All the pure gold had been secretly moved from Fort Knox, sold to international money changers at $35 per ounce price, and is believed to now be kept in London - sold by the Rockefellers to anonymous speculators. And
Andrew Hitchcock: The History of the Money Changers 1981
:President Ronald Reagan´s  “Gold Commission,” in 1982   reported back to Congress: “The U. S. Treasury owns no gold at all. All the gold that was left in Fort Knox is now owned by the Federal Reserve”, a group of private bankers

Chinese-gold-moneyChina is recasting all of their gold reserves into small one kilo ingots in order to issue a new “gold-backed” currency. World Truth TV: Many say this will disrupt global trade and will eventually cause a collapse of the US dollar.
There can be no doubt that the US dollar will soon be history. This is surely a strategic part of their recent push to sign new trade agreements with Russia, Japan, Chile, Brazil, India, and Iran.  GATA now estimates that 80% of the gold that investors believe they have in allocated accounts is long gone, the majority of it probably wound up in China.

Deutsche Bundesbank’s New Storage Plan for Germany’s Gold Reserves

A Statement by the Deutsche Bundesbank Wednesday, January 16, 2013
By 2020 the Bundesbank intends to store half of Germany’s gold reserves in its own vaults in Germany. To this end, the Bundesbank is planning a phased relocation of 300 tonnes of gold from New York to Frankfurt as well as an additional 374 tonnes from Paris to Frankfurt by 2020.

The following table shows the current and the envisaged future allocation of Germany’s gold reserves across the various storage locations:


…………………. 31 December 2012 …. 31 December 2020
Frankfurt am Main …….. 31% ………………. 50%
New York ………………….45% ………………. 37%
London ……………………. 13% ………………. 13%
Paris ……………………….. 11% ………………. 0%

On he same day,  Peter Boehringer issued a comment on behalf of the  “Deutsche Edelmetall Gesellschaft“ . Boehringer demands an audit of the German gold abroad  - which the (Rothschild) Bundesbank refuses. Some fear that the US might have sold or given all of its gold as collaterals for cash.

What is really going on? The Global Res. 5 Febr. 2013 wrote: The Bundesbank’s official statements are all you need to confirm the Germans’ waning faith in the US. Germany’s repatriation news makes it clear that foreign governments are no longer buying the propaganda. The Fed is like a drug addict making any excuse to get its next fix. [See Bernanke's tell-all interview with Oprah where he confesses to economic doping!]

As more investors and governments choose to save in precious metals, the dollar’s value will go into steeper and steeper decline – thereby driving more investors into metals. That’s when the virtuous circle upon which the dollar has coasted for a generation will quickly turn vicious.
Whether our stolen gold is kept in one or the other of of Rothschild´s national banks is totally indifferent. The unrightful “owners” of it has it at their disposal anyway.

Acc. to Bill Still´s very long, very impressive and convincing video-film above, the money masters are manipulating the world´s finances and economies via the money supply - as Nathan Rothschild said: “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire where the sun never sets.The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.

Since the US left gold standard in 1971 in order to make more money out of thin air for the Vietnam War the world has seen a big inflation - the nations financing their wars and social states on non-existing values. But since Rothschild´s Wall Street banks in collaboration with Rothschilds FED , ECB etc. created the worldwide financial crisis and introduced their climate exchanges, imposed on gullible politicians to spend our money on combating harmless CO2, to wage more and more wars world wide and to maintain an economically impossible euro etc. the purchasing power of peoples worldwide is being withdrawn from the markets  - and so their jobs.

Bill Still predicts a collapse of the total world economy when the money masters withdraw money from the circulation - thus causing deflation. Exactly that would be the case through the reintroduction of the gold standard now demanded by more and more people - apparently led by Rothschild agent George Soros.

Wikipedia gives a good summary of Bill Still´s film, “The Money Masters” i.a.: The film argues that placing our economy back on a gold standard will not solve the economic crisis. The scarcity of gold means it is one of the easiest commodities to manipulate. Attempts have been made to outlaw silver, such as the Coinage Act of 1873, which caused outrage and was termed the crime of 1873.

By way of conclusion, the film advocates a Monetary Reform Act and suggests that fractional-reserve banking and the Federal Reserve System be abolished in favour of 100% reserve banking. These reserves would come from the U.S. Treasury, which would issue non-interest generating money to repay the public debt to the banks. This would happen over a period of one year. As the government repaid its debt, the banks would be required to hold the government’s new money as reserves and the reserve rate would slowly be increased to 100%. It is claimed that thus, there would be no inflation or imbalance in the amount of money in circulation.