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Abstract: Since its founding in 1949 by members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the “invisible government of the United States”, and built with the approval of initially 12 states, NATO had the clear purpose of protecting the West from the Soviet Union. NATO was based on the UN Charter. NATO has both a civilian and a military liaison officer with the UN. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO’s mission had apparently ceased to exist. However,then the alliance  showed its true colors - it began to wage aggressive war on states that had neither attacked NATO countries nor presented any danger to them. As the outgoing U.S. Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, has just said: NATO must redefine itself and engage with Asia and the Pacific - far beyond its borders as the CFR says - if the UN / U.S. / NATO has an interest therein. In 2008, NATO made an agreement with the UN chief  that NATO is the military arm of the UN - much to the dismay of Russia and China. The pretext that NATO needs for an intervention is in principle  UN´s “Right to Protect” principle - although it seeks the approval of the Security Council.

In 2007, former commander in chief of NATO in Europe, Wesley Clark, told  that NATO would take out 7 countries within 5 years (rogue states) - Iran being  the last of them. He could obtain no explanation for it - but the attacked countries all have / had  the common feature that they do not have a Rothschild National Bank. No sooner had Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya  been subdued than Rothschild National banks were introduced there. Another reason is that these states (as well as Russia and China) want(ed) to give up the petrodollar as the reserve currency in oil trading - which threatens the existence of the dollar and the war capacity of the U.S. (which pays 72% of the expenditures of NATO).

In NATO’s  design, the NATO emblem, the 4-pointed North Star, has in it the Judeo-Christian-Masonic Octagon icon. Since NATO is absolutely anti-Christian, Judeo-Masonic symbolism remains. This interpretation strengthens when  in the early drafts of it one actually sees the Illuminati flame of Masonic Liberty (Isis) in New York, and the Knights Templar Cross.

Big armies need many soldiers, in order to dominate the world. Therefore, the U.S. military industrial complex - and behind it the CIA - has developed Satanic military computer games in collaboration with Hollywood to condition the character and souls of children and adolescents for the military. To eliminate the barrier of the teachings of Christ, they make monsters, devils and posthuman beings the heroes with whom the players have to identify in many of these games and toys- and those who fight the virtual NWO “morality” and uniformity are the “evil” ones .

About NATO´s future, The Council on Foreign Relations writes:  “NATO must serve as an anchor of liberal values and democratic institution and as a key venue for managing a global landscape in transition. Although it is impossible to predict where the next NATO mission might take place, the alliance will surely continue to play a direct role in addressing security challenges well beyond its borders.”
This is clearly to say that  NATO is no longer to protect us — but to intervene worldwide. It was in the NATO Treaty from the beginning that it was at the disposal of the UN.


[1] Reuters 18 Jan 2913: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called on Friday for NATO to reinvent itself as a more agile alliance with a broader outlook embracing the Asia-Pacific and able to respond to new threats from Islamic militancy. Panetta said as the alliance winds down the Afghanistan war and cuts defense spending to fit shrinking budgets, it would still face challenges from Islamist militants as well as countries like Iran and North Korea.”NATO can no longer be an alliance focused on a single type of mission, whether deterring the aggression of another superpower or conducting stability operations like Afghanistan,” Panetta told a group at King’s College in London.”To be prepared to quickly respond to a wider range of threats in an era of fiscal constraint, we must build an innovative, flexible, and rotational model.


Documentation of Abstract

NATO was founded by 12 member states in 1949 – to prevent Soviet aggression. For the USA, the subscriber was secretary of State, [2] Dean Acheson, who was a member of the [3] NWO Council on Foreign Relations and dedicated to leading the US and the world into the New World Order. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO seemed superfluous. Nevertheless, NATO or NATO countries in “coalitions of the willing” attacked  Iraq in 1991,  Yugoslavia in 1999, Afghanistan 2001, Iraq again in 2003, Libya 2011, Mali in 2013 (the [4] US has so far granted 100 Mio dollars for African antirebel troops)– and interventions in Syria and Iran may follow. I have previously written that these wars seem be driven by Rothschild´s desire to subdue countries to [5] enforce his central banks on them. [6] As for Mali: Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen sees no role for NATO in Mali - but he praises France for her rapid intervention!

Today, NATO is the military wing of the NWO - taking the US into its claws under the banner of the UN.  However, NATO is splitting: Europe pays less and less - leaving to ta discontented [7] US to pay 72% of its expenses. US troops are exercising alongside with multinational and even Russian troops in the US. See the endless transports across the US of tanks - without the US pentagram star (video).

The stated pretext for France´s war in Mali is the most untrustworthy excuse: To fight  Al Qaeda, an invention of the US to serve as a scape goat for NATO´s NWO aspirations by military force. While France says Al Qaeda is  so dangerous in Mali, it was/is [8] the ally of NATO in Libya and Syria and [9] here – and its mother organisation, the [10] Muslim Brotherhood, is now in power in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco after an “[9] Arab spring” inspired and led by the CIA. And France belongs to the [11] vocally strongest backers of the Al Qaeda rebels in Syria.

[12] Global Res. 29 Jan. 2013: Barely two weeks after invading Mali with over 2,000 troops of the Foreign Legion, France has dispatched special forces troops to neighboring Niger to secure uranium mines run by the French state-owned nuclear power company Areva. This only underscores the overriding economic and geo-strategic motives behind the French military intervention in Mali. This is the first ever use of the French commandos to directly defend the assets of a corporation.

[13] NATO-Serbia

In 1999, when NATO attacked Serbia, it showed its NWO face: It attacked a country thatwas no security threat to any NATO member state - and without Serbian aggression. The same sequence was seen in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya - now under the guise of a newly invented slogan: The [14] Right to Protect (R2P).
France is bankrupt and has no money for wars
The French Secretary of State for employment  has declared [15] France to be totally bankrupt.
A coming tax on rich persons makes the rich flee abroad - even Nicolas Sarkozy is emigrating to the UK. Now an NWO congregation of the EU, Germany, the IMF, The African Union and the US have just [16] promised 456 mio. dollars for further warfare in Mali. The US will deliver drones for this enterprise.

The [17] real purpose of French and Western intervention in Mali is mineral treasures and NWO power
The   France’s military aggression in Mali is only the latest expression of a renewed Scramble for Africa being undertaken by all of the continent’s former imperialist overlords and above all the United States – in a continent upon which America now depends for fully a quarter of the oil and raw materials it consumes—including oil, gold, diamonds, copper, iron and big money crops such as cocoa (and uranium) – a conflict in which USA´s chief rival is China. NATO is the instrument of these neo-colonialist warlords.

The Illuminati top newspaper, The [18] Washington Post on 5 April 2012 called for NATO intervention in Mali.  “France, which led the NATO intervention in Libya and employed its troops to defend democracy in Ivory Coast last year, appears ready to assist the possible intervention, at least logistically. Paris, as well as its NATO partners, should perceive a moral obligation, as well as a tangible national security interest, in restoring Mali’s previous order. The West should not allow its intervention in Libya to lead to the destruction of democracy — and entrenchment of Islamic militants — in a neighboring state.”
This is peculiar, since the leading NATO states are also promoting the take over of power by the [10] Muslim Brotherhood, the mother organisation of the [19] CIA partner, Al Qaeda, through the Arab Spring – and now support “Al Qaeda” and the Brotherhood in Syria.

Let us face the true nature of NATO: It is the military wing of the [20] Pharisaic/Talmudic New World Order – and was from the beginning. Its task is to subdue unwilling countries to submit to the meaning of Rothschild´s NWO: His one world government with his [5] central bank in all states of the globe.

[21] The New American 1 Febr. 2013: A series of recent military exercises in major cities including Miami and Houston have alarmed residents and even local officials, many of whom were reportedly unaware that the drills would be taking place in their jurisdictions. The Obama administration’s controversial “urban-warfare” scenarios included low-flying black helicopters firing blanks out of machine guns, heavily armed troops rappelling onto buildings, and more.
More than a few commentators have expressed concerns about the true purpose of the training exercises — especially in light of troubling anti-constitutional political developments in Washington, D.C., and the increasingly unstable economy. Polish soldiers are being integrated. See this:[22] video 1 - [23] video 2.

[24] NATO: The Charter of the United Nations provides the legal basis for the creation of NATO and acknowledges the overall responsibility of the UN Security Council for international peace and security.
The preamble to NATO’s North Atlantic Treaty makes it clear that the UN Charter is the framework within which the Alliance operates. Article 5 of the Treaty makes explicit reference to Article 51 of the UN Charter in asserting the right of such action as they deem necessary for their self-defence.

[25] On 23 Sept. 2008, NATO´s Secretary General and UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon signed a secret agreement about cooperation, de facto making NATO the military wing of the UN – much to the irritation of Russia and China. The paper confirms regular consultations and
“4. …we agree to further develop the cooperation between our organizations on issues of common interest, in, but not limited to, communication and information-sharing, including on issues pertaining to the protection of civilian populations; capacity-building, training and exercises; lessons learned, planning and support for contingencies; and operational coordination and support.
5. Our cooperation will continue to develop in a practical fashion, … so as to contribute to improving international coordination in response to global challenges.

[26] NATO-UN[24] NATO in Sept. 2012 confirmed this agreement. NATO’s new Strategic Concept, which was approved at the Lisbon Summit, commits the Alliance to prevent crises, manage conflicts and stabilize post-conflict situations, including by working more closely with NATO’s international partners, most importantly the UN and the European Union.
Close cooperation between NATO and the UN and its agencies is an important element in the development of an international “Comprehensive Approach” to crisis management and operations.  In 2010, following the signing of the 2008 UN-NATO declaration on cooperation, NATO reinforced its liaison arrangements by establishing the post of NATO Civilian Liaison Officer to the United Nations, in addition to that of a Military Liaison Officer, established in 1999.
[27] Furthermore: “Our new policy recognises that in today’s world we need cooperative security if we are to accomplish our security tasks.  And to that end we want to reach out to major players across the globe,” said NATO’s Secretary General after the Berlin meeting.

Previous supreme NATO commander in Europe, Wesley Clark, in 2007 said, “NATO would take out 7 countries in 5 years – concluding with Iran – but no one could explain why”.

The following video [28] points to another or associated important factor: The necessity for the US to save the petro dollar as the world´s reserve currency since dealing oil in dollars is vital for the US revenues to keep its status as the world´s only superpower. The video points to the owners of the US FED as the masters behind these wars which are leading to a confrontation between the US and Russia/China.

[29] NATO1

[30] The Agape Bible StudyFor Jews 8 was the number which symbolized salvation, rebirth and regeneration. For early Christians, 8 was the number which symbolized the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the day after the 7th day, which was the Sabbath. This is for this reason that Christian churches built during the Byzantine period were 8-sided structures.

But the Octagon is also a [31] freemasonic symbol and [32] here
The [33] octagon within a circle was a Templar device carried from churches in Jerusalem and Damascus, to Italy, France, Portugal, England, Ireland, the Orkney Islands and even to Bornholm, a tiny island in the Baltic Sea regarded as the “Secret Island of the Templars”.


It is interesting to take a look at NATO´s home page to see the [35] preliminary suggestions for a NATO emblem. [36] The Bosbury Templar cross (right below) has similarity with the first of the NATO star drafts. Notice the Illuminati flame on No. 2 logo draft. Notice the similarity of draft 3 with the Satanist theosophic  symbol 5. The Illuminati flame of [37] Freemasonic Libe[38] NATO-Emblem-drafts[39] Nato-emblem2-sThis gives a clue to the Illuminati roots of NATO.

[34] Theosophy_symbol

[40] Liberty-illuminati-flameBosbury-templar-cross

Recently, I saw my little grandson playing a videogame: A monster (which he was much scared of when he was younger) was a war devil. The task of my grandson was to identify himself with this monster and crush sweet little figures (described as evil!) swarming against the devil monster, who had hundreds of lives – sometimes losing some of these when attacked. I was terrified: Identifying oneself with an aggressive superdevil killing myriads of non-complying beings!! This is called role playing games – which can be individual – or there can be many participants connected on the internet to train, help, fight and educate each other under the direction of a game master – whose views will then be decisive for the kind of education given.

[41] Gormiti[42] Gormiti2
Left and right: Gormitis. There are a terrible lot of variations. Little boys collect them by the scores, to let them fight each other. To me these monsters look like devils. The Gormitis are produced by the “[43] Giochi Preziosi” which is part of the Rothschild empire and Mondo TV. This leaves a suspicion that the gormitis are to make children familiar with the Satanist religion of the NWO Illuminati and [44] in particular the Rothschilds.
When I google I find a lot of monster war games. What are the producers trying to condition my grandson for? Well, at least, my grandson has no nightmares about monsters any more. What I fear is that this might be due to him having adopted a monstrous way of thinking. But thank God, I can easily ascertain that he has not. And I will warn him.

Big armies need soldiers to conquer the world
[45] OpEdNews 14 Jan. 2013: Last night the Golden Globes gave out their awards for Movies and TV shows.  The winner was the CIA, or more the Military Intelligence Industrial complex (MIIC)– comprised by the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Military Intelligence, black Ops, TSA, Fusion Centers, the ever increasingly militarized local police, the prison system… a sprawling, malignantly growing collection of agencies sucking hundreds of billions out of our economy, while simultaneously destroying our bill of rights. That videogames are used to condition/brainwash children is evident

[46] War-is-fun-400x553

[47] Global Res. 17 Jan 2013:  We previously documented that American movies, television and news are dominated by the CIA and other government agencies. The government also spreads propaganda through video games. By way of example, former CIA director William Colby went to work for a video game company after he retired, and a former United States marine allegedly confessed to working at a video game company which was really a CIA front to create a game to drum up support for war against Iran.

[48] The Guardian 18 March 2013 America’s Army, a free online simulator, was published by the US military in 2002 to aid recruitment. The British army launched their online game Start Thinking Soldier in 2009, to drive interest among 16- to 24-year-olds. “Every branch of the US armed forces and many, many police departments are using retooled video games to train their personnel.”Like much of early computing, nascent digital gaming benefited from military spending.  The [US] army was pouring tens of millions of dollars into a centre at the University of Southern California – the Institute of Creative Technologies – specifically to build partnerships with the gaming industry and Hollywood.” [49] Wikipedia In nearly all MMORPGs, the development of the player’s character is a primary goal.”

NATO clearly has from its beginning an important role in the Banksters´world governance. And its future?
[50] Theodore Achilles was the chairman of the Committee which drafted the NATO Treaty in 1949. He was a [51] member of the Council on Foreign Relations like US signing Secretary of State, Dean Acheson, and later a Bilderberger (the NWO Club made by Rothschild agent Joseph Retinger and David Rockefeller). Later Achilles proved a good globalist [52] Wikipedia:   Theodore Achilles:  Vice Chairman of the Atlantic Council of the United States, a promoter of global governance. He also became a governor of the Atlantic Institute. Achilles also sought further integration of the International Monetary Fund.

About NATO´s future, [53] The Council on Foreign Relations writes:  “NATO must serve as an anchor of liberal values and democratic institution and as a key venue for managing a global landscape in transition. Although it is impossible to predict where the next NATO mission might take place, the alliance will surely continue to play a direct role in addressing security challenges well beyond its borders.”
This is clearly to say that  NATO is no longer to protect us — but to intervene worldwide. It was in the NATO Treaty from the beginning that it was at the disposal of the UN..

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