LATEST: Reuters 13 Dec. 2012: Russia says Syrian rebels may win,  Syrian government “losing control of more and more territory”, and Moscow is preparing to evacuate Russian citizens if necessary. NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Thursday he thinks the Syrian regime is rapidly approaching collapse. A British Foreign Office spokesperson said the Russian position remained largely unchanged.



DEBKAfile 13 Dec. 2012:  “Thursday morning, Dec. 12, The Jabhat al-Nusra warriors were just one kilometer from the (Al Safira chemical weapons) base’s northwestern perimeter fence and advancing fast. By week’s end, Jabhat al-Nusra jihadists may have smashed into the base and seized control of the chemical stocks and Scud D planes standing there armed with chemical warheads.
The imminence of this peril forced Bashar Assad’s hand into sending Scud jets against rebel-held areas in an effort to stop their advance on the base.

This al Qaeda affiliate is also better armed and equipped than any other Syrian rebel force, thanks to the generous financial and logistical aid laid on by Persian Gulf sources, especially in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Those three Gulf Arab states are also American allies in the war against Assad.

If Assad fails to stop the al Qaeda fighters from reaching Al-Safira and its poison gas stores - and an al Qaeda affiliate succeeds for the first time in arming itself with chemical weapons - the United States will have to mount an air assault – not on Assad’s army but on the Syrian rebel forces fighting him, because if they do manage to seize control of the base, rebel fighters may decide to send the chemicals-tipped missiles against Assad regime centers in Damascus.
The fall of al Safira would then transform the Syrian civil conflict into a chemical missile war.

Prof. Michel Chossudowsky Global Res. 12 Dec. 2012: The US in Turkey and Jordan via hired private experts is training rebels, of which the Al-Nusra Front of Al Qaida (CNN 9 Dec. 2012) in the handling of chemical weapons, then to either grasp the weapons of the Syrian government  or produce chemical weapons of mass destruction to attack the Syrian population. - Al-Nusra is the strongest fraction of the new “legitimate  representatives” of the Syrian people, as the US and EU now say, a body consisting of mainly foreign Jihadist terrorists. Prof Chossudowsky does not think the US aim is to prevent Assad from using the chemical weapons on the Syrians (which he declines to do)  - but to prevent them from fallinng into the hands of the Jihadists the US recognizes as “legitimate representatives”, gives equipment  and is funding.


“One of  several diabolical “options on the table” would be to create conditions whereby chemical weapons “fall in the hands” of the terrorists thereby potentially triggering a nationwide humanitarian disaster” writes Prof Chossudowsky. And he goes on:
“The Libya or Iraq model is not an option. The deaths of civilians resulting from the use of chemical weapons would be blamed on President Bashar Al Assad, with a view to enforcing subsequent actions by the US-NATO military alliance.
This option is on the US-NATO drawing board. Bring this into the open.”


Really a clever, Satanic strategem worthy to promote the NWO and secure Rothschild a central bank in Syria: 1. Tell the world that you are afraid that Assad might use his WMD on the Syrians. 2. Then train the rebels you are funding and training to conquer and use these poisonous gases, 3. blame the disaster on Assad - 4. intervene, 5. all the while you tell the world you are not bombing Assad - but the Al-Qaida rebels, whom you just recognized as the “legitimate representatives of a Syrian population, who is backing Assad!  6. In the process you may as well introduce a no-fly-zone to prevent your Al-Qaeda warriors from firing their Scud-rockets! 7. The Russians cannot protest - and Assad falls