Abstract: Big Brother is watching us more intensely - especially in the U.S., where the government now monitors its citizens at every turn. And, indeed, the term of “The Land of the Free” has lost all meaning. The elite wants to have almost everything we do, say, and think, precisely controlled - and still let us live in the illusion that we have “freedom”, while governments exercise their ” soft power”, leaving their populations on a prison planet, more and more deprived of their democratic rights. So one has to wonder why the elitists  disenfranchise and enslave us. Now  Pres. Obama has just issued a memorandum to his executive depts. to prepare vor violence against the government and espionage. He  clearly fears his people more and more. Because of an imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar with ensuing revolution  - or the World War III?

This article describes a chain of 43 cooperating hypermodern methods to control us - to even kill us (drones). They think the methods can even determine whether a person intends to commit a criminal act, so that he can be caught before he commits such an act. What is criminal is, of course, determined by the elite acc. to their needs. About an error percentage nothing is told.

Participation in Facebook with your photo means that you will be recognized by facial recognition cameras at once - and possibly in stores as a solid customer to receive discounts. Here are some examples of the ingenuity of the helpers of the elitists: Flying micro cameras looking like flies, implanted microchips and microchip ID cards, 70,000 U.S. children behind bars, FEMA camps = concentration camps, your cellphone tells currently where you are, the NSA examining e-mails to target addresses, locations, countries, telephone numbers, and monitoring names on watch lists, keywords and phrases. TSA probing and nude scanning at airports and gradually everywhere. Non-marked cars driving around to investigate in passing with X-ray equipment the inner of your car - and they have  laser scanners to spy on your body, your clothes and your luggage from a distance of 164 meters - even detect your adrenaline levels (”someone with evil intention”), gunpowder and drug residues on your clothes. Disseminated automatic license plate readers are closely following the movements of millions of vehicles, you can be placed  on a  flight-ban list without notification.”
Doomsday preppers, constitutional and freedom lovers are seen as terrorists. In addition there are more spy devices that can spy on our almost every word and action - even changing shape and color, being visible or invisible, and they can crawl through the smallest crevices.
The free internet is, of course, especially tricky in the eyes of elitists because it hampers the advance of their New World Order through the dissemination of knowledge of the criminal acts of the elitists. Thereby,  a popular dislike to them has arisen, which  is threatening to derail the move towards a new world order , as arch-globalist, Zbigniew Brzezinski says. Therefore  U.S. Senator John D. Rockefeller IV is urging legislation against the free internet in the previous Congress. “Our” politicians and media have long ago been put in the pockets of the ruling elite and do whatever they command.


Documentation of Abstract

Big brother is watching

Although Pres. Obama has signed the National Defence Aurthorisation Act allowing the military to arrest and confine people suspected as “terrorists” indefinitely without trial and a declaration of martial law, which can be implemented at any hour he is going on tightening his grip on power. His latest initiative is a memorandum to the heads of exutive departments to enforce effective insider threat programs to avert i.a. violent acts against the government - and leaks of classified material. But why just now? Adding these 3 methods to 38 of the following ones, Pres. Obama would have at least 41 methods at his disposal to control people


SUBJECT: National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs

This Presidential Memorandum transmits the National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs (Minimum Standards) to provide direction and guidance to promote the development of effective insider threat programs within departments and agencies to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security. These threats encompass potential espionage, violent acts against the Government or the Nation, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information, including the vast amounts of classified data available on interconnected United States Government computer networks and systems.

The Minimum Standards provide departments and agencies with the minimum elements necessary to establish effective insider threat programs. These elements include the capability to gather, integrate, and centrally analyze and respond to key threat-related information; monitor employee use of classified networks; provide the workforce with insider threat awareness training; and protect the civil liberties and privacy of all personnel.

The resulting insider threat capabilities will strengthen the protection of classified information across the executive branch and reinforce our defenses against both adversaries and insiders who misuse their access and endanger our national security.


Gregory Patlin Activist Post 29 Nov. 2012
President Obama may be beginning to feel threatened by not only people within his administration, but also by people in this country.  It is he, not laws enacted by congress or the workings of the judicial branch, who will now determine who and what constitutes an ‘insider threat.’
At least two blogs have referenced Secret Service sources that say death threats to the President have increased by over 400 percent since Obama took office in 2008 and amount to about 30 per day

I have previously written about  Big Brother and here and here and here – as described by George Orwell. But the surveillance state is rapidly developing – as will be seen in the following. In particular, the “Land of the Free”, the US is having its constitutional liberties quelled – although the EU is usurping our constitutional rights by stealth, too. All this is being kept secret to the peoples, because of the NWO controlled media and here and here and here and here.

The question is: What are the bankster rulers preparing for? What  shhould we be prepared for?

Maybe the following video has the answer: Worldwide total financial/economic collapse, hunger and revolution due to the biggest bank robbery and here and here and here and here in history



Right: A spy tower (Sky Watch) has been erected in Buffalo – to spy on citizens at Thanksgiving

The Truth 21 Nov. 2012: The elite want to tightly control almost everything that we do, say and think. But they want us to actually believe that we have freedom and that we are choosing our own leaders, but in the background they are exerting “soft power” in a way that is absolutely ruthless.  They fund the political campaigns of our politicians, they own nearly all of the large corporations and financial institutions, they exert very tight control over the media and their agenda is being promoted through the education systems of virtually every nation on the planet.  What the elite are doing is not illegal.  In fact, they use the government and they use the law to accomplish their purposes.  That is one reason why the elite love big government.  For them, it is an instrument of control.  As you read this, a “total domination control grid” is being constructed all around us that is far beyond anything that George Orwell ever dreamed of.  This system is advancing on hundreds of different fronts, and it is getting tighter and more restrictive with each passing day.  We may think that we still have a certain degree of liberty, but if you start doing things that the system does not like, the system has a way of getting you back in line very quickly. Many of them honestly believe that society would descend into chaos without a strong hand guiding it.  Many of them truly are convinced that those that are “enlightened” (Illuminati) are doing a noble thing by guiding humanity into the “bright future” that the elite are designing for them.  But of course the freedoms and the liberties of the common people must be greatly limited in order to get us to that “bright future”.  We are like cattle that need to be penned in for our own good.  This is how the elite actually think.  I spent many years being educated by them and rubbing shoulders with them. They should not be trusted. Once the elite have total control, we will be faced with a tyranny unlike anything humanity has ever seen before.

The following are 29 signs (+ another 11 signs) show that the elite are transforming society into a total domination control grid.

1. A new bill in the U.S. Senate would allow more than 20 different government agencies to read your email without a search warrant .

Facial-recognition-fieldFacial-recognition-facebook2. Next generation facial recognition cameras that can identify a person in less than a second and “send authorities all known intelligence about anyone who enters a camera’s field of vision” are being put up in southern California.

The Daily Mail 13 Aug. 2012:  Shoppers could soon be automatically recognised when they walk into a shop using a controversial new camera. Called Facedeals, the camera uses photos uploaded to Facebook to recognise people as they walk in.’Facebook check-ins are a powerful mechanism for businesses to deliver discounts to loyal customers

A highly sophisticated surveillance grid known as “Trapwire” is being installed in major cities and at “high value targets” all over the United States.  Unfortunately, most Americans do not even realize that it exists.

The Guardian 13 Aug. 2012 A CCTV surveillance system that recognises people from their face or walk and analyses whether they might be about to commit a terrorist or criminal act. But Trapwire is real and, according to documents released online by WikiLeaks last week, is being used in a number of countries to try to monitor people and threats.Founded by former CIA agents, Trapwire uses data from a network of CCTV systems and numberplate readers to figure out the threat level in huge numbers of locations. Documents from the US department of homeland security show that it paid $832,000 to deploy Trapwire in Washington DC and Seattle.

Drone-surveillanceSpy-fly4. Police departments all over America are beginning to deploy unmanned  unmanned surveillance drones – (30.000 underway in US) i– n the skies over their cities. The EU is following suite.  But don’t think that a drone is not watching you just because you don’t live in a major city.  The truth is that the federal government has been using unmanned surveillance drones to spy on farmers in Iowa and Nebraska.  There could be a drone over your house right now and you might not ever know it. Right: A spy fly – as I have previously described. They are flying micro cameras.

5. Individual politicians know more about you than they ever have before. The amount of information that the Obama campaign has compiled on potential voters is absolutely frightening… If you voted this election season, President Obama almost certainly has a file on you. His vast campaign database includes information on voters’ magazine subscriptions, car registrations, housing values and hunting licenses, along with scores estimating how likely they were to cast ballots for his reelection.

6. The UK is often five or ten years ahead of much of the rest of the world in implementing “Big Brother” police state measures.  Over there it is now against the law to to insult someone with your speechIf you say something that is “likely” to insult a Muslim or a homosexual you could end up being dragged in front of a judge.  It is only a matter of time before we see these kinds of laws all over the planet.

7. Heating a French home could soon require an income tax consultation or even a visit to the doctor under legislation to force conservation in the nation’s $46 billion household energy market. A bill adopted by the lower house this month would set prices that homes pay based on wages, age and climate. Utilities Electricite de France and GDF Suez will use the data to reward consumers who cut power and natural gas usage and penalize those whom regulators decide are wasteful.

8. Control freak bureaucrats love to tell others how to run their lives.  For example, one man down in Orlando, Florida was recently ordered to rip out the vegetable garden that he was growing in his front yard.

9. Most Americans don’t realize this, but the DNA of almost every newborn baby in America is collected and stored  by the government.

10. All over America, schools are beginning to require students to carry IDs with RFID microchips and here in them wherever they go.  Fortunately, some students are fighting back.

11. An increasing number of schools in the United States have police officers roaming their hallways, and today there are more than 70,000 children behind bars in America.

Sandy-victims-in-fema-camps12. When you rely on FEMA (= Federal Emergency Management Agency) planned to take power in US in case of emergency) to take care of you, it can literally feel like you are in prison.  The following is a description of what life is like in one FEMA camp that was set up in New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy…
“Sitting there last night you could see your breath,” displaced resident Brian Sotelo told the Asbury Park Press. “At (Pine Belt) the Red Cross made an announcement that they were sending us to permanent structures up here that had just been redone, that had washing machines and hot showers and steady electric, and they sent us to tent city. We got (expletived).”

Sotelo said Blackhawk helicopters patrol the skies “all day and night” and a black car with tinted windows surveys the camp while the government moves heavy equipment past the tents at night. According to the story, reporters aren’t even allowed in the fenced complex, where lines of displaced residents form outside portable toilets. Security guards are posted at every door, and residents can’t even use the toilet or shower without first presenting I.D.
“They treat us like we’re prisoners,” Ashley Sabol told Reuters. “It’s bad to say, but we honestly feel like we’re in a concentration camp.”

13. Your cell phone collects information about you wherever you go, and law enforcement authorities in the United States requested that cell phone data be turned over to them more than a million times in 2011 alone.

14. The federal government has created an an iPhone app that is designed to encourage all of us to take photos of “suspicious activity” and report our neighbors to the authorities. (”Seen somethin? Report something!” - Dept. of Homeland Security).

15. The U.S. government is increasingly using spyware to monitor the behavior of their employees while they are at work.

16. According to three NSA whistleblowers , the agency “has the capability to do individualized searches, similar to Google, for particular electronic communications in real time through such criteria as target addresses, locations, countries and phone numbers, as well as watch-listed names, keywords, and phrases in email.”

17. Private corporations are gathering every shred of information about you that they possible can. One of the largest companies involved in “mining our data” is known as Acxiom. It turns out that Acxiom has compiled information on more than 190 million people in the United States alone. Acxiom has detailed entries for more than 190 million people and 126 million households in the U.S., and about 500 million active consumers worldwide. More than 23,000 servers inTSA Conway, just north of Little Rock, collect and analyze more than 50 trillion data ‘transactions’ a year.

TSA218. We are being trained to give up our privacy and our dignity in the name of “security”.  For example, what the Transport Security Administration (TSA) did recently to one woman who was dying of leukemia was  was absoutely shameful … A dying woman says a security pat-down at Sea-Tac Airport left her embarrassed in front of crowds of people. Michelle Dunaj says screeners checked under bandages from recent surgeries and refused to give her a private search when she requested one.

19. According to one recent survey, nearly one-third of all Americans would be willing to submit to a “TSA body cavity search” in order to fly.

20. Law enforcement authorities all over the United States will soon be driving around in unmarked vehicles looking inside your cars and even under your clothes using the same backscatter technology currently being used by the TSA at U.S. airports (right) American cops are set to join the US military inBack-sctter-x-ray deploying American Science & Engineering’s Z Backscatter Vans, or mobile backscatter radiation x-rays. These are what TSA officials call “the amazing radioactive genital viewer,” now seen in airports around America, ionizing the private parts of children, the elderly, and you (yes you).

Alsight-spyware21. A company known as BRS Labs has developed “pre-crime surveillance cameras” that supposedly can identify criminal activity before it happens.  These cameras are being installed at major transportation hubs all over San Francisco.

22. According to Gizmodo, the Department of Homeland Security will soon be using laser-based scanners that can scan your body, your clothes and your luggage from 164 feet away… From traces of drugs or gun powder on your clothes to what you had for breakfast to the adrenaline level in your body—agents will be able to get any information they want without even touching you. And without you knowing it.
The technology is so incredibly effective that, in November 2011, its inventors were subcontracted by In-Q-Tel to work with the US Department of Homeland Security. Their plan is to install this molecular-level scanning in airports and border crossings all across the United States.

23. A complex network of automated license plate readers carefully track the movements of millions of vehicles as they move in and out of Washington D.C. and the surrounding suburbs.  Most people do not even know that they are there.

24. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has begun rolling out its new a billion dollars biometric Next Generation Identification (NGI) system. In essence, NGI is a nationwide database of mugshots, iris scans, DNA records, voice samples, and other biometrics, that will help the FBI identify and catch criminals — but it is how this biometric data is captured, through a nationwide network of cameras and photo databases, that is raising the eyebrows of privacy advocates. Over the last few months, the FBI has been pilot testing  a facial recognition system system — and soon, detectives will also be able to search the system for other biometrics such as DNA records and iris scans.

25. If the government decides that you are a “bad guy”, they can put you on a “no fly list” that will ban you from flying indefinitely.  This can be done to you at any time, without any notice, and you won’t be told that it has happened.  In fact, as one prepper discovered recently, you might only find out that you are on the list when you try to board a flight.

26. Those that revere individual liberty are now being labeled as “potential terrorists in official U.S. government documents.

27. A National Guard whistleblower recently revealed that members of his unit were told that “doomsday preppers” will be treated as “terrorists” when civil unrest breaks out.

28. One family in Idaho recently had their home raided by a SWAT team because a computer identified them as constitutionalists after someone had phoned in and complained about a domestic disturbance at their address.

29. Today, the mainstream media in the United States is totally dominated by just six giant corporations. Those corporations own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels and large numbers of popular websites.  The way that almost every American looks at the world is being constantly influenced by these media corporations every single day.

Blob-Robot1_682_909953aAnd what about 30. Samurai, 31. Indect, 32. Mind reading? And the 33. ECHELON, of course?  But there is even more: The cheap 34. F-bomb is a spy device that can be used by anybody – especially the government – for surveillance of people and populations. Now it has been developed into 35. DARPA´s new spy robot which can change shape, colour , be visible and invisible. And they can creep through small slits (right)

The Washington Post 26 July2012: 36. Skype, the online phone service  makes online chats and other user information available to police.

EU Press Release 7 Dec. 2011, Commissioner Viviane Reding Mrs. wants an “independent” office to control our data through and through – to see if our data are protected – or if we violate the data of others, e.g. by using “unallowed” in – an EU office!! In previous days this was called state censorship. The Data from internet snooping could be stored at the 37. European Data Protection Supervisor’s office .

Activist Post 8 Dec. 2011:  U.S. government is to name its latest snoop initiative 38. PRODIGAL; it literally means “characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure.” It is a security research project that has the capability of analyzing 250,000,000 pieces of person-to-person digital communications per day. The program is being initially tested as a monitoring device for “rogue” federal employees.The DARPA-sponsored program, led by Science Applications International Corp (SAIC), will search key words and anomalous file activity that could be predictive of subversive “extreme” intent.

In the US senate a strong attack on the free internet has passed through the Judiciary Committee 39. promoted by John D. Rockefeller IV. etc. 40. The ITU is secretly planning to take control over the free internet

So, one stands with the question: What are  the US government and the UN preparing for, since it is seemingly violating its Constitution this blatantly? My guess is the total take over of power by the NWO. The government is fearing uprising of the population as it is being robbed into extreme poverty. It may be preparing for a total economic collapse – or WWIII.