How NWO´ Pharisee Banksters Steal Our Money to Rule the World with It I. Sovereign Debt

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LATEST [1] Der Spiegel 23 Nov. 2012: As European countries have dug themselves deeper and deeper into debt, there has been a dramatic increase in the dependence of countries on banks. Governments are addicted to borrowed money — and banks meet this need by purchasing sovereign bonds. As an unspoken reward, the banks expect nothing less than a guarantee of their own survival. Should a bank run the risk of collapse, the state is expected to use taxpayer money to prop it up - they place their fate in the hands of the financial markets. Indeed, the European Central Bank (ECB) estimates that European banks now hold some €1.6 trillion ($2.1 trillion) in sovereign bonds.What’s happening in Greece right now provides a dramatic example. The books of many Spanish and Italian banks are also brimming with sovereign bonds issued by their home countries. They have taken out huge amounts of cheap loans at the ECB and reinvested most of the money in sovereign bonds. The business logic behind this strategy is clear: While the ECB only charges 1 percent interest on its loans, the sovereign bonds have yields of up to 6 percent.


Abstract: For about 200 years the Rothschild dynasty have been enforcing its central bank system on the world´s populations  - leaving to the United States - which is entirely in the hands of the Jewish lobby - to subjugate ”rogue states” which still refuse to  have a Rothschild central bank. These central banks print money (which in the United States, under the Constitution,  only to the government is entitled to)  out of thin air and lend it to their states that have now sunk into bottomless debt to the Rothschild dynasty that they are politically in its hands - and can gradually no longer pay their due interest. Especially JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs created the current financial/economic crisis which made the debt crisis acute – with subsequent ethnic unrest in protest against the poverty ensuing from it. The EU imposes strict austerity measures and through its “bailout” loans countries incur more debt - and Rothschild´s banks increase their income on tax-payer cost.

As Der Spiegel wrote on 16 Nov.: From today’s perspective - aside from all the exuberant rhetoric about Europe - the introduction of the euro is nothing more than the continuation of the debt-mania. As more and more communities in the first phase of the financial crisis apply for insolvency, while deeply indebted homeowners lost the roof over their heads, the banks, which had played with their mortgages, remained in business thanks to taxpayers´ money. The policy of the state is now being designed by two rulers: the people and the creditors. Creditors and investors are demanding debt  amortisation and the prospect of growth, while the people who want jobs and prosperity is aware that their politicians now pay more attention to the creditors. The crisis has become a crisis of democracy.

Printing money is the last desperate reaction on both sides of the Atlantic. What four years ago started with the bursting of a credit bubble beginning in the mortgage market will be fought with more and more trillions of new debt, so that the next even larger credit bubble is being inflated.
The new trillions are circling around the world in search of returns, but only a small portion of the money is flowing into the real economy, where investment in new production yield lower returns. Instead, the trillions are sloshing back and forth from one financial market to another, from the foreign exchange market to the commodity markets and from the gold market to the stock market and back.
Since these trillions do not reach the real economy, the risk of inflation is currently lower than the central bank in Germany, the German Federal Bank, wants to make us believe. But if central banks go on keeping  the interest rates close to zero for a long time, as they have done for years, they penalize ordinary savers and encourage large investors.

The European depression is only the prelude of a disaster like that in Japan waiting in the wings. The ratio of the country’s debt to GDP is 230 percent. How can a debt-ridden economy grow if a large part of the demand in the past was based on debt, and this will be reduced? How can politicians react without burdening countries with more debt? How can they continue to rule  in this prison of debt ?

However, this is not enough. Now the banksters are pressuring governments to invest much more in “green energy”  due to the biggest lie in history: that of manmade CO2-global warming - to boost  the CO2-transactions at their climate exchanges, where CO2-emission certificates are trading at disastrously low prices.
We really are stuck in Rothschild´s pockets as he wished in the 1770´es.


[2] [2] Adam-weishauptDocumentation of Summary

Time and again, this blog has shown that the NWO is the child of Talmudic/Pharisaic [3] Adam Weishaupt and the Talmudic [4] Rothschild dynasty under the [5] influence of the ancient Pharisaism through its globalist clubs like [6] Rockefellers´ (Rothschild´s right arm) [7] Council on Foreign Relations, The [8] Trilateral Commission, The [9] Club of Rome and the [10] Bilderberg Club and [11] here as well as [12] its banks – and in particular its [13] central bank system. The latter has [14] usurped the right from governments to print and then lend money out of thin air against interest which it decides itself, thereby creating endless debt and poverty. Furthermore, the Fed has been used to created [15] stock exchange crashes with enormous gains for the banksters – as well as for [16] stealing the gold of the nations of the world. Moreover,  through the [17] dynasty´s corporations and money this dynasty has bought/intimidated “our” [18] media and [19] here and [20] here and [21] here as well as “ [18] our”  politicians and [22] here and [23] here into submission –  [24] brainwashing us into ignorance and acceptance of its impoverishing dictatorial [25] immoral New World Order.

The weapon of the Rothschilds to secure power over states and  the EU is simple: Huge sovereign indebtedness. That´s why former US Treasurer and Pharisaic Bankster chief of the New York FED, [26] Timothy  Geithner, is now proposing unlimited  debt ceiling, allowing his FED to print all the money it likes out of thin air, creating hyperinflation and fat bankster profits at our cost.

The role of [13] Rothschild´s central bank system ,the [27] IMF (proposing a one world currency) and the World Bank
The [28] First US Bank in 1791 to 1811 and again later on – especially from 1913 ([14] the Federal Reserve) are Rothschild central banks – and the world´s central bank of central banks is the  [29] BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in Basle.  Already in 1815, Nathan Rothschild (The [30] House of Rothschild/David Allen Rivera), using Napoleon´s Waterloo defeat, tricked and broke the London Stock Exchange – whereupon he took over the Bank of England, being thereafter the master of the money supply of the British Empire – in fact of that Empire, as he said. In 1818 Denmark had a Rothschild Central Bank – as a prerequisite for having necessary loans to tackle the default of 1813 – due to indebtedness to Rothschild.  Today, only the rogue states of the world (Syria, Iran, North Korea and Cuba do not have a Rothschild bank – Libya getting one last year, as soon the rogue Gaddafi had been ousted – and Afghanistan and Iraq too, with the help of invasion by [31] Rothschild´s New World, the US. These central banks have from the states usurped the right to print money and lend them to “their”/Rothschild´s) states against interest which they determine on their own. Thereby, they have made the world´s nations hopelessly indebted – and politically dependent on Rothschild´s New World order.  [32] Gargoyle-notre-dame

Right: Gargoyle on Notre-Dame-de-Paris laughing at [33] French economy´s downgrading by  [34] Rothschild-infiltrated Moody´s rating agency (Owners are i.a. [35] Rothschild agent JP Morgan and Barclay´s Bank, run by Rothschild´s son-in-law, [36] Marcus Agius) and [37] Rothschild´s and [38] here IMF. In fact,  [29] Rothschild´s BIS is [39] working very closely with the IMF. This means higher interest rwtes, more indebtedness for France and higher income for the big Rothschild creditor banks, which France saved from the [40] Rothschild-generated financial/economical crisis with tax-payer bail-outs.

[41] Spiegel 16 Nov. 2012: Banks had [40] bundled the mortgages of millions of Americans, whose only asset was a house bought on credit, into worthless securities; then around the globe, because banks had foisted these securities onto customers in many countries; and, finally, when these banks began to totter, debt-ridden countries turned private debt into public debt until they, too, began to totter, and could only borrow money from banks at even higher interest rates than before.

At the moment, the world has only one approach to getting out of this labyrinth of debt: incurring trillions of even more debt. Former German finance minister Karl Schiller resigned in protest against a 4 bn mark new debt. His successor Helmuth Schmidt wanted to make debt and let future generations pay back (to Rothschild´s banks). Today, the combined debt of German federal, state and local governments has climbed to more than €2 trillion.

From today’s perspective — leaving aside all the effusive rhetoric about Europe — the introduction of the euro is nothing but the continuation of debt mania with more audacious methods. The euro countries took advantage of the favorable interest rates offered by the common currency to get into even more debt. Government budgets that were built on debt continued to create the illusion of power, until the markets exerted their power through interest.

Interest spending is now the third-largest item in Germany’s federal budget, and one in three German municipalities is no longer able to amortize its debt on its own steam. In the United States, the national debt has grown in the last four years from $10 trillion to more than $16 trillion, as more and more municipalities file for bankruptcy. during the first phase of the financial crisis, when homeowners deeply in debt lost the roof over their heads, while banks, which had gambled with their mortgages, remained in business thanks to taxpayer money.

[42] Debt-pistolIn the second phase of the crisis, after countries were forced to borrow additional trillions to stabilize the financial markets (bail-outs) the attempt by countries to bolster the faltering financial system has in fact increased their dependency on the financial markets to such an extent that their policies are now shaped by two sovereigns: the people and creditors. Creditors and investors demand debt reduction and the prospect of growth, while the people, who want work and prosperity, are noticing that their politicians are now paying more attention to creditors. The crisis has turned into a crisis of democracy.
Since Jan. 14, 2009, when Standard & Poor’s downgraded Greek government bonds, the markets have determined the direction and pace of European integration. They want bigger and bigger bailout funds, they want to safeguard their claims, they want a European Central Bank that buys up government bonds indefinitely, they want slashed government budgets, they want labor market reforms like the ones in Germany, they want wage cuts such as those in Germany and, at the same time, they want these incapacitated countries mired in recession to offer the prospect of healthy growth. The more democracy, the looser the money. In Greece, after budget cuts amounting to more than 10 percent of the country’s total economic output, unemployment has almost tripled and the debt ratio has risen from 113 to 160 %.

For many debt-ridden countries, 1. growth is one of four possibilities to reduce debt. 2. Balancing budgets through cuts and tax increases is another. 3. The third option is declaring bankruptcy and no longer servicing at least a portion of debts. 4. The fourth path is inflation, that is, allowing the debt to melt away on the quiet at the expense of savers and consumers. But three to four percent inflation can hardly be justified politically in Germany, although the prospects are better in the United States and other countries. For this reason, and in response to German pressure, European countries are now trying out tough austerity programs. Printing money — or betting hundreds of billions once again — is the last desperate response on both sides of the Atlantic. What began four years ago with the bursting of a credit bubble in the mortgage market is being combated with more and more new debt in the trillions, thereby [43] Eu-debtinflating the next, even bigger credit bubble.

[44] Debt-percent-GDP[45] Bloomberg 3 Jan. 2012: Governments of the world’s leading economies have more than $7.6 trillion of debt maturing this year, with most facing a rise in borrowing costs Borrowing costs for G-7 nations will rise as much as 39 percent from 2011. After Italy, France has the most amount of debt coming due, at $367 billion, followed by Germany at $285 billion. Canada has $221 billion, while Brazil has $169 billion, the U.K. has $165 billion, China (PRCH) has $121 billion and India $57 billion. Russia has the least maturing, or $13 billion.

Left: [46] Debt of EU countries Q2 2012.   Right: [47] Sovereign Debt of some EU countries

The fresh trillions circle the world in the search for yield, but only a small part of the money flows into the real economy, where investments in new production plants produce lower returns. Instead, the trillions slosh back and forth, from one financial market to another, from the foreign currency market to the commodities market, and from the gold market to the stock market and back again.
Because these trillions are not reaching the real economy, the risk of inflation is currently smaller than Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, and its president would have us believe. But when central banks keep interest rates close to zero for long periods of time, which they have done for years, they disadvantage ordinary savers and favor major investors, gamblers and banks, which can borrow at low rates and invest the money elsewhere at a profit.

The European depression is only prelude, with the Japanese disaster waiting in the wings. The country’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 230 percent. How can a debt-ridden economy grow if a large part of demand in the past was based on debt, which is now to be reduced?
How can politicians react without burdening countries with more debt, and how can they reduce that debt? In fact, how can they even govern anymore in this prison of debt? In the past, future revenues were mortgaged, in municipalities, states and the federal government.Today only about 20 percent of the federal budget is truly politically available, as compared with 40 percent when Schmidt was still in office.In fact, the world  is in the midst of a massive transformation process,  which is suited to making us poor and destroying our prosperity, social security and democracy.

Rothschild has den established the State of Israel ([48] see years 1895-1957) - and the building of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem is a [49] Rothschild-NWO-Temple

Looting us through CO2 trading
[50] BBC 21 Nov. 2012:  A report by the UN (based on[51] unfounded CO2-warming) a few days before government climate negotions  in Doha says global attempts to curb emissions of CO2 are falling well short of what is needed to stem dangerous climate change. But, as they have been saying for years: We can still be saved by a narrow escape if we give them our last money now!!!

“[52] Reuters 20 Npv. 2012 A coalition of the world’s largest investors called on governments on Tuesday to ramp up action on climate change and boost clean-energy investment or risk trillions of dollars in investments and disruption to economies.
In an open letter, the alliance of institutional investors, responsible for managing $22.5 trillion in assets, said rapidly growing greenhouse gas emissions and more extreme weather were increasing investment risks globally. The group called for dialogue between investors and governments to overhaul climate and energy policies.

[53] Mayer-amschel-rothschild


The banksters´ best prospect of fat profit is through e.g. aviation CO2-taxes and their [54] Climate Exchange system, where CO2 prices have sunk catastrophically. Thus they the can  rob mankind of  money through the “manmade global warming” scam - now being called “extreme weather” because there is no global warming. This is the [55] biggest lie in human history and
[51] fraud and [56] here and [57] here and [58] here [59] here and [60] here and [61] here and [62] here and [63] here

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (right) asked Adam Weishaupt to create an organisation – called the illuminati -by which he  could rule the world with his money. It was a diabolical clique and plan. [30] David Allen Rivera: Comte de Virieu, a Mason from the Martiniste lodge at Lyons, upon his return home, when questioned about the Congress (Wilhelmsbad 1781 – where the Illuminati tookcontrol of the Freemason lodges, said: “I will not confide them to you. I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out, that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape it.” He later denounced the Illuminati, His dynasty achieved that goal – and in 2009  [64] EU Council President van Rompuy, declared that this goal, one world government had been achieved at the [65] G20 meeting in London in 2009 – even the [66] pope supporting this Antichristian, Luciferian structure.

The means is never incessantly growing debt – forcing the states of the world into obedience of the Rothschild dynasty.

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