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[1] The Daily Express November 15,2012:  EURO MPs will today call for even looser border controls to encourage a fresh wave of immigration into Europe – and Britain.
They will claim that many areas of the Continent face acute labour shortages due to ageing that need to be filled with foreign workers.

[2] Asylum-seekers

Proposals include a relaxation of employment regulations so that millions more migrants – asylum seekers among them – can take up jobs within the EU, including the UK. This new EU plan will be little consolation for the one million young unemployed Brits facing more competition for jobs.” The proposals last night triggered fears that Britain will be hit by another population surge that will wreck the Government’s attempt at restricting annual net immigration.

The Euro MPs also want Brussels to discuss further “social security co-ordination” to give migrants greater access to welfare benefits.


This is a grave insult to the 25% of predominantly young Spanish and other Southern European unemployed, who are now demonstrating every day in large flocks against unemployment.

This shows that the EU has no good - but an NWO-ideological intent, as declared by the[3] British Labour Party, the Danish Palamentarian, Johannes Nielsen, the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs”, [4] Cecilia Malmström and former EU Commissioner - now UN-consultant, [5] Peter Sutherland (also on the boards of the Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission) - and recently the Jewish Rabbi, [6] Baruch Efrati: They want to [7] exterminate[7] the European nation-states and especially Christianity - according to Efrati as punishment for persecutions of Jews by theirEuropean host States - in order to thus paving the road for their dictatorial [8] Pharisaic [8] New World Order.

[9] Robot

The argument that these unskilled immigrants are to replace aging workers as cheap labor, is simply not true: Even now unskilled workers are being replaced by even [10] cheaper robots - and soon trained professionals will be, too.

However, this is so insane that the NWO is probably about to trigger a revolution against itself - to induce Hegelian dialectic Chaos - then with the military / [11] Eurogendfor to restore order, creating order out of chaos - a worthy task for the[12] Nobel Peace[12] Prize winner, the EU[12] .

The above is a declaration of war on Europeans. But how many MSM will inform us on the forther development?

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