US Illuminati Puppet Presidential Election: Antichristian Mormon “King of the World” Or Alisteir Crowley Satanist?

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LATEST. [1] The Nation 4 Nov. 2012:  In a last-minute directive, Ohio´s republican secretary of state, Jon Husted, has shifted the burden of filling the provisional  ballots correctly - especially as for the ID - from poll workers to the voter, in spite of a one-week-old court ruling - which may decide the election result in the swing state of Ohio. The shift means that many more ballots will be discarded.
The majority of the state’s provisional ballots were cast in Ohio’s five largest counties, which are strongly Democratic. Moreover, provisional ballots are more likely to be cast by poorer and more transient residents of the state, who are also less likely to vote Republican.
Before that, Mr. [2] Husted had limited the eartly voting time from 35 to 11 days before the election,  which will also cost Democratic votes


Summary: This is an article about the NWO puppet U.S. presidential candidates, Obama and Romney, for the pseudo-democratic U.S. presidential election. The only winners are the Illuminati, anyway.
As for Obama,  I have repeatedly described him as a Mason, Illuminati puppet, Bilderberger, and Moslem who runs around showing Satan hand signs. He is an illegitimate president, having never shown a genuine birth certificate - only counterfeits with the intent to deceive, for only a person born in the U.S. is entitled to be President. Obama himself admits that he was born in Kenya! Furthermore, he excels in dictatorial executive orders like the NDAA that allows the military to jail people  indefinitely without court decision, the signing of martial law, so that it can be implemented overnight. He has ceased to ask Congress before going to war (Libya) and his Congress wants to confirm this right - on the grounds of combating the same Al Qaeda in what is called WWIII that the US itself founded and supports in Libya and Syria as “rebels”. Obama launches drones to kill people  abroad whom he does not like and to enforce the purpose of his lord and master: the master´s- central banks in the remaining rogue states. At home, Obama will use up to 30,000 drones to spy on (and possibly kill) his population  - as the dissatisfaction with his ruinous economic policies and his incompetence in handling the consequences of the engineered “Sandy” hurricane spreads.

[3] Presidential-devils

Confronting him is the Mormon, “Mitt” Romney, who is also unwilling to show his birth certificate: cynics believe his middle name is the Jewish Mitzak. Romney says the U.S. Constitution is divinely inspired, and that the divine king of Mormons will come  to save this Constitution from extreme distress - like now. Romney believes  to be that king who as a U.S. president is to implement a benevolent dictatorship worldwide. He has vowed to use all his talents and resources for the dissemination of the “Kingdom of God”, which means the power of the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS). The LDS has very strong representation in state and central administrations, the police, etc. Many see the LDS, which has many rituals in common with Freemasonry, as a branch of Freemasonry, whose god is Lucifer. In fact,  the first 5 of the LDS leaders were Freemasons - as well as many of today’s members. Romney himself makes the sign of the “divine king”, the Antichrist, 666,  in public. Like the Masons, he believes that he and his elitist brethren will be gods after the death, each inheriting a planet to populate with billions of spiritual babies. Mormonism is Luciferian/Antichristian.

Although the LDS has forbidden polygamy during the past 100 years still 40.000 LDS members are living in polygamy.
Romney wants to help his bosom friend, Binyamin Netanyahu, by all means to prevent Iran from going nuclear (Iran has already bought five such bombs from Ukraine several years ago).


“When we vote we license people to use force, to do things we can’t legally do to others, such as steal their money, throw them in prison and kill them.  And invade other countries and kill those people.  Worse, when we vote we authorize them to do it to us, the very voters!
Bev Harris revealed a dozen years ago on her website how the computers are programmed to steal virtually all elections.  Even if voting is done on paper ballots, the ballots are fed through scanners and tallied by computers. And now we learn that Mitt Romney himself is an owner of Hart InterCivic, an obscure little outfit that supplies vote computers in key states. Even if the vote were not rigged, we’d still only get candidates who are allowed by [4] AIPAC, the Jewish control-of-government agency.
Jews own the banks and the banks pay for the elections and campaigns - and politicians are in the grip of their FED and Goldman Sachs. American politicians are unable to criticize Goldman Sachs or any other Jewish powerhouse because they will be out of office in the next selection.  AIPAC sees to this by supplying a Jew-friendly opponent with all the Jewish money he needs to beat the “anti-Semite.”   (
[5] JB Campbell 25 Oct. 2012).

[6] Global Res. 28 Oct. 2012: In states where the winner will be decided by less than 10%, of the vote (like all-deciding Ohio) Romney already knows he will win due to programmable computer fraud.  Indeed all five voting machine companies have very strong GOP fundraising ties. [7] Credo: The H.I.G. Capital with strong ties to Mitt Romney occupies 2 of 5 seats in in the Hart Intercivic voting machines used in the decisive swing state of Ohio.  In 2007 Ohio´s secretary of state showed they could easily be corrupted.



This is an article about the 2 US presidential hopefuls. The US president is the mightiest ruler on earth. But first it may be helpful first to remember this from the Protocol of the Elders of Zion: Protocol 10: 13. “In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some “Panama” or other - then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations.”

Pres. Barack Obama

[8] I have previously described Pres. Obama as an illegal and [9] demagogic president, because he is [10] born in Kenya with a [11] Kenyan birth certificate and he has [12] spent millions of dollars averting in court to publish his birth certificate and college certificates –  in the US a man cannot be president without having been born in the US. He deceives, because he has presented faked birth certificates. Also, he has  presented himself as a “Christian” through his [13] former membership of the gnostic [14] Trinity United Church of Christ which does [15] not require baptism and takes Muslims as members! Obama poses  as a high rankinng [16] Freemason at the Prince Hall Lodge, has changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama admits to being a Muslim. Furthermore [17] Obama-devil-hand.2jpghe runs about showing the [18] Devil´s horns handsign and wears a [19] T-shirt with a portrait of the Satanist Alestair Crowley.

I have described how Mr. Obama has usurped the right to [20] declare war without asking Congress (Libya), introduced the [21] NDAA and signed an executive order on [22] martial law in the US – to be activated at any time. He has [23] demanded his [24] private paramilitary force. Furthermore, he [8] Obama-ring + 5-pillarshas by executive order established the [25] White House Homeland Security Partnership Council in order to advance the Federal Government’s use of local partnerships to address homeland security[8] challenges. He has withdrawn US forces from Iraq – but his CIA is instigating the “Arab Spring” and supporting Al Qaeda in Syria and Libya – the very enemy, his Congress is using to [20] declare WWIII on. Obama kills people abroad and spy on his citizens at home by [26] drones. Mr Obama has brought US economy to the brink of collapse – now promoted by the [27] engineered megastorm, Sandy. Could this storm make Obama the “father of the nation”? Obama is said to share common [28] descent with the rulers of Europe and the US.

[8] Right: Obama´s wedding ring is a Moslim symbol of the first of the 5 pillars of Islam: The declaration that “there is no God but Allah”. This is enough to make him a Muslim – an Illuminatus Muslim.

But Obama is  incompetent, sacrificing American lives for propaganda purposes (video above).
So much for Mr. Obama. Now I will concentrate on the other presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

The following video shows how easy it is to deceive at the US ballot.  

[29] Obama-romney

Now let us take a look at the 2 leading hopefuls - in this article at Senator Mitt Romney, who is a Mormon.

Willard Mitt Romney
[30] William Schnoebelen in the Cutting Edge (who served as a Mormon temple as a priest 1980–85): I developed friendships with many LDS people. Mitt Romney, like most of the people I met, is a fine, upstanding man of apparently sterling character. If his religious faith is not taken into account, Mr. Romney is probably better qualified than most other presidential candidates in this election cycle, from whatever party.

Mitt Romney (like Obama) surrounds himself with adviseors from the [31] Council on Foreign Relations and the [32] Trilateral Commission. US Presidents are just puppets appointed by these Rockefeller clubs

[33] Mitt Romney was a 2012 Bilderberger attendee – and Obama does not seem much liked by the Bilderbergers. It is uncertain, if Mitt is a member of the allmighty “invisible US and would-be-world government, the  [31] Council on Foreign Relations” (CFR) – but [34] his Father was – and was the man who destroyed Barry Goldwaters campaign in 1980. [35] The New American 24 July 2012 Among (Romney´s foreign policy) advisors listed in the Wall Street Journal arethe following CFR members: : Henry Kissinger (Nixon’s Secretary of State),  James Baker (George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of State,  George Shultz (Reagan’s Secretary of State),  Richard Williamson (George W. Bush’s Assistant Secretary of State),  Cofer Black (former CIA official, former vice president of Blackwater International),  Eliot Cohen (George W. Bush’s State Department official),  Paula Dobriansky (George W. Bush’s State Department official), John Bolton (George W. Bush’s former UN ambassador), John Lehman (Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy)

Romney has not been willing to show his birth certificate either. Some [36] people divine he has Jewish ancestry – and that his middle name on his Michigan birth certificate was “Mitzak”, a Jewish name. However, this seems [37] improbable. Others say [38] Mitt is short for Milton. Romney is a very [39] successful businessman, former Massachusetts governor. Mitt Romney has strong allies. [40] American Free Press 28 May 2012:  Romney is being supported by a remarkable coalition including the Rothschilds, the “birther” movement (wants to see Obama´s genuine birth certificate) led by former Israeli [41] Orly Taitz, white separatists joined with hardline Zionists, as well as many self-styled “patriots” and “conservatives” and others.  Mitt Romney´s bosom friend is Binyamin Netanyahu. However, Mrs. Rothschild also unsuccessfully supported Hillary Clinton and McCain during the 2008 campaign.

Romney is a Mormon.

What is Mormonism
[42] Book_of_Mormon_English_Missionary_EMormonism is based on the [43] Book of Mormon – revealed to Joseph Smith by an angel called [44] Moroni, a son of a defeated prophet by the name of Mormon, said to have lived about 400 A.d. in North America!

[45] Al Jazeera 5 April 2012: According to its founder, Joseph Smith, Adam and Eve settled in Missouri after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Smith also revealed that Jesus will return to Missouri to plan for his second coming. Mormons believe America is essentially God’s favourite place in the world. God helped create the Constitution and the US republic, so Mitt Romney has said he believes the American Constitution was divinely inspired.
Today, the Latter Day Saints church has some 14 million members worldwide.  It sends out more than 50,000 missionaries a year to convert people to Mormonism. It has been banning polygamy through the last 100 years - but there are some 40,000 fundamentalist Mormons involved in plural marriages in the US.
According to the original Mormon theology, men also have the ability to progress and become gods living with God in heaven. Mormons also practice proxy baptisms, or baptisms of the dead, to save deceased ancestors who passed away without being baptised on earth.

The following videos show the Antichristian rituals in a Mormon temple. It tells that Mormons swear to take revenge on the US for killing the Mormon Prophets and founders of the movement, the brothers Joseph and Hyram Smith. Joseph Smith was lynched while in jail for treason.

[30] William Schnoebelen in the Cutting EdgeThe “Kingdom of God” is believed by devout Mormons to be a theocratic kingdom run by the Prophet from Salt Lake City.
The Mormons are usually successful businessmen who have scraped together enormous assets and invest them in lucrative and powerful positions, not least in farmland, for the coming of their “divine king”: a Mormon priest who will take power over the U.S. and the world as U.S. president. Mormons are strongly represented in state and central governments, police etc. Their king is to appear at a time when the U.S. Constitution, which they consider to be of divine inspiration (Masonic inspired), is in great danger - like now.
[46] Salt-lake-mormon-temple1-thumb[47] Wikipedia: Mormons are taught that there are three degrees of heaven. 1. The Telestial Kingdom, where spiritual slackers of all kinds go. It resembles earth as it is right now, in its fallen state. 2. the Terrestrial Kingdom, where good people of all faiths go and also where mediocre Mormons go. It is like the Garden of Eden, a perfect world. 3. the Celestial Kingdom, where Mormons who are true and faithful to all their covenants will enter into the presence of Heavenly Father and ultimately become gods and goddesses of their own planets – having billions of spirit babies with which to populate their planet. It is the lofty goal of every devout Mormon to achieve the third Kingdom and become a god. But there is also the outer darkness of perdition.

Left: The Salt Lake Mormon Temple

Mitt Romney and  Mormonism
[30] William Schnoebelen in the Cutting Edge:  Romney has taken holy oaths to do everything he can to maintain and defend Gods Kingdom , even to sacrifice his life, if necessary. To a Mormon, the concept of “God´s Kingdom” is  the LDS Church. Disloyalty to this oath is symbolically indicated with the sign of throat cutting – like in Blue Lodge Freemasonry.

[30] William Schnoebelen in the Cutting Edge: Like his father, George Romney - who ran unsuccessfully for president in 1968 - Mitt is a high priest in the LDS Church priesthood hierarchy. Until 1978, the LDS Church taught that black people were “loathsome, filthy and lazy” and that no black could ever hold the priesthood until all white men had received it. But, in 1978, the Church received a “revelation” changing that teaching. However, young Mitt Romney grew up believing this loathsome doctrine about blacks! He also served a 30 month stint as an LDS missionary.

[48] Romney-White-Horse-460x307[45] Al Jazeera 5 April 2012:  Today, Romney faces the same challenge John F. Kennedy did in 1960 - convincing voters that he will not be beholden to leaders of his church. Left: Acquaintances think Romney is influenced by a Mormon tradition known as the White Horse prophecy or the prophecy of the “One mighty and strong.”
[30] William Schnoebelen in the Cutting Edge: This mysterious priesthood elder would somehow appear on a white horse and seize control of the US government and become president to prevent the total abrogation of the Constitution. He will  control food supply acc. to peoples´beliefs.  [49] Romney-666[50] Speculations have it that Romney is this “one mighty and strong” to prepare the 2. Coming of Christ.

[51] Romney showing the hand [52] sign of the “Divine King of the World”, the sign of the Antichrist, the 6 x 3 (3 fingers stretched) = 666 (Rev. 13:18).

Now, to a Bible-believer, all of this sounds chillingly like the description of the “man of sin” (2 Thess. 2:3) or the Anti-Christ (Rev. 13:2, Rev. 13:4). He will control commerce and especially food distribution (Rev. 13:17).
Romney has sworn to do everything he can to bring about the Kingdom of God (HLT) on earth and the “establishment of Zion” - which is the political form of the Kingdom. He has kneeled down and taken what’s called the oath of sacrifice. He’s promised his talents, his abilities, and everything that he is to the church”.

Freemasonry and Mormonism
[53] Wikipedia: The Mormons share many of the symbols of Freemasonry, aprons, handshakes, etc. Many see it as a branch of Freemasonry. Their first 5 leaders were and many members are high-ranking Masons. The Church does not forbid Freemasonry.

[54] The Jerusalem Post 12 Oct. 2012: Evangelical leader (and [55] Freemason) Billy Graham offered to help Mitt Romney on Thursday in what could prove to be a boost in getting evangelicals to turn out for the Republican in the November 6 election. Graham is one of the most recognized religious figures in the world and has been a spiritual adviser to a number of American presidents and political leaders.

Israel policy
[56] The Jewish Telegraph Agenct 21 oct. 2012 : Mitt Romney and President Obama in an American Jewish Committee questionnaire each pledged to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and to preserve and enhance the U.S.-Israel relationship. Romney said, “I am prepared to use all elements of American power” to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

[57] The National Journal 13 Sept. 2012 In his recent nomination acceptance speech in Tampa, Romney also repeated his oft-stated criticism that President Obama has thrown Israel “under the bus,” and taken a far too soft approach (to Iran) by offering to talk with Iran over its suspected nuclear weapons program. “We’re still talking,” he said, “and Iran’s centrifuges are still spinning.”

[58] Romney-netanyahuOne point of criticism against Obama by Mit Romney is his recalcitrance to comply with [59] Romney´s friend through more than 35 years, Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, in his demands to attack Iran the sooner the better.

But regardless of what your ideological instincts are, there are just certain realities that the United States faces today that will constrain any president on foreign policy.[60] After sandyRight now, Obama seems to be the favourite, supported by favourable job figures and Sandy which gave him the opportunity to pose as the father of the nation ([61] The Guardian 2 Nov 2012).
However, many east coast voters are abgry because the incompetent FEMA of the government is letting them down (The [62] New York Times 2 Nov. 2012). Furthermore, “Sandy” will probably reduce the participation in the vote – to the disadvantage of Obama.

If elected, Romney will undoubtedly devote all his energy to become the LDS “Divine King of the World”, Rothschild´s [63] NWO ruler, who is called [64] Ben David by the [65] Talmudic rulers of the world, the bankster [66] Pharisees. They expect [67] to become gods, like the Freemasons, the Mormons in heaven with God´s help, the Masons on Earth through their own rituals and skills  – although Christ promises just the status of angels (Matth. 22:29).  This is in accordance with the Illuminati/Freemason  expectations, their god being, however [68] Lucifer. This might steer Romney´s policy in the direction of more confrontation with those standing in the LDS´ way. 

Christ accepts no ruler of the world except himself (Matth. 23:10) – knowing, however, that until his 2.Coming “The Prince of the World” will govern it (John 14:30). Thus he says: So alone the Mormon idea of a king of the world before Christ´s 2. Coming (Matth. 24) is Antichristian.

[57] The National Journal 13 Sept. 2012: Romney and his foreign-policy surrogates also criticize Obama’s attempts to build international consensus for action at the United Nations as multilateralism that too often ties America’s hands, and they accuse him of “leading from behind” in Libya.

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