On November 29, 2007 Danish MEP, Mogens Camre, had the following feeling, as a vote was taken in the  EU Parliament:  "During the vote I had the feeling that the majority was writing the death sentence of Europe. Of course, that was not what they  thought. They believed to be fortifying the values of Europe, for they will not face the fact that this long existing paper (The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU) grants equal admission for a far more brutal and self-confident culture, which wants to annihilate most of what is written in the Charter… We have a majority decision in the Council, and the European Parliament decided to forbid the Europe which has only survived by excluding and discriminating those and that which do not want our culture".

In the wake of  the Lionheart scandal, in England and the USA as well as on the European Continent fortunately the blogosphere is mobilising, making this outrageous EU-backed repression of the freedom of speech, alias “political correctness”, known to the public.
571 Slovenian journalists have lost patience: They don´t want to be subjugated by "political correctness" any more. So, 3 months ago they wrote an open letter to their government on the media censorship. No answer. Now they have turned to European heads of government: No answer!

But how did it come this far? 

 Our media have so far been totally silent about the the construction of a monster, a vampire, which is feeding on our ancient culture, draining us of our spiritual, inherited immune defence: our Christian culture. The name of this monster is The Euromediterranean Project, alias Eurabia –growing much worse than described by Bat Ye´or  in 2005.

If we do not reveal this many-headed Hydra so that people understand it and turn against it when being alone with the ballot paper, we already have the 4. Reich for good.

As part of the New World Order announced 5 times by Pres. Bush sen. 1990-91 the EU is now removing all obstacles to the fusion of Europe with the 9 Euromediterranean Muslim "partner countries" as well as several newcomer Muslim countries in the Western Balkans and, besides, Mauretania - and probably Libya, so that the common market and fusion of our and their finances can take place from 2010 as agreed upon in the Barcelona Declaration of 1995.

Of course we have not been told anything about that! Nor that in Naples on Dec. 2-3, 2003, the EU promised these "partner countries " the 4 fundamental rights of the EU - including free Muslim immigration to Europe!

On July 27, 2005 the EU  emphasized the Joint action/96/443/JHA of 15 July 1996 adopted by the Council on the basis of Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union, concerning action to combat racism and xenophobia.

Member States must implement this Joint Action consistently with such obligations.

This strongly repressive resolution was further sharpened om July 18, 2007  by the Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia: "The purpose of this framework decision is to ensure that, in the European Union, racism and xenophobia are punishable by effective, proportionate and dissuasive criminal penalties which can give rise to extradition or surrender; to improve and encourage judicial cooperation." And among the punishable heinous acts:
" public dissemination or distribution of tracts, pictures or other material containing expressions of racism and xenophobia;
directing of a racist or xenophobic group (by "group" is meant a structured organisation consisting of at least two persons established for a specific period

The following proposal was  adopted in 2001- "the fight against racist and xenophobic content on the Internet. As referred to in the Commission's Communication on Cyber-crime, a worrying issue is the dissemination of racist and xenophobic contents on the Internet."

"As of 15 July 1999 the number (of "racist and xenophobic homepages") had increased further, to over 2100 sites. But in reality, researchers consider this figure to be considerably underestimated. Racist sites are very often located in non-EU countries, in particular in the US."

"The novelty in relation to the Joint Action is that instead of the choice to incriminate these forms of conduct or to derogate from the principle of dual criminality, an obligation is imposed on Member States to take steps to punish those forms of conduct as criminal offences."

"Each Member State shall take the necessary measures to ensure that the offences referred to in Article 4 (a) and (f) are punishable by terms of deprivation of liberty with a maximum penalty that is not less than 2 years. This applies to  (a): public incitement to violence or hatred for a racist or xenophobic purpose or to any other racist or xenophobic behaviour which may cause substantial damage to individuals or groups concerned;and
(f) directing, supporting of or participating in the activities of a racist or xenophobic group, with the intention of contributing to the organisation’s criminal activities."

"Member States shall ensure that ancillary or alternative sanctions such as community service or participation in training courses, deprivation of certain civil or political rights or publication of all or part of a sentence may be imposed or foreseen for the offences referred to in Articles 4 and 5." 

"Member States shall ensure that fines can be imposed or payment for charitable purposes accepted in respect of the offences referred to in Articles 4 and 5."

Now try for a moment to think back of Hitler´s  3. Reich and forget the present. Against whom would you instinctively think this legislation was directed?

Then return to the present. Who, do you think, are in practice exempted from this legislation?

Think once more: Who are our real enemies? Isn´t it those who let the incompatible Muslim elements into our societies?

Who repress, criminalize and punish our constitutional rights like freedom of speech,  the right of self-defence, and the right to choose our own future - making us , the defenders of the Constitution, criminals with the stroke of a pen? 

Who, on the other hand,  let Muslim law-breakers go free and let them unpunished in spite of their increasing racism to us? Who abolished the equality before the law? 

Are the real lawbreakers not the eurocrats and our politicians who despise our old laws of free people?
Islam is never more dangerous than our politicians allow it to be! 

If you think so, you are liable to be punished - as is Lionheart.
Therefore, protest, while you still can. It may be your last opportunity. 

Bombard Prime Minister Gordon Brown with e-mails because of Lionheart.  Here is his e-mail address.
Here is more about Lionheart.