Latest: A reader has sent me the Report of the Bureau for Technology-Consequence Assessment of the German Parliament, TheTAB. The report includes i.a. current and intended operational concepts and scenarios in the context of threat scenarios. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs - Drones) have been established beyond the function of surveillance as  weapons platforms in so-called hunter-killer missions. Only the military is entitled to use drones to kill  - not the police or intelligence services, which, however, may use drones for surveillance purposes. Worrisome, however, is the use of fully automated killer drones, “acting on their own own”, which may also kill civilians “by chance”. The use of particular armed drones is not precluded by the principles of international humanitarian law per se. The U.S. experience shows, however,that drones kill not only on the battlefields.Portugal-dem-sept.-2012

In Portugal tens of thousands of demonstraters against  austerity gathered (Deutsche Welle 29. Sept. 2012).
In Paris, on 30. Sept., more than 50.000 participated in a big demonstration against the fiscal pact and austerity - and it is said to be just the beginning.

Global Res. 29 Sept. 2012 The French, Spanish and Greek governments all announced multibillion-euro austerity plans yesterday in the face of massive popular opposition. On Wednesday, millions of workers throughout Greece walked off the job and hundreds of thousands protested in a one-day national strike.These events demonstrate the impossibility of fighting social austerity in Europe by supporting the bourgeois “left” parties, the European Union (EU), or European capitalism. In a matter of months, the promises made by the official parties have proven worthless.Eu-gendarmer

When shall we see the EU´s EUROGENDFOR in action to bully the demonstrators?


Summary: The big German chemical corporations, the BASF, Bayer and Hoechst, merged in 1925 to form the IG Farben - a powerful financial empire with the participation of U.S. corporations such as Rothschild´s FED and Rockefellers Exxon / Standard Oil. Carl Duisberg of Bayer is said to have demanded - and to have - WWI, to have a market for the German chemical Industry under German legislation from Bordeaux to Sofia. According to Dr. Matthias Rath, WWII was an attempt by the German pharmaceutical industry to conquer the European market under German domination. Already during the end phase of the 3rd Reich, the 4th Reich was being planned: A German financial empire in the framework of a supranational organisation. To this end, Professor Walter Hallstein and 4 other former IG Farben affiliated experts, including Nazi lawyer affiliated to the IG Farben and stood for “blood and honor”. As their model for the EEC Commission, these undemocratic architects used the IG Farben, the operator of Auschwitz, the largest financier of Hitler and manufacturer of synthetic gasoline and synthetic rubbers on license from Rockefeller’s Standard Oil – without which Germany 2 could not have waged  WWII.

Now the old Maoist Communist, José Barroso, wants to complete the dictatorial model for world governance and world state, the EU, by constructing an EU finance ministry at the expense of the reluctant German taxpayers, to send the southern EU member states into deeper dependence on Germany, the paymaster of the NWO EU Ltd. - ie Brussels.  Germany is fit for this purpose, being a pacified wealthy non-state without a democratic Constitution – only the basic law dictated by the victors of WWII. Already during WWII and in particular thereafter, its corporations (and postwar politicians) were/are amazingly loyal to the NWO.

Barroso says. “We’ve integrated more than before. All previous steps taken to combat the crisis have led to more, not less European integration.” However, this does not at all mean advantage to the Germans or other North European countries like Denmark outside the euro zone because of the solidarity principle (the ESM). We have to pay directly or through our EU contributions to the ESM. The ESM will now be raised to a staggering 2 trillion euro to save Italy and Spain - and soon, France and Belgium, too, so that they can pay the big banks their interest. To expedite this poverty process, the ECB  now wants to let its printing presses run uncontrollably - to create hyperinflation.The wealthy EU states are more and more endebted, and it is to be anticipated that through their ESM waste of money, the lender states will also sink into unlimited dependence of the big banks. This brings us total, boundless Fascism (Mussolini) with Communist regime over the increasingly large destitute proletariat, which is now being ripped of their previous bribery, their welfare states, in order to uphold the hopeless common currency and an endless unqualified Muslim immigration.

Social safety nets across the continent are clearly under pressure and collapsing, so much so that unemployed Spaniards begin to loot supermarkets in order to put food on their tables. Last month, the people of Cadiz and Seville, which have a reported an unemployment rate of 32%,  joined forces to rob local grocery stores of three tons of food - some of which was distributed to local food banks.
46.7 million Americans - a new record - are dependent upon receiving food aid from the government.
Apparently, the EU now expects increasing social unrest and therefore plans – like the US  (which will fly 30,000 drones in the US) – using spy / killer drones.

And people do not understand this brilliant looting.


“Germany is disappering more and more every day, and I simply find that excellent!” Former Federal Minister Jürgen Trittin, Bündnis90/Die Grünen

Suleyman Demirel, Turkey, to Helmut Schmidt (Soc.dem.), Germany:You see, Mr. Schmidt, till the end of this century, we must export even fifteen million Turks to Germany. We produce the kids, and you‘ll take them! Source: Helmut Schmidt ZEIT-Punkte No. 1/1993 p 29, published by DIE ZEIT, Germany.
‘Two-faced’ politicians have opened the door to an EU superstate by giving up on democracy”. (The Telegraph 22 Sept. 2012, Czech President  Václav Klaus.


Documentation of Summary



The German pharmaceutical corporation, IG Farben, was the ringleader behind what was named the 4th Reich in 1944 by SS officer Scheidt and by others the USSR (and the aim is world Communism for the masses, run by a capitalist fascist corporate/Nomenklatura, the World Community Ltd.): the EU as a German financial empire under a supranational shield. Behind this is the absolute top of the NWO pyramid of power and their hirelings who lead its global corporations, including the media and “our” politicians. Ultimately, the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations and the U.S. security services, the OSS and the CIA, were behind the founding of the European Community and the euro. Germany, bullied into submission through WWII, with no legal democratic Constitution – only with the Basic Law dictated by the victors of WWII –  and a people famous for its intelligence, skills, austerity and financial solidity, was to be the cover-up and pay-masyer for the NWO take over of Europe as the model for its World governance/state through Zbigniew Brzezinski´s regionalisation.Hallstein+IG-Farben

Walter Hallstein became the first EC president (1958–1967) and is seen as one of the EU´s founding fathers. But who was that man? He was a Bilderberger, of course. Hallstein said:  “We are building the United States of Europe.” But what kind of a United Europe?

Right: The EU  is a corporate Ltd. – having the notorius Nazi IG Farben for its model.
On April 24, 1964, the key architects of the “Brussels EU” – all of them active members of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition during WWII – met at the “Brussels EU” headquarters to stake their claims on the future of the European continent. 1. EU Commission President Walter Hallstein
2. German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard 3. Ludger Westrick, Head of the German Chancellery
4. Karl Carstens, German Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
5. Karl-Günther von Hase, Head of the Press and Information Service of the German government.

Wikipedia:  During Nazism, Walter Hallstein was a member of the National Socialist People’s Welfare and national socialist professional associations for lawyers and judges. In 1941 he was appointed professor of civil law at the University of Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main). He was also, at the same time, director of the university’s Institute for Comparative Law and Commercial Law.  More about the  Corporate Fathers of the EU.

EU Facts: Hallstein writes legal expertises for IG Farben. On January 23, 1939, only months before the launch of WWII by the Nazi/IG Farben coalition, Hallstein gives a speech on the topic of common European law under German leadership. Therein he states: “One of the most important laws (in occupied European countries) is the Protection Law for German Blood and Honour.”

Carl-duisbergLeft: Carl Duisberg of Bayer Pharma was the father of chemical warfare and forced Labour during WWI.  Acc. to  Dr. Matthias Rath (Video above – I disagree with his medicinal views) he demanded WWI to obtain europewide markets. Already in 1904, he demanded supremacy of German chemistry over the entire world. He won Emperor Wilhelm II for this purpose. His chancellor, Hollweg, then on 31 July 1914 declared the purpose of WWI was an economic union with France, central European countries and Denmark in the interest of German chemistry. In 1931 Duisberg demanded an economic union from Bordeaux to Sofia in the interest of German chemistry. Duisberg was the driving force behind the creation of IG Farben 1925 through a merger with BASF and Hoechst – and IG Farben was the biggest financer of Hitler and ran Auschwitz – strongly supported by the American wing of its board – comprising Rothschild´s FED and Rockefeller´s Exxon/Standard Oil. Dr. Rath sees WWII as the 2. attempt by the German pharma industry to conquer Europe. Whereas the German board members were condemned as war criminals at the Nuremberg Processes the equally guilty US board members like the FED and Rockefeller were not even accused. Dr. Rath sees the EU as the 3. attempt of the corporate chemoindustry to conquer Europe.

The principally undemocratic construction of today´s “Brussel EU is no coincidence Hallstein– expert of the IG-Farben concern – was chosen by these corporate interests to become the first EC Commission president with a specific assignment: to model the ‘Brussels EU’ after the original plans of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition to rule Europe through a ‘Central Cartel Office’ [i.e. the ‘Brussels EU’] with a junta of unelected cartel bureaucrats [i.e. the ‘EU Commission’] ruling the people of Europe on behalf of global corporate interests, namely (Rothschild´s) Chemical, Oil and Drug Cartels (and Rothschild-owned big banks).

Auschwitz was 100%  owned by IG Farben with Rockefeller and Rothschild investments - and WWII would not have been possible without IG Farben – according to the Nuremberg chief prosecutor, Taylor. Helmut Kohl, who signed the EU treaties, worked for IG Farben´s subsidiary, the BASF.
The Express 12 Sept. 2012: The nations of the EU must come together in a federal state, if the euro is to be saved, the President of the European Commission declared today. He said the crisis, which had hit Greece, Portugal and Spain had ‘fuelled populism and extremism’ in Europe.”Old ideas” will not work any more and greater political union is needed in order to save the euro currency, he said. Barroso said the EU needs to “move toward a federation of nation states” that involves shared sovereignty.
“Pooled sovereignty means more power (to the EU Commission), not less,” he argued. The EC chief even claimed that the EU should have its own military force which would be able to intervene in conflicts ‘when needed.’

Politik-lohnt-sichDer Spiegel 10 Sept. 2012: The German chancellor now wants to stop Athens from leaving the euro zone at all costs - even if it means massaging the figures in the upcoming troika report. For the German leader, it is essential to avoid the consequences of a Grexit before national elections next year.

The Spiegel 10 Sept. 2012: The ECB is politically independent, but it is not above the law. It is only independent within its mandate, which is clearly defined by the European treaties: The central bank is tasked with safeguarding price stability in the euro zone — no more and no less. Draghi wants more, though; he wants to save the European common currency at all costs. The euro, he says, is “irreversible.”Draghi has no democratic legitimization.
So far, the ECB has already spent over €200 billion ($256 billion) buying sovereign bonds from crisis-stricken euro-zone countries.  If the exception now becomes the rule, additional bonds worth hundreds of billions could quickly follow. German taxpayers are also ultimately liable for this amount - without the German parliament, the Bundestag, having a say.
Merkel is secretly pleased with Draghi’s initiative because the chancellor would probably not be able to gain majority support in the Bundestag for additional euro rescue programs. In such a situation, Mario Draghi is the most powerful man in Europe, undeterred by courts or parliaments. Comment: Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court has just decided that the European Stability Mechanism, the permanent successor to the current rescue fund,  the ESM to be constitutional. The ECB apparently stands above the Bundestag and above the Federal Constitutional Court.

SHTFplan 5 Sept. 2012: Social safety nets across the continent are visibly under stress and breaking down, so much so that unemployed Spaniards have begun raiding supermarkets in order to put food on the table. As recently as last month the people of Cadiz and Sevilla, which have a reported unemployment rate of 32%, joined together to loot local grocery stores of three tons of food - some of which was distributed to local food banks.

This morning we learned that 46.7 million Americans – a new record – are receiving government nutritional food assistance benefits, so the troubles we’re seeing in Spain, Greece and other European countries are not just limited to the other side of the ocean. They are happening right here at home.

José Barroso, EU Press Release 30 Aug. 2012: We are already more integrated than before. All the steps so far taken to combat the crisis have resulted in more European integration, not less. Of course the logic of integration cannot be purely economic. Banking union requires a single European supervisor; further economic union too requires joint European supervision of the Member States economic policies. It is therefore logical, but it is also right and just, that there is further political integration as well. This is needed to ensure democratic oversight.Barroso-red-stars

The European Commission will, on the 12th of September, table proposals to create a European banking union. The European Commission is now producing yearly country specific recommendations as part of the European Semester on economic governance. These cover the full range of economic policy from tax regimes to education. Our aim to give informed, impartial, independent and dispassionate guidance.

Across the European Union more than one out of every five youngsters seeking a job cannot find one. In some member states the figure is one in two. Even when they have found jobs 42.5 % of young employees are on temporary contracts.

Barroso-aurioleThe current crisis is not just economic. It has a social dimension which could drive a deeper disconnect between politicians and their electorate, and indirectly also between the EU and its citizens.
The EU budget is very small - just over 1% of EU GDP. If our Member States want to be serious about investing in growth and jobs, then an ambitious, targeted and realistic EU budget with added value should be supported. I have sketched the path which we need to follow, not simply to overcome the crisis, but to exit it as a stronger, more united and more competitive Europe; a Europe of sustainable long-term growth.

EUBusiness 31 Aug. 2012: Jobless numbers across the 17-nation eurozone hit a record 18 million in July. An additional 88,000 people joined the ranks of the unemployed throughout July, Eurostat said. The 18,002,000 headline jobless figure was the highest since records began in 1995, it added. With an estimated 25.254 million unemployed across the full European Union, the figures add to concerns over a plunge back into recession for the eurozone and its nearest neighbours.

Barroso-satan-sign2The Los Angeles Times 6 Sept. 2012The European Central Bank unveiled its most ambitious plan yet to halt Europe’s financial crisis on Thursday with a pledge to buy unlimited amounts of the government bonds of countries struggling to manage their debts.
But the ECB’s pledge of support came with a caveat: countries that want the central bank to help with their debts must first seek emergency aid from the bailout funds managed by the 17 countries that use the euro and submit their economic policies to the scrutiny of the International Monetary Fund. That puts enormous pressure on heavily indebted countries such as Spain and Italy.

Barroso-divine-kingIn theory, the central bank has unlimited funds at its disposal. As the issuer of the euro currency, the ECB can simply create new money to buy the bonds from banks.

It also agreed to ward off any increase in the supply of money in the economy, a side effect of making purchases with newly created money. The bank said it would withdraw an equivalent amount from the financial system, which it can do by taking deposits or selling notes. The head of Germany’s Bundesbank (national central bank), Jens Weidmann, has opposed the bond purchases. He says they are too close to outright financing of governments – which is forbidden.

Barroso-satan-signsGlobal Res. 7 Sept. 2012 In an obscure working document, the European Commission has announced it is working on plans to open European civil airspace to unmanned drones by 2016. This follows the signing by President Obama earlier this year of the FAA Appropriations bill which mandated that US airspace must be opened to drones by 2015 (30.000 of them). The European Commission (EC) plan was revealed in a Staff Working Paper published on September 4th 2012 entitled  “Towards a European strategy for the development of civil applications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems”.

The planning grpoup  is co-chaired by the EC’s Directorate-General Enterprise & Industry and Directorate-General Mobility & Transport. Included are industry bodies including UVS International, the main European drone lobby group.

The euro brings poverty. Mr. Barroso knows very well the philosophy of the New World Order: Abolish the middle class to have only a brainwashed, obedient poor proletariat, the goal of the EU´s world Communism, beside the superclass consisting of 6.000 – 7.000 elitists and their masters, the Rothschild dynasty. In fact Mr. Barroso calls the EU the model of the NWO.  This philosophy of impoverishing is most successful through Muslim mass immigration and the Euro. However, the inflationary measures  to save the Euro, coupled with high unemployment,  will certainly lead to more poverty. The Revolution is already going on in Southern Europe (and video below).

That the ECB will buy unlimited quantities of euro-bonds from defaulting states and at the same time leave the quantity of money unchanged means just one thing: dismantling the social states. To this comes that the ESM is now to be raised from 500 billion euros to a staggering 2 trillion euros - in order to save Italy, Spain , France and Belgium, so they can pay their interest rates to the NWO giant banks.

Merkels U-turn is probably ordered by her Bilderberg masters – or perhaps she sees the implementation of the 4. Reich, as planned long ago and declared by José Barroso (video below): Neuordnung Europa with Germany as a financial empire unter Rothschild´s NWO umbrella.


Right: Spaniards will also not put up with the EU austerity policy.
Reuters 26 Sept. 2012: Flights and trains were suspended, shops pulled down their shutters and tens of thousands took to the streets on Wednesday .
In Athens, more than 50,000 people chanted: “We won’t submit to the troika (of lenders)” and “EU, IMF Out!”.About 3,000 police - twice the number usually deployed - stood guard in the centre of Athens as authorities braced for the kind of unrest that has marked past rallies.


Therefore, the EU is now following the example of the US: Filling the airspace over the Union wirh spy drones to crack down on rebellions against the holy NWO agenda of regionalisation and world governance. At least, I see no other explanation for this drone business – apart, of course, from the corporate interest in pulling taxpayer money into their pockets by selling these otherwise unnecessary spy machines. In case of Rebellion/civil war, the Lisbon Treaty allows death penalty/shooting of demonstrators in theory.