Summary: On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on Rockefeller’s New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the world is completely changed. The USA has  even declared WWIII on its own phantom agent, Al-Qaida, for this reason  - with the self-granted right to attack any country it or its masters dislike. Besides, in the wake of 9/11, a regular US Big Brother police state has developed.That 9/11 was an inside job, a false flag operation, has long been obvious. Around the debris of the Twin Towers, everywhere, nanothermites were found – the only conventional explosives capable of melting the steel skeletons, fire being incapable of doing it.Leading US architects and engineers agree: The WTC buildings were meticulously demolished. Primitive Al-Qaeda warriors were unable to do this complicated task.

Now, The “Veterans Today” publishes a very thorough analysis of Israel’s role in the events on 9/11.  It shows that named senior and very influential Israelis / Israeli lobbyists, personal cronies of 2 Israeli prime ministers and Pres. Bush – like Rabbi Dov Zakman, Larry Silverstein, Isreli companies with responsibility for the lack of security at the Boston and Newark airports, led by Menachem Atzmon, no doubt played great and vital roles in the events of 9/11. Zakmans company, the SPC,  makes a remote control for aircraft, and this device was supposedly used for the death planes that had been accidentally ordered by Zakman. Larry Silverstein had rent the WTC 2 months before 9/11, raised the insurance sharply - and cashed twice the sum insured - but gave away a good bite of it to Israel. Not so strange that Benjamin Netanyahu said this was a good day for Israel, who saw the U.S. military moving into the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq).

In addition, 120 israeli “art agents”, members of the Israeli Army, experts on intelligence, eavesdropping, war explosives and the bringing down of tall buildings,  had traveled to the United States.
5 of them were caught dancing and cheering in front of the collapsing Twin Towers  - but released shortly thereafter. They were identified as Mossad agents. In Israel, one of them said they were in New York to document the event. So they knew in advance what was going to happen. Residues of explosives were found in their car.

Supposedly there were 2 Mohammed Attas, who were of very different character and stature. The Mohammed Atta in Florida spoke Hebrew and loved pork chops, partying, strip-clubs, fast cars, casinos and snorting cocaine . Mohammed Atta in Hamburg was a strongly devout Moslem, was flight-sick and spoke with his father on telephone on the day after the WTC attacks. His misfortune was that in 1999 his passport was stolen - and found intact on the rubbles of the Twin Towers, alongside with the passports of another 3 hijackers (1 of them in the Flight 93 wreckage) despite a preceding heat that melted the steel skeletons - the only time in history where a fire has managed to do that! We know that Silverstein himself gave the order to demolish Block 7 on 9/11 at noon. His company had built the complex. Only Silverstein’s buildings fell - Block 7 even 7 hours after the air raids, without having been attacked, while complexes that were closer to the Twin Towers stayed upright.
On 9/11, The Atta in Florida delivered his luggage with Testament and Koran (some say passport, too) in Boston - in a way that it was not brought on board an aircraft. So he needed not go aboard any air plane.

The top of the Bush administration had  close ties with the Israeli government - and Vice President Dick Cheney’s role in 9/11 is considered indisputable. The CIA, MI6 and Mossad are so interwoven that it is impossible to determine who’s behind it, if held false flag operations take place.
It is no coincidence that on the logo of the the Mossad this text appears: “With secret terrorism we will conduct war.” There are many other references to Mossad’s role on 11 Sept. in agreement with the U.S. government, whose role has been described earlier in this blog.
Ariel Sharon once told his Cabinet that the Jewish people govern America and Americans.


Habakkuk 2: 4 Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him….5 Yea also, because he transgresseth … who enlargeth his desire as hell, and is as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people. 7 Shall they not rise up suddenly that shall bite thee, and awake that shall vex thee, and thou shalt be for booties unto them?


Documentation of Summary

WTC7-never-forgetNow 11 years have elapsed since the disastrous 9/11 terror Attacks on the WCT and the Pentagon changed world history. The US has even declared WWIII for this reason – planning to give its president the right to attack any country he or his masters do not like. The following is an excerpt of a long article brought by Veterans Today under the title of  “9/11 and Zion: What Was Israel’s Role?”. I have previously written on 9/11 as an inside job – a false flag operation and here – probably implemented by Israeli Mossad in cooperation with the Bush administration, and the article below strongly confirms that view. I shall not comment on it – but leave it to very one to decide for himself if “Veterans Today” is on or off the track. At least, in consequence of 9/11 Israel was the profiteer: 1. It had the US drawn into the Middle East 2. Israel had its enemy Saddam Hussein eliminated.

A Panel of 22 experts has researched into the official 9/11 history and uncovered evidence of fraud and formulated them in 28 consensus points. The proofs of the  official story of Mohamed Atta going by a rented car to Portland (Ma) from Boston on 9/10, then on 9/11commuting to Boston to embark on Flight AA 11 are mildly said not trustworthy. Mohamed´s trip to Portland is probably fabricated. And (1) Why were Atta’s bags - as the only ones of 81 passenger´s luggage - not loaded onto AA 11? (2) Why would Atta have put his will in a bag that was to be loaded onto a flight he intended to crash into the World Trade Center? (3)  Why would Atta have taken the risky trip to Portland from Boston of all places?

Activist Post 9 Sept. 2012: In the wake of 9/11, a regular US Big Brother police state has developed: e.g. Project Stellar Wind´s top secret super data bank in Utah. The US government is collecting all information on all its citizens (and the world´s citizens) in a central bank, knowing everything on everybody

Leading US architects and engineers agree: The WTC buildings were meticulously demolished with  nanothermite (Video). Primitive Al-Qaeda warriors were unable to do this complicated task.

Here is a video on the find of the explosive nanothermite all around the WTC – the only  explosive able to make the steel skeleton melt.

Veterans Today 22 Aug. 2012

Larry Silverstein
WTC-7 appeared as the only steel framed building in history for which fire was the sole cause of its collapse. Any building that was not owned by Silverstein Properties that day strangely remained upright, despite being a lot closer (than Block 7) to the two towers that collapsed onto them.   Larry Silverstein: His closest friend was Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.” Months before 9/11 he leased the WTC for 99 years - boasting that he would raise the value of this asset to unexpeccted hights. Silverstein, acquired the WTC complex off the New York Port Authority (founded and owned by the Rockefeller family), two months before 9/11. Silverstein was formerly a chairman of the United Jewish Appeal, the largest Zionist organization dedicated to raising money and support for Israel. Lewis Eisenberg, former chairman of The New York Port Authority and the man who personally supervised the negotiations that delivered the 99-year lease to Silverstein, is also a former leader of the United Jewish Appeal. His first order of business as the new owner was to change the company responsible for the security of the complex: the new security company he hired was Securacom (now Stratasec). George W. Bush’s brother, Marvin Bush, was on its board of directors, and Marvin’s cousin, Wirt Walker III, was its CEO. According to public records, not only did Securacom provide electronic security for the World Trade Center, it also covered Dulles International Airport and United Airlines — two key locations in the 9/11 attacks. Silverstein personally ordered WTC-7 to be demolished (“pulled”) around noon of 9/11 and has never been cross-examined by any enquiry over this. His firm had built that very building in the mid-1980s!

Silverstein was the sole beneficiary of the insurance payouts. He increased the insurance policies, when he signed the lease two months before the catastrophe happened. The insurance was for 3.6 billion dollars, but he found an obscure clause in the insurance policy which enabled him to claim twice, one for each “attack!” “Larry Silverstein, since July landlord of the towers, demands from the insurers $7,2 billion compensation, his speaker, Steve Solomon, said. .. with help from New York’s Jewish mayor, Michael Bloomberg he found investments to rebuild the WTC. A good chunk of the seven billion insurance went to Israel. Ground Zero is being rebuilt by Daniel Liebeskind, the Jewish architect of Berlin’s “Jewish Museum”.

II: Dov Zakheim
Ordained Rabbi, Zionist and citizen of Israel, Dov Zakheim served as Comptroller of the Pentagon, i.e. he was in charge of its finances, from May 2001 to March 2004. While Bush was still Governor of Texas, Zakheim became one of his closest advisers, counseling him on defense technology and strategic aspects of Middle Eastern affairs, and was Bush’s senior foreign policy advisor during the 2000 campaign. Dov had earlier held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Systems Planning Corporation (SPC), then he became the Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller (head money man) of the Pentagon in May 2001, appointed by Bush (till 2004). Since then over three trillion dollars has gone unaccounted-for.

Dov Zakheim’s SPC offers the appropriately named “‘Flight Termination System’ for remote control and flight termination of airborne test vehicles”. It can be operated from a single local.
System Planning Corporation makes a remote control system for planes, boats, missiles and other vehicles.

Zakheim has close ties to the Israeli government, holding dual Israeli-American citizenship. As a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and founding member of the Neo-con cult, he co-authored the Heritage Foundation’s infamous tract, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century” published by The American Enterprise’s “Project for a New American Century”, in which the Bush Administration’s entire design for renewed global conquest was laid down, exactly a year prior to 9/11. It called for “some catastrophic and catalyzing eventlike a new Pearl Harbor” as necessary to foster the frame of mind needed for the American public to support a war in the Middle East. As a respected and established voice in the intelligence community, his views were eagerly accepted.

In 2004, an article entitled The Mastermind Behind 9/11? on the ‘Truthseeker’ website [4] expressed the view that:

Considering his access to Boeing 767 tankers, remote control flight systems, and his published views in the PNAC document, it seems very likely he is in fact a key figure in the alleged terrorist attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001. Rabbi Zakheim had access to things like structural integrity, blueprints and any number of important facets of information about the WTC through his work with Tridata Corporation in the investigation of the bombing of the WTC in 1993. And finally, he was part of a group of politically radical Straussian Neo-Conservatives,  who, through their association with PNAC, called for restructuring of the Middle East.In response, the Truthseeker was threatened with prosecution by Zakheim’s lawyers in 2005 and had to remove the article.

The planes that purportedly slammed into the Towers that morning were supposed to be Boeing 767s, and Zakheim had contracted and sent a number of these to Florida-MacDill Air Force Base before the event. As the Truthseeker observed, the remote-control technology whereby those specially-prepared planes impacted the Towers, was probably made and managed by Zakheim’s company. In addition he has enabled substantial support for Israel over the years: thanks to him, Israel is awash in F-15’s, F-16’s, and the latest in offensive and defensive missile systems – sold to Israel at a fraction of their value. Zakheim had a central role in the perpetration of 9/11.

III. Israeli Intelligence-Espionage Companies
The airline security company responsible for the shocking security lapses at both the Boston and Newark airports on 9/11 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of an Israeli company (ICTS) headed by men with clear ties to Mossad: Huntleigh, USA is a subsidiary of International Consultants on Targeted Security, headed by “former [Israeli] military commanding officers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies. It sells security, ticketing, check-in and passenger screening services to Boston’s Logan airport and New Jersey’s Newark airport.

Menachem Atzmon, convicted in Israel in 1996 for campaign finance fraud, and his business partner Ezra Harel, took over management of security at the Boston and Newark airports when their company ICTS bought Huntleigh USA in 1999. UAL Flight 175 and AA 11, which allegedly struck the Twin Towers, both originated in Boston, while UAL 93, which purportedly crashed in Pennsylvania, departed from the Newark airport. Atzmon just happens to be a good friend of current Israeli Prime minister, Ehud Olmert. In fact, Atzmon is such a good friend of Almert that he was involved in a financial scandal involving forged receipts for donations to the Likud campaign with Olmert back in 1997 when Atzmon was co-treasurer of the Likud party [7].

Does this at last explain how those “Muslim hijackers” could appear as getting on the planes, with no CCTV pictures of them anywhere in the airports, no Arab names on any flight lists, no boarding staff prepared to testify to having seen any Arab-looking guys mount the planes, nor any post-mortems indicating any Arab bodies anywhere? That phantasm could be woven, and sustained, with the aid of Israeli intelligence agents handling security and passenger screening at just those very airports.

An Israeli government run company called Zim Israel Navigational commands over 80 vessels, is the 9th largest shipping company in the world, and had 200 employees in the North tower. One week before 9/11, Zim moved out of its World Trade Center offices with over 200 workers, paying a $50,000 fine for breaking its lease. Its decision to move had been announced six months earlier. The reason given was, to save on rent.

IV. The Dancing Israelis
As the towers crumbled, five young Israelis, who turned out to be Mossad agents, were caught doing the ‘happy dance’ while videotaping the event. Police ascertained that their van contained $4,700 in cash, plus ‘box cutters’, and some photographs, showing their smiling faces in front of the smoldering wreckage, and one showing a hand flicking a lighter open in front of the Towers! The van tested positive for explosives. There were “maps of the city in the car with certain places highlighted … It looked like they’re hooked into this. It looked like they knew what was going to happen.” When the five returned to Israel, one of them brazenly explained on Israeli TV,Our purpose was to document the event,” showing that they knew what was going to happen.

V. Israeli Spy Ring

At least 120 Israeli intelligence operatives entered America and posed as art students, with door-to-door sales of artwork -among them military members, electronics experts, wiretapping and phone tapping specialists, and explosives experts with the skill to bring down tall buildings.  Between December 12-15th, 2001, the FBI, the DEA and the INS informed Fox News that there were no connections between the “art students” and the incidents of 9/11, and that continuing to pursue this topic would be a form of “career suicide.” On December 16, 2001, Fox News pulled the information regarding the “art student spy ring” from its website.The Palm Beach Post alluded to a DEA report on the Israeli “art students,” saying it had determined that all of the students had “recently served in the Israeli military, the majority in intelligence, electronic signal intercept or explosive ordnance units.” The story of the largest spy ring ever discovered inside the United States was soon hushed up: “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified.


Saeed_alghamdi_passport2050081722-13059Right: The passport of 9/11 hijacker Satam Suqami (right)miraculously survived the fire inferno of the Twin Towers – as did the passport of Hijacker Saeed Alghamdi in the wreckage of Flight 93. Also, Mohammed Atta´s passport was recovered intact , some say in the WTC rubbles  - others in his bags. Other hijacker passports were recovered with readable texts – like that of Saeed Aghamdi (left).

Mohammad Atta could speak Hebrew! The ‘Mohammed Atta’ of Florida loved eating pork chops, had various different passports and IDs, according to his lingerie-model and stripper girlfriend Amanda Keller, and could speak Hebrew. He convinced her! He loved partying, strip-clubs, fast cars, casinos and snorting cocaine (not quite the suicidal type, maybe?). The real Mohammed Atta, who lived in Hamburg as an architecture student, had his passport stolen in 1999 which presumably enabled the identity-theft to take place. Austere, silent and devout, he avoided women and hated flying so much that his sister had to give him special medicine to enable him to do it! There could not be two more opposite characters. The Hamburg Atta was about three inches shorter. One presumes he was killed after September 11th after he spoke to his Father on the12th over the phone.

Mohammed Atta’s “vital task” on the morning of 9/11 has been well described by Rowland Morgan, and it involved a journey to Portland, in order to have his baggage (complete with Koran, will, etc) delivered to Boston airport, in such a way that it would be retained by the airport, not be put onto a plane.  For this, there was no need for him to board one of ‘the’ planes.

The enemy within

As Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff under Ronald Reagan, stated: “I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them [the Israelis]. They always get what they want.
The ‘Axis of Evil’ CIA-Mossad-M16 is so interconnected that we can hardly know which part of it is responsible, when something happens. It is dedicated to Eternal War and works though Untruth. After the event the intelligence analyst George Freeman observed: ‘The big winner today, intended or not, is the state of Israel.Mossad

Mossad´s logo. The text goes: “kee betachbulot ta’ase lecha milchama” meaning: “With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war

Top members of the Bush administration had very close ties with the Israeli government (a long list mentioned). Former Israeli Prime-Minister Ehud Barak well expressed the aim of the enterprise when he said in an interview just days after 9/11: “The whole world has now to start a world war against the enemies of Israel”. But, World War III was not that easy to start! Soon after, Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel ‘the Butcher’ Sharon bellowed at his Cabinet, “ Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”  The most secret US-government codes were being used by the perpetrators and we are suggesting that it would have been Israeli-based agencies that could do this, using the advanced Promis software

On any reasonable analysis, Dick Cheney, Vice-President of America, has to have been a pivotal 9/11 perpetrator.

On the morning of 9/11, a two-hour advance warning to stay out of the towers was received by the Israeli firm of Odigo, whose Research and Development center is in Herzliya, Israel, a town north of Tel Aviv where Mossad is headquartered -originating from an Israeli branch. Odigo’s vice president Alex Diamandis said, “The messages said something big was going to happen in a certain amount of time, and it did – almost to the minute.” Odigo has a feature called “People Finder” which allows a user to send an instant message to a large group based on a common characteristic, such as Israeli nationality, while maintaining user privacy. This is surely the explanation, as to why no Israeli nationals working in the Towers died that morning (there was one who died, but he was just visiting).

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