CNN breaking news: Blogger arrested on unspecified charges. His fellow country men rise in defiance, blog and demand his release. Human Rights Watch intervenes. President Bush intervenes. The CNN is appalled.

Well at first, I thought this matter to be about "Lionheart" in the UK who is facing arrest on unspecified charges. But of course, no. We are dhimmies. We just think: Well this Lionheart is a nazi and deserves no better. That is the easy way to cover our own cowardice - in stead of rising in protest. I think world War 2 was about defending a man´s right to freely defend his own culture. If not we could as well have let the nazis win. Now through our cowardice we help the dictators of the EU make us what they want: their humble slaves.

I don´t know Lionheart´s preferences - just doubt he is a nazi, since on his own blog he is being accused of being a friend of the Jews because he shows the hexagram of the Israeli flag on a shield beside the Knights Templars´ cross.
Frankly, as a Christian I dislike the gnostic Templar´s cross and the Rothschild hexagram - not the Jews, Christ being Jewish. And even more the nazis.  But I hate the fact that Lionheart is being denied the right of protesting against the Muslim occupation of Europe.

Few want to defend a person who in  a "democratic" country is bereft of his democratic, constitutional  right  of free speech - which is an appalling development. Everybody sees this as a natural thing.  

But people living under Islamic suppression dare rise in protest. They have character. Such people will inevitably conquer the world - because we allow them to. Islam is exactly as dangerous as we and our politicians allow it to be.

And although dissidents were always arrested in well-known dictatorships all the complacent "righteous democrats" of the "free" world now rise in virtuous indignation - to add to their own political image. Because there is no danger for them in doing so. If there was they would be silent or defend the police for arresting the man. Wasn´t charity something about helping your neighbour in stead of  some one on the other side of the globe?

Why don´t we sweep our own floors first!

That´s how we are. How can we look at ourselves in the mirror?
As MEP Daniel Hannan wrote in the Telegraph on Dec. 12, 2007: "We deserve whatever the EU throws at us"