Once again “activists” report a gruesome massacre by Syrian government soldiers, at the town of Daraya. The “activists” are notorious for their exaggerations and false reports – but are always believed by Western media. However, Robert Fisk, The Independent 27 Aug. 2012, is not so sure  that only the Syrian army is to blame. Orther forces are also at play

Now direct western military and intelligence involvement in Syria is being confirmed by a MSM for the first time:

The Daily Star 26 Aug, 2012: NEARLY 200 elite SAS and SBS troops are in or around Syria hunting for Assad’s weapons of mass destruction, we can reveal. The crack teams are deep in the war-torn country preparing to capture the deadly chemical arsenal when the president decides to use it or move it. Men of the special forces units plus 1 Para are on the ground working alongside MI6 and the CIA plus American and French troops.Daraya

Right: The Photo right is brought by the Independent 27 Aug. 2012 as being from Daraya. Note the AK-47 armed warriors in a non-military vehicle with the black Al-Qaeda Flag. I have previously described Al Qaeda as NATO`s proxy in Syria – perpetrators of the false flag operation in Houla.
Global Res.,
Prof. Chossudowsky: The Free Syrian Army (FSA) is a creation of the US and NATO. The objective of this armed insurrection is to … eventually justifying a  military intervention, under NATO’s  “responsibility to protect” mandate.  A NATO-led intervention is on the drawing board. Already on 7 Febr.,  Prof Chossudowsky´s sources announced the planned operation of the CIA and MI6.

Global Res. 30 July 2012:   Members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are not just tied to al-Qaeda, the CIA-funded fake Islamic terrorist group, they ARE al-Qaeda (confirmed by The Guardian 30. Juli 2012). In a video of members of the FSA, these men are brandishing AK-47s (Soviet!) provided to them by the CIA and have al-Qaeda flags flying in the background.

Al-Qaeda has been used by the US government in insurgent recruitment and in destabilizing Middle Eastern governments. The new recruits, being trained by the CIA in Turkey, then being allocated to the FSA and being used to destroy the Syrian government are directly tied to al-Qaeda. In the mainstream media, al-Qaeda is still touted as a separate terrorist organization with no ties to the US government.

The terrorist activity in Syria has been directly committed by oppositional groups that are being controlled and directed by the US government in order to facilitate internal conflict, says a study by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).
Daniel Byman, a professor and counterterrorism expert at Georgetown University as well as a fellow of the Brookings Institute, says that it is obvious that al-Qaeda is becoming more active in Syria. This terrorist organization was used by the US government in Somalia and Mali, and before that in Chechnya They even write about this — they say, ‘We got on the wrong side of the locals.”

The false flag assertion of Syrian chemical weapons is giving the international community the necessary fuel to support the US/Israeli military attack of Syria. It is being kept secret from the general public with the assistance of the MSM that the murder of Syrian civilians is being committed by the FSA under the direction of the CIA.”

Comment: Of course such a massive covert intervention in Syria makes a negotiated peace impossible: NATO wants to destabilize the country into absolute chaos – then to create the NWO centralbank order out of chaos, the usual NWO tactics.