Summary: In 2008, the Euro-Mediterranean process became the Union for the Mediterranean, the mission of which is, to merge the EU with the Muslim world around the Mediterranean, economically, politically and culturally, to form a region in the world state. In 2003, the EU foreign ministers promised their Muslim “partners” the 4 EU  freedoms, including the freedom of movement in the Euro-Mediterranean zone. Since then, the EU is working intensely  to encourage this movement - almost never returning even illegal immigrants to their natural environment. Since the first expected integration of the Muslim immigrants  did not occur, parallel societies emerged. From Muslim societies,  increasing hostility against their benefactors emanated, with daily violence and killing, criminality, gradual conquest of urban areas with “No go zones for whites” and crime. Enormous sums have been invested in futile attempts at integration: In 2001 30% of the Danish and Swedish state budgets were spent on immigration. In a ghetto in the Danish provincial town of Odense, alone in this young century, 250 million DKK for Integration (plus an unknown amount of social spending) have been given out in vain. Gratitude is unknown - only hatred of the infidels. This is not surprising, as these young people are a product of a religion, the Koran of which calls us apes and swine (2:65, 5:60).

Such brainwashed youths cannot be bribed with money to join our heinous culture. Hence it comes as no surprise that 60-70 of them stormed the University Hospital of Odense with clubs to seize an enemy whom they had previously shot and stabbed. When they did not have their victim extradited, they threatened the staff, destroyed windows and pictures on the wall and shattered an ambulance and a police car outside. After that, they threatened rebellion if the police did not release the arrested 6 culprits.

After countless scenes of violence in and around the ghetto of Vollsmose, the media finally woke up. Once that happened the politician NWO hirelings suddenly awoke, too. They had always scolded or ignored critics of the Muslim immigration, posing as champions of human rights (for immigrants - directed against locals), and were tremendously shocked. The opposition, which for 10 years was responsible for the mass immigration, accused the government and vice versa. The fact is that both sides are equally guilty by working for a long time for the multicultural one-world government against the interests of Denmark. They have joined  the EU Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia associated with 3 years of imprisonment for vocal immigration critics. They have known through us for a long time that Islam calls for hatred and killing of infidels (e.g. Sure 9:1-5). They know that Danish, British politicians and former EU Commissioner Peter Sutherland, now UN official on refugee issues, declared “the EU should do its best to undermine the homogenity of its nation states “ through mass immigration” - to destroy our religion, culture and nation-state.

Without a brainwashed, lulled population and an over-filled social state population that has long since thrown overboard their ispiritual heritage, this now rapidly growing disaster would not take place.

This article is a survey of the many Danish media messages in the week 15-23. Aug. 2012 in Denmark on Muslim incidents.


Der Spiegel 23 Aug. 2012: Young Muslim men (Hisb-ut-Tahrir Salafists) in Germany are systematically trying to recruit their peers for jihad using sophisticated rhetoric and psychology and by targeting vulnerable youths who are searching for direction in life. Two men who have quit the scene tell their story to SPIEGEL, providing a rare look into a dangerous underground.


Dansk-Kultur-Folder-Barcelona-Euro-MediterraneanThe impact of the Euro-Mediterranean Process, which in 2008 became the Union for the Mediterranean and here (all EU countries and all the countries around the Mediterranean Sea except Libya) without our media and politicians having told us about it, is becoming clearer. In 2003 the EU promised the “partner countries” EU’s 4 freedoms, including freedom of movement in the Euromediterranean area - in return for democratic and economic progress – an agreement which the “partner countries” never delivered on –  while the EU did. The reason is,  acc. to the Faroese MP, John Nielsen 1975, and Tony Blair’s Speech Writer, Andrew Neather, 2009,  a declared political will to change our culture radically and abolish the nation state with multiculturalism as a substitute. This has recently been confirmed by former EU Commissioner Peter Sutherland (The Board of Bilderberg and The Trilateral Commission), the UN´s Special Representative on Immigration: “The EU must do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states” (with multiculturalism).

Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Homel Affairs, cannot get enough immigrants, sees them as an opportunity - not a threat! She is supported by, inter alia, the German red-hot green Claudia Roth. When immigration to the EU is not strong enough, we speed it up through NATO wars of aggression - and, of course,  the Muslims migrate to the countries that have the best social services.

The Muslim mass immigration was based on the “inherent” integration of the immigrant muslims. When this failed, our politicians and media blamed it on us locals: Racism, xenophobia – to be punished with 3 years in jail. The Muslims were given the role as victims which justified their behavior.
However,  the behavior of these immigrants is so aggressive that it can not be explained away any more. Nowt he saying just goes: We have to accept that. For stopping the increasing Muslim immigration and return the criminals to their natural culture is excluded in the NWO.

There is great outrage in Denmark. Here is what I have received in the week 15 - 22 August 2012:

Danish State Radio  23. Aug. 2012: Immigrant gangs are blackmailing pubs at the district of Noerrebro, Copenhagen. Politicians furious.

Jyllands-Posten 21 Aug. 2012: 60-70 men stormed into the University Hospital of Odense wanting to take hold of a stabbed victim. A large number of men ravaged the emergency room in an attempt to find the patient, who had previously been shot at the ghetto of Vollsmose. Some of them had clubs. They tore pictures from the walls and destroyed  vases and more. The staff had to jump aside, and some of my colleagues had to pull guns because they were threatened, says the security chief. A policeman was hit by a blow and inflicted a small damage.
The riots were due to a clash between two groups, according to Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Liedecke.

Politi-i-odenseThen the large group of men went outside, where they smashed the window of an ambulance. A patrol car had  several tyres perforated and windows smashed with clubs.

Ekstrabladet 21 Aug. 2012:On Tuesday, a journalist from Radio Denmark had had to flee with his photographer from the Odense district of Vollsmose after being threatened by several residents with a knife.

Jyllands-Posten 21 Aug. 2012:  We have provisionally arrested six people, whom we believe are related to what happened at Vollsmose and the hospital on Monday night, says Jesper Feldt, duty officer at Funen´s Police.
The assembled angry residents with immigrant backgrounds require the six detainees to be released before 18:00 o´clock today.
- If they are not released today, we cannot guarantee what happens at Vollsmose. We can not control 3-400 excited young people in the area, says Ahmed Mohammed, who is a parent and resident at the area of Vollsmose.

BT 22. Aug. 2012: A majority of Muslims in Germany is a dream scenario for up to half of the 2.7 mio. Turkish immigrants.
The new study shows that there is great intolerance among Turkish immigrants against individual ethnic groups. - It is very worrying that we are seeing a rise of religious prejudices among immigrants, says the head of the poll foundation, Holger Liljeberg, to Die Welt. For example, 25 percent of immigrants with Turkish background believe that atheists are ‘inferior’, and 18 percent hold  the same opinion of the Jews. 72% refer to Islam as the only religion.

Ekstrabladet 19 Aug. 2012A poster at the Palace cinema in Copenhagen has caused outrage among readers of The advertisement says among other things: “Saturday, Sunday and Monday (18-19-20 august), the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan ends, and therefore all Muslims celebrate. This takes place with food and drinks but includes also visiting the cinema, which means that guests at the cinemas of the country might expect a higher number of noisy guests than usual. There will be guards.” Immediately came a great excuse to Muslims and the poster was taken down.

Behead-those-who-sayEkstrabladet 20 Aug. 2012Denmark’s development assistance to Somalia has helped train and equip pirates and terrorists. For a long time, a Danish-supported police training project in Somalia stopped salary payments to officers, and this made several police officers use their training and equipment as pirates and fighters for the Al-Qaida-related Al Shabab movement, instead.

Jyllands-Posten: Tonight 200 guests are due for a Ramadan dinner at  the Restaurant of  the Danish Parliament, organized by MP Özlem Cekic. The guest list has now come out and includes among others ministers like Morten Bødskov (S), Karen Haekkerup (S) and Morten Østergaard (R). Parliamentary President, Lykketoft, begins with a video-broadcast welcome to the dinner guests.

Jyllands-Posten 17 Aug. 2912: Why is Radio Denmark to celebrate a Muslim festival? (Eid). A group of Danes are asking about this after the Ramadan Radio has been set up on P3. For three hours each day, this week listeners have been able to learn more about Islam, the Ramadan and Muslim traditions.
Comments on facebook: “Yuck, how you ought to be ashamed of yourselves! Did you also pay tribute to Nazism in the 30s? Oh, how disgusting you are. I herewith  quit as a license provider and demand the responsible management to step down! Another writes about the presenter: traitor and wog whore!

Jyllands-Posten 22 aug. 2012: Mehmet Ümit Necef, associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark says: “When the President of the Integration Council of Odense, Mahmoud Daoud, on TV2 Funen said he hopes the police … stop discriminating, then he takes responsibility from those who ran into the emergency room.”
When the boys feel they are victims of a racist policy, they do not feel, they are committed to the Danish society or to  respect it. They have a basic victim mentality.
Many of them are just waiting for the first and best opportunity to explode. And this has made  some of the young immigrant boys ticking time bombs.”

BT 23 Aug. 2012:  Community Festivals, concerts, club house and wake-up calls are just a handful of projects that have been on the program at Vollsmose to help vulnerable young people onto the right path.
Over the last four years, no less than 58,482,281 kr have been pumped into Vollsmose to create a social and preventive effort via a so-called Master Plan 2008 to 2012 for Vollsmose. In a new master plan from the summer of 2012 until 2016 40 million kr. have been set aside. Through the years (until 2007), the municipalities spent about 150 million kroner on Vollsmose with no effect.

And this is precisely the case. The West is under attack by hateful oriental dictatorial ideologies –  and the attackers have been invited by  “our own” politicians, who have their assigned positions in the NWO pyramid of power.

These ideologies are brought up to hostility to infidels, by  cultures which call infidels apes and swine (Koran sure 2:65, 5:60 and the Talmud). Shooting in the streets and knife stabbing are everyday events.They are not integrable, but with the blessing  of politicians, they form aggressive  parallel societies - and will in the course of this century with the help of demographics make up the majority in the countries of Europe – making us their victims. So: first politicians have introduced free abortion (15,000 per year in Denmark) and made it shameful for women to stay at home - even when there is unemployment - all leading to declining birth rates. Then the politicians let Muslim immigrant masses without this kind of demographic inhibitions in  - to destroy our culture to pave the way for the one world multicultural chaos.

And then their media even promotes the victim role of the poor Muslims - to explain away their culture’s contempt for us who have given them shelter, pay for their many welfare services, are offering them education – mostly in vain. Who paid for all the cars they drive? Hardly the welfare office.

Danish politicians are now all condemning the behaviour in Odense. The opposionn blames the government – and vice versa. About the attack on the emergency room at Odense, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt acc. to. Radio Denmark on 22. aug. 2012 hypocritically said - “It is very violent, almost grotesque scenes we’ve seen from Odense. It is an absurd and very threatening behavior towards staff and patients. I see it as a serious criminal offense.” This Bilderberger and co-founder of George Soros´ European Council on Foreign Relations (an arm of the U.S. real Secretary of State, The Council on Foreign Relations, which will rule the world by means of David Rockefelle´s  Studies Program) has a great responsibility for the ongoing mass immigration of uintegrable Muslims - and does not intend to lift a finger to prevent future mass immigration in the name of the New World Order (see videos on right margin of this blog) - and note EU Council President Van Rompuy, video below,  declaring that since 2009 we are living under a one world government. The EU is the model.

After the fusion of Mental Hygiene with the Communist revolution of the Frankfurt School in 1968 and refined brainwashing through NWO-elite media (6 major media control 90%), Europeans have massive brain death, which results in physical suicidal madness: The WND 23 July 2012 reported that the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo crucifies dissidents. This Brotherhood is responsible for islamising Europe. For this ensures a place in Allah’s Paradise (eg. Koran sure 2:218, 3:195). The Examiner 23 July 2012: Iran permits marriage with 9-year-old girls - Saudi Arabia with 10-year-old girls acc. to Muhammad´s example. This is the culture “our” politicians are fawning on – while they have turned their backs on Christ in contempt.

Of course, the world state must be multicultural. As all our politicians are working for that – they are eqqually guilty. Condone with it, for you will not even protest against the ongoing abominations that are only in their infancy - even though every day TV is showing how the Middle East is fighting for the Sharia.