LATEST: Council on Foreign Relations´ Foreign Affairs July/August 2012: The July/August edition of the Foreign Affairs of the Council on Foreign Relations reports on the sustainability religion of the Communist - Club of Rome (Limits to Growth) with predictions of the end of the world soon due to resource scarcity: ” Even though it proved to be phenomenally wrong-headed, it helped set the terms of debate on crucial issues of economic, social, and particularly environmental policy, with malign effects that remain embedded in public consciousness four decades later. It is not too great an exaggeration to say that this one book helped send the world down a path of worrying obsessively about misguided remedies for minor problems while ignoring much greater concerns and sensible ways of dealing with them.”


Summary: After the failed Rio +20 Conference in July  on Agenda 21, you might think that  the sustainability religion/Ideology had come to an end. But no. Even the global warming lie that sea levels will rise by 4 meters in this century was, in this cold summer, once again shamelessly fed by Chancellor Angela Merkel to the MSM, although all such allegations have been proven a hoax. The Agenda 21/sustainability has two purposes: 1. To channel our money into the pockets of the Rothschild Banking system 2. Expand the power of Rothschild´s NWO-UN and its politicians and media over the world to promote this sacred “shared big cause”. Their world government is, according to EU Council Pres., Van Rompuy, in existence since 2009.

One goal of the agenda 21/sustainability is urbanization of humanity, i.e. as - many times demonstrated already in this blog - to be cooped up in mega-cities without access to Rothschild’s nature (wilderness)  and live in skyscrapers to produce minimal “climate warming” CO2, actually the quite harmless gas of life,  by the vermins of the earth, mankind.

That this is no fairy tale but reality is now becoming evident: the Communist NWO mercenaries, the Ecocity Builders NGO, the pioneers of this type of urbanization betrayal against humanity, declare in the final document of the Rio +20:
Ecocity Builders and UNOS ICLEI will work together on the creation of an international expert network, Eco City, and an international Eco Cities network. ICLEI provides technical consulting, training and information services to share their knowledge and capacity and to support communities in implementing sustainable development at local level. Members come from 70 different countries and represent more than 569 885 000 people.

The UN system will support all efforts with broad cross-policies and practices. The eco-builders have also submitted a proposal for an exciting addition to the Rio +20 event in partnership with the the Bureau of Oceans, Environment and Science, the ESRI, of the U.S. State Department. The eco-builders have outlined 15 conditions that will regulate every aspect of human life from the cradle to the grave. Every head of state is to provide an eco-city, and fund it. More than 1.000 Eco Cities are planned worldwide.

So, Maurice Strong, the Rothschild agent behind the Agenda 21 and his Global Environmental Facility, who after embezzlement fled  with one million U.S. dollars to China, where he is consultant to the Chinese government,  can enjoy his Agenda 21 and world Communism - without us knowing why we are being enslaved and impoverished.


With the RIO+20 meeting in June, one might have thought this mumbo-jumbo project were dead. But no! It is no less than the UN´s model for its Communist one world state, forcing a reduced mankind to live in a Soviet-style/Big Brother society on a few percent of the surface of the Earth – leaving nature alone for Rothschild´s wilderness program to exploit. This Agenda 21 originated with the consensus of 179 heads of state and government at the RIO I conference 1992 – cleverly introduced by Rothschild´s friend, Maurice Strong, paving the road for the largest bank of the world, Rothschild´s Global Environmental Facility – the bank for transfer of climate mitigation to LDCs or their dictators – for fat fees, of course. The introduction of the Agenda 21 of the New World order was commanded by e.g. the Danish Parliament and builds the NWO from the bottom through a local Communist, green program, the ICLEI. Its slogan is sustainability.

Hypocrisy of the sustainability project
Green-globe-religionBehind the sustainability movement is i.a. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN´s IPCC, founded by the former president of UNEP, Rothschild agent Maurice Strong. Pachauri is on the board of an incredible number of non-sustainable oil  and other companies – scoring big gains from his relations – not least with the UN. Rajendra Pachauri admitted after the Climategate scandal, that “climate research” is only politically commissioned – and paid – work.

One aspect of the Agenda 21 is urbanisation, forcing people to live in “sustainalbe” megacities, in sky scrapers, like battery hens, without access to nature.

The willing Communist NWO hirelings, the Ecocity Builders, the pioneers of this urbanisation treason against mankind announce:
ICLEI and Ecocity Builders will be working together on creating an international ecocity expert network and an international ecocities network. ICLEI provides technical consulting, training, and information services to build capacity, share knowledge, and support local government in the implementation of sustainable development at the local level. Members come from 70 different countries and represent more than 569,885,000 people.

The Rio +20 outcome document Agenda21-barn should therefore focus on: i.e. cities, towns and villages, their citizens, their economies and the rural areas and ecosystems that sustain our human civilization. We are proposing an International Ecocity Framework and Standards to outline a shared vision for an environmentally restorative and socially just human presence on earth.

All actors will have their roles: local governments for local action plans and policies, major groups to provide expertise, facilitation and guidance, UN system to support all efforts with broad reaching policies and practices.

Agenda21-globalThe IEFS outlines 15 conditions for healthy cities and civilization in balance with earth systems (outlined below) organized through 4 fundamental urban arenas (urban design, bio-geo-physical conditions, ecological imperatives and socio-cultural conditions). The 15 conditions address the full range of a healthy human civilization operating within the earth´s biocapacity.

1. ACCESS BY PROXIMITY: The city provides the majority of its residents with walkable access. 2. CLEAN AIR. 3. HEALTHY SOIL. 4. CLEAN AND SAFE WATER. 5. RESPONSIBLE RESOURCES/MATERIALS: The city’s non-food and non-energy renewable and non-renewable resources are sourced, allocated, managed and recycled responsibly and equitably. 6. CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGY: without significant negative impact to ecosystems …and do not exacerbate climate change. 7: HEALTHY AND ACCESSIBLE FOOD. Food consumed is primarily grown within the local Agenda21-UNbioregion. 8. HEALTHY BIODIVERSITY. 9. EARTH´S CARRYING CAPACITY within the limits of the Earth?s bio-capacity. 10. ECOLOGICAL INTEGRITY: The city maintains essential linkages within and between ecosystems and provides contiguous habitat areas and ecological corridors throughout the city. 11. HEALTHY CULTURE: The city facilitates cultural activities that strengthen eco-literacy, patterns of human knowledge and creative expression, and develop symbolic thought and social learning. 13. HEALTHY AND EQUITABLE ECONOMY: The city’s economy benefits the environment and human health and support a high level of local and equitable employment options that are integrated into the ecocity’s proximity based layout and policy framework. 14. LIFELONG EDUCATION provided by …social institutions. 15. WELL BEING,  QUALITY OF LIFE…and social belonging.

Ecocity Builders´ members recently returned from another round of meetings with United Nations Member States up to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20.
Ecocities-emerging-logosmAgenda21-wildland-mapRichard Register and I visited Tianjin Eco-city in China early in March, the flagship Chinese ecocity project currently in construction.
In other news, Ecocity Builders has formed an ecocity partnership agreement with ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability. We will be working together… to develop …over 1,000 cities worldwide.

Right: The Agenda 21 USA: Only the tiny black spots are for human habitation – all other areas to be wilderness with little and no access for mankind

We’ve also submitted an exciting proposal for a Rio+20 side event in partnership with the US Department of StateBureau of Oceans, Environment and Science, Esri, (a geographic information systems mapping company), Mozilla, (an internet web browser), Ushahidi, (a citizen crowdmapping organization based in Nairobi, Kenya), and the Association of American Geographers. Together, we will showcase a mapping, geodesign, and citizen participation toolkit for building ecocities.Ecocity2

To support humanity’s transition into the Ecozoic Era
Kirstin Miller, Executive Director, Ecocity Builders (ECB) The Rio+20 process helped to promote ECB´s visibility and outreach to the world. Over the next year we will work to advance the policies, measures, timelines and implementation strategies we have introduced into the global agenda for sustainable cities.

Ecocity3Here are some of ECB´s next steps.

Achievement 1: Annexed into the Rio+20 Outcome document we now have the following directive: “Each head of state should identify a sustainable city to develop a network for knowledge sharing and innovation. Governments should channel resources to develop people-centered sustainable cities….to promote equality and accountability.”
Next Steps: Work with the United Nations, the Major Groups, the “Friends of Sustainable Cities” nations and other partners…to develop specific timed and measurable sustainable city goals and measures ….

Achievement 2: ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability, in partnership with Ecocity Builders, launched the Ecocity Network just prior to Rio+20.
Next Steps: Coordinate with ICLEI to plan the program for development of the Ecocity Network.

Agenda21-ban3Achievement 3: We have been invited to participate with UN Habitat, the lead UN agency for cities and urban issues, in the formative process of the upcoming World Urban Campaign (WUC). We can hopefully bridge this process to the development of a new platform for the next generation of sustainable development guidelines and measures that will replace the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set to expire in 2015. Our influence within this process, could help shape how millions of dollars are invested in cities around the world after the MDGs expire.
Next Steps: Work with UN Habitat and partners to steer the World Urban Campaign in the direction of a holistic, urban system approach to healthy cities and citizens with clear and specific goals and measures.

Achievement 4: In partnership with the crowdmapping organization Ushahidi, we launched the Ecocitizen World Map Project at Rio+20.
Our intern Ana Puhac is staying on in Rio to advance the citizen engagement process we’ve begun …We are additionally partnering with the Mozilla Foundation to test out Popcorn Maker 1.0 and the EcoCitizen Map with youth.

10 dialogues were held during the Rio+20 . Here are 10 recommendations:
* Plan in advance for sustainability and quality of life in cities.
* Promote opportunities for direct dialogues among government, citizens, enterprises, NGOs and schools.
* Cities and schools should develop networks to learn and work together towards sustainable development.
* Promote the active engagement of local communities to improve the physical and social environment in cities.
* Promote culture, diversity and creativity as a core element to build sustainable cities..
* Promote global standards of sustainability for cities.
* Support the role of sustainable cities as an open laboratory for innovation towards sustainable development.
* Promote the use of waste as a renewable energy source in urban environments.
* Local governments should ensure energy-efficient delivery of services and promote sustainable consumption.
* The design of urban spaces should take into account the empowerment of local communities.
* The design of urban spaces should take into account the empowerment of local communities.

In the following 2 Climatist Graphs showing the global average temperature has cooled 1 centigrade Celsius 1988–2007  (Thanks to Kulissenriss):



Left: SPIEGEL-Graph of the global relatively cold years of 1950 to 1988: Average temperature 15.0 degrees C. 1988 15.5 degrees.

Right: IPCC Bericht 2007 (P. 6) average temperature 1850–2007: 14.0 degrees C. 2007: 14.5 degrees C.

Here, everything is carefully planned: the contents of the education of children for green Communism, of your thinking, culture etc.  Like in the Soviet Union.

Thus, world communism is being implemented on the basis of Maurice Strong´s, Mikhail Gorbachev´s and Steven Rockefeller´s Earth Charta. The gospel of planning of all aspects of your life is is fanatic hands – and be assured: No herecy will be allowed in this UWSSR – as little as in the USSR
This process will continue relentlessly under the name of sustainability. You have been warned – but nobody seems to have grasped what is going on. In Denmark every municipality has to cough up with a revised Agenda 21 plan every 4 years – in all silence. And from his position as adviser to the Chinese government, Mr. Maurice Strong, who stole 1 mio. dollar from his employer, the UN, can be happy for his success.