London Summer Olympics: Remarkably Flawed Security Measures - Corporate Media Scaremongering - False Flag Operation Underway?

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Summary: The rumors are increasing that a false flag operation on a previously unseen scale has been scheduled for the upcoming Olympic Games in London. Hopefully it’s all fear-mongering for the purpose of strengthening the police state and the argument for the one-world government. For the war against terror that has its origin in the 9/11 false flag operation -consolidated by the false flag operation of the London bombs on 7/7.2005.

But what particularly worries is that the big British (NWO-dominated) MSM is recently more concerned about a major terrorist attack. The head of the intelligence service MI5 also expects a big attack and has already blamed it on Iran and Hezbollah as the likely masterminds. This is extraordinary and arouses suspicion of a false flag operation in order to obtain a pretext for an attack on these forces. Furthermore, the Rockefeller Foundation in its future scenarios delivered a message that during the London Olympics 13,000 people were killed in a terrorist attack. In 1995, Illuminati-game producer Steven Jackson  issued a card game showing how the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are exploding. Another card shows the Big Ben exploding above the heads of people who are dressed in the colors of the Olympic rings.

Moreover, a British investigative undercover journalist took a job as a guard at the Danish / English corporation, G4S. He witnessed - like the British ITV News - lousy security and was told there was a plan for the evacuation of the whole of London. He adds that 100,000 British, US and EU regular troops are already in London - as well as lining for 200,000 coffins for 4-5 bodies each.
Surface to air missiles are being placed on residential complexes - badly guarded. The whole Olympic complex is built on a radioactive dump. The advice from locals: Stay away from London this summer!
The  probability of a terror attack is given as a strong possibility  (substantial). There still are [1] 700.000 unsold tickets to the London OL games (fear?).

The G4S has a bad reputation: poor quality of their very expensive services, body guards and other security functions (long-term unemployed with little training), poor work and ethics as well as brutality.
The corporate world government elite, of course, hires a corporation to supervise us. The Olympic Games are a big opportunity to test this large-scale police-state monitoring. The elite need such monitoring, as people are growing impoverished and desperate because of the  economic crisis created by the elite, spendings on their invented war on terror, the useless and hypocritical CO2 combating with taxes and CO2 trading, further self-enrichment in the name of climate mitigation for developing countries, mass immigration.

Worse, G4S is present in 125 countries and is apparently associated with the U.S. FEMA concentration camp system. In addition, in 2011 the G4S made 120 million pounds in Israel by monitoring Palestinian detainees.

If in fact a major terrorist action is scheduled to occur at the Olympic Games, there is only one means to prevent it: We have to make it clear in great numbers to the elitists that after the 9/11 and London bombs of 7/7, we have  have seen through them, and we expect them to do something similar again - so that they might waive it. Or do they just intend to scare the wits out of us, making us hate their great enemy image, Iran, and accept their world government´s strike on that country?


Documentation of Summary

[2] The Times of Israel 18 July 2012: Taking into account the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran during the 2012 Summer Games, the Olympic committee in charge of the London event has formed a special team to prepare for the contingency. According to the Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth on Wednesday., the team — consisting of politicians, diplomats, security officials and organizing committee personnel — wrote in a report that such a strike was entirely possible. England is thought to be within the range of Iranian missiles and UK officials believe that a military confrontation between Jerusalem and Tehran could involve the country against its will.

[3] HAARETZ 22 July 2012:  Israeli officials have warned that an Iranian terror squad in Europe may be planning to attack its athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games. The Sunday Times reports further that “panic rooms have been installed beneath the stadium as a haven for VIPs and spectators in the event of an attack.” The Mossad, says the Sunday Times, “is hunting a group of white Europeans who are thought to have converted to Islam and to be working with the Iranian Quds force and Hezbollah, the terrorist group backed by Tehran.

As I have previously written there are rumors out there that a false flag operation is being prepared for the [4] Zionist Summer Olympic in London to be opened on 27 July. However, they may be a double-edged sword: To discredit the credibility of a blog like this one, which tells the story of these rumors. However, in that case, it will cost even more credibility of the BBC, The Daily Telegraph MI5 and so on, too. So I run the risk of telling about the rumours.

Faulty security around the London Olympics
Many even advise people to stay away from England this summer.  It is impossible to tell, if this is real or just another attempt to scare people into accepting more police state in a world where chaos is deliberately being made out of order by [5] false flag operations ( e.g. [6] 9/11 2001 WTC and [7] 7/7 2005 London) and the consequent [8] war on terror . But [9] Steven Jacksons Illuminati cards from 1995 showing Big Ben exploding above people clad in the colours of the Olympic rings as well as the statement in one of the Illuminati [10] Rockefeller Foundation´s 4 scenarios for the future that 13.000 people were killed in a terrorist attack in the London Olympic Games arouse further misgivings, of course. But what is most scaring is that the [11] Talmudist owned UK MSM also more than indicate terrorist action in the London Olympics.

[12] Olympic-missiles[13] Olympic-missiles-onroof[14] The Daily Mail 13 July 2012For the first time since WWII, London’s green space is transformed by anti-aircraft guns for Olympic ring of steel: Rapier and high-velocity missile systems are being installed in Leytonstone, Bow, Blackheath Common and Oxleas Wood, Enfield and Epping Forest
It is the biggest peacetime security operation the country has ever seen.
David Cameron will have the grim task of ordering the Armed Forces to use the missile defence systems to shoot down a passenger airliner over Britain if a suicide attack is suspected of being underway.

Home Secretary Theresa May has already faced accusations that Olympics security is a shambles after the Armed Forces were called in to plug a gap left by the failure of bungling G4S chiefs. With just two weeks to go until the opening ceremony, an extra 3,500 servicemen and women are being flown in after the firm, which has a history of mistakes, said it might not be able to provide enough guards for all the venues.

MPs accused the company of letting the country down, while Mrs May insisted ministers were told of the ‘absolute gap in the numbers’ only on Wednesday. In other developments in a growing pre-Games meltdown yesterday: At Heathrow, passengers arriving for the Olympics faced two-hour queues at immigration and millions face travel chaos because the M4, which links Heathrow to London, remains closed for repairs for the ‘foreseeable’ future; A G4S whistleblower claimed fake explosive devices and lethal weapons were smuggled past security trainees during Olympics test events; A parliamentary report said MI5 and MI6 have been put under ‘unprecedented pressure’ by the Olympics, leaving the country vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Indications of an upcoming disaster in the London Olympics
[15] [16] BCfm – Community Radio for Bristol 22 June 2012 has a story by investigative journalist “Lee Hazeldean”, who as an[15] undercover journalist was applied by the G4S as a security guard – and experienced appalling lacks in the security surrounding the Olympic games of London – with longtime jobless persons as unqualified, untrained security guards. But worst of all: Also there are plans for the evacuation of London, G4S is going to be at the forefront, as well as 100,000 troops of regular British, American and European troops. Lee was not told why there would be any need for an evacuation of the whole of London, they just said it was to be a “defining moment in the history of London”. The troops are being held across London in various barracks. Lee also had this information confirmed by an army doctor who was shocked at all the foreign troops coming into London. There is also a shipment of what are being described as casket linings, each casket can hold four or five people and 200,000 casket linings have been delivered. This could all be precautionary in the event of a major terrorist attack.
British [17] ITV News 27 June has looked into the security measures and is clearly worried.[15] Ben-fellows-rafbf-294

Right: Now Hazeldean goes public and reveals his real name for fear of retaliation: His real name is [18] Ben Fellows.

[19] The Express 1 July 2012 SECURITY for Olympic spectators and athletes has been slammed after the murder of a young man at a prestigious shopping centre right next to the gates of the main Games park. We were led to believe there would be rapid response units on stand by to deal with incidents quickly – but you have to ask, ‘Where were they when this incident happened?’ Former Metropolitan Police commander Dai Davies urged a re-think on security with the Games less than four weeks away “I am concerned that at the moment we are aboard the Titanic and no one is seeing the icebergs ahead.” The [20] Daily Mail journalist, Ryan Kisiel, was recruited in just 90 seconds for a chaotic training, parading as an unemployed.

[21] VIDEO: 100.000 planned to die in the Lonodon Olympics?

[22] JonathanEvansMI5_2258204bWhat does Spy Chief Jonathan Evans (left), the current head of MI5 have to say about the rumours?
[23] UKPA 26 June 2012 and [24] The Irish Times 26 June 2012: “There is “no such thing a guaranteed security.” Jonathan Evans said there was no doubt that some terrorist groups had considered whether they could pull off an attack on Britain this summer.“ The Games present an attractive target for our enemies and they will be at the centre of the world’s attention in a month or so.”

[25] The Telegraph 25 June 2012: Jonathan Evans: “A return to State-sponsored terrorism by Iran or its associates, such as Hizbollah, cannot be ruled out as pressure on the Iranian leadership increases,” he said. That, coupled with Iran’s nuclear intentions, also raised the chilling prospect of a dirty bomb attack.
The MI5 chief also publicly entered the row over monitoring emails and phone calls for the first time. The Government has faced criticism over plans to force providers to keep records of customer phone calls, emails and internet activity to allow the police and security services access to it.
Comment: [26] The Truth Seeker 26 June 2012: IF an operation takes place under a false flag in the upcoming Olympic Games, two potential suspects have been named and Iran will be blamed for the debt and be used to pave the way for total war.

[27] The Telegraph 29 June 2012Two Muslim converts have been arrested in East London on suspicion of plotting an attack against the London 2012 Olympic Games canoeing venue.  Mizanur Rahman, 29, said the arrests “might have had something to do with the fact that they recently went canoeing” on the River Lea, a branch of which runs through the Olympic site in east London. In one of the biggest vetting operations in 70 years, the backgrounds of half-a-million people have been screened amid concerns the Games remain threatened by terrorism. The terror level is currently at substantial, a notch below severe. A substantial threat level indicates that an attack is a strong possibility. [28]

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that a ring of ground-to-air missile launchers could be deployed around London to protect Olympic venues.

[28] SAM-missilesIn March, the director-general of MI5, Jonathan Evans, took the rare step of briefing the whole Cabinet on the terrorism threat to the UK in the run up to the Olympics.

[29] The Guardian 28 AprilBritain’s military has told residents of an upscale apartment development near the Olympic Park in east London it is installing a missile battery on top of a tower within their housing complex to defend the 2012 Games this summer – not seen since WWII. Acc. to [30] Russia Today 30 April 2012 even airborne attack is expected – and no doubt a formidable psychological warfare is going on. [31] The Telegraph 3 May 2012 London 2012 Olympics: Journalist Brian Whelan has filmed military equipment for a London 2012 Olympics security site left unguarded outside a block of flats in east London. The video appears to show crates of rockets and other military equipment piled up at the foot of a tower the Army plans to use as a surface-to-air missile base.
“There’s nobody around and there’s military equipment here, crates clearly full of missiles and not a person in sight.” An MoD spokesman said: “These were dummy missiles which are used to practice with, not live ammunition. In any case, as the video shows, there were three personnel there at the time.”

[32] VIDEO: Missiles being placed on top of flat complex

[33] Attacking-olympic-torch[33] In Coventry, 2 teenager boys showed how easy it was to attack the Olympic torch, before being caught by officials ([34] The Daily Mail 3 July 2012)

So, certainly, the rumours necessitate safe security measures. This article will take a look at the corporation which has been entrusted with the security of the games, G4S, a Danish/British firm to which I used to subscribe for help in case of road accidents.
[35] Wikipedia: G4S plc is a multinational security services company headquartered in Crawley, United Kingdom. It is the world’s largest security company measured by revenues and has operations in more than 125 countries. With over 657,000 employees, it is the world’s third-largest private sector employer. G4S has its origins in a guarding business founded in Copenhagen in 1901. Its records on human rights, working morale, efficiency, underpayment of its employees are appalling.

[36] “Terror on the Tubes” (7/7) 27 June 2012 The security firm to ‘look after’ the forthcoming London Olympics, G4S, has deep Israeli connections and a dreadful human rights record. There have been quite a string of fabricated-terror events where Israeli security firms have been involved, enough to raise urgent concerns about what is in the pipeline for Londoners. If you have a ticket for the Olympics – get rid of it! Just stay away. G4S provides services to Israeli prisons, police army. Palestinian political prisoners from the occupied territories are held by G4S in contravention of international law. G4S made 120 million pounds in Israel last year.

The Olympic Site is said to be built on a [37] radioactive dump site!

[38] G¤S-Logo[38]

[39] The Times of Cockaigne 7 June 2012: [40] G4S are already contracted to provide security arrangements which meet similar requirements in Iraq and Afghanistan.
G4S’ literature details how the firm provides protection for UK diplomatic staff, and advertises for similar private bodyguard services which employ “former Gurkha and ex-military law enforcement personnel with recent operational experience, well-versed in managing civil disturbance”.

In essence, then, G4S employs an army of private mercenary soldiers for the protection of Very Important Persons (VIPs) – which, as far as corporate-government is concerned, is anyone who can afford the high fees.

There is a relationship between G4S and their activity especially the US where there is a possible link with the planned FEMA concentration camps.

The recent appearance of surface-to-air missiles on the London skyline is one example of how the British Establishment has tried to psychologically manipulate Londoners and other Britons, reading about events online, into the necessity of gross constitutional contraventions in the name of security.

Olympics’ security also represents the pioneering of forced social arrangements that will become increasingly necessary for the ruling elite to implement as their designed economic collapse brings more swathes of humanity into desperate material need. The plan for impoverishment of Western populations is the goal of the global plutocracy through the implementation of [41] Agenda 21, which has already been incorporated into the policy-making decisions of many British local councils. Ultimately, this plan will need security arrangements to keep the ruling elite safe from a disaffected population, and even to keep those most dangerously malcontent in concentration camps.

The idea of corporate security to manage a social system is already implemented in the United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) concentration camps are a very real phenomenon that most citizens of that country do not know exist. With the recent signing by Obama of the National Defence Authorisation Act ([42] NDAA), it is suspected that one of the uses of FEMA camps will be to house the civilians, who can be arrested and detained without due process. The NDAA basically decreed is code for identifying citizens who [43] oppose the Government.

FEMA details in Bill of the [44] House of Representatives 645 (111th): National Emergency Center´s Establishment Act of 22. Jan. 2009.

[45] DHS

G4S’ name crops up many times in conjunction with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and FEMA in relation with counter-terror measures and providing prison security.

The Huffington Post reported that Lincolnshire Police Authority chairman Barry Young and chief constable Richard Crompton were very happy with the prospect of G4S, a corporation with a private army at its disposal, helping to police Lincolnshire. The latter said that the arrangement “put us firmly in the vanguard for change in the way British policing is delivered,” which suggests the possibility that police forces all over the country are managed by terrifying Liberal-Fascist [15] zealots who think that a mercenary force to impose a new social order is a wonderful thing.Thank you for links to Politaia 25 June 2012.

Hopefully the rumours and indications about a major false flag terror action during the Summer Ollympics are just scaremongering, an excuse to consolidate the police state and to strengthen the argument for the corporate [46] world government Ltd. are just the usual NWO scaremongering – and not premonitions about an upcoming long planned false flag operation to be blamed on Iran for the purpose of attacking that country, which is unwilling to submit to the NWO money masters. There still are [1] 700.000 unsold tickets to the London OL games (fear?).

If the [47] Illuminati really plan such a disaster the only thong we can do is to tell them that we expect them to commit such a crime – as they did on 9/11 and 7/7.
If sufficiently many warn of that possibility they might refrain from implementing their plan.

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