DEBkafile, Mossad oulet channel 28 June 2012: Debkafile, citing Western intelligence sources, reports Thursday, June 28, that the Republican Guard battalion commander charged with the Syrian president’s security is keeping Bashar Assad shut away in his “Unity” palace. Assad and his family may not leave the building without the commander’s permission under an order current since the second half of last week. It is not clear to whom the commander defers in this case and who in fact actually determines whether Assad can come or go.

Asked by Debkafile if an element in the Republican Guard ordered the palace placed under siege to prevent the president and his family fleeing, those Western sources replied that the situation could be described as a “partial siege” which is constantly expanding.

“Because of the partial siege and these restrictions,” said those intelligence sources, “Assad and his wife are both in very low spirits and the atmosphere inside the palace is very bleak.”

In fact, say the sources, “”Inside the palace, Assad and his family are so mistrustful of their immediate circle that food tasters are on hand in to partake in advance of all the food and drink served them.” The tasters belong to the elite unit of Syrian military intelligence. They were brought in after at least two attempts by Syrian rebel associates to sneak poisoned food into the palace.

“Bashar Assad won’t even drink a glass of water unless his personal food taster first swallows at least a quarter of its contents.”

The rebels’ success in planting poison in one of those closely vetted supply trucks attests to their success in penetrating some of the layers of security protecting the persons of the president and his family.

This is how history repeats itself: Joseph was the taster of the Egyptian Pharao (Rameses II, I believe). Roman Emperor Caligula was murdered by his Pretorian Guard.

Is this the way, the West will implement Kofi Annan´s plan of a Syrian Transitional govern

The Huffington Post 26 June 2012 and  HAARETZ 28 June 2012 and The Telegraph 28 June 2012:  “It (Transitional government) could comprise present government members, opposition and others, but would need to exclude those whose continued participation or presence would jeopardize the transition’s credibility, or harm prospects for reconciliation and stability.” Several diplomats said Russia’s acceptance of Annan’s proposal appeared to signal a shift in its stance on Syria. But it was not immediately clear if Moscow’s support for the idea of a national unity government in principle meant that it was now abandoning Assad, a staunch ally and key Russian arms purchaser.

Russia has repeatedly said it is not insisting that Assad must remain in power at all costs, but that any decision on whether or not he should step down should come from the Syrian people,

Annan made acceptance of his guidelines for a political transition for Syria a condition for organizing Saturday’s meeting, which will include the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar. It will not include Iran or Saudi Arabia.
Russia has repeatedly said its supports Annan’s idea of creating a “contact group” of powerful nations and regional players with influence on the Syrian government or the opposition to push for an end to the violence in Syria.

Russia has repeatedly said it is not insisting that Assad must remain in power at all costs, but that any decision on whether or not he should step down should come from the Syrian people, not from outside pressure or military intervention, as happened last year in Libya.

Saturday’s meeting, which Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will attend, will have to agree on the details of the political transition and the mechanisms for implementing it, diplomats said.

A diplomat added that the idea of excluding certain people was clearly referring to Syrian President Bashar Assad,