Summary: On Friday the 26th May in Houla, Syria, something happened which might change the position of Russia toward President Assad - and that is a prerequisite for U.S. intervention in Syria in the name of the NWO “Responsibility/Right to protect”. This became clear when in early May Obama refused a Sarkozy / Saudi plan to bomb Assad´s presidential palace and paralyze the Syrian Air Force. Russia and China will continue to veto an attack, even though Russia seems more inclined to get rid of Assad and the circle around him - while preserving the power structure.
Obama is now desperately asking Russia to send 5,000 troops to Syria to protect Syrian poisonous gas stores from falling into the hands of the US-founded and-supported Al-Qaeda, which would be dangerous for Russia. At the same time the US goads Israel with the same warning!! U.S. UN Ambassador Rice suggests that Putin’s rejection may force NATO to intervene alone. But this is hopefully just rhetoric. The “world community” with the bloodthirsty NWO hirelings, the UN, France and the UK and now also Israel are crying for military intervention - although this means that a large part of Hezbollah´s, Syria´s and Iran´s  65 000 rockets would be fired on Israel - as promised by Assad’s cousin Makhlouf in The New York Times.

Immediately, the international community referred to the Assad government as the perpetrator of Houla - although there is no evidence of it. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and its jihadists - including “Al Qaeda”, which was founded, which  even Hillary Clinton admits, and supported by the CIA and are desperate losers in Syria  - seem to be the perpetrators, who have killed innocent victims at close range. The FSA has long been calling for international intervention and has teamed up with the Kosovo Liberation Army, which works together with Al-Qaeda and got NATO support against Serbia. The Houla massacre is the last thing the Syrian government needs. This really does look like a false flag operation  - to blame it on the Syrian government to make the “International Community” attack it.

The U.S. Council on Foreign Relations sees the terror campaign as a turning point that could lead Russia to accept intervention.

The corporate Western media constantly require aggressive intervention in Syria - in line with the NWO think tank Brookings, which is setting out the majority of U.S. foreign policy. Now not only the Arab League, but also the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria are calling for an attack - and analysts say this could move Russia - perhaps after a few more false flag operations - to change its mind in order not to lose the last Russian influence in the Middle East.


US military doctrine envisages the central role of  “massive casualty producing events” in which innocent civilians are killed. The killings are deliberately carried out as part of a covert operation. The enemy is blamed for the resulting atrocities. The objective is to justify a military agenda on humanitarian grounds. The doctrine dates back to 1962: Operation Northwoods.  Under a secret 1962 Pentagon Plan entitled Operation Northwoods, civilians in the Cuban community in Miami were to be killed as part of a covert operation. The objective was to trigger a “helpful wave of indignation in US newspapers”. The killings and “acts of terrorism” were then to be blamed on the Cuban government of Fidel Castro. America’s top military brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties, writing: “We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba,” and, “casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.” The Northwoods 1962 document was titled “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba”. Was the Houla massacre part of a sinister covert operation bearing the fingerprints of Operation Northwoods? (Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Global Res. 30 May 2012).


Documentation of Summary

On Friday 26 May 2012 something apparently decisive seems to have taken place in the Syrian town of Houla: A massacre killing about 100 civilians took place. That is clear. But what is unclear is who committed the crime. Immediately the “International Community” proclaimed the Syrian government to be the culprit – even Russia seems to be swinging towards that opinion. France and in particular the UK – which has made the opposional Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London  it´s and the UN´s press office, believing its exaggerated publications of the casualties in Syria as their only source. The “International Community”/the UN naïvely adopts the same  lies.

Al-Qaeda-flag_2042442cWhat has happened in Houla is terrible. But who did commit the crime? Who has the benefit of the crime? The Syrian government, being increasingly isolated, least of all, it would seem,  whereas  “Free Syrian Army” is already defeated and is screaming for international intervention. It consists of defected soldiers and a bunch of international Muslim jihadists supported by the US and NATO, incl. what the West calls Al Qaeda and here, which helped NATO conquer Tripolis in Libya. Today they have hoisted the Al Qaeda flag on the court house (right).Al Qaeda” is NATO´s hireling in Syria.

Does Houla mean a shift in Russia´s attitude?
The Council on Foreign Relations 29 May 2012: What the Russians would perhaps like to see is some sort of an engineered coup that would maintain the structure of power in Syria, but would essentially get rid of Bashar al-Assad and those immediately around him. The Houla massacre really may become a catalyst for a shift in Russia’s position. Without Russia´s  consent the “International Community” will not intervene militarily. DEBKAfile 31 May 2012: Now, Pres. Obama is asking Pres. Putin to send 5,000 mainly Russian troops to Syria to protect gas storages there from falling into the hands of the US-founded and -supported Al-Qaeda, gas, which then would be dangerous for Russia. At the same time he warns Israel against this danger to goad that country!! Putin seems to refuse - and US-UN Ambassador Rice suggests that in the case of a rejection NATO may have to act alone.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey, who did talk about potentially the need for military intervention if the humanitarian situation deteriorates significantly, also warned about the fact that once one unleashes military power, the dynamics are extraordinarily unpredictable.
The Russians are increasingly alarmed about the behavior of the Assad regime

International reactions to Houla massacre
The decisive development is that this episode apparently changes Russia´s attitude:  DEBKAfile 29 may 2012: It turned out that the Houla massacre was perpetrated by the town’s Alawites.  Moscow is beginning to fear that Russia may be stigmatized as an accessory to this horror - and especially the foreign policy choices made by the new president. Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov tried to save his government’s reputation by declaring out of the blue that Moscow no longer backs Bashar Assad and his regime and fully endorses the UN envoy Kofi Annan’s mission. However, Russia and China are opposed to military intervention in Syria.
The other step decided by the Kremlin was to quietly order the Russian arms ship Professor Katsman to stop unloading its cargo at the Syrian port of Tartus, sail east and wait for fresh orders after the furor dies down. Comment: Who has proved that Alawites were the perpetrators?
The Daily Mail 27 May 2012: Russia called for an emergency council meeting saying it first wanted a briefing by Gen. Robert Mood, the head of the unarmed UN observer mission. Acc. to Reuters 29 May, Russia is “alarmed that some countries … are starting to use this event as an excuse to put forth demands of the need for military action in an attempt to put pressure on the U.N. Security Council,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists in Moscow.

Deutsche Welle 29 May 2012 Kofi Annan: Syria at tipping point.The United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and Canada were among the other countries to tell Syria’s top diplomats to leave. But the US will only act in concert with Russia - Obama declined  a Sarkozy/Saudi plan in early May to bomb Assad´s presidental palace and crippling the Syrian Airforce

Activist Post 29 May 2012US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said that she personally vowed that she would pressure the international community to support the forced removal of Assad from power. Obama hopes to have Valdimir Putin’s full support in the regime change, yet Lavrov’s comments show that Russia will not fulfill Obama’s wishes. British Foreign Secretary William Hague threatened that if the UN six point peace plan was not successful, war would be the only answer for Syria. However, Mr. Hague – like Mr Lavrov -admitted that the Syrian government was not the only one involved! The UN Security Council (UNSC) formally condemned the massacre at Houla.

DEBKAfile 29 may 2012: It turned out that the Houla massacre was perpetrated by the town’s Alawites.  Moscow is beginning to fear that Russia may be stigmatized as an accessory to this horror - and especially the foreign policy choices made by the new president. Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov tried to save his government’s reputation by declaring out of the blue that Moscow no longer backs Bashar Assad and his regime and fully endorses the UN envoy Kofi Annan’s mission.
The other step decided by the Kremlin was to quietly order the Russian arms ship Professor Katsman to stop unloading its cargo at the Syrian port of Tartus, sail east and wait for fresh orders after the furor dies down. Comment: Who has proved that Alawites were the perpetrators?
Kuwait, which currently heads the 22-member Arab League, called for an Arab ministerial meeting to ‘take steps to put an end to the oppressive practices against the Syrian people’.
Switzerland’s Foreign Ministry urged that an international inquiry be convened, saying the killings ‘could constitute a war crime’.
In Paris, the head of the exile Syrian National Council also condemned the killings.  Burhan Ghalioun told reporters. ‘Killing the kids of Houla is like killing the kids of all of Syria.’ U.S. officials say Russia does not oppose a political transition in Syria in theory, but has not agreed to specific terms.
Israel has  demanded internationale Intervention in Syria.

GRTV 4 May 2012: A delegation of Syrian opposition members made a stop in Pristina on their way from the US to hold talks on how to make use of the experience of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Syria.  There were numerous reports of the KLA having contacts with Al-Qaeda, getting arms from that terrorist organization, getting its militants trained in Al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan and even having members of Al-Qaeda in its ranks fighting against Serbs.



How the West is blaming the Syrian government for what its own proxies probably did as a false flag operation at Houla.
The Telegraph 27 May 2012: “The Syrian army sent up an armoured personnel carrier. It was armed with a large cannon and it passed our vehicles and fired off two rounds,” Mr Griffiths said.

Mr Griffiths said both the Free Syrian Army (FSA) command in Rastan and civilian eyewitnesses in Houla itself had said the same thing. Shelling of the town began at about 12.30pm after prayers and lasted about two hours. Then, from around 3pm, groups of armed civilian militias — known as the Shabiha — began moving house to house and the killings, using knives and firearms, began. Comment: How could the Syrian Army militia so easily and unhindered penetrate into FSA controlled area? Syrian-massacre-BBCiraq-hoax

Left: The Telegraph 27 May: In a report issued hours after the massacre at Houla, the BBC used a photo  told to show the victims of  Houla massacre, but it was first published over nine years ago and taken in Al Mussayyib, Iraq.

The following series of picures is from the The Daily Mail 27 May 2012. Notice, they show no signs of being victims to shelling, all apparingly having their limbs and no wounds to be seen.


The Daily Mail 27 May 2012: The ’sickening’ massacre has been ‘condemned in the strongest possible terms’ by the United Nations and blamed on the Syrian Army in a press statement - which is weaker than a presidential statement, which becomes part of the council record, or a legally binding U.N. resolution. But it must be approved by all 15 members and therefore reflects strong Security Council backing.

Syrian-massacre3It also condemned the killings of civilians ‘by shooting at close range.
However, speaking to reporters in Damascus, Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said Syrian security forces were in their local bases Friday when they were attacked by ‘hundreds of heavily armed gunmen’ firing mortars, heavy machine guns and anti-tank missiles, staring a nine-hour battle that killed three soldiers and wounded 16.

Syrian-massacre5When UN observers visited the area on Saturday, Ban said they saw 85 corpses in a mosque in Taldou and ‘observed shotgun wounds and wounds consistent with artillery fire’.

He said ‘the patrol also saw artillery and tank shells, as well as fresh tank tracks’ and observed that ‘many buildings had been destroyed by heavy weapons’.

Syrian-massacre-4The council’s statement said the ‘outrageous use of force’ against civilians violated international law and Syrian government commitments.

It said ‘those responsible for acts of violence must be held accountable’.

A video released by the UN team in Syria on Sunday showed observers in Houla the day after the attack, meeting with local rebels and showed two destroyed armored personnel carriers - suggesting that local rebels put up more of a fight than the activists acknowledged. Mood told the Security Council that UN observers at the scene now estimate 108 people were killed in Houla.

Alakhbar 28 May 2012: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhoodthe western Agent called on Arab and other world powers on Monday to militarily intervene in Syria . Reuters 6 May 2012: the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood has recovered to become the dominant force of the exile opposition. Working quietly, the Syrian Brotherhood has been financing Free Syrian Army defectors based in Turkey and channeling money and supplies to Syria.

Below the UN observers´ video: It does not demonstrate massive shelling.

What is behind the wish of the West to replace the Assad government with an even worse Sharia dictatorship is only superficially the religious dogma called “the Right/responsibility to Protect”. In fact, the reason is to secure unconditional NWO world hegemony by eliminating unwilling states. By removing Assad, an important bridgehead would be obtained as claimed in Brookings´”Which Path to Persia”.
Acc. to Prof Chossudovsky, Global Res. 28 May 2012, the CIA´s “Salvador option” death squads are behind the Houla massacre. They were instituted in Syria by US ambassador Robert S. Ford. The US founded and funds Al Qaeda (video below).

In fact, through its proxies the West is already waging war inside SyriaWWIII, the war on terror etc. began with a false flag operation. I cannot say who committed the Houla massacre – but apparently, the Western powers were immediately aware of the Syrian government being the culprit – as they were of Al Qaeda being the 9/11 culprit already on 9/12 after the WTC bombs that were a clear inside job. The last thing the Syrian government needs now is this massacre.

Finally, the West keeps silent that the “Free Syrian Army” took its heavy weapons with it, when they deserted and has since then received weapons via Lebanon and Turkey. On the 1. videos below the free Syrian Army takes a tank from the Syrian Army. But the UN holds tank tracks a proof that the massacre was committed by the Syrian Army!!

In the following video, the Al Ansar battalion of the Free Syrian Army is bombing in Homs. That they could have done exactly the same thing in Houla is a priori excluded by the UN and the West – although giant opposition staged explosions have taken place in Aleppo and Damascusas admitted by the Free Syrian Army in video 3 below.

Looking at the corpses on pictures shown above reveals that there are no traces after explosions. The have been murdered pointblank. .


The western propaganda machine seems to have convinced Russia – or has it? It is making the case for UN/NATO intervention in Syria soon. But even if Russia should stay on the sideline this would carry a very high risk of a desperate Syrian attack on Israel as promised by Pres. Assad and his cousin Makhlouf. Iran would be immediately involved – making it 65. 000 rockets being pointed at Israel. A nuclear reaction from Israel would be almost certain
I do not think NATO would dare to defy Russia, which is opposed to military intervention.