Deutsche Welle 11 May 2012The UN special envoy for Libya has called on the interim government to address allegations of torture in militia-run prisons. Rights groups, meanwhile, have criticized two new laws for resembling Gadhafi-era practices.

Liberated” Libya the model of Syria after the Assad Regime?

The United Nations reported on Thursday that thousands of prisoners in post-war Libya are still being detained in militia-controlled prisons, often in secret, and at times facing torture.

The Libyan Justice Ministry currently controls 31 detention centers housing around 3,000 detainees across the vast north African nation, according to UN special envoy for Libya Ian Martin. Another 4,000 detainees remain in militia-controlled facilities, Martin told the UN Security Council on Thursday.

The UN’s special envoy said that although the interim government has official authority over dozens of prisons, in practice it often shares control over those facilities with Libya’s revolutionary militias.

Rights groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have accused Libyan militias of abusing detainees. The militia in the coastal city of Misrata, which faced a brutal siege at the hands of pro-Gadhafi forces, has faced scrutiny in particular for carrying out revenge attacks against former Gadhafi supporters.

Amnesty International, meanwhile, has singled out a law that prohibits the glorification of Gadhafi. Law 37, which took effect on Wednesday, also criminalizes spreading false rumors, information or propaganda that harm national defense, spread terror or weaken morale.

Harming the “February 17th Revolution,” insulting Islam or offending the state are also criminal offices.

The interim government, set up in November 2011, has pledged to hold the country’s first free elections this June for a 200-member constituent assembly. The body is to be tasked with drafting a national constitution.

Former Libyan rebels thank for NATO liberation from Gaddafi: Wahhabi mob desecrating the graves of Montgomery´s desert rats in Benghazi

What happens in Libya, where Al Qaeda´s flag flies openly on the Court building in Benghazi, is now also seen in Syria (video below), where women openlyAl-Qaeda-flag_2042442c show Al Qaida´s banner in Aleppo. The US and NATO support the Al Qaeda arm, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, in Libya  – and the Al Qaeda rebels in Syria – where the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is also active, training and joining the “Free Syrian Army”.

Al-qaeda bombs-may-10Haaretz 12 May 2012:  A militant group with suspected links to al-Qaida on Saturday claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings that killed at least 55 people, and wounded 372 in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

This shows the hypocrisy of the “War on Terror” and the “Responsibility to Protect”. In reality it is about creating total chaos and dictatorship worldwide instead of democracy, which to Moslims is an insult to Allah, who has already given all necessary laws. This chaos makes it easier for the Corporate NWO banksters to rob the mineral treasures of  defaulting countries. The US uses Al Qaeda as a pretext for WWIII – and cooperates with and funds  – Al Qaeda.

The US founded and funds Al Qaeda

Foreign Policy 23 Oct. 2012:  Interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil, thought to be a moderate, declared in his “liberation” address that Libya would be an Islamic state and that sharia law would be a fundamental source of legislation - not forbidding polygamy. Gulf News editor Abdul Hamid Ahmad said “Mustafa Abdul Jalil has just given an evidence to all [the] world that [the] Arab uprising will end up to be Islamic states.” What is somewhat alarming is the way Abdel Jalil simply decreed these things from the podium.