Cecilia-malmströmCecilia Malmström, European Commissioner for Home Affairs, is the face of the EUs insatiable greed for unlimited Muslim immigration – to change our western national states and culture radically and to have the support of the Muslim world for EU´s superpower status. The following bitter speech (excerpt) was held at the famous Harvard University, USA, which has apparently deteriorated to a degree as to take time to listen to this irresponsible NWO propaganda

EU Press Release 30 April 2012:  “We have not seen as many populist and xenophobic parties in European national parliaments since before the Second World War. They come up with simple solutions to complex problems (that the EU has created), based on a false dichotomy of ‘us’ and ‘them’. Too many governments are taken hostage by their clamorous rhetoric these days.”

This year, Cecilia Malmström is in charge of creating a common European refugee policy. She says that this task is made more difficult by xenophobic attitudes from many European politicians, including established figures such as France’s President Sarkozy.

“The overall political climate in Europe has turned sour, some would even say toxic. We are seeing increasing nationalistic tendencies in several Member States.

In times where the EU should be open to the world and have an active, demand-driven labor immigration policy, in times where we should live up to our international protection obligations, Europe seems on its way to increased protectionism and nationalism, shutting itself off from the world.

EU reaction to the Arab Spring

* we are seriously stepping up our financial assistance (1 billion € extra on top of the 5.7 billion already available)

* we will assist in building democratic structures, in reforming the law enforcement agencies, the judicial system. We need to invest in education, especially of the youth.

* we will promote the mobility of people between these countries and the EU, including by issuing multi-entry visas to legal business people. Right now we are negotiating a so-called security and mobility partnership with Tunisia and Morocco which covers all elements of migration, asylum, border control, the fight against trafficking, legal migration and visa facilitation

* we will seriously increase the number of places we offer in a program called ERASMUS MUNDUS which will allow many more students to come to Europe to study and

* we will negotiate deep and comprehensive Free Trade Agreements.

So there is a much stronger engagement with the region now, but we will need to sustain this over time and constantly check whether our policies are an adequate response to these historical challenges.

We also will need to find ways to step up our efforts to support the courageous people who are defying dictatorships in other countries, with Syria as probably the most urgent case. Euromed-coop.

Radio Sweden 17 March 2012:  EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström says that European countries made a “historic mistake” by not giving refuge to more people during the Arab Spring. “Everyone, of course, welcomed the fall of dictators like Ben Ali and Ghadaffi, but when people began to come to Europe it was a different story.

This is a bitter speech by the Commissioner for Home affairs of the EU. She clearly reveals the EU´NWO goal of unlimited Muslim immigration – contradicting herself, since she also says she envies the US immigration of the world´s smartest brains. And they only exceptionally come from the backward Muslim world. She calls for Muslim immigration for growth and production in the future – while EU unemployment hits a record of 10.7% and no one can see any growth ahead. At the same time unemployment is much higher among immigrants than among indigenous peoples. Among Danish women the occupation rate is 69% – among immigrant women and their female descendants 41%.Euro-med-folder

So there must be another reason for Mrs. Malmström´s love for unlimited Muslim immigration

The EU in 1995 launched the Euromediterranean Process aiming at a common free trade, political/cultural and economic area with its 10 North African/Middle East “partner countries” – promising them the EU´s 4 freedoms – including free mobility (Naples 2003). In the meantime the peoples of Europe are becoming increasingly aware of the impossibility of melting together Christian and Muslim cultures – in spite of massive EU propaganda for Islam and against nation states and Christianity. People see the consequent civil war in their everyday lives – and some even begin to grasp one of the biggest treasons against them in history: The EU´s desire to crush our identities through massive Islamic immigration – as politicians have declared.

Mrs. Malmström wants a common European Asylum and refugee policy in order to be able to command free Muslim immigration/access of refugees in spite of what national politicians may say. She has the insolence to call “our” politicians “hostages” of the voice of the people manifesting itself through democratic immigration sceptic parties. For in the EU the voice of the peoples is to be subdued (The Lisbon Treaty etc.).

Mrs Malmström then reveals an incredible hypocracy, saying after the “Arab Spring”: “Everyone, of course, welcomed the fall of dictators like Ben Ali and Ghadaffi.”
The truth is that politicians  – both the national ones and here in particular the EU Commissioners – flirted with the same dictators – the EU even making Mubarak the co-president of their “Union for the Mediterranean”. Today they praise Morocco´s dictatorship, which undertakes genocide on West Saharans and persecute Christians. And they praise Tunisia, where the same military that supported Ben Ali still governs today. And they praise the dictatorial Jordanian King Abdullah.
They call for free elections bringing the Muslim Brotherhood and its cruel and dictatorial Sharia plans to power.

And they would like to ignore European national parliaments, which have in fact abandoned their sovereignties and here with automaticity for the EU to an extent that the President of the European Council, van Rompuy, states national parliaments to be EU institions. I thought the Euromed. Process was dead due to the “Arab Spring” – but the EU goes on clinging to its illusion of democracy (OK – 95% of Egyptians see the Sharia as democracy) and economic development in the Muslim “partner” countries. For their sake of the one world state of their Luciferian idol.