Summary: The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is a reactionary Salafist, dictatorial, fundamentalist movement, which strives for the world caliphate and the Sharia - if possible by peaceful subversion and inflitration of the West in cooperation with the globalists. It represents Muslim Freemasonry and is basically a high-finance organization associated with the London City. The Muslim Brotherhood is working closely with the CIA and British intelligence services.  The history of the movement is also associated with  violence to serve their own interests – and Muslim Brotherhood members unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Pres. Nasser of Egypt on behalf of Rothschild, as he wanted to nationalize the Suez Canal, in which Rothschild has financial interests. Then the movement was forbidden, and many had to go to jail.

Now the movement has been revived through the “Arab Spring” - and is the only organized parliamentary force in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya - along with their more aggressive Salafist brothers. If Assad falls, they will also take over Syria.

As the Deputy Chairman of the MB says, the brotherhood  hopes  to be able to islamise Europe more easily through the use of their mass immigration, proliferation (at our expense), and our parliamentary system, than the United States. In exchange, the Muslim Brotherhood receives help from the world’s elite, including the Club of Madrid.

In 2001, in a raid at the villa of a senior member of the MB at Lugano, a document called “The Project” was found - a program for the creeping Islamisation of Europe (See text in Documentation). Although  the MB is not mentioned in the program a book from 2008 by another senior MB member, who works for the MB-arm, the Hamas, says, “The Project” was created in 1983, at a top secret conference between MB-representatives from the Middle East, Europe and the United States in Amman. “The Project” corresponds to the description of the program of the MB in the Report by the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security  in 2008.

Of course, the mass media have told us nothing of this plan. For it dovetails into the Euromediterranean Process of the EU and free mobility of Muslim partners in the Euromed. zone in order to destroy our culture and nation-states – to “radically change” them, as politicians have expressed it.

The connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Western intelligence services, Freemasonry, and Rothschild’s London City gives EU-and politician-funded and advocated mass immigration a more sinister perspective: The Muslim Brotherhood as a hammer against the NWO Western nation-states and Christianity. Unfortunately, so many churches encourage Muslim immigration.

Against this backdrop, the political outcry in Germany against the free distribution of Korans in German cities by the Salafists seems hypocritical.


Documentation of Summary

“The Muslim Brotherhood places more hope on EU rather than U.S. in its efforts to promote understanding and dialogue between the Arab and Muslim worlds and the West”, said MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib.”Cooperation of this kind will definitely have its positive impact on the general policies of the EU at large or individual member states”. Habib emphasized that prospects for dialogue with the EU are increasing since the EU is less biased towards Arab and Islamic issues compared to the US. Habib said that MB MPs hold regular meetings with EU MPs as part of the routine and customary activities between Egyptian Parliament and its European counterpart. Habib welcomed the Club of Madrid initiatives to promote freedom of association in Egypt as a key element of democratic development.  He said the MB will be pleased to join the Club”s delegation to Cairo in October.” (Ikhwan Website -  the official English website of the Muslim Brotherhood 24 July 2008. The Members of the Club of Madrid are 70 democratic former heads of state and government). Euro-med-folder


The Muslim Brotherhood is well-known from the Arab Spring as the only organized political force able to gain government in Middle East elections, having won parliamentary elections – at least in cooperation with its branch, the salafists -  in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. It is on the way to grap power in Libya – and will take Syria as well, when Assad has been abolished by the West.

I have previously touched on the Muslim Brotherhood as a Muslim Freemasonic finance empire and here and here closely associated with the London City – as well as with the Western intelligence services: the CIA and the MI5 and MI6. On behalf of the USA, it engineered the Fall of the Shah of Persia.

But did you know that perhaps the biggest task of the Muslim Brotherhood is the islamisation of Europe along the EU politically expressed desire for Muslim mass immigration in order to “change our western societies radically” by “tearing our cultural roots to the past”? This, of course, is in line with the sneaking Euromediterranean Process and its promise of free movement for Muslims in the Euromed. zone – promised the “partners” in Naples 2003 by EU´s foreign ministers, who are obesessed with the thought of the EU being the model of the New World order – and who strive for Muslim support for EU´s status as a superpower and here.


ANSAmed 2 May 2012 At least 7 protestors were killed and over 100 injured in the clashes this morning in Cairo, when armed groups attacked a sit-in of Salafis near the Defence Ministry. Salafis (ultra-conservative Islamists) are demanding above all that the military council step down, which has been in power since Hosni Mubarak was ousted on February 11 2011, and that its members be put on trial for the ”crimes committed” since it took the reins the country

The NWO needs Islam for their one world state – and will defeat Muslim states militarily that refuse to submit (7 of them memorized on this video by former NATO general Wesley Clarke – the 06:45 mark).

Hypocritical indignation of the politicians guilty of the mass immigration of Muslims - who are, according to Tayyip Erdogan’s definition all Quran-radical.
Fokus 15. April 2012 Salafists wanted to distribute up to 25 million copies of the Koran in German cities during the weekend. The Constitutional Protection suspects they have the money from abroad.
Security circles warn that under the guise of the uncontroversial distribution of the holy book of Muslims, radicalized youth should be promoted. The initiator of the Quran campaign, Ibrahim Abou Nagie, had threatened dissenters: “Christians and Jews go to hell if they do not embrace Islam.” Abou Nagie investigations against the prosecutor but has stopped..

Spiegel 11 April 2012:The Christian Democratic Union, SPD and the Greens are concerned: radical Islamist Salafists distributing the Koran free of charge to non-Muslims in German cities.
With their aggressive move,  the religious peace is said to be endangered. The current action is an expression of aggressive missionary work by the Islamist movement, the interior ministry of North Rhien-Westphalia said on Wednesday. “What presents itself as a pure Koran distribution action is, in fact, the subtle spread of Salafist ideology”. In many German cities, especially in Lower Saxony and Hesse, in recent months, an estimated 300,000 Korans were brought out to the people. Salafists represent a backward-looking Islam and are striving for theocracy. The distribution of the Koran is not in itself a criminal offense. In North Rhine-Westphalia, there are about 500 Salafists.  “Wherever possible, this aggressive action has to be stopped,” the Union´s Parliamentary Group Vice-Chair, Günter Krings,  demanded. The Union´s internal expert, Hans-Peter Uhl (CSU), has criticized the mass distribution of the Koran as well: “The machinations of the growing radical Salafist movement in Germany urgently needs to be stopped.” Critical was the Greens´ leader, Cem Özdemir, too. The Ebner & Spiegel printing house at Ulm will stop the production of free Korans.

The difference between Brotherhood and “Salafists” is purely tactical.
PJ Media 12 March 2012 There are  two types of revolutionary Islamists in the Middle East today: the Muslim Brotherhood and the “Salafists.” Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood is in fact a Salafist group, in the sense that it wants to use Islam as it can be most strictly and repressively interpreted and create a dictatorship based on a radical interpretation of Sharia law.

The Israel Project: The Salafist school of thought is relatively new; it came from the origins of the more mainstream Muslim Brotherhood, which began in Egypt in the 1920s. Salafis are generally strict social and religious conservatives. Through jihad, they wish to extend the Muslim world so that all of humankind can live under its umbrella. Some believe Jihad should be advanced through violent means; others through non-violent, humanitarian means. However, almost all Salafis stress the need to be loyal only to Muslims, and to hate, be suspicious of, not cooperate with, and ensure only minimal/necessary interaction with non-Muslims.GERMAN-QURAN-HANDOUT-large
The Israel Project: Al-Nour, representing Salafism, was formed in May 2011 precisely to participate in the fragile Egyptian political process. In the first round of voting in the Egyptian Parliamentary Elections that began in November and end in January, the Salafist Al-Nour Party gained a 21% share and the second highest behind the Muslim Brotherhood.

Wikipedia A Salafi is a Muslim who emphasises the Salaf, the earliest Muslims, as model examples of Islamic practice. Salafism is related to or includes Wahhabism (Bin Laden), so that the two terms are sometimes erroneously viewed as synonymous.

Right: Salafist distributing free Korans in Germany

Wikipedia: “The Brotherhood” or “MB”) is the world’s most influential and one of the largest Islamist movements, and is the largest political opposition organization in many Arab states, founded in Egypt in 1928 as a fascist political party by the Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna. Its ideas had gained it supporters throughout the Arab world and influenced other Islamist groups with its “model of political activism combined with Islamic charity work. Its most famous slogan, used worldwide, is “Islam is the solution.” The Brotherhood’s stated goal is to instill the Qur’an and Sunnah as the “sole reference point for …ordering the life of the Muslim family, individual, community … and state”. The movement officially opposes violent means to achieve its goals, although it at one time encompassed a paramilitary wing and its members were involved in massacres, bombings and assassinations of political opponents; western sources have questioned the Brotherhood’s commitment to democratic principles as it simultaneously promotes Sharia law..Khairat-al-shater

Do the Salafists/ Muslim Brotherhood have a plan for the islamisation of Europe?
Front Page Magazine 11 May 2006 and here: International law enforcement authorities and Western intelligence agencies discovered a twenty-year old document called “The Project” revealing a top-secret plan developed by the oldest Islamist organization with one of the most extensive terror networks in the world to launch a program of “cultural invasion” and eventual conquest of the West.

And the media kept absolutely silent about it.

Left: Muslim Brotherhood deputy chief will run for Egyptian presidency.

Only through the work of an intrepid Swiss journalist, Sylvain Besson of Le Temps, The Project finally been made public. One Western official cited by Besson has described The Project as “a totalitarian ideology of infiltration which represents, in the end, the greatest danger for European societies.”

What Western intelligence authorities know about The Project begins with the raid of a luxurious villa in Campione, Switzerland on November 7, 2001. The target of the raid was Youssuf Nada, director of the Al-Taqwa Bank of Lugano, who has had active association with the Muslim Brotherhood for more than 50 years and who admitted to being one of the organization’s international leaders.
Included in the documents seized during the raid of Nada’s Swiss villa was a 14-page plan written in Arabic and dated December 1, 1982, which outlines a 12-point strategy to establish an Islamic government on earth” – identified as The Project. According to testimony given to Swiss authorities by Nada, the unsigned document was prepared by “Islamic researchers” associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The following tactics and techniques are among the many recommendations made in The Project:

1. Networking and coordinating actions between likeminded Islamist organizations;
2. Avoiding open alliances with known terrorist organizations and individuals to maintain the appearance of “moderation”;
3. Infiltrating and taking over existing Muslim organizations to realign them towards the Muslim Brotherhood’s collective goals;
4.  Using deception to mask the intended goals of Islamist actions, as long as it doesn’t conflict with shari’a law;
5.  Avoiding social conflicts with Westerners locally, nationally or globally, that might damage the long-term ability to expand the Islamist powerbase in the West or provoke a lash back against Muslims;
6. Establishing financial networks to fund the work of conversion of the West, including the support of full-time administrators and workers;
7. Conducting surveillance, obtaining data, and establishing collection and data storage capabilities;
8. Putting into place a watchdog system for monitoring Western media to warn Muslims of “international plots fomented against them”;
9. Cultivating an Islamist intellectual community, including the establishment of think-tanks and advocacy groups, and publishing “academic” studies, to legitimize Islamist positions and to chronicle the history of Islamist movements;
10.Developing a comprehensive 100-year plan to advance Islamist ideology throughout the world;
11.Balancing international objectives with local flexibility;
13.Building extensive social networks of schools, hospitals and charitable organizations dedicated to Islamist ideals so that contact with the movement for Muslims in the West is constant;
14.Involving ideologically committed Muslims in democratically-elected institutions on all levels in the West, including government, NGOs, private organizations and labor unions;
15.Instrumentally using existing Western institutions until they can be converted and put into service of Islam;
16.Drafting Islamic constitutions, laws and policies for eventual implementation;
17.Avoiding conflict within the Islamist movements on all levels, including the development of processes for conflict resolution;
18.Instituting alliances with Western “progressive” organizations that share similar goals;
19.Creating autonomous “security forces” to protect Muslims in the West;
20.Inflaming violence and keeping Muslims living in the West “in a jihad frame of mind”;
21.Supporting jihad movements across the Muslim world through preaching, propaganda, personnel, funding, and technical and operational support;
22.Making the Palestinian cause a global wedge issue for Muslims;
23.Adopting the total liberation of Palestine from Israel and the creation of an Islamic state as a keystone in the plan for global Islamic domination;
24.Instigating a constant campaign to incite hatred by Muslims against Jews and rejecting any discussions of conciliation or coexistence with them;
25.Actively creating jihad terror cells within Palestine;
26.Linking the terrorist activities in Palestine with the global terror movement;
27.Collecting sufficient funds to indefinitely perpetuate and support jihad around the world.

Acc. to Wikipedia the above document was found in the possession of Yussef Nada – but there is no proof that it is the program of the Muslim Brotherhood – although Nada is a prominent MB-member. About the origin of “The Project” – see here: Nada admitted that the document was genuine but declined to elaborate about the circumstances of its drafting. The document does not mention the Muslim Brotherhood. A new book by  a well-known international Muslim Brotherhood operative and HAMAS insider, Azzam Tamimi, who heads the Institute of Islamic Political Thought HAMAS front organization in London, however, sheds fresh light on the background of “The Project”. The book in question, HAMAS: A History from Within (Northhampton, Mass.: Oliver Branch, 2007). Dramatic changes inside the Muslim Brotherhood led to the adoption of “The Project” strategic plan at the historic 1983 Amman conference of international Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Originally it was a project for the liberation of Palestine - between representatives of the Palestinian Ikhwan (MB) as well as from Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf countries, Europe, and the United States. The purpose of the meeting was to lay the cornerstone the Islamic “global project for Palestine”.

According to Tamimi’s account, the Palestinian Committee of the Muslim Brotherhood established the Jihaz Filastin (the Palestinian Apparatus) in 1985 to coordinate global activities in support of the new jihadist movement in accordance with “The Project”.

The push of the organization into the West was largely the result of the efforts of Said Ramadan, son-in-law of Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Brotherhood. Ikhwan (MB) leaders who had sought refuge in Saudi Arabia forged a theological link with Salafi/Wahhabism that has marked the group ever since. Through these leaders in diaspora came the financing of various “charities” and the Al-Taqwa Bank, headed by Yousef Nada, in whose possession “The Project” document was found.

The document does match what was written in the Report from the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs 10 July 2008 stating that the Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous enemy striving to establish the world caliphate by infiltrating and destroying the US  from within.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a branch of the salafist movement. Both sprang from the same root – “radical” islam and Freemasonry.  I cannot precisely point out the connection between the EU and the Muslim Brotherhood – although Freemasonry would be one link close at hand. Maybe, the Brotherhood simply uses the liberal and naïve non-attitude of the EU´s Fundamental Rights that are obviously constructed for the EU to be used as a tool against the indigenous peoples of Europe – think of the European Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna – the one eyed bureau against any objection against Muslims in Europe. Hassan-al-Banna-9198013-1-402

The following video shows even Hassan Al-Banna´s – founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 (right) - youngest brother scuffing at the hijab – and we are told that in 20 years the Muslim Brotherhood will be able to islamize Europe, because they will then be in the majority.

The Globalists & Islamists Jamal al-Din al-Afghani and Mohammed Abdou, were also Freemasons and islamic leaders. Al-Afghani  is considered the founder of the Salafiyya movement. Abdou became the Grand Mufti of Egypt, the “Pope of Islam”. The father Al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hassan Al-Banna himself was strongly influenced by them - and became a Freemason like them. Hassan al-Banna predicted three generations before the Islamic movement would take over the Middle East.He would have never dreamed that his vision might also become a reality in Europe.

The governor of Egypt, Evelyn Baring Cromer, had his name from his relative of the Baring banker family. He made his friend, Mohammed Abdou, the Grand Mufti of Egypt in order to have him change the Islamic prohibition of taking interest on loans. Abdou managed that trick - and Baring and other British bankers now had a free hand in Egypt. Freemasonry brings one far.

Middle East Quarterly Here is description of the Muslim Brotherhood and its plans in Europe.

Terrorism and Iluminati: When Nasser threatened to nationalize the Suez Canal, so important as a conduit for oil cargo to Europe and elsewhere, the Rothschilds employed their unsuccessful assassins from the Muslim Brotherhood against him. The Rothschilds had maintained an interest in the canal, ever since Baron Lionel de Rothschild financed his friend’s Bejamin Disraeli’s purchase of the canal for the British government in 1875. When Brotherhood members fired shots at Egyptian leader Gamal Abdun Nasser in 1954, the group was forcibly suppressed by the government, with thousands of members being imprisoned.