Demise of Israel III: There Is Something Rotten in the State of Israel

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Summary: Israel and the Jewish elite are viewed with increasingly greater skepticism - the EU shows more and more sympathy for the Palestinians, the initiators of international terror. Since its establishment, Israel is in a struggle for survival, being exposed to constant attacks by desperate Arabs. Due to the UN declaration for Israel in 1947 and the Arab attack on Israel in 1967, Palestinians became homeless /conquered. The truth is that the UN made the mistake of dividing a strategically untenable land into two parts, two incompatible peoples who have been enemies since the days of Jacob / Israel and Esau. This, of course, does not invite to soft methods. Indeed, the late Moshe Dayan, politician and general, said: “Israel has to behave like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” Currently a video is circulating around the world showing how an Israeli officer strikes a peaceful Danish demonstrator in the face.

Initially, Israel had all the sympathy in the West – but is now seen as aggressor rather than as a victim. What has happened? Israel is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, which naturally aroused hopes with many and was seen as evidence of the existence of God. However, the tool that built the State of Israel was the satanic Rothschild dynasty - and the building of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem is a temple for Rothschild´s  - not God´s - New World Order. The Rothschild dynasty has declared its Talmudic affiliation, ie. it is based on Pharisaism that wrote the Talmud. This Pharisaism is the foundation of the New World Order, the heritage of the Rothschild-hireling, Adam Weishaupt. More and more people realize that.

It has become increasingly clear that this Jewish elite by their banks and enormously influential institutions have bought “our” media and politicians / threatened them into submission, that they are ruling not only the EU and the United States but the world government, which was proclaimed in 2009 by EU President Van Rumpuy. Furthermore, the hateful contents of the Talmud to Christ and the goyim hosting the Jews is becoming more and more known - as is the fact that the Jewish lobby rules the U.S. and threatens  the world with catastrophic wars.

Now it is also becoming known that Jews commit anti-Semitic acts, such as to paint swastikas on the walls in the Jewish neighborhoods in order to blame it on us. Why? Jewess Avigail Abarbanel wrote 9 Febr. 2010: “The reason for the existence of the state of Israel is a direct result of Jewish self-perception as victims of persecution (eg. Hitler). If the Jews are doing well everywhere, then Jewish identity is being put to question, and so is the very reason for the existence of Israel. The very state that was created to save the Jews from persecution, now needs them to be persecuted again.”  This is in accordance with what Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism, wrote in his diary.

Moreover, the Jewish elite have gone too far with their anti-semitism / Holocaust dictatorship: Anyone who dares criticize the Jewish elite (for general Jews are hardly being criticized) or questions more than 6 million dead in Hitler’s cruel concentration camp, Auschwitz (in reality the slave camp of Jewish John D Rockefeller, the principal shareholder of IG Farben, which also produced the Zyklon B for the gassing the Jews) is – without discussion –  brandished as “anti-Semite” and possibly punished with imprisonment. A recent case is Nobel Prize winner Günther Grass, who has always had the wrong sympathies. Israel has refused the critical poet to enter Israel. However, this must be the moment of truth for Israel: This action was followed by widespresd anti-Israel reactions,.

In addition to the external enemies, there are internal enemies of Israel: rabid orthodox Jews, who are similar in many respects to Muslims (Mohammed had learned from the Jews of Medina). They terrorize secular Jews, even the military, and, of course, increasingly the likewise aggresive Palestinians, they have the privileges of not working and to do military service. They have 3 times as many children as others - and are a huge burden on the tight budget of Israel. However, they are the shock troops in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Some settlers follow religious teachings which say a greater Israel should encompass all of Gaza and the West Bank, the Sinai peninsula in Egypt, Lebanon and parts of Syria and Turkey, and that their actions will speed up the coming of the Messiah. They are the hindrance to the formation of two states in Palestine - as much as the Palestinians who claim their refugee descendants back to Israel - a multimillion-great multitude, which would mean Israel’s destruction. The Government condemns those among the orthodox who are engaged in terror, supposedly only a small minority. They think they can thereby promote the coming of their Messiah, Ben David. Even Prime Minister Netanyahu is a Messianic Jew - who is deeply under the influence of messianic ultra-Orthodox Hasidim and Chabadists who use Bible prophecy as their work plan for the acceleration of the coming of their messiah. Moeover he suffers from persecution mania, being an Anti-amalekite.

The old struggle between Jacob / Israel and Esau persists - and causes disunity among Israelis. Therefore, peace in Israel and the Middle East / the world is not possible. Israel is the minute hand of the doomsday clock. Let it be it said here that acc. to Bible prophecy, God does not want division of Israel (eg. Ezekiel 43:13-20) as demanded by the “international community” and will, therefore, intervene at the end of days in a devastating war in Israel against the deeply Lucifer-religious NWO,  who has stolen God´s plan and twisted his words to fit into their fiendish secularisation plan for Lucifer – against God.This is the meaning of the word “Antichrist”.


Documentation of Summary

Israel is currently being accused of being a cruel, fascist, aggressive state which is a threat to peace in the Middle East and the world. Indeed, the [1] late Moshe Dayan, politician and general, said: “Israel has to behave like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”  However, to say that Israel is a danger to world peace is  stamped off as antitisemitism. Thus, the German author, [2] Günther Grass is now being witchhunted for writing a simple poem stating Israel´s nuclear weapons as a danger to the world. Indeed, Israel has barred Grass from entry into the country. This has caused upset in the West and cost Israel very much sympathy.

However, the eternal brandishing of any one critisizing Jews and Israel as “antisemites” – which may even be punishable with 3 years in prison acc. to the European Framework decision on Racism and Xenophobia” – is an attempt to rule the world by means of repression. The Jews apparently need being persecuted to an extent that if there is no persecution in their neighbouthood they create the “persecution” themselves (like painting of swastikas) to blame the gentile who grant them residence! Thus, [3] Jewess Avigail Abarbanel wrote 9 Febr. 2010: “The reason for the existence of the state of Israel is a direct result of Jewish self-perception as victims of persecution (Hitler). If the Jews are doing well everywhere, then Jewish identity is being put to question, and so is the very reason for the existence of Israel. The very state that was created to save the Jews from persecution, now needs them to be persecuted again.”  This is in accordance with what [4] Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism, wrote in his diary in 1897.

And this creates animosity against Jews and Israel – as well as the increasing knowledge of the [5] contempt and hatred and [6] here for Goyim by self-styled Jews behind the [7] Talmudic and [4] Pharisaic and [8] here ruthless [9] NWO.
Acc. to Bible prophecy, Israel is a [10] product of Luciferian Rothschild – and prophecied by God. Israel is the [11] minute hand of the Judgment Day clock and the final showdown between Lucifer and God (Matth. 24).

This  being said I must also express anxiety for Netanyahu´s being an [12] anti-amalekite and under the influence of [13] Chabadist Doomsday sects. And in particular; I am worried about this Israel minor ruling Israel major, the US, through the US sovereign debt to the Talmudic product, the Federal Reserve, and Talmudic ownership of the [14] Banksters who control the world, because they [15] own the media and [16] here and [17] here and [18] here and [15] our  politicians and [19] here, the  media and the big institutions of the world.

So let us have a look at what is going on today in the [20] Euromediterranean state of Israel. I have already described dangerous developments there [21] here and [22] here. But let us not forget: The Israeli Arab wars were provoked/started by the Arabs. We should be aware that a very bitter struggle is going on in Israel between secularists and orthodox Jews.

The following video shows a brutal Israeli officer, [23] Shaul Eisner, striking a peaceful Danish protester in the face with the butt of his gun. Afterwards he remarked: “It could have been a professional mistake to use a weapon in front of the cameras,” to Israel’s Channel 10. Indeed it was. The chief of the IDF has now dismissed him and deprived him of command for 2 years. [24] Mr. Eisner belongs to the orthodox Jews who back him – while most IDF officers reject his action. Many see this as a sign of evil soldiers. One might also see it as a sign of stress with constantly threatened soldiers from Palestinians an orthodox fellow citizens.

Israel and Palestinians
[25] EUObserver 14 March 2012: EU countries’ ambassadors in Ramallah have said Israeli authorities are not doing enough to stop a massive increase in attacks by Jewish extremists against Palestinians.
There were registered 411 assaults last year compared to 266 in 2010 and 132 in 2009. The attacks varied from gunfire to throwing stones and garbage, including at Palestinian schoolchildren, as well as burning homes and mosques, killing livestock and uprooting olive trees. They caused three deaths and 183 injuries last year. Some 10,000 mostly olive trees were destroyed. On the other side, Palestinians killed eight Jews - including one entire family - and injured 37.
The EU diplomats depicted settler attacks as part of a broader Israeli campaign to get rid of native Palestinians.

Some settlers follow religious teachings which say a greater Israel should encompass all of Gaza and the West Bank, the Sinai peninsula in Egypt, Lebanon and parts of Syria and Turkey, and that their actions will speed up the coming of the Messiah. The EU report said over 90 percent of complaints filed by Palestinians ended with no indictment. Meanwhile, Jews and Palestinians live under two different legal regimes in the occupied territory - if a Jewish boy throws a stone at a Palestinian it is treated as a misdemeanour under civil law, but if a Palestinian boy throws one, it is treated as an act of terrorism under military law. The EU report acknowledged that Israeli soldiers helped prevent attacks during the Palestinian olive harvest - a traditional flashpoint - last year.

The existence of Israel is [22] threatened from outside. But there are also tensions from within.
[26] The Independent 29 Dec. 2011: “The survival of Israel as a democratic and modern state is also threatened from within, specifically by its own ultra-Orthodox minority.  This is a struggle for the soul of Israel, and it is not going away.” There are [21] social tensions in Israel due to a wide gap between rich and poor. So far the big demonstrations which I have described, have elapsed amazingly peaceful. But there are also insurmountable religious tensions between secular and ultraorthodox Jews, who mostly [27] do not work, produce a lot children, pray and study the scriptures – [28] in particular the [4] Talmud, the [8] book of the Pharisees. The hatred between these 2 groups is mounting incredibly – and no dialogue will be able to bridge that gap. The ultra-orthodox Jews constitute about [29] 8% of the population of Israel – [30] 70.000 live in the settlements, separated from the minority constituted by the national-religious Zionists. Just above half Israelis see themselves as religious. [31] As of December 2010, 327,750 Israelis live in the 121 officially-recognised settlements in the West Bank, 192,000 Israelis live in settlements in East Jerusalem and over 20,000 live in settlements in the Golan Heights. [32] Ultraorthodox-discussion

[33] Ultraorthodox-jewish-women[34] HAARETZ 8 Jan 2012Israeli democracy must be dismantled and in its place a halakhic state, based on Jewish law, should be established, says settler leader Benny Katzover in an interview to a a messianic journal of Chabad.

The Women right are ultraorthodox Jews, called “the Talibani”.

[35] HAARETZ 13 Febr.2012: The Ministerial Committee on Legislation approved on Sunday a bill recognizing donations to institutions that promote the values of Zionism and settlement for tax purposes. The bill would confer a tax exemption of up to thirty-five percent on such donations.

Why are the few ultraorthodox Jews, the “Haredim” so influential?
[36] Spiegel 30 Dec. 2011: ”Women in Jerusalem, too, have been bombarded with stones or spittle for not wearing long enough skirts or for not covering their heads. Indeed, even religious Jews have begun to resist the trend

Religious parties are a key part of Netanyahu´s conservative governing coalition and his political survival depends in part on the ultra-Orthodox. Della Pergola calls the extreme-religious the “decisive 10 percent. Furthermore, the ultra-Orthodox were granted a protected status when the state of Israel was founded. In order to secure their support for the establishment of the country, they were granted broad privileges by the first Israeli prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. They were exempted from military service and receive substantial financial support from the state so that they don’t have to work and can devote their time to the study of religious texts. On average, the Haredi have three times as many children as other couples. Because of this, says Kremnitzer, they have “more influence than ever before” on the Netanyahu coalition.”

[37] Orants at the wall of wailing[29] The New Zealand Herald 30 Dec. 2011 An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man was arrested in Jerusalem yesterday for allegedly calling a 19-year-old female soldier a slut when she refused to move to the back of a public bus.
Prime Minister Netanyahu call the orthodox radicalists “a lawless fringe group.” Confirmed by [38] HAARETZ 4 jan. 2012

[39] Yahoo News 27 Dec. 2011: Thousands of Israelis have gathered in a city outside Jerusalem to demonstrate against a radical Jewish sect that is trying to impose its strict lifestyle on others.

The city of Beit Shemesh has been the center of a national uproar since an 8-year-old schoolgirl told a local TV station last week that she is scared to go to school because members of the ultra-Orthodox sect spit at her and curse her. They claim the girl, herself an Orthodox Jew, was not dressed properly. [40] Tlmudists

[41] Israeli-protesters[42] Haaretz 29 dec. 2011 The public at large has sensed the danger and Tuesday evening they came to Beit Shemesh in large numbers to demonstrate against this extremist violence. It should be remembered that Beit Shemesh is an extreme case, that the hard core among the rioters represents a problematic exception and that most of the ultra-Orthodox population decries this extremism and has itself suffered greatly from it. This hatred could have ruinous consequences. The rioters in Beit Shemesh are criminals in every sense of the word.

Orthodox attacks on Israeli police and military
[43] HAARETZ 14 Dec. 2011:  The rioters, some of whom reside in the capital’s Kiryat Moshe neighborhood after being forced to leave the West Bank outpost of Yitzhar, slashed the tires and smashed the windows of several police cars. Earlier Wednesday, a mosque of historical significance in the capital was set alight overnight.
Dozens of right-wing activists clashed with police officers in Jerusalem on Wednesday. In another incident, rocks were reported to have hurled at Palestinian vehicles passing through the Tapuach and Rechalim Junction; a young Jewish woman was arrested in relation to the attacks.

On Tuesday, dozens of right-wing activists infiltrated an IDF base in the West Bank, with others assaulting the vehicle of a top military officer, who escaped with minor injuries. Defense Minister Ehud Barak said earlier Wednesday that Israel needs to see if the so-called hilltop youth, a group of young people who reared in the settlements and belonging to the extreme right, could be designated as a terror organization.
In an unusually harsh response, former Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said the Israeli [44] Ultraorthodox-holocausterssoldiers should have shot the right-wing rioters when they assaulted them. [45] Ultra-orthodox-holocaust-propaganda

The divide is also visible in the army where an [46] ultraorthodox rabbi can no longer live his double life in his ultraorthodox home town and in the Israeli Defence Force where he had to accept female soldiers.

Racism in Israel
[47] HAARETZ 10 Jan. 2012: Hundreds of demonstrators hit the streets of Kiryat Malachi on Tuesday afternoon, protesting what they call the discrimination of Ethiopian immigrants. According to Ethiopian residents of Kiryat Malachi, housing committees in the city have been refusing to sell them apartments.

[48] Israeli-settlement-dismantling[49] The Independent 27 Jan. 2012. Israel asserts sovereignty over Jerusalem, and 250,000 settlers live in the Arab-dominated east of the city.
The water tower and electricity pylons of Migron, like the road that winds up the hillside to the summit, testify to the generous $4m-worth of help the community has had from governmental agencies since its establishment a decade ago. So too do the Israel Defence Force soldiers on protective duty here.Yet this is part of the Migron paradox – there is absolutely nothing legal about it. Forget about international law, which most democratic governments believe is violated by all Jewish settlement in occupied territory. Like another 100 such unauthorised outposts, which started to spring up in the 1990s to get round Israel’s promise to build no new actual settlements, it has no basis in Israeli law.

Moreover, government departments have regularly confirmed, and the Supreme Court accepted, that Migron was built on land privately owned by individual Palestinians and their families in the nearby villages of Burqa and Deir Dibwan, which makes it doubly illegal.

As the German Islam expert, Scholl-Latour (“The Sword of Islam”), said, Israel and Jerusalem in particular, is a question of the Judgment Day. The UN and the major powers can do whatever they want, there seems to be only one solution, that of Freemason guru [50] Albert Pike, which is nothing else than the fulfillment of biblical prophecies. The Luciferian elite has stolen God´s words/prophecies, twist them to make us believe that they – who take care of the fulfillment thereof - are God and that their secular Antichristian agenda ([51] Adam Weishaupt) is God´s words to be followed by mankind, disregarding the words and example of Christ. This is the meaning of the word “Antichrist”.

The following video shows the Luciferian, Antichristian religion twisting the words of Christ for Lucifer.

While Pike does expect the intervention of Lucifer, the Bible promises God’s/Christ´s intervention. The Israelis are quite right in thinking of all of Palestine to be an eschatological promise to them (Ezekiel 44:13-20). This was paradoxically implemented by God´s enemy, the Rothschild dynasty. Israel will be the center of the Armageddon (Jeremiah 25:29, Habakkuk 3, Joel 2, Joel 3:14-21, Matthew 24) in an unprecedented disaster - all nations against Israel. The Rothschilds will see to it that it comes so. However, they do not tell you that in this disaster Christ will return (Matth. 24) and punish those who stole and twisted his words. Only Christ can save us from the fiendish plan of the elite.
The orthodox Messianic Jews are so messianic, that they think to be able to accelerate the coming of their Messiah, Ben David, through the realization of this prophecy. And they work hard on it, according to the [13] historian Wolfgang Eggert. Benjamin [52] Netanyahu is such a Messianic Jew.

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