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"Dear consultant opht bruun-laursen Thank you for your message to the Prime Minister which you sent through the [1] Downing Street website.
Once you have confirmed your email, your message will be passed to Downing Street staff to read.  Although the PM is unable to answer emails personally, all your messages are read and the PM is given a report on the issues raised, along with a selection of messages.

The Number 10 Web Team
Here is the text we received:
RE: Law and Order

Mr. Prime Minister
Gordon Brown

As I see from several blogs ([2] Gates of Vienna, [3] Politically Incorrect 
and others) a  warrant for an arrest has been issued against a Christian British blogger, who uses the pseudonym "Lionheart".   As far as I can see from his blog, all he has done is to bring the truth about Islam - as it it is written in the Quran and the Hadith. And as we see it described every day in our MSM.
I am a Dane, and we Danes have had a very high opinion of the UK and its democracy ever since World War 2. We were liberated by British forces after 5 years of German nazi-occupation.

Today many Danes are beginning to see the UK as an equivalent to a dictatorship, which your fathers so gallantly fought.
The repression of the right of free expression as demonstrated in the case of  Lionheart has sparked deep surprise - even contempt with many Danes.
Please, change this new British Image. Stop this insane persecution of Lionheart and others who tell the truth about the Islamic occupation - and about any other kind of undemocratic behaviour.
Anders Bruun laursen
former Consultant Ophthalmologist
Toftevej 3
DK-4140 Borup


 As reported on the Gates of Vienna on [2] Jan. 4  and again on [4] Jan. 5   and [5] Jan. 6  a warrant for an arrest has been issued against a british blogger using the pseudonym ”Lionheart” .

His offence is to have written the truth about Islam as described in the Quran and the Hadith. And as seen by each and every one of us every day in the MSM. His family had even been attacked.

In the UK it is not allowed to criticise  Islam – and soon it [6] will be punished severely everywhere in Europe, too. For on July 27, 2005 the EU passed a bill on Joint Action to Combat Racism and Xenophobia. Mark the latter word which means fear of strangers. We are not even allowed to fear what attacks us!! Between 1-3 years of imprisonment  is demanded for such a crime!!. Here is an [7] update from July 18, 2007 : A Framework decision was published to complete the total repression  of the freedom of  speech and to leave us defenceless to random accusations from foreigners who do not like us.
Here are some terrible “hate crimes”: public dissemination or distribution of tracts, pictures or other material containing expressions of racism and xenophobia; directing of a racist or xenophobic group (by "group" is meant a structured organisation consisting of at least two persons established for a specific period).

[8] And here is a link to the terrible background behind this new [9] dictatorship: The [10] Euromediterranean Union/Eurabia[10]  : This new dictatorship is more and more like the 3. Reich´s Neuordnung Europa. Now it is called “The New World Order” governed by illuminists.
And the EU has declared itself [11] illuminist.

Lionheart” is only the first to go. According to the Gates of Vienna more will follow – all over Europe. This is the liquidation of the freedom of speech – now hitting the internet blogs, the last free voices of Europe, as well.  And of course it´s all in the name of “combating terrorism” and "democracy". How often I heard those phrases on the Radio DDR! Only we Europeans have become the terrorists – and our governments are using the laws of our national EU-provinces against us – allowing the knife-stabbers, rapers etc. go free.

Therefore: Please support a campaign to save not only "Lionheart" - but the freedom of expression . Not only in England - but in all of Europe this benchmark of democracy is threatened. Only massive popular protests can save these precious values, for which our ancestors fought and died in World War 2. Write an email to Gordon Brown about "Lionheart". The Link to Prime Minister Brown is seen at the beginning of this post. 

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