NWO Tower of Babel Re-builder, the EU-Council President: “National Parliaments now EU Institutions”. Euro and Euromed. in shambles

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Summary: According to economists, the euro was doomed to fail from its outset, too. According to its father, Robert Mundell, the Euro was only intended as an interim step to a one world currency. Now, this monster, whose purpose is the creation of a Union Finance Ministry - and thus to centralize all political power with the EU - seems before its collapse with the fall of Greece. And even the Greek president seems to rely on the military to take back the sovereignty of Greece . It looks as though the EU has set very short-term and impossible-to-fulfil conditions for another bailout plan in order to force Greece to withdraw from the euro before total protest anarchy in the country. 77% of the Greek believe Germany wants the 4. Reich. Standards & Poors on 27 Febr downgraded  Greek´s  credit rating to partial default and issued a negative outlook for the EFSF - reflecting negative outlooks for France and Austria.
The patron-client relationship that has characterized the EU and the U.S. relations with Arab countries begins to appear old-fashioned  in the post-authoritarian Middle East.  In fact, now both the military and the populations of “partner countries” are  cursing the EU because of their lectures on western-style democracy and conditions for EU take over. The EU is total ly without influence on the “Arab Spring”. The Muslims believe that we have to learn democracy. And certainly they are right. However, Muslim democracy is in the opinion of 95% of Egyptians identical with the Sharia (Pew opinion poll). Syria has s[1] uspended its membership of the Unon for the Mediterranean.
To the EU, this is catastrophic. The EU Commission has even called the EU the model of the New World Order. This means building the one world state / world governance  - and beside permanent expansion of the EU, the EU has in the past 40 years invested a lot of time, energy and money in the Euro-Mediterranean project. In 2006 our media were even muzzled about the actions of Muslims.
In fact, after the “Arab Spring”, the same militaries still rule these countries. A lot of money to the EU’s partners went into the pockets of dictators and tax havens through the European Investment Bank.
The EU founded the Euromed. Project with blinders. The very thought that the Quran wants to wipe out the infidels, and that democracy is impossible, according to the Qur’an, because Allah has already given all the necessary laws - and more laws are blasphemy! – is completely alien to the EU politicians. Thus,  the Euromed. Process was doomed to fail from its onset. The probability is that the EU politicians are ignorant and bribed - and EU officials are deeply involved in the communist / NWO ideological Technkracy after Gorbachev in 1985 highjacked the European project from inside (EUSSR).
With the old dictators gone and the takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Euromediterranean Process is dead. And the EU cannot understand it, nor that it has accelerated this death through their support of the Arab spring.
As European cooperation deepened France demanded linking its former colonies to Europe. At the same time Germans who after World War II fled to Arabia, where they had converted to Islam, extended  the connections with the EC. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Council of Europe held scandalous meetings with the Arabs, in which prominent European politicians launched shameful disparagement of European culture and Christianity - while glorifying Islamic culture, even the Madrassa schools, the hotbed of Islamic terrorism. They offered the conservative Arabs to take their birth surplus  to Europe as ”migrant labour”, where they are then reunified with their entire families.
In 1995 came the the Barcelona / Euro-Mediterranean Process, which in 2008 led to the Mediterranean Union with its own parliamentary Assembly, secretariat, etc. - all without the Europeans being informed. The purpose was common prosperity, a common free trade area and common culture! The Arabs have accepted the mild EU donations – but not met their obligations.
In 2003, the EU promised the 9 Arab “partners” and Israel the four EU freedoms, including freedom of movement in the Euro-Mediterranean zone. Therefore, we have the colossal legal and illegal Muslim immigration, which in 2001 cost Denmark and Sweden 30% of their national budgets! Now the European Court of Justice even ruled that  Italy was not permitted to return illegal immigrants from the defaulted Muslim countries, Somalia and Eritrea, to Africa. They were caught on the high seas. We just keep everything in the EU! Even the EU is now demanding more mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean zone.
The cause of this betrayal, combined with the “European Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia” promising 3 years in jail for protests, is – according to senior political sources – that it is hoped  to change the old Western cultures radically by Muslim mass immigration. Another reason is that the EU is buying the support of the Arab world for EU superpower status.
The EU honored the Muslim dictators who bridled the Arab masses and even made Mubarak Co-President of the Mediterranean Union. In return, he gave the French Prime Minister and his family a holiday in Egypt at the turn of 2010/11. At the same time Tunisia gave a French Minister a holiday in Tunisia. One month later, these bigwigs demanded the heads of their hosts on a plate, as the “Arab spring” broke out, that led to the electoral victories of the Muslim Brotherhood,  the partner of the U.S. CIA and British MI6. New dictatorships - new friends, that does not matter to the dictatorial NWO. The Brotherhood is now dominating in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya (not a member of the Union for the Union for the Mediterranean) with the blessing of a large proportion of the populations to introduce the Sharia law. In Syria and Jordan, the Brotherhood, which has prepared a plan for the Islamisation of Europe, is  on the go - helped by Al-Qaeda and NATO.
Nevertheless, the EU in the name of world government continues to provide money and projects - as well as “advanced status” to “partner countries”. Morocco has been given the status of 2008, Tunisia Egypt and Jordan and will follow shortly.


Genesis 11: 4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top [may reach] unto heaven;…. 5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower…. 6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people [is] one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. 7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. 8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. [2] (Parallel = Agenda 21)*

Documentation of Summary:

[3] EUObserver 28 febr. 2012: “Politically speaking, all national parliaments have become European institutions. This development also comes at the expense of some sovereignty.
The commission and other euro area member states have to be consulted before adoption of any major fiscal or economic policy reform with potential spill-over effects,” Van Rompuy explained, adding that it is the responsibility of national parliaments to “adapt” to this new situation. (van Rompuy, Pres. of the EU Council).

Greek-pres. papoulias+military

Greece: EU wants to [4] dispel Greece from the Euro. The Greek President is hinting at the  [5] military to take Greek sovereignty back and [6] here
Greece is the biggest problem for the EU – and for international banks. [7] Reuters 23 febr. 2012: Europe’s banks have already written down billions of euros from losses on Greek government bonds and loans, and a deal agreed this week with its creditors will inflict losses of 74 % on bondholders. And the writedowns are not over.

[8] ANSAmed 28 Febr. 2012: Standards & Poors on 27 Febr downgraded  Greek´s  credit rating to partial default and issued a negative outlook for the EFSF - reflecting negative outlooks for France and Austria.

[4] Deutsche Mittelstandsnachrichten 24. Febr. 2012 Observers see as the goal to move Greece to withdraw from the EU. By the end of the month, the Greek government has to implement 38-specific changes in tax, spending and wage policies. The (EU) rules go into such detail that the Greeks actually do not need any own government any more. On the other hand, the time frame is deliberately unrealistic: Innumerable tax proceedings have to be finally finished by the end of next week. If Greece does not fulfill these requirements there is no further rescue package - and the country is broke. [9] 77% of the Greek believe Germany wants the [10] 4. Reich.

[11] Tower-of-babel-2The patron-client relationship which characterised EU and US relations with Arab countries is beginning to look out of date in the post-authoritarian Middle East. ([12] EUObserver 13 Febr. 2012).

Left: Standardized, cubic humanity re-building (cranes) the Tower of Babel. EU poster expressing contempt for the Creator.

The tragic consequences of EU´s corrupt multicultural ideology: The Euromediterranean Process now disintegrating in chaos because of ruthless EU disregarding reality for 40 years.
The Eurabian (Bat Ye´or Eurabia 2005) and its successor, the Euromediterranean, Processes invited Muslim birth surplus and their families to come to Europe and settle – which costs us immensely (30% of [13] Denmark´s and [14] Sweden´s national budgets in 2001). The [15] purpose was revealed by Danish and British politicians to be a “radical change of Western societies” and “to make Denmark look like Istanbul and to sever our historical roots”. Moreover, acc. to EU Commissioner Stefan Füle, the enormous Muslim immigration to Europe and our taxpayer money for Euromediterranean dictators are attempts to [16] buy the Muslims to support EU´s super power statusIn 1985, [17] Gorbachev promised German and Italian socialists to highjack the European Project from within (EUSSR). The [18] Euromediterranean/Barcelona Process was started in 1995 to create an (NWO) zone comprising the EU and 9 Muslim countries + Israel with “shared prosperity, culture and a free market”, EU Commission President, [19] honorary member of the Club of Rome alongside with Communist Gorbachev, [20] Jacques Delors, being the shaker and mover and [21] here of the Barcelona Congress.  In 2003, the EU Foreign Ministers  in Naples promised the “partner countries” the 4 EU freedoms, incl. [22] free mobility for Muslims  in the Euromediterranean zone – in return for democratic and economic process, which were never delivered. Nevertheless, the EU has granted [23] Morocco, a country [24] perpetrating genocide on West Saharans and perscuting Christians, such an advanced status – soon to be bestowed on Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan, too. Besides, the EU delivered/s a lot of our taxpayer [25] money to the beloved partner dictators for development and projects. All of no avail. In 2008 the EU proclaimed the [26] Union for the Mediterranean including the EU and all Mediterrnean countries but Libya with its own [27] Parliamentary Assembly, secretariat etc. – all without informing us citizens. Besides there are plans to [28] extend this Union to the Persian Gulf to include Saudi Arabia as part of the one world state aim of the [29] Trilateral Commission. For the [30] EU is acc.to EU Commission Pres. Barroso the model of the New World Order and its [31] one world government declared in 2009 by EU Council Pres. van Rompuy.

[32] Tower-painting-parliamentEgypt´s Pres. Mubarak was made copresident of the Union for the Mediterranean alongside with Sarkozy  – and [33] Mubarak paid a vacation for Sarkozy´s prime minister with family at New Year 2010. Another[34] French minister had her vacation in Tunisia paid by dictator Ben Ali.  No wonder, the [35] EU being penetrated by corruption and [36] hereOne month later France claimed the heads of their hosts on a plate under the impression of the “Arab spring”!!!

The EU then [37] reluctantly joined the NWO drive and supported the [38] Arab Spring and [39] here, which was orchestrated by the CIA, The US congressinal [40] NED and [41] George Soros´Open Society and [42] his civil society, the [43] Freedom House, and Soros´OTPOR trained the Tunisian rebels (video below). Twitter and Facebook worked as the means of communication for this NWO rebellion against dictators that were unwilling to submit to US/Rothschild hegemony.  The Arabs now want the EU with its demands for democracy as far away as possible. [44] To the Arabs democracy means the Sharia. Not the Arabs are to be taught democracy. The Eurpeans are! When one takes a look at the EU the Arabs are partly right!

EU Commissioner Stefan Füle´s surrealistic wishful NWO dream about the Union for the Mediterranean in the middle of the Winter of the“Arab Spring”
[45] Stefan Füle EU Press Release 24 Jan. 2012: “It is clear that we cannot return to the old days of complacency towards authoritarian regimes. I am confident that the EU now firmly stands behind the forces of change and modernisation. One major focus of our attention has been to strengthen [46] civil society. We have launched the [47] Civil Society Facility last September. Work continues on the establishment of the European Endowment for Democracy.The Commission has also renewed and increased its support to the [48] Anna Lindh Foundation and  [49] here.

Increasing mobility and people to people contacts with our Mediterranean neighbours are crucial. I am glad that “[50] Mobility Partnerships” have been initiated with Tunisia and Morocco in October 2011. These partnerships will help develop comprehensive and balanced cooperation in the management of regular migration, irregular migration, readmission, visa, international protection, borders and security matters.

Mandates for negotiating Deep and comprehensive Free Trade Agreements with Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan were approved by the Council on 14 December. These will facilitate progressive and deep economic integration with the EU internal market. [51] European Investment Bank 30 May 2011Investment of over EUR 300 billion will be required by 2030. I hope the Union for the Mediterranean will come to function.”

[52] Boat-refugees1[53] Deutsche Welle 24 Febr. 2012 The Strasbourg judges (ECJ)noted that even though Italy was faced with a high number of incoming refugees that was not a reason to send a group of refugees from Somalia and Erytrea straight back to Africa (taken on open sea). It violates the European Convention on Human Rights .

[12] EUObserver 13 Febr. 2012 Egypt is a showcase of how the European Union’s weight in the region is decreasing. So far, the Union has been little more than a timid bystander in Egypt’s democratic transition. As things stand, the EU can do little to influence the course of events (the crackdown on NGOs).
Its sway in Egypt was always small and became even smaller with Mubarak’s departure.

The EU has supported the civil society in particular. The Twitter NGOs starting the revolution were a small minority. The Army stayed and allied itself with the Muslim Brotherhood (itself [54] accepted by the 6 April movement) and other [55] Islamists, who won 70% of the seats in the National Assembly to give Egypt a Sharia constitution. So, now there is a [54] germinating civil war going on. [56] Foreign Affairs 22 Febr. 2012Hearings begin against 43 workers (including 16 U.S. citizens) charged with operating without a license, receiving unauthorized foreign funds, and engaging in political activity. In late December, Egyptian security forces raided the offices of several of the NGOs under investigation. US Congress members are furious.

Libya: Al  Qaida, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, takes power. Libya to have Sharia Constitution
The Libyan conflict showed the [57] contours of a global conflict with Russia – but with the EU´s blessing individual EU countries attacked Libya. Although [58] with the [59] [58] Arab Spring, the Union for the Mediterranian was dead – the EU went on with its utopia of western democracy among its “partners”. The NWO used NATO to [59] Libya-post.gaddafiinvade Libya and to conquer Tripolis by means of Al-Qaeda, its declared mortal enemy and the [60] pretext for the war on terror and WWIII – but in reality [61] created by the CIA. Today, [62] Al Qaeda´s flag flies over the Court House of the NATO liberated Benghazi.

[63] Peoples´ Daily 31 Jan. 2012Ordinary Libyans under the rule of Gaddafi were about the most well-fed, clothed, housed and even secure people in Africa.
Libya, now, is on the boil. With politically-motivated chaos looming, from obvious in-fighting among the victorious former insurgents and the pro-Gaddafi forces regaining confidence, ordinary Libyans might just be slipping into the terrain of the great want that other Africans have known for decades since the end of formal colonial rule.
Sustained foreign meddling and even military presence will further discredit the strange ‘revolution’ authored in Brussels, Washington.

[64] PJDMorocco
[65] BBC 27 Nov. 2012: Morocco’s moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party ([38] [38] PJD = Muslim Brotherhood) has won the most seats in the parliamentary elections. Its likely coalition partner, the nationalist Istiqlal party, came second, with 60 seats. The interior ministry said the PJD took 107 out of 395 seats, giving it the right to lead a government.
Comment: This government constellation does not bode well for [24] persecuted Christians and West Saharans

Tunisia: Muslim Brotherhood wins elections with 41% of the votes
[66] BBC 27 Oct. 2012 Reports say police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of people. They were protesting against the cancellation of seats won by the Popular List party in six electoral districts because of “financial irregularities”. Ennahda says it has modelled itself on the governing AK party in Turkey. Investors have become nervous. Comment: As Ennahda´s idol, Tayyip Erdogan says: “[67] There is no such thing as moderate Islam. it´s ugly and offensive. Islam is Islam – and that´s it.”

[68] Tunesia-dem.

[69] The Miami Herald 25 Febr. 2012A peaceful demonstration pointed to growing tensions between Tunisia’s Islamist-led government and the leftist opposition, which has a strong presence in the union. The protest was prompted by incidents at the trade union’s, the UGTT´s, offices around the country, which it blamed on members of Ennahda, the moderate Islamist party that won elections in October. “They want to terrorize us and instill fear in our hearts to keep us from defending our cause and rights, but we will not let them,” said  the secretary general. Ennahda has responded that its members had nothing to do with the incidents. Protesters chanted that the new government had just stepped into the old one’s repressive shoes and called for a new revolution. The dem was scattered with tear gas.

[70] Institute for War and Peace Reporting 31 Jan. 2012: The people of the Ben Ali regime are still in place. Tunisians will not celebrate the revolution which they say is not concluded– and  they are seeing no real change.
There is no genuine freedom of expression – but corruption. Tunisia wants to safeguard its sovereignty, but to keep to a policy of positive engagement with the West. However, Qatari involvement is growing here, with a lot of business and investment, but people are afraid that this will come with political influence

Syria: is a [62] special chapter showing especially clearly the ruin of the Euromediterranean philosophy.
In their helplessness, [71] Arab and Western politicians in Tunis on 24. Febr. – just to repeat measures that have already been introduced without effect – all the while the US, France, the UK and Italy are preparing for an invasion in Syria ([72] DEBKAfile 23 Febr. 2012).

[73] EUObserver 23 febr. 2012With EU countries crafting plans on how to shape events in Syria, David Hirst, former correspondent for The Guardian who has lived in Beirut for over 50 years, has warned that the Arab uprisings are a kind of “constructive chaos” completely out of Western control. “What we’re now witnessing is the greatest transformation of the region since the end of the first world war,” he told EUobserver.
It is not far-fetched to see it leading to the disappearance of whole states and the creation of new ones …
Hirst noted that EU countries are more interested in protecting their strategic interests in the region than in defending human rights. The EU is mistaken if it thinks post-Assad Syria or other post-Arab-Spring entities will become pro-Western and Israeli-friendly secular democracies. “There are no good guys and bad guys in the Syrian war …”.

I do not know, if the NWO created chaos is deliberate (Illuminati slogan: “Order out of Chaos”) – but first make Chaos. Or if it is simply due to stupidity of brainwashed and corrupt politicians. But I do know that the EU has failed in its plans in the fields of the Euromed as well as in the Euro – an economic impossibility against which economists warned before its introduction – [74] demanded by the US/CIA governed American Committee for a United Europe – already in 1965.
This chaos may very well be planned to create one world government through wars nourished through the “Arab Spring”. As stated above this could lead to break down of borders, total anarchy after removal of stabilizing dictators, the Sharia -the upcoming of one new arab region /the Osman Empire or one defaulting Mediterranean state in innumerable wars. Already years ago, the Euromediterranean  Process was recognized to be  impossible (1. Anna Lindh Foundation chairman, [75] Traugott Schöfthaler) by intelligent insiders. The reason is that the Koran makes tolerance and democracy impossible: All laws have already been given in the Koran – and further legislation ist, therefore, blasphemy.

As for the Euro, its “father”, Nobel Prize winner [76] Robert Mundell meant it to be an interin currency to be replaced by the one world currency, a globalero/Bancor, SDR etc. So the above may be planned pavement of the road to the one world governance – “Order out of engineered chaos”.

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