Syria: NATO in NWO Task Supported by Al Qaeda Forced to Move to Save Credibility of “Right to Protect”

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How Warmongering works:
[1] Spiegel 14 Febr. 2012. “The World Community Must Act on Syria: The entire world looks on helplessly as the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad wages a brutal campaign against its own people. The victims’ only crime is that they have been protesting peacefully since March of 2011, first for reforms and freedom, and then for the overthrow of a dictatorship. There is no guarantee that a peaceful, enlightened democracy would develop after the overthrow of Assad.”
Not a word about armed rebels from Al Qaeda, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, defected armed soldiers.

Summary: After stubborn resistance from the inhomogeneous and fragmented Syrian opposition of Muslim Brotherhood, “Al-Qaeda” and secular NGOs - and despite the help of British special forces and Western arms -the loyal army and security forces of brutal Pres Assad using 15,000 Iran’s revolution guards have nearly totally shattered the uprising - acc. to DEBKAfile on 11 Feb. 2012, based on Western sources.
This would be a colossal prestige defeat for the Western politicians - especially the British foreign minister, who uses the single source of wildly exaggerated casualty figures in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (or SOHR), for his false propaganda and massive war-mongering through the NWO media.
If confirmed, the propaganda defeat would be a victory of reason. Indeed, contrary to statements by the desperate NWO puppet, UN Secretary General,  Ban Ki-moon, this would be a victory for the Syrian people, 55% of of whom want President Assad to stay. Not necessarily because they love him - but because they know the alternative: Prolonged civil war and chaos, or the Sharia of the Muslim Brotherhood. The  vestiges from Libya, where the Al Qaeda flag is flying over Benghazi’s courthouse, and where now armed warrior factions deliver terror and battles, are scaring.
Should the West now - as in Kosovo in 1999 -feel forced to intervene militarily against the will of Russia this would lead to direct confrontation with a much more capable Russia today. A major war in the Middle East has been requested by the latest Bilderberg meeting. In that direction the words by the just departed U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, might point: “I hope that people in Syria do not feel to be left alone, because the international community comes together more and more.” Acc. to Western officials in Western capitals efforts are made to collect evidence of human rights violations by members of President Bashar al Assad’s regime with a view to a future process that will not take place before the UN Criminal Tribunal.

After the calls of the NATO heads of government for the resignation of pres. Assad; because of their long-term plans, to complete Brzezinski’s Big Chessboard strategy on behalf of the NWO; for strategic reasons before the showdown with the ally of Syria, Iran, which also does not want to submit to the U.S., a final victory for Assad  would be completely unbearable for NATO which has appointed itself to the UN police. For the UN, it would be the end: it is totally marginalized by the Russian and Chinese vetoes as well as by its futile appeals to the “world community” to stop Assad. By the way, after Syria the “world community” no longer exists. So now there are many indications of an  NATO intervention in Syria soon.

Western intelligence sources reporting in real time found Saturday night, Feb. 11, that Bashar Assad’s loyal military and security forces had by and large managed to subdue the rebellion against the regime. They are now purging the last pockets of resistance, especially in Syria’s third largest city. ([2] DEBKAfile 11. Febr. 2012)


On 4 Febr. 2012 China and Russia again vetoed a UN resolution meant to create the basis for a Libya-like “humanitarian” intervention in the name of the “[3] Right to Protect (R2P)” to support the defected Syrian army soldiers, [4] Muslim Brotherhood activists and [5] Al Qaeda warriors coming from Libya and [6] here and [7] here to pave the way for total chaos in Syria [8] as in Libya – and the erection of a Sharia state. As described here previously, the riots in Syria – as in the other “arab Spring” uprisings are instigated and funded by the [9] CIA, and [10] George Soros´Open Society, the US governmental [11] National Endowment for Democracy and [12] Freedom House.  [13] Washington has funded and trained the rebels of Syria. And the forces supported by these US organisations are not peaceful, cf. [14] the bomb attack in Aleppo on 10 Febr. 2012 on military and security buildings, killing 25 and maiming many more.

Let there be no doubt: Bashar Assad is a cruel dictator, no doubt. But his alternative is even more cruel [4] Muslim Brotherhood Sharia.
Now even Ayman al-Zawahri, the head of the
[15] non-existing danger called “AlQaida calls on Muslims in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to join the uprising against Assad’s “pernicious, cancerous regime” ([16] HAARETZ 12 Febr. 2012).  I.e.: As in Libya the West is supporting its mortal enemy, Al Qaeda, which was f[17] ounded by the US´CIA and since has served NATO as a scape goat for [18] false flag operations like [19] 9/11 and it has even been declared the fictive [20] reason for the ongoing WWIII- which is [21] NATO´s war on terror!

[22] Grand-chessboard1 Behind the US “[23] civil societies” again are very influential organisations: [24] CFR Corporate Membership – The [25] Chatham House Major Corporate Membership – The [26] Chatham House Standard Corporate Membership – The [27] International Crisis Group Supporters acc. to [28] Prison Planet 27 Febr. 2011. The purpose clearly is to implement [29] Zbigniew Brzezinski´s [30] Grand Chessboard Strategy – or otherwise expressed: To implement the goal of Brzezinski´s and David Rockefeller´s [31] Trilateral Commission: submission of the world – starting with the [32] North American Union, the [33] Euromediterranean Union and [34] here and the [35] ASEAN +3. What is between the latter 2 is to be militarily subdued and ruled by NWO-loyal regimes (left). Rightly, the Russian leadership see the Arab Spring and the war preparations against Iran as [36] the US NWO implementing the Grand Chessboard and its encirlement of Russia. In the meantime, a war by proxies is developing in Syria. [37] Y-Net News 7 Febr. 2012:The Al Arabiya news channel reported that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has deployed 15,000 armed troops to Syria recently in order to help Syrian President Bashar Assad in his fight against opposition forces.

[38] Grand-chessboard2[39] DEBKAfile 4 Febr. 2012: The West and Russia had a major showdown Saturday Feb. 5 over the Arab League resolution calling on Bashar Assad to step down and. It was put to the vote and defeated by Russian and China vetoes. A Cold War dimension has been injected into the Syrian crisis, which is fast descending into a sectarian war between Syria’s ruling Alawites (Shiites) and the majority Sunnis. The regional dimension is provided by pitting Iran and Syria against Turkey and the Gulf Arabs.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev appear to have determined, even at the price of military intervention, not to let NATO and Arab states repeat the Libyan exercise in Damascus. But if the Russians continue to obstruct the US, European and Arab role in backing the Arab revolt and the Muslim Brotherhood, The United States, the Europeans and the Gulf Arabs are likely to redouble their efforts to unseat Bashar Assad.

[40] Michel Chossudovsky Global Res. 7 Jan. 2012: British Special Forces, CIA and MI6 Supporting Armed Insurgency. NATO Intervention Contemplated.
US, UK and Turkish operatives are supplying the rebels with weapons in violation of international law. Reports confirm that the rebels are trained gunmen as well members of Al Qaeda affiliated organizations:[41] CIA[42] MI6

Britain is gearing up for fighting in Syria that could be bigger and bloodier than the battle against Gaddafi.  Agents from MI6 and the CIA are already in Syria assessing the situation.

[43] The Telegraph 9 Febr. 2012 The Telegraph has spoken to a US State Department official who warns the “international community” (=NWO) may be forced to “militarise” the crisis. He writes: The official from the State Department told The Daily Telegraph that the debate in Washington has shifted towards more robust action since Russia and China blocked a United Nations resolution condemning Syria.
The Pentagon’s Central Command has begun a preliminary internal review of US military capabilities in the region.
The White House said it was talking to allies about holding a “Friends of Syria” meeting in the near future and was considering delivering humanitarian aid to affected areas in the country.

The following video claims that the huge bombs in Aleppo were western/Israeli response to Russian/Chinese veto. The “free Syrian Army” claims responsibility. (Thanks to [44] Balder Blog).

Meanwhile in Israel, defence minister Ehud Barak has warned again of Israeli fears that Syrian’s weapons could fall into the hands of Hezbollah. Israel is prepared to take action to prevent this. [45] HAARETZ 2 Febr. 2012: About 200,000 missiles are aimed at Israel at any given time.
Tel Aviv has expressed
that Syria´s weapons pose as great a threat to Israeli security as Iranian nuclear development…

War propaganda on Syria is tremendously increasing
What is happening at Homs is horrible, if one can believe this report by The [46] Guardian/BBC 11. Febr.  - and the Rebels are very militant and cruel, too.
[47] The Independent 9 Febr. 2012: Bashar al-Assad’s bloody siege of Homs intensified yesterday on the fifth day of incessant shellfire, claiming innocent victims, including at least 18 premature babies and three entire families. Dozens of other people were also  killed. [48] Syria-dem.

The British-based (strongly exaggerating) [49] Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (or [50] SOHR) said: “Many children have been killed. Some of them have had their heads blown off in the explosions.”  All 19 of the victims of 3 families – including children –had their throats cut.

[51] Global Research 9 Febr. 2012Like clockwork, the same patterns as against Libya are emerging to sway western public opinion, this time against President Assad and his Syrian government in favor of military action by NATO, or NATO-backed allies in Syria, and later in Iran.”
It’s likely that SOHR´s “Rami Abdul Rahman” is in fact one Rami Abdelrahman, depicted in other online press coverage as head of the SOHR, and is reported to have met with Britain’s Foreign Minister, William Hague at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on November 21, 2011. One can only conclude that with no names or contact information, the SOHR is lobbying for regime change in Syria, from inside Britain’s Foreign Office.

Before regime change in Libya, the US, France and Britain relied on the likes of Soliman Bouchuiguir, the former Libyan League for Human Rights president with ties to NATO’s National Transitional Council (NTC), helped to generate numerous lies needed by the west to justify NATO’s now famously titled “humanitarian intervention” – allegedly to protect Libyans.  Like his present day Syrian counterpart Rami Abdelrahman, this human rights impostor made then Colonel Moumar Gaddafi a targeted by spreading lies of alleged state crimes – but with with no evidence. [52] Al-Qaeda-flag_2042442c

Thanks to NATO´s “humanitarian” war against Libya and conquest of Tripolis by means of “[53] Al Qaida[15] and its Libyan Islamic Fighring Group, the Flag of Al Qaeda was flown over the court house in Benghazi. Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council, said Islamic Sharia law would be the “basic source” of legislation in free Libya. It comes as unrest in the country flared. The fighting fuelled growing fears that nobody is in control of thousands of swaggering armed men who are still based in Tripoli. ([54] The Telegraph 1 Nov. 2011).

Amazingly, this exact same story of premature babies who died in their incubators when Syrian forces cut off electricity to hospitals was launched during their assault in August 2011, not in Homs, but on the city of Hama.  Britain’s William Hague seems to be running point on the NATO PR campaign for regime change in Syria. Following Russia and China’s veto of the UN’s recent revolution for action in Syria, Hague used wild, unverified statistics most likely gleaned from his friend at the SOHR
Journalist Tony Cartalucci in December: It is quite clear that the “SOHR” is working in coordination with both US-funded NGOs and the British Foreign Minister.

[55] Ban-Ki-Moon-holding-globe[56] Syrian-tanks-homs[57] The Guardian 9 febr. 2012:  UN  secretary general, Ban Ki-moon :“The UN’s failure to agree a resolution on Syria is “disastrous”. Thousands have been killed in cold blood, shredding President Assad’s claims to speak for the Syrian people.” The situation in Homs was “unacceptable to humanity” and a grim harbinger of worse to come”, the UN chief added, warning the instability would inevitably spread around the region.
Comment: Here we see the desperate NWO chief of the UN deliberately using mendacious propaganda – blaming the government only – not the sniper rebels or defected soldiers laying huge bombs. [58] The Guardian 17 Jan. 2012: A recent YouGov Siraj poll on Syria commissioned by The Doha Debates, funded by the Qatar Foundation showed 55% of Syrians want Assad to stay. So Ban Ki-Moon cannot speak for “the Syrian people”.
[59] Reuters 10 Febr. 2012: Syrian officials should face prosecution in the International Criminal Court (ICC), the United Nations human rights office said on Friday.
The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, said there was no independent confirmation of the regime’s use of heavy weaponry in Homs and elsewhere and insisted that the supply of Russian arms was legal.  Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, said: “Do not interfere under any circumstances.” China also defended its decision to veto the UN resolution and rejected William Hague´s criticism of the vote as “extremely irresponsible” and “totally unacceptable”.

[60] Free-syrian-army[61] Prison Planet 9 Febr. 2012 An Arab League observers’ report on Syria released last week said that MI6, the CIA, and British SAS are in Syria working with the Free Syrian Army (left) and the Syrian National Council to overthrow the al-Assad regime. The Free Syrian Army is widely recognized as a creation of NATO. It is comprised largely of militants from the Muslim Brotherhood [62] itself an asset of British intelligence – and is funded, supported, and armed by the United States, Israel, and Turkey.

In Syria, a civil war is going on between a Sharia power supported by the West -even with [63] special forces on the ground, like in Libya before the open attack –  and a temporal power (Assad supported by the Sharia State of Iran as well as Russia. Confused? At least, the West seems absolutely sure that despite the Russian/Chinese veto, Assad will fall: [64] The Daily Mail: US ambassador, Robert Ford, has now left Syria - but says: “I hope they [the people of Syria] do not feel abandoned because the international community is coming together more and more.” Efforts are under way in Western capitals to assemble evidence of human rights abuses by members of president Bashar al Assad’s regime with a view to use in future proceedings - which will not take place in the UN Criminal Court acc. to Western officials.

The war [65] propaganda in the corporate NWO media keeps using the same old story about [66] babies being killed by cruel dictatorship soldiers. This was maintained about the Germans in English hearings on WWI. A manipulated 15–year-old Kuwaiti girl told sobbingly and untruthfully about Saddam Hussein´s soldiers taking prematurely born babies out of the incubators to let them die on the floor. The video below is postulated to show Gaddafi troops killing babies! Of course, the Syrian dictator has been claimed to do it, too, even on two occasions. Such propaganda is sure to arouse the mood for war against injustice and evil! Even more cruel: Like Saddam Hussein, [67] Assad is preparing to use chemical weapons i Homs (HAARETZ 9 Febr. 2012).

There are very dangerous prospects in this escalating Syrian civil war, both sides being reinforced by foreign forces (CIA, MI6, “Al Qaeda”, the Libyan Islamic Fighting group) on the side of the rebels – and Iranian forces on the side of the Syrian government on the other side. The great powers are divided, the West and the Arab League supporting and instigating the rebellion – Russia, China and Iran supporting Bashar Al Assad. Here is the germ of a global great power conflict, as the Western powers seem prone to disregard Russia – as they did in Kosovo in 1999. However Putin´s Russia Today is much more determined than was Yeltsyn´ s Russia then.

Another danger consists in the [68] Syrian regime´s resolve to attack Israel in case it is in danger of being ousted.

The media reported that “the world was dismayed” that Ban had did not his little war – founded on equally mendacious pretexts as [69] his climate lies. But of course, he, his NATO masters and the corporate media do not consider you and me to be the world. Their world is the elitist world of the [70] Bilderbergers who [71] want a big bloody war in the Middle East now, the [72] Council on Foreign Relations, the [73] Communist Club of Rome and the [31] Trilateral Commission and [32] here. And their declared goal is to reduce world population to 500 mio at most (the [74] Rockefeller Depopulation program, the [75] Georgia Guidestones) through the [76] apocalypse of their Freemason guru, Albert Pike. Syria and her ally, Iran, could be the jumping board to achieve that aim.

What will the Western powers do now that Assad seems to have broken their resistance against him?  NATO and the NWO could not bear such a loss of prestige. By the way, the NWO and the “International Community” no longer exist after the Russian and Chinese vetos. This could lead to a NATO intervention soon.

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