Pres. Obama Declares State of Emergency in the US

Posted By Anders On February 8, 2012 @ 10:48 In English, Euromed | 2 Comments

On 5 Febr. 2012, Pres. Obama declared National State of Emergency over the US due to “the Threat from Iran”. To implement it Pres. Obama¬† signed the National Defense Authorisation Act ([1] NDAA) into US law on 31 Dec. 2011- authorizing the military to detain any “terror suspect” indefinitely in [2] FEMA Camps or Psychiatric hospitals- without trial.

The declaration of National State of Emergency with NDAA police state authority at hand has 3 possible implications:
1. Imminent war with Iran. Many expect another[3] false flag operation against the US.
2. It enables Pres. Obama to [4] postpone/cancel presidential election. However, this option appears to be too, early.
3. It could be done in anticipation of a coming collapse of US economy.

Former member of the Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff, Leonid Ivashov: An attack on Syria or Iran is an attack on Russia (below)

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