Biological Warfare - on Domestic Populations.

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Summary of my messages: Great fear of a laboratory-constructed modification of avian flu virus that could destroy our entire civilisation is being vented by the corporate media! Now the Dutch and US scientists behind this monstrosity have agreed to stop their sinister work for 60 days.
Since  the 1940´es the use of biological warfare has been forbidden by the Geneva Convention. In 1972, 103 countries signed the Biological Weapons Convention, which prohibited the development of biological and chemical weapons, as well as their use. Nevertheless, biological weapons are still being produced by the great powers.

So why on Earth have the scientists embarked on such a deadly task in the first place?

In Dec. 2011, US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, warned against the use of deadly biological warfare by “terrorists”. These terrorists must by necessity be people with the resources of a state at their disposal - e.g. “moon suits” necessary to develop and dispense the anthrax virus used for the Capitol Hill murders in 2001 - which killed 5 and injured 17 persons. The primary targets were 2 US Senators who blocked the Patriot Act to give the US Homeland Security Dpt. dictatorial powers! The FBI immediately removed every trace!

Of course, as usual Clinton points to the convenient phantom called Al Qaida, which acc. to her self-declared masters in the Council on Foreign Relations just consists of about [1] 200 scared primitive warriors desperately trying to hide themselves and who have never been able to perpetrate terror outside Asia since 9/11 - (which was an inside job without Al Qaida).

Dictators live by scaring the wits out of their peoples!

Time and again contaminating diseases pop up, create more or less panics and then disappear without doing too much harm. Some of these diseases are due to biological warfare being tested on domestic populations - or having escaped from military labs. Thus, AIDS was developed as a biological weapon at Fort Detrick, US. But just like SARS, swine flu, avian flu, it turned out to be too little lethal to be used for biological warfare.

Chemtrails have long been used to spray bacteria and other pathogenic materials – even radioactivity – out over domestic populations  with no idea of being used as guinea pigs. For over twenty years, the US Department of Defense (DoD) or their contractors were allowed to use the American people as “guinea pigs” for testing of chemical or biological agents -  until it drawn into the arena of public discussion on talk radio. A long list exists of US experimentation on its unsuspecting citzens and soldiers with deadly biological weapons.
In 1963, the Icewhale started spraying bacteria - some of them dangerous  - over a non-suspecting British population to test their usefulness for biological warfare . Later the government would not exclude similar experiments in the future!

In Texas, rabies vaccine with live virus is being sprayed out over cattle districts - although only 100-200 cases of that disease is seen per year. Meat and milk from exposed animals are dangerous to consume. Vaccinating gene-modified mosquitos are being released from Ft. Detrick infecting areas inhabited by  poor blacks in of Florida with Dengue fever - also thought to be useful for biological warfare. The vaccine brings Novartis 46 800 bn. dollars a year.

A German study has shown that journalists, lawyers and officials in Berlin have 5-20 times the quantity of Monsanto´s Roundup in their urine that is allowed in drinking water. The reason is the use of this pesticide with i.a. GMO food, which is no longer allowed to be branded as GMO products - because of a Codex Alimentarius decree. Roundup is known to cause embryonic damages and strongly suspected of being cancerogenic.

The history of biological warfare is long and includes even the the introduction of syphilis in Europe.
The question remains: Why? The use of plague, syphilis, smallpox etc. as biological weapons gave backlash by hitting the domestic population as well. Today, the biological weapons of mass destruction seem tu be reserved for use on domestic populations - not for attacking foreign enemies. Because Pres. Bush Jr. had a stock of deadly biological weapons of mass destruction he accused Saddam Hussein of Iraq to have them, too, which he hadn´t, although he poisoned some Kurds. A thief believes everybody steals. Has this all to do with the commandment of the Georgia Guidestones to reduce the number of mankind to 500 mio. and the Rockefeller Depopulation program? Or are they just meant to scare us into hoping for the help of Big Brother against the Big Bad Wolf -  [2] who is just Big Brother?


“…and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and [upon] them which worshipped his image.” (Revelation 16:2).


Documentation of Summary and Comments

[3] EbolaTime and again, new or old epidemic diseases pop up, are  much  mentioned in the media for a while – then to disappear. But are you aware that such diseases are often testing or accidental escapes of  biological warfare products from military labs? Did you know that [4] AIDS was developed at Fort Detrick and [5] here as a biological weapon, set  free  from labs on the populations of the world, e.g. [6] by Bayer through drugs for bleeders – and then discarded as a weapon because it killled too few? That the same was most likely the case with [7] SARS and [8] here in China?  Or what about the [9] Ebola virus (right), which has been [10] genetically manipulated into very dangerous chimeras? And [11] avian flu is always spooking in the corridors after the scandal of 2009 where [12] Baxter sent seasonal flu vaccine with live, deadly avian flu virus (and video below) to the market – disclosed at the vey last monent. Did you know that acc. to the CNN the scandalous and harmless [13] swine flu epidemic was created by the CIA (video below) – to create fear and a lot of money through potentially [13] harmful vaccinations? However, as a biological weapon the swine flu virus was a flop.

Of course politicians blame the use of the very complicated biological weapons on terrorists – omitting to say that the use of such sophisticated potent weapons were so far almost exclusively limited to states.

[14] Hillary Clinton at a Geneva conference held every five years to review the Biological Weapons Convention banning biological and toxin weapons. Unfortunately, the ability of terrorists and other non-state actors to develop and use these weapons is growing. Therefore this must be a renewed focus of our efforts,” she said in a speech in Geneva. “Because there are warning signs and they are too serious to ignore.” She said Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula had urged “brothers with degrees in microbiology or chemistry … to develop a weapon of mass destruction.” A crude but effective terrorist weapon can be made by using a small sample of widely available pathogens, inexpensive equipment and “college-level chemistry and biology,” she added.

[15] CBC News 18 Febr. 2012The history of biological weapons
Biological weapons are based on naturally occurring organisms that cause disease. The two most common examples are the bacteria Bacillus anthracis, which produces a toxin, and smallpox, a highly infectious viral disease. another example is botulinism, malaria

Almost as soon as humans figured out how to make arrows, they were dipping them in animal feces to poison them. The Roman Empire used animal carcasses to contaminate their enemies’ wells. This had the effect of both demoralizing their enemies and making them sick. This strategy was used again in Europe’s many wars, in the American Civil War and even into the 20th century.

In anticipation of a naval battle with the Pergamenes, Carthaginian leader Hannibal ordered his troops to fill clay pots with snakes, which Hannibal sent crashing down on the deck on the Pergamene ship. The confused Pergamenes lost the battle, having to fight the snakes, too.

In 1346, Tartar forces led by Khan Janibeg attacked the city of Kaffa, catapulting the plague-infected bodies of their own men over the city’s walls. Using dead bodies and excrement as weapons continued in Europe during the Black Plague of the 14th and 15th centuries. Even as late as the early 18th century, Russian troops fighting Sweden resorted to catapulting plagued bodies over the city walls of Reval.

Biological warfare came to the New World in the 15th century. Spanish conquistador Pizarro gave clothing contaminated with the smallpox virus to natives in South America. Britain’s Lord Jeffery Amherst continued the practice into the late 18th century, spreading smallpox among Native Americans during the French-Indian War.

One fatal instance of biological warfare was when King [16] Charles VIII of France beleaguered Naples in 1494, held by Spaniards. The 30.000 men of the army were infected by prostitutes with syphilis – probably just brought to Spain by Columbus´ crew from America (1492). The army had to be disbanded and the mercenaries returned to all parts of Europe, spreading the deadly disease´all over.

[15] CBC News 18 Febr. 2012: In the First World War, the Germans used poison gas on their Eastern and Western fronts after 1915. In 1918, the Japanese military formed a special unit to investigate biological weapons. Britain and the United States followed in 1942, even after the signing of the Geneva Convention prohibiting the use of chemical and biological weapons, because of fears that the Germans and Japanese were developing them. The U.S. ended its program in 1969 (???)

In 1972, 103 countries signed the Biological Weapons Convention, which prohibited the development of biological and chemical weapons, as well as their use. Even so, both Russia and Iraq are known to have developed biological weapons since the convention. The Biological Weapons Convention still allows for research into defences, such as vaccines, against biological weapons. Early in September 2001, the Pentagon announced it was developing a deadly new form of anthrax, for defensive research.

But in spite of the Biological Weapons Convention, eery biological weapons are being produced

[17] Bird-flu-dangerous[18] Bioterrorism[19] The Daily Mail 28 Nov. 2011 A group of scientists is pushing to publish research about how they created flu virus that could potentially wipe out civilisation.

The deadly virus is a genetically tweaked version of the H5N1 bird flu strain, but is far more infectious and could pass easily between millions of people at a time. But there are fears the modified virus is so dangerous it could be used for bio-warfare, if it falls into the wrong hands. Paul Keim, chairman of NSABB, said: ‘I can’t think of another pathogenic organism that is as scary as this one.

[20] Activist Post 21 dec. 2011Top US scientists on Wednesday defended their bid to stop details of a mutant bird flu virus for  [21] 60 days from being published and called for global cooperation to ward off an uncontrollable pandemic. Meanwhile, scientists involved in the experiments said they are cooperating with government officials and the editors of the journals Science and Nature to pare down their research for publication in the coming weeks.

The controversy arose when two separate research teams - one in the Netherlands and the other in the United States - separately found ways to alter the [22] Birdflu2afpH5N1 avian influenza so it could pass easily between mammals.

Until now, bird flu has been rare in humans, but particularly fatal in those who do get sick. H5N1 first infected humans in 1997 and has killed more than one in every two people that it infected, for a total of 350 deaths.

The concern is the virus could mutate and mimic past pandemic flu outbreaks such as the “Spanish flu” of 1918-1919 which killed 50 million people, and outbreaks in 1957 and 1968 that killed three million. The chair of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, Paul Keim: “The US government paid for these experiments, so I think that it is the responsibility of the US government to step forward at this time. But it needs to be a global effort and we need a global consensus,” he said. “This is such a dangerous biological weapon, it would not be controllable. Whoever used it would doubtlessly decimate their own people as well,” added Keim.
The United States has participated in a strategy of mutually assured destruction in the area of nuclear weapons for 60 years now,” he said. “So to say that people wouldn’t construct and use a weapon that is so deadly that it couldn’t be controlled even by the most developed countries is, I think, a fallacy.”

Rabies vaccine with live virus is being dropped from aircraft all over Texas although only 100–200 cases occur annually– and not to protect cattle! People are being cautioned to wash their hands, should they get into contact with this deadly virus. The vaccine brings Novartis 46 800 bn. dollars a year.  [23] Avian-flu-virus

[24] Unpasteurised milk from an infected animal means exposure. [25] Milk from a rabid or suspected cow naturally should be condemned as unfit for consumption. The same position should be taken with regard to the meat or meat food products of a rabid or suspected animal. The disposition of farm animals that have been exposed to the bites of a rabid dog but do not show signs of the disease also present a practical sanitary police problem.The anthrax murders on Capitol Hill
[26] Global Res. 12 Dec. 2006: The terrorists who perpetrated the 2001 anthrax attack on Congress likely were US government scientists at the army’s Ft. Detrick, having access to “moonsuits” that enabled them to safely process and manufacture super-weapons-grade anthrax, an eminent authority on the subject says.

Although only a “handful” of scientists had the ability to perpetrate the crime, the culprit among them may never be identified as the FBI ordered the destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames, IA., from which the Ft. Detrick lab got its pathogens, the authority said.

Acc. to Dr. Francis A. Boyle of the University of Illinois at Champaign, who drafted the US Biological Weapons Convention of 1989, the destruction of the Ames anthrax “appears to be a cover-up orchestrated by the FBI.” The anthrax attacks killed five people, including two postal workers, injured 17 others, and shut down the operations of the US Congress. In addition to then destroying the anthrax, the FBI “retained every independent life-scientist it could locate as part of its fictitious investigation, and then swore them all to secrecy so that they cannot publicly comment on the investigation or give their expert opinion,” Boyle said.

“Could it truly be coincidental,” he continued, “that two of the primary intended victims of the terrorist anthrax attacks - Senators Daschle and Leahy - were holding up the speedy passage of the pre-planned USA Patriot Act … an act which provided the federal government with unprecedented powers in relation to US citizens and institutions?”
In a foreword to the book, Dr. Jonathan King, Professor of Molecular Biology at M.I.T. and a founder of the Council for Responsible Genetics, said the [27] Vaccinating-mosquitosgovernment’s “growing bioterror programs [described by Professor Boyle] represent a significant emerging danger to our own population.”

CIA Gene modified [28] mosquitos spreading Dengue fever from Fort Detrich in Florida
is a bizarre experiments with a virus which has some virulence  – and has killed several poor black citizens.

Chemtrails have [29] long been used to spray bacteria and [30] other pathogenic materials – even [31] radioactivity – out over fellow countrymen  with no idea of being used as guinea pigs. For over twenty years the [32] Department of Defense (DoD) or their contractors were allowed to use the American people as “guinea pigs” for testing of chemical or biological agents. Since July 30th, 1977, the United States Code annotated Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520 remained on the books until drawn into the arena of public discussion on talk radio. Here is a [33] long list of US experimentation on its unsuspecting citzens and soldiers with deadly biological weapons. The [34] University of Calgary has published a paper on the costs of various chemtrail methods to pollute our atmosphere with i.a. microorganisms – emission by  aircraft being by far the cheapest method. [35] Bacteria have been found in the embryos of hail by scientists – derived from [29] Chemtrails, which are now official acc. to the German government. [36] In 1963, the Icewhale started spraying bacteria - some of them dangerous  - over an unsuspecting British population. Later the government would not exclude similar experiments!  

[37] Monsanto´s GMO warfare on mankind
has been thoroughly dealt with [38] here and and [39] here and [40] here. Now a [41] German University Study on officials, journalists and lawyers in Berlin has hown 5–20 times more of Monsanto´s Roundup in human urine than the allowed limits for drinking water. Since round-up is increasingly suspected to cause tumors and [42] embryonic damage this is very worrisome. The Roundup is supposed to be detive from vegetabile and animal foods – in particular from Monsanto´s GMO foods, which are no longer to be branded as GMO – due to a [43] Codex Alimentarius decree.

Bizarre as it is the [44] Illuminati and [45] here seem to consider the citizens of this planet to be their personal property, their guinea pigs in a longlasting experiment the purpose of which is to manipulate and reduce the number of mankind ([46] Georgia Guidestones) according to a [47] plan made by the Rockefellers.
The contempt for us by these “elitist” scums is incomprehensible – unless one sees them [48] imagining themselves to be gods with special rights over a mankind to which they themselves belong and whom they have not made. And that is just what they do. For they are [49] Luciferians They are only capable of perverting mankind much more than it already is. Their means are [50] brainwashing, and [51] here, and [52] recoding DNA, Chip implantation, [53] corruption and [54] here and [55] here, offering careers, creating fear. In their madness, they even seem to be planning nearly [56] all of us to be destroyed – except themselves [57] for a year or so.

The super rich Illuminati seem so obsessed with the destruction of the world on which they are making money beyond imagination that one cannot help thinking they hate life itself – apparently including their own particularly abominable and miserable existences.  But, of course, they are just doing to mankind what elitists always did. In fact, there has only been one relenting person in the Cause of history: The man who said: “Love your neighbour like yourself – and your enemies, too.” But he did condemn the Illuminati of his time, the Pharisees,  the authors of the terrible, contemptuous [58] Talmud on which today´s Illuminati/Pharisees build their New World Order. We should do likewise.

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