Danish Minister of Defence: “Denmark Will Participate in Lots of Military Conflicts in the Future”. Israel´s Top Intelligence: Iranian Threats of Apocalyptic Retaliation Are Bluff

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TO MY READERS: You find my messages in the summary. What then follows is only documentation for the critics who would otherwise see my messages as  “conspiracy theories” rather than as what they really are,  conspiracy facts. Regards, Anders.

The world is out of its mind. A Danish Minister of Defence in a small previously peace-loving country declares “Denmark is to fight a lot of wars in the future”, doing what his party fellows 25 years ago called “adventurism”, trying to prevent NATO´s setting up advanced rockets by its footnote policy, apparently to prevent the fall of the Soviet Union. What has changed is, that Denmark is no longer a nation state, having given all its sovereignty to the NWO´s EU and NATO.

Even US officials and the think tank which guides the US and the EU on Iran´s nuclear weapon efforts (the ISIS) think that Iran is about to construct a nuclear bomb  ( but Iran already has 4-5 nuclear bombs, bought from Ukraine). Even Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, does not seem to believe in that danger. Nevertheless, he now says, it is urgent to stop Iran! Maybe because his most senior intelligence officials now say Iran´s threats of apocalyptic retaliation is just bluff!!! Bombing Iran´s now subterranean nuclear bomb plants would maximally set Iran´s nuclear program 1-2 years back, Netanyahu thinks 4-5 years. However, it does seem that Israel would like to see the Strait of Hormus closed in order to make oil prices skyrocket, This would bring enormous gains on Israel´s very big stock of oil futures.

The NATO is, of course, the arm of the US - and would be dragged into a conflict in the Persian Gulf - which could escalate dramatically. So, NATO´Secretary General, my former Prime Minister, who has also grown war-mad on behalf of the NWO, is very worried at Iranian leadership statements - as he was on Libya! But NATO has also hijacked the UN Secretary General in 2008, making itself the worldwide executor of the will of the UN Secretary general, who is no more than Rockefeller´s/ USA´s puppet adopting the will of those forces as his own will. And even Worse, in its 2007 strategy paper “Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World“, (its internet address is that of the CSIS – the Brzezinski think tank, the man behind the “Grand Chessboard strategy to encircle Russia) the NATO repeatedly claims its right to deliver preemptive nuclear attacks on its enemies without UN permission! - and this may also soon be necessary  for the US defence minister  and  officials say,  the [1] conventional US-Super bombs cannot destroy Irans subterranean nuclear plants.
Needless to say that Israel since 2005 is a de facto integrated member of NATO.

There are many belligerent declarations: The Daily Mail 24 Jan. 2012: “West gives Iran “Final” warning. Professor Paul Stevens, Chatham House, said an oil blockade was unlikely to succeed. DEBKAfile 22 Jan. 2012: US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Jan. 22 carried an US ultimatum to Tehran: Submit to nuclear diplomacy by March or face up to “Big E” in Hormuz and the full might of the US carrier fleet. MJ Rosenberg in Al Jazeera 4 Dec. 2011: “It is about preserving the regional balance of power, which means ensuring that Israel remains the region’s military powerhouse, with Saudi Arabia playing a supporting role. That requires overthrowing the Iranian regime and replacing it with one that will do our bidding (like the Shah) and will not, in any way, prevent Israel from operating with a free reign throughout the region. This goal can only be achieved through outside intervention (war).”

However, the inclination to attack an Iran with (bought) nuclear bombs and supported by Russia and China is not great - in spite of the ongoing sabre rattling. Probably greatest with fanatic Doomsday Antiamalekite, Benyamin Netanyahu, who is said by people who know him to be the worst possible man to lead any country: He has an ambition to become the last prime minister of Israel!!! One sign of that is that Israel is paralyzed for the moment over the appointment of a new Airforce chief: Hawkish Netanyahu wants the hawk Yochanan Locker, who wants to attack Iran. IDF-leader Benny Gantz  wants a dove – but will have to obey Netanyahu. The game now seems to be to have Iran make a serious mistake to provide Israel with a causa belli. Many expect a false flag operatin to be performed (like 9/11, Tonkin Bay, Pearl Harbour etc.).

However, I find it most likely that Syria is next for “humanitarian reasons” based on forged casulaty numbers in the armed rebellion against Assad. This might force Iran out to help its partner - and then it could be attacked. But an attack on Russia´s ally, Syria, is a very daring enterprise.


“The biggest danger hovering over Mother Earth right now is the a determination of Bibi Netanyahu to be the last Israeli prime minister. Having known him a bit for 36 years, I’d still say he was the worst possible choice anywhere to lead a country. Current estimates of “worst case” scenarios, which look to me like obvious scenarios if he lets loose on Iran, show two hundred million casualties from direct hits to spreading radiation. If we can just get through 2012 without his personal apotheosis, I can conclude that we are moving into a far more hopeful world.” ([2] W. Scott Thompson, former Assistant to the Secretary of Defence during the Reagan years, current [3] CFR and International Institute of Strategic Studies member). [2] Thanks to Centuran2´s Weblog



The situation in the Middle East is very confusing: Sabre rattling and louder war threats. But dare the hostile parties unleash the daemon of war? Here is very alarming news from the [4] New York Times 26 Jan. 2012Israel’s most senior intelligence officials, conclude that the threat of Iranian retaliation is partly bluff. They do not think that a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would set off a catastrophic set of events like a regional conflagration, widespread acts of terrorism and sky-high oil prices. They are playing an important role in Israel’s calculation of whether ultimately to strike Iran.
[5] HAARETZ 27 Jan. 2012 Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Friday the world must quickly stop Iran.  It seems to us to be urgent, because the Iranians are deliberately drifting into what we call an immunity zone where practically no surgical operation could block them,” he said.
IAEA chief Yukiya Amano: Our best information “indicates that Iran has engaged in activities relevant to nuclear explosive devices.” “The onus is on Iran,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon”. They have to prove themselves that their nuclear development program is genuinely for peaceful purposes, which they have not done yet.”

[6] Petro Dollar Wars

The following remark by  the [7] Danish Minister of Defence, Nick Haekkerup: “Denmark will participate in lots of conflicts – also militarily – in the future” ([8] thanks to balder blog) makes me very alert.

Left: What the whole game is about: The Petro dollar and US NWO world dominance. [9] Activist Post 25 Jan. 2012: A strong US dollar allowed Americans to buy imported goods at a massive discount – the petrodollar system essentially creating a subsidy for US consumers at the expense of the rest of the world.The value of the US dollar is determined in large part by the fact that oil is sold in US dollars. If that trade shifts to a different currency, countries around the world won’t need all their US money. The resulting sell-off of US dollars would weaken the currency dramatically.
Doesn’t the US really go to war to ensure the continuation of the petrodollar system? It did for that reason when Iraq and Libya stopped dealing oil in dollars. [10] Israel has its many futures on increasing oil prices. 2012 might end up being most famous as the year in which the world defected from the US dollar as the global currency of choice.
The situation is serious to the USA. For a long time Russia, China, France, Japan and Gulf states have been planning to give up the dollar  as reserve currency. Iran gave the dollar up already 2009. ([11] The Independent 7 Oct. 2009).  To this comes: [12] DEBKAfile 23 Jan. 2012: China, Russia and India are now to buy Iranian oil avoiding dealing in dollars. India will pay in gold.

The conflict with Iran is not about nuclear weapons – as little as the Iraq war was about “weapons of mass destructions” and the Libyan war about “genocide”.
[13] HAARETZ 26 Jan. 2012 (Israel): No evidence has emerged that the Iranian regime has decided to build nuclear weapons.”Iran is unlikely to move toward building a nuclear weapon this year because it does not yet have the capability to produce enough weapon-grade uranium, and in great part because it is deterred from doing so,” a draft report by the Institute for Science and International Security said.
The institute has advised U.S. and foreign governments about Iran’s nuclear capabilities and its founder, David Albright, is considered a respected expert on the issue. [14] U.S. officials agree with Albright.
Among possible policy options for halting Iran’s nuclear program, one of the least likely to be successful is a military attack on its nuclear program, according to the institute’s report.

The [15] EU oil embargo on Iran is now hitting the EU as a boomerang: [16] Iran is passing legislation to ban oil supplies to Europe immediately, this bringing several EU countries into serious trouble.ban-ki moon + natogeneralsekrtær

Right: NATO secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon [17] 2008.

In 2008 [18] NATO kidnapped UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and appointed itself to be the policeman of the globe in the name of the [19] one world government, the UN. [20] Israel is de facto a NATO member.
NATO generals in 2007 elaborated an informative  strategy paper, [21] Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World“, (its internet address is that of the CSIS – the Brzezinski think tank) recommending nuclear preemptive attacks: P. 94, P.95and 96.
P. 94-95:  “Another principle is legality. All action must be legitimate. This principle does not, however, rule out the necessary adaptation of existing international law (i.e. without UN mandate) to the changing international environment. What is needed is a policy of deterrence by proactive denial, in which pre-emption is a form of reaction when a threat is imminent.”

NATO is now “[22] much worried at certain statements by the Iranian leadership” and warns Iran to “live up to its international commitments”

[23] The Daily Mail 24 Jan. 2012: “West gives Iran “Final” warning. Professor Paul Stevens, Chatham House, said an oil blockade was unlikely to succeed, because Tehran could ship its oil, which makes up 50% of its revenues, through pipelines to  Turkey and Egypt. He added:  ‘History is littered with failed oil embargoes. 

Left the US aircraft carriers Stennis and Lincoln passed through the Hormuz Strait on 23 Jan. 2012 (The Daily Mail) without Iran making good on its threats.

[24] DEBKAfile 22 Jan. 2012: US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Jan. 22 carried an US ultimatum to Tehran: Submit to nuclear diplomacy by March or face up to “Big E” in Hormuz and the full might of the US carrier fleet. His statement gave Iran a time frame for responding to the US ultimatum, just over a month. On Friday, Jan. 20, Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, visited Israel. The Netanyahu government complained that action against Iran had been postponed for years on one pretext on another, and the same thing was happening to effective sanctions against Iran’s oil exports and central bank. Israel was therefore compelled to exercise its military option against the mortal peril of a nuclear Iran, before it was too late, said the Israeli prime minister .

What is actually going on behind the stage in the Middle East? One day we hear of imminent [20] war in the Middle East – the next day the [25] HAARETZ 18 Jan. 2012 MoD Ehud Barak states: Israel is ‘very far off’ from decision on Iran attack. Israel also believes the Iranian regime now faces an unprecedented threat to its stability, which for the first time combines both external and internal pressure: from abroad, increasingly harsh sanctions and threats of military action, and at home, economic distress and worries about the results of the parliamentary election scheduled for March (which will surely be rigged).

[26] Assad-military Now we have been told that Iran and its ally, Syria are very dangerous because they are producing nuclear weapons of mass destruction (yes it´s right: [27] Syria is also being suspected of experimenting with nuclear weapons!). We were told that we all had to take a war on us which may develop into WWIII to save Israel from extinction and to save the poor [28] armed Syrian rebels against dictator Assad and the majority of his population – on the basis of [29] exaggerated casualty figures derived from a one eyed London antigovernmental propaganda office.
But suddenly the mighty powerful neoconservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, comes forward to tell us something very different: The problem with Iran is not that they are producing nuclear bombs to bomb Israel – but that they may stop short of doing it, thereby seemingly being decent people protected from destruction by international opinion. Acc. to M.J. Rosenberg, [30] Al Jazeera 4 Dec. 2011: “It is about preserving the regional balance of power, which means ensuring that Israel remains the region’s military powerhouse, with Saudi Arabia playing a supporting role. That requires overthrowing the Iranian regime and replacing it with a US-obedient one. This goal can only be achieved through outside intervention (war).”

[31] Netanyahu-Dempsey[32] DEBKAfile 19 Jan. 2012: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Thursday night, Jan. 19 that Iran had decided to become a nuclear state. He urged action before it was too late to stop Iran completing the construction of a nuclear weapon.  He also contradicted Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s statement that Tehran had not yet decided to go nuclear. Netanyahu therefore stands by his refusal of President Barack Obama’s demand for a commitment to abstain from a unilateral strike on Iran’s nuclear sites without prior notice to WashingtonA majority of Americans disapprove of Obama´s handling of Iran’s nuclear ambitions by a margin of 48 to 33% according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll this week.

[33] Iranian-gen-qassam-soleimani[34] DEBKAfile 18 Jan. 2012, confirmed by the [35] HAARETZ 17 Jan. 2012: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and [33] Turkey have alerted Washington to intelligence reports that Iranian Al Qods Brigades operatives are heading their way to blow up oil installations and American targets. For the second time in a week, a US spokesman in Washington disclosed that Al Qods commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani (right) secretly visited Damascus and received by Pres. Assad. 4 months ago the US accused Soleimani of a hatching a conspiracy to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

Tuesday night, the Turkish Security General Directorate-EGM put all the country’s 81 districts on guard for the expected arrival of Al Qods operatives to stir up mass unrest against the Erdogan government.

[36] DEBKAfile 17 Jan. 2012:  Debkafile’s sources disclose exclusively that, contrary to recent reports published in Washington, Jerusalem - and this site too - it was Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, not the Obama administration, who decided to call off the [20] biggest ever joint US-Israeli military exercise Austere Challenge 12 scheduled for April 2012.
The prime minister was concerned that having large-scale US military forces in the country would restrict his leeway for decision-making on Iran. Netanyahu fears that dialogue between Iran and the five powers plus Germany (the P5+1) will resume after bowing to an Iranian stipulation that sanctions be suspended for the duration of the talks
[32] DEBKAfile 19 Jan. 2012: This week, Netanyahu further orchestrated a series of uncharacteristically critical statements by senior ministers: Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon called the Obama administration “hesitant” (Jan. 15), after which Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman urged the Americans to “move from words to deeds” (Jan 16). The underlying message was that the Israeli government felt free to attack Iran’s nuclear sites on its own if necessary and at a time of its choosing. However, this may  be impossible , the US defence minister  and  officials saying,  the [1] conventional US-Super bombs cannot destroy Iran´s subterranean nuclear plants. [37] Iranian-military[38] Iranian-technicians-in-protec-005

[39] The Guardian 19 Jan. 2012 Some suggest that covert operations, such as assassinations, are not just intended to impede Iran’s nuclear progress but also to goad Tehran into action of its own or on its behalf by its proxies providing Israel – and the US – with a casus belli. On the other hand, [40] The New York Times 24 jan. 2012 knows no way forward, discarding both war and negotiations, just hoping that Iran will not have the bomb the next year.

Iran has repeatedly said it will block the Strait of Hormuz, if imposed an oil embargo. Now the [15] EU has done just that –  all new contracts from now, old contracts from 1 July being banned. The [41] EU imported some 600,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day last year. This is just a minor portion of [42] Iran´s daily production of 4.25 mio barrels.

Allied blockade of export tankers from Iran in the Persian Gulf would mean a provocation of war, where the allies would stand as the aggressors. [43] The Iranian National bank – now slightly blocked by the US and EU – already had stopped trading oil in dollars – and now deals in national currencies and gold. This was one real US motivation for invading Iraq, which would deal oil in euros, and Libya, whose Gaddafi would deal oil in gold dinars, thus threatening the worldwide reserve currency status of the dollar giving the US free short time credits.
When the US goes to war NATO NATO members follows suite (coalition of the willing bootlickers like Denmark).

[44] Israel-vs.-iran

The statement by the Danish MoD that Denmark is to participate in many future military conflicts has fully convinced me that there really is quite another agenda behind attacking Iran, as I have written so often before: A regime change to make Iran , too, an obedient NWO vassal as well as to extend Brzezinski´s [45] “Grand Chessboard. All these sanctions  are little more than theatrical gestures – not at all able to  save the petro dollar and Israel´s oil futures. Israeli defence minister, [46] Ehud Barak, denounces the EU and US sanctions as delaying tactics too little and too late. He says Israel has its finger ever on the trigger. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the obsessed [47] Antiamalekite, who is under the [48] influence of Doomsday sects, knows – and it is a question of time before he delivers an ineffectual first blow against Iran – thereby dragging the US into it. Ineffective, because the Iranian nuclear weapon plants have been moved underground and because Israel does not even seem to know all of the ca. 80 nuclear weapons plants. Finally, because Iran already has the [49] nuclear bombs it bought from Ukraine.
Israel is paralyzed right now over the [50] appointment of a new Airforce chief: Hawkish Netanyahu wants the hawk Yochanan Locker, who wants to attack [51] Iran. IDF-leader Benny Gantz  wants a dove – but will have to obey Netanyahu.

A state which becomes an obedient servant of [52] Rothschild and his BIS and his [53] central bank system. An obedient servant in the “Grand Chessboard” game, i.e. [54] Brzezinski´s encirclement of Russia:
[55] Global Res. 23 Jan. 2012: On January 13, 2012, Rogozin stated that an attack on Iran would be an attack on Moscow. In 2007, Vladimir Putin essentially mentioned the same thing when he was in Tehran, which resulted in George W. Bush Jr. warning that World War III could erupt over Iran.
I still think Syria will be the first target to have Iran defend it – then to be attacked as an agressor.

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