The Money-masters Brandishing the Euro Sword Against Democracy and Nation State. Soros: Chaos, Riots Repressive State and NWO Ahead. The Booty Disappears Off-shore

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LATEST: 1. [1] Global Economic Trend Analysis 27 Jan. 2012 and [2] Denmark´s Radio NewsImplementing the [3] 4. Reich: The German government wants Greece to cede sovereignty over tax and spending decisions to a eurozone “budget commissioner” to secure a second €130bn bail-out, according to a copy of the proposal obtained by the Financial Times. The new commissioner would have the power to veto budget decisions taken by the Greek government if they were not in line with targets set by international lenders. Read the German proposal in full)

2. [4] EUObserver 26 Jan. 2012: Angela Merkel to the NWO meeting in Davos: More power for the EU - not more money for bail-outs. She wants  to speed up the fiscal union. But she is expected to give in again.

2. [5] The Express 26 Jan. 2012 Germany warned yesterday it may be too late to save Greece from financial meltdown – and Angela Merkel claimed the Eurozone could unravel.
This is the first time the European powerhouse has admitted the euro could be close to being carved up or even collapsing completely.


Summary: The US/CFR NWO created EU is the model of the New World Order. So far it has used the ongoing Wall Street constructed global financial/economic crisis to consolidate its power by stealthily grabbing dictatorial power over the finances of all EU countries,as demanded by rOthschild agent, George Soros. Through the EU Stability and Competitiveness Pact and the European Semester, the EU has cunningly stolen the sovereignty of national states with the accept of their cronies of the national governments of the EU - but without telling or asking their peoples.

The henchmen of the corporative EU (Fascism acc. to Mussolini) are now doing their worst to sink their economically impossible political project, the euro, as does the US with their dollar. The goal is a one world currency to replace these regional currencies - just as stated by the father of the euro, Robert Mundell.

Many observers now predict the death of the euro during 2012. However, as long as the NWO vassal, Germany, can and will pay for the debts of the EU´s sinner members, the euro will live on. The problem is that the bail-outs of other EU states are only new loans for payments of interest on previous loans, whereby the loan takers sink deeper and deeper into the debt morass, poverty,austerity with beginning revolutions and dependence on primarily Germany in the so-called 4. Reich and the NWO IMF.

Now the banksters also run their self invented “rating agencies” who in intransparent ways downgrade the big majority of EU countries, thus making it more difficult and much more expensive for them to borrow money.

While there is a very big need for loans for investments to create the growth which Barroso is crowing about, the banks park such money with the European Central Bank, because the EU demands the banks to have a core capital of 8% at their disposal at any time. This is sound enough, but damages the creation of jobs, as do the incessant and ever increasing austerity measures imposed by the EU on its poorest member states and their steadily growing interest expenditures for the banksters.

This has now gone so far that investors are fleeing euro assets. The EU´s bail-out Fund, the EFSF, now needs more money and is dependent om Rothschild´s IMF for it. However, the IMF can only find 300 bn of the 500 dollars needed, so the EU must go hat in hand to Russia,China the US and the UK - all very reluctant to give.
Nevertheless, Barroso has obtained the call of the heads of government of the EU (except the UK) for more, not less of the brain sickness called the EU and more of the “EU method”, i.e. unconditional consensus/surrender to Barroso´s dictates per automaticity.

The EU promises growth, in particularly through “going green” combating  manmade CO2 global warming, the biggest lie in history. However, the EU kills growth through taxes and austerity  – which now even the IMF denounces as a hindrance to growth. France and Germany are preparing a new series of taxes to create growth – quite like the masonic snake biting its own tail. But why all this theatre? The New York Times now informs us that the ECB is printing money like never before, thus creating hyperinflation, distributing it secretly to defaulting EU countries – in spite of all promises to EU citizens.

This is the worst of it all: The euro has now deprived us all of the last remnants of sovereignty and democracy: “EU über alles und allen” seems to be the Motto. Or as Merkozy declare: “We will not pay for others´debts without controlling them”. Or as EU Council Pres., van Rompuy, puts it: “Voting is largely irrelevant when it comes to major issues.” So, the  52 percent of French people opposed to the proposed fiscal compact will not at all be listened to - as they also know from their referendum on the EU Constitution, alias the Lisbon Treaty.

But most clearly, the consensus dictatorship is demonstrated in the case of Hungary which is now being scolded and threatened to be dragged before the European Court of Justice for wanting to take its national bank out of the Rothschild/BIS dominance and nationalize it. This is what Gaddhafi,Iran North Korea, Syria have done - and are being punished for. The proletarian bulldog of the EU Parliament, the 1968 communist Cohn-Bendit, is now even using the worst of all invectives “antisemitism” against Hungary´s prime minister Orbán. Nonetheless, even a cosmopolitic Chabad rabbi states antisemitism to be less in the streets of Budapest than in Western Europe.
This in spite of the fact that Israeli President, Shimon Peres, openly tells that Jews are buying Hungary besides Poland, Romania and Manhattan!!!


“For still our ancient foe Doth seek to work us woe; His craft and pow’r are great, And, armed with cruel hate, On earth is not his equal.” (Martin Luther)


The EU , Germany and France repeatedly negate the possibility of a euro collapse. I think they are right as long as the locomotive of the [3] 4. Reich, Germany, can and will pay the debts of nearly all of the European vassal states. The EU was [6] created by the US and its Council on Foreign Relations. The ongoing devastating worldwide economic crisis, which is ruining the colossus with feet of clay, the Euro, was [7] also created by the US NWO, which is now even allowed to [8] steal the gold reserves of debtor countries – sending their populations into [9] eternal enslavement. Rothschild agent and speculator, [10] George Soros, (broke Bank of England 1992) has long been demanding an EU finance minister. And this is what is the EU goal – [11] never let a good (selfmade) crisis go to waste. It is the purpose of the ongoing crisis to strengthen the [12] EU, the model of the NWO dictatorship – which has [13] already happened through the [14] European Stability and Competitiveness Pact as well as the [15] European Semester. The euro was, by its father, [16] Robert Mundell, only thought to be a transitory step to the one world currency, the  [17] bancor, e.g. And [18] Soros is planning such a scenario.[19] Bankster-pigs[20] Debt

Left: [21] The Telegraph 20 Jan. 2012 There is growing public revulsion at a new class of super-rich  bankers, private equity moguls and hedge fund managers who seem to be immune from the restraints that govern the lives of ordinary people. They often pay little or no tax. The sources of their wealth are often mysterious. Taxpayers spent £60 billion bailing out City bankers to save them from bankruptcy. Yet these bankers continue to pay themselves multi-million pound salaries.
Right: This is the [22] booty of the Finance pigs , our money given to them by by their stooges, “our” [23] corrupt and [24] here and [25] here politicians. Grey: BIP of industrial states 1991–2011. Red: Their sovereign debt.
[26] The UK now owns these banksters 1 billion pounds.

[27] The London Telegraph 24 Nov. 2011:  The markets starting to bet on a complete collapse, or break-up, of the euro. Suddenly, no-one wants to hold euro denominated assets of any variety, and that includes German bunds.

What we are witnessing is the death throes of a currency. It’s going to be anarchy. First there was the disastrous suggestion from Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy that if Greece didn’t buckle under it might be chucked out. Markets then sold bonds in any country that looked vulnerable, thereby making it much harder for governments to fund themselves.
[28] Euro_deathThe blunder was compounded by forcing banks to mark their sovereign debt to market. It forced banks for the first time to apply capital to their sovereign debt exposures. They stopped buying sovereign bonds, again making it harder for governments to fund themselves.

Insider [29] George Soros predicts chaos, riots in the streets in the US, a repressive state, and then the NWO.

The Euro is no longer a serious currency.

1. Debt
[30] EUbusiness 18 Jan. 2012: Crisis-hit eurozone banks parked a record 528.18 billion euros ($675.60 billion) overnight at the European Central Bank. Banks have been stashing record sums almost daily at the ultra-safe ECB, nervous of lending to each other (thus hampering investments).
[31] The Telegraph 25 Nov. 2011British ministers privately warned that the break-up of the euro, once almost unthinkable, is now increasingly plausible.

2. Ratings
Max Keiser tells about how the banksters´rating agencies create more and more debt, which begets more and more austerity and decreasing growth, thus stifling world economy

[32] Front Page Magazine 16 Jan. 2012: On Friday the 13th of Jan 2012, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) downgraded the credit status of nine European nations. The ratings of Cyprus, Italy, Portugal and Spain were lowered by two notches while Austria, France, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia were lowered by one. Portugal’s debt has now reached “junk” status.  Germany was the only EU nation to emerge from this latest downgrade completely unscathed.
14 other EU countries–Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain–were put on a “negative” outlook.  Greece remains in mortal peril, along with the EU.

3. Estimations of the viability  of the Euro
[33] The Daily Mail 3 Dec. 2011: Jacques Delors, the former president of the European Commission, has claimed the euro was flawed from the start and efforts by European leaders to tackle its problems have so far been ‘too little, too late’.  He did single out Germany for insisting the European Central Bank must not support debt-stricken members for fear of fuelling inflation.

4. Popular opposition
[34] [35] EUObserver 15 Dec. 2011: A majority of French people are opposed to the recently agreed EU plans for a fiscal compact treaty, with opposition Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande calling for a renegotiation of the text. Some 52 percent of French people oppose the proposed fiscal compact.

[34] 5. Who is to pay?
[36] Spiegel 28 Nov. 2011:  Rescuing the euro depends on Germany, which merely has to abandon its resistance to pooling debt. But this sort of “liability union” would not only contradict the so-called no-bailout clause of the European treaties, but it would also be particularly dangerous for the Germans.  The Germans only want to approve aid in return for strict conditions.
Of course, everybody is [37] pressuring Germany to pay the debts of the EU sinner countries –  and Germany will probably give in – for that country has been a vassal of the NWO since WWII, just like all the other EU countries now except Hungary.

[38] EU Observer 15 Dec.: The US Federal Reserve has no plans to contribute to a bail-out of Europe, its chief, Ben Bernanke, told Republican senators.
(But as usual he is not speaking the truth – see the following  video).

[39] EUObserver 18 Jan. 2012The US-based International Monetary Fund (IMF) is seeking an extra $500 billion (€388bn) to help stem the eurozone crisis. The source of the new funds remains unclear, however. The IMF currently has about €300 billion in available funds, a sum considered far too low to contain the deteriorating euro crisis. Some US lawmakers are even pushing to revoke a $100 billion loan made to the IMF in 2009 for an emergency reserve.  [40] EUbusiness 15 Dec. 2011Russia is willing to pump up to $20 billion .

6. The EU will introduce more and more austerity, poverty
[41] José Barroso, EU Press Release 13 Dec. 2011: I must also say that I was encouraged by the resolve of almost all member states (not the UK) to have more, not less integration, to make more and not less use of the [42] Community method (consensus) and EU institutions, to work for more and not less coherence. There are two brand-new Commission proposals made on 23rd November under article 136, on further strengthening fiscal discipline.
I welcome, first of all, that member states have agreed to advance the entry into force to July 2012 of the permanent European Stability Mechanism. I hope that member states will confirm their commitment to provide the IMF with additional resources of up to 200 Billion Euros within the coming days. Acc. to [26] The Express 24 Jan. 2012, the IMF needs 1 trillion pounds for bail-outs! The Spring European Council in March will discuss how to further deepen fiscal integration of the Euro area and stability bonds.

First of all, it includes a commitment to ensure that, as a general rule, national budgets shall at least be balanced – i.e. annual structural deficit is not to exceed 0,5% GDP. Member states commit to enshrine it at constitutional or equivalent level. And the Court of Justice will have competence to review proper transposition of this commitment. Euro area member states will commit to accept true automaticity for triggering the deficit procedure.
Green growth remains key to employment in Europe.

7. Goodbye sovereignty and democracy

[43] Merkel-sarkozy-vis-a-visThe leaders of Germany and France declared a federalised Europe in a brand new EU treaty is the only way to solve the sovereign debt crisis gripping the continent.
[44] The Daily Express 5 Dec. 2011 “We are in total agreement that eurobonds are no solution to the crisis. We will not pay for others´ debts without controlling them“.

Left: Sarkozy and Merkel seem to say to each other: How we are cheating them!

The [45] New American 5 Dec. 2011: Incredibly, the same day as the “democracy” summit with Masonic leaders, the EU’s appointed “President” Herman Van Rompuy emphasized that voting was largely irrelevant when it comes to major issues. “We have to show that the euro is an irreversible project.”
Barroso echoed those sentiments.

[46] Viktor-orban2[47] Bild 19. Jan. 2012Viktor  Orbán , Hungary´s PM: “The new constitution emphasizes the fundamentals of our Hungarian society: Christianity, family, personal responsibility of every citizen. And it makes it clear that Hungary will never be ashamed of its  national pride - a feeling that Europe urgently needs. I am convinced that tens of millions of EU citizens are fed up to think in old-left ideological lines. They do not want to have values such as Christianity, homeland, national pride, to talk family, banned.
[48] Daniel-Cohen-Bendit-Communist-Neo-Con-EU-Parliament-260We strictly reject a Europe-wide harmonized tax system in Europe. Hungary’s low tax rate is for us a competitive advantage that we can not do without.“ ([49] Thanks to Balder Blog).

Left: Insolent proletarian MEP, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, compares any EU-opponent to dictatorial opponents of the NWO. Previously [50] he insulted Czechia´s Pres. Klaus in the most abhorrent way.

Here is what the [51] The Jerusalem Post 19 Jan. 2012 has to say about the two: “We say you are taking the road of Chavez, Castro and all the world’s totalitarian and authoritarian regimes,” said France’s Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Cohn-Bendit suggested the the European Parliament send a delegation to Hungary to see why “homeless people, intellectuals, Jewish intellectuals” are afraid.

But are they? Cosmopolitic Slomo Koves, a Chabad rabbi, said there is less anti-Semitism on the streets of Budapest than there is in Western Europe.
Hungary feels like Israel because the EU is unabashedly pontificating about how Hungary should run its affairs.

Comment: But nevertheless, Cohn-Bendit´s words point to a necessity to beware of Jews – for acc. to Israeli Pres. Shimon Perez, Jews are buying Hungary – besides Poland, Romania and manhattan!! See video.

[52] Deutsche Welle 18 Jan. 2012: The EU executive announced that it was taking Hungary to court over three contested constitutional reforms which it argues violate European Union law.The EU views the recently passed Hungarian legislation as threatening the independence of the country’s [53] central bank, as well as the judicial system and its data protection authority.

[54] EUbusiness 17 Jan. 2012:  Brussels, backed by the European Central Bank and the IMF, fear that Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s reforms of Hungary’s central bank will cross a line in the sand by increasing political influence over the bank.
Possible sanctions consist of a fine and the loss of the rights to vote in the EU.

8. [55] Snake eating its tailEU growth promotion: More money from taxpayers who will have still less for consumption – or the story of the snake eating its own tail – and “green technology” (see item 6) through [56] fraudulent combating of an increase from preindustrial 0.027% to now 0.037 % of atmospheric CO2 , the gas of life, although [57] manmade CO2 only constitutes 1% of this tiny fraction of atmospheric CO2.

[58] EUObserver 20 Jan. 2012:  After Standard & Poor’s recent downgrade of nine euro-countries, including France, in which the ratings agency warned that austerity and budget cuts are not the way out of recession, Paris and Berlin have teamed up once more and drafted a six-page paper called “Ways out of the crisis - strengthen growth now!” to be presented to the EU Council. 2 items are the Tobin finance tax and  an energy tax and a “common consolidated corporate tax base”. Another controversial proposal would have 25 % of unspent EU regional funds redirected to a special “fund for growth and competitiveness.” Labour taxes should be lowered throughout Europe, cross-border employment spurred.
But why all this theater? The [59] New York Times 20. Jan. 2012: The ECB is secretly printing money like never before, distributing it to distressed €-Members, whereby it is on the shortest way to create inflation - (again robbery from citizens with savings, who receive no interest on their deposits. Yet another broken promise to EU citizens).

Hungary is now being maltreated by the model of the [60] Pharisaic/Talmudic New World Order, the EU, because it resists being bought by these Pharisees – acc. to Israel´s president. Nationalizing the [53] Central bank owned by the [61] Talmudic NWO leader, the Rothschild dynasty is exactly the way to prevent such a sale. [62] Snake-heagram-swasticca

The banksters are betting on the break-up of the euro. This is the most certain way to predict its demise: Of course they will do anything to have their gains. Negative talking through their corporative media and a former EU Commission President (Delors) will foster further distrust in the common currency. But most efficient: The banksters´ self-appointed rating agencies simply lower their ratings of nearly all EU countries – scaring investors away.
Then the EU insisted a reinforcement of the [63] Basel II decision of no less [64] 8% core capital, which due to the [65] Mark to Market rule can make a fund or a bank like [66] Bear Stearns technically insolvent from day to day in an uncertain market. At least this will make banks less willing to loan money for uncertain investments, as will the fact that the [67] banks were ordered to write off 50 percent of Greek debt - roughly 100 billion euros. The final outcome even seems to be 60–70% written off. The banks can also [68] thank themselves for that.

Moreover, the banks are taking even more money out of the investment market by parking a large part of their remaining money in the ECB! The EU is using its money on bail-outs to defaulting countries in order that the latter can pay the banksters, who led them into misery and have taken over governmental revenues for years, their interest, not for new investments, at the cost of European tax payers  – thereby sending the defaulting countries into more debt morass. The IMF seemingly has great difficulties in finding money for beefing up the EU´s [69] EFSF, which has just been downgraded from AAA to AA+. The EU is going begging in [70] EuroscrapRussia and China – as well as in the US, but no one seems willing to pay for the sinking euro-ship. And what doe the banksters do with their booty? They place not only at the ECB  but first and foremost in their off-shore banks, where[71] the banksters hide 18 trillion dollars, at least.

The purpose of this theatre is to create ecomomic dominance over all of the EU - as demanded by Rothschild agent George Soros – by means of a common Treasury in Brussels. In reality, the EU is doing its worst to stifle growth and its best to kill the euro to pave the way for the NWO global currency. A parallel mismanagemant of the dollar for the same purpose is also taking place. But even worse: The first victim in this game is democracy. As EU Council Pres. van Rompuy says: “Voting is largely irrelevant when it comes to major issues.” And the “married couple” Merkel and Sarkozy add: “We will not pay for others´ debts without controlling them”.

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