Summary: The emerging NWO regions, the U.S. and the EU (as well as Russia) have an insatiable appetite for control of thoughts and movements of their populations, because they are afraid of them. Thus,  EU Commissioner, Viviane Reding, is now trying to make data protection “independent”: she wants to place the secretariat for a new European Data Protection Board at the office of the EU´s European Data Protection Supervisor! In a speech to EU data protectors, she says: I will strengthen the powers of the Authority so that its administrative sanctions can be used effectively if a violation of the law occurs. You must be able to conduct investigations and to prohibit any unlawful processing. You should have the right to make legal action to enforce data protection regulations. A strong mandate, adequate resources and clear rules make it easier to work. But that’s not enough.
“I would also drastically reduce the administrative burden. This means no more compelling messages about the processing of personal data”! So, what is being done is done in secret.” This was called state censorship in the past.

She wants legislation for the entire EU only in this field, as well. She says: “Even tiny scraps of personal information can have a huge impact, even years after they were shared or made public. Therefore I want to empower Individuals to delete their personal data any time they want, where there are no other legitimate grounds for a controller to keep their data any longer.” She wants to improve the efficiency of the supervisory authorities - under the European Court of Justice.

What happens is that the EU under the guise of data protection surveils us on the Internet as if we were all terrorists. Above all is to be feared that an unpopular blogger will be accused of infringement of copyrights, has his blog closed and will even be prosecuted. In the U.S.  Senate, John D. Rockefeller runs a similar campaign against the free internet – only, he is more open as for his purpose: to abolish internet freedom.

But can the EU cope with such a task, at all? Certainly: The U.S. government calls its latest snooping initiative PRODIGAL / “wasteful”. It is a security research project that has the capacity for 250 million pieces of digital analysss of person-to-person communications per day. The program will be initially tested as a monitoring device for “rogue employees” of the federal government. The DARPA-funded program seeks key concepts and anomalous file activity that predict subversive “extreme” intentions.

However, their imagination goes further: Two micro-generators convert the mechanical vibrations of the wings of a beetle into an electrical output signal. The placement of two generators on the wings can lead to more than 45 micro-watts per insect. A direct connection between the generator and the flight muscles of insects is expected to increase the amount of performance improvement by a factor of 10, at least 500 microwatts. This energy is then used for the operation of flying microphones and micro-cameras, which provides extensive control of large population groups.

The U.S. government´s mistrust of of its citizens is now so great that nonviolent acts of civil disobedience and / or the exercise of First Amendment (freedom of expression), are categorized as “terrorism.” On New Year’s Eve, Pres. Obama has signed a bill (NDAA), according to which a persona non grata can be detained in the name of terrorism and disappear in a domestic or foreign concentration camp (FEMA camps, Guantanamo)  forever without trial or justification. He has also set up under the National Security Council a secret committee, which runs a secret death list - with self-appointed people. This body has no legal basis - and makes its own rules. The president can now globally arrest or kill any unwanted person with drones.

According to a memo from the FBI Terrorist Research and Analytical Center in 1994 domestic terrorism was defined as “the unlawful use of force by group (s) of two or more individuals against persons or property, intimidating or coercing the civilian population or any segment thereof, for promotion of political or social goals”. So, Uncle Sam is the greatest terrorist of them all.
Well, it’s not quite this bad in the EU - but the U.S. big brother is increasingly being imitated.


I have several times written about Big Brother´s snooping into our every aspect of life, most recently here.

How a not so sly fox plans to control the internet in the guise of a promotor of data  security

Viviane_RedingEU Press Release 7 Dec. 2011, Commissioner Viviane Reding on Independent Data Protection Authorities: Indispensable Watchdogs of the Digital Age. Meeting of the Article 29 Working Party: Data protection is a fundamental right in Europe. It is enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and in our Treaty. The Treaty also underlines that the role of independent data protection authorities (DPAs), your authorities, is to control the compliance with data protection principles.You are aware that I want one single data protection law in Europe.  As regards the law enforcement sector, where there are strong national traditions I want to make progress by allowing Member States to implement European data protection rules under the scrutiny of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

I want to enhance transparency. Individuals will get more rights that will be enforceable in the online environment. At the same time those who are in control of their data will have stricter obligations.

Third, my proposal includes the right to be forgotten and the right to data portability. The internet has an almost unlimited search and memory capacity. So even tiny scraps of personal information can have a huge impact, even years after they were shared or made public. Therefore I want to empower Individuals to delete their personal data any time they want, where there are no other legitimate grounds for a controller to keep their data any longer.

I also want to drastically reduce the ex-ante administrative burden. This means no more compulsory notifications on personal data processing. I plan to limit prior checks only to cases where they bring real added value. In return, and to make sure that data protection is not undermined, I propose to introduce privacy impact assessments for risky processing.

Now, let me turn to other very important aspects of the reform aimed at improving the efficiency of supervisory authorities. I believe that these authorities must be significantly strengthened and their powers should be aligned.

The main characteristic of a strong data protection authority is its independence. In the Commission proposal, I will clarify practical aspects of independence, including the appointment of the members of the authority, recruitment of staff, and an independent budget.

I want to strengthen their competences so that they can effectively use administrative sanctions whenever there is a breach of the law. You need to be able to carry out investigations and if necessary ban unlawful processing. You should have the right to bring legal action to enforce data protection rules. A strong mandate, adequate resources and clear rules will make your work easier. But that is not enough.European-data-protection

On some occasions, several data protection authorities in different Member States are in charge of what is effectively the same case. This can lead to a waste of time and resources, and to parallel investigations without coordination. This occurs in cross border cases, some of which can be highly visible as they involve a complex societal debate, sometimes even reaching beyond EU borders, and yet, despite the similarities, the regulatory outcome is quite different.

When the reform will enter into force, a new European Data Protection Board will be created from the current Article 29 Working Party. Given its enhanced future responsibilities the Board should have an efficient and dedicated secretariat. How to do it? I think that this secretariat should be hosted by the European Data Protection Supervisor’s office (an EU-office!!!) which would be a cost-effective solution drawing upon the ready-made experience of that office.

Comment: As we see, a hypocritical way of thinking is permeating Mrs. Reding: She tells us that data protection is a human right – even enshrined in the EU Treaty. So, she wants an “independent” office to control our data through and through – to see if our data are protected – or if we violate the data of others, e.g. by using “unallowed” in – an EU office!! In previous days this was called state censorship.

This is in preparation in the US as well – under the banner of John D. Rockefeller IV.  This can be extended to every citizen´s internet traffic.
Interpol is trying to do so- under the pretext of protecting the Lonodon Olympic Games against terrorism
The Independent 30 dec. 2011: Former head of the US Secret Service, Ronald Noble, is now Secretary General of Interpol: “One of the things I want to do… is to create a cyber-fusion centre, where police around the world can go to one place quickly and find out the source of any kind of message or communication that’s come across the internet.“Mr Noble emphasises the centre will only target specific, suspicious emails, saying it simply could not track all the messages from billions of innocent people even if Interpol wanted it to. As we shall see, this is in fact technically possible.

Government-controlActivist Post 8 Dec. 2011:  U.S. government is to name its latest snoop initiative PRODIGAL; it literally means “characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure.”
It is a security research project that has the capability of analyzing 250,000,000 pieces of person-to-person digital communications per day. The program is being initially tested as a monitoring device for “rogue” federal employees.

The DARPA-sponsored program, led by Science Applications International Corp (SAIC), will search key words and anomalous file activity that could be predictive of subversive “extreme” intent.  This assurance seems disingenuous as the Internet itself is a military creation. Moreover, systems such as Carnivore and ECHELON already have raised the hackles of privacy lovers for their stated capabilities, which extend well beyond federal or military surveillance targets.

The interest of the authorities in our personal affairs is immense – because they fear us. Their phantasy knows no limits.

WND 3 Dec. 2011: Two micro-generator prototypes convert the mechanical vibrations from the wings of a beetle into an electrical output. Placing two generators on the wings can result in more than 45 micro-watts of power per insect. A direct connection between the generator and the flight muscles of the insect is expected to increase the final power output by a factor of 10 to at least 500 microwatts.

Bug-spy-1Bug-spy-2What brought the technology to the attention to the intelligence community was the fact that the energy generated by the bug could now power micro-surveillance equipment, such as a camera or microphone, for an extended period of time. (The research for turning insects into miniature electrical generators was funded by the Hybrid Insect Micro Electromechanical Systems program of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA).
As early as the 1970s the CIA secretly developed a mechanical “dragonfly” for spying. It has only been recently that miniature surveillance devices have been carried by living insects.

In 2007, insects seem to have been used for surveillance operations of short duration. “Dragonflies” and “little helicopters” were reported at anti-government rallies both in New York and Washington, D.C. Many suspect that the devices were deployed by the Department of Homeland Security.The Hybrid Insect Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (HISMEMS) project aims to create literal flying cameras – insects whose nerves have grown into the implanted microprocessor so that operators can control them in flight.

Why are the authorities so keen on controlling our every move? The US Homeland Security Dept. has been particularly bent on controlling people. Pres. Obama has even just signed the NDAA (National Defence Authorization Act), which empowers the US to send any “terrorist”-suspect into a FEMA Camp – or even into a concentration camp abroad for unlimited time – without trial, without being sentenced.
Here is a bid by The Activist Post 30 Dec. 2011: Through a never-ending campaign of fear-based, neo-fascist politicizing, non-violent acts of civil disobedience and/or exercising the First Amendment (freedom of expression), are now categorized as “terrorism.” According to Uncle Sam’s vastly expanding terrorist database(s) we have (growing) millions of individuals who pose a threat to our totalitarian “freedoms” in America. If you have ever volunteered your energy or money to help disadvantaged people, non-humans or the environment, consider yourself on his terrorist list.
Uncle Sam´s self-serving philosophy is that if a real terrorist threat doesn’t exist — invent one. He considers this a capitalistic strategy for generating and funneling vast sums of wealth to the corporate surveillance and military communities, as well as luring a complicit, ill-informed or gullible Congress into believing there is a legitimate need for funding trillions more to fight his largely manufactured version of reality. When he feels threatened, our Uncle is a harsh taskmaster. Case in point: Individuals being illegally arrested for recording video on their cellphones. He considers the ubiquitous cellphone a weapon if it is pointed in his direction as he commits acts of unjustified barbarity against his own citizens. His hypocrisy is legendary. While giving rousing speeches espousing democratic principles to the rest of the world (ironically, in police states which he funds and controls), he crushes them at home.

According to a memo produced by the FBI’s Terrorist Research and Analytical Center in 1994 domestic terrorism was defined as “the unlawful use of force or violence, committed by a group(s) of two or more individuals, against persons or property to intimidate or coerce the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” Thus, Uncle sam is the biggest terrorist of them all.

Well, it is not quite that bad yet in the EU – but the Big US Brother is being imitated more and more.