20th December 2011

To the members of the Danish Parliament (Folketinget).

I have just seen this shocking YouTube video by the following German organizations on the great American blog, “Activist Post” :

1. Abgeordneten Check
2. Die Freie Welt
3. Zivilkoalition für Deutschland

If this is true, it looks like sheer theft of the sovereignty and prosperity of an unsuspecting population. The Danes turned the euro scandal down that economically has no lasting prospect of survival  - and that can only exist until the EU has made Danes, Germans, Swedes, Finns, Dutch, and Austrians just as impoverished as the Greeks and the other PIIGS countries.

We are also some who have noticed the EU’s “European semester“, acc. to which all governmental budgets of EU countries must be approved by the EU’s unelected government, the Commission,  before being submitted to national parliaments.  Furthermore,  José Barroso, Commission President, says : ” Head of States and Government of the Euro area have also agreed on a quasi automaticity of their decisions on the Commission’s recommendations in the implementation of the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) as the conclusions say, and I quote: “In deciding on the steps in the SGP the Council is expected to, as a rule, follow the recommendations of the Commission or explain its position in writing.”

Denmark has so far not been seriously maintaining specific views in the EU. To many, it looks as though Denmark has already given its last remnant of sovereignty away - without informing or asking the population about it.

After being betrayed on the promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (which according to Valéry Giscard d`Estaing, author of the Constitution, is identical to the EU constitution - it is just meant to pull the wool over voters´eyes) the last vestige of confidence in the Parliament’s morals and credibility is now at stake. A very large proportion of the population has simply lost confidence in you.

Stay far away from sneaky  Euro support agreements - whatever your lawyers can be pressed to think. Give the Danes an informed choice through a referendum, at least. In any case, many believe that it is now coming down to the very last remnant of Danish sovereignty.


Anders Bruun Laursen

Former. ophthalmologist