Climategate 2: More E-mails Proving the Climate Fraud, while UN´s COP17 Shameful Giant NWO Charade Has Lost Interest

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OUTCOME OF THE OUTRAGE. [1] Deutsche Welle 11 Dec. 2011: Sunday’s deal, which has been dubbed the Durban Platfom, calls for a 2015 pact that for the first time will hold all major carbon polluters legally responsible for cutting the greenhouse gasses believed to cause global warming. That pact would be implemented in 2020.
The deal also sets up bodies to collect, govern and distribute tens of billions of euros a year for poor countries. Where the money will come from is not specified in the deal. Comment: Let us guess: From the taxpayers, as usual!

LATEST. I. [2] Climate Depot 8 Dec. 2011: 1000 unbiased scientists on manmade “global warming/climate changes”:
“In essence, the jig is up. The whole thing is a fraud. And even the fraudsters that fudged data are admitting …” and “I am ashamed of what climate science has become today.”
“The whole idea of anthropogenic global warming is completely unfounded. There appears to have been money gained by Michael Mann, Al Gore and UN IPCC’s Rajendra Pachauri as a consequence of this deception, so it’s fraud,” etc.

LATEST. II. [3] Climate Depot 9 Dec. 2011 (now deletedt). See [4] IndyMed.  UN Climate Draft Text Demands ‘New International Climate Court’ to compel reparations for ‘climate debt’ — Also seeks ‘rights of Mother Earth’ (Gaia) & 2C° drop in global temps.
UN Draft Text Demands: The West will pay ‘climate debt’ because of its ‘historical responsibility’ for causing ‘global warming’ — UN seeks end to wars to ‘protect the climate system’. Comment: Sheer Eco-Communism.   Temperature drop of 2 centigrades means a little ice age causing poverty and North-South migrations


Lord Monckton reports in the videos below on the real topic of the COP17 : How best to enable the Illuminati  to steal our money  - viz. through a dictatorial climate court!

Summary: Just before the COP15 in Copenhagen, a batch of hacked e-mails between the “climate scientists” at the East Anglia University UK under the leadership of Prof. Phil Jones and their US accomplices were  published. They showed a fraudulent class of scientists delivering junk science based on manipulated figures in order to prove an non-existent “global warming” for the cause of money - and a political agenda.” …to hide the decline (in global temperature) - as Prof. Jones wrote. Even before, the basis of Michael Mann´s Hockeystick graph showing concomitant rise of global temperature and atmospheric CO2 had been revealed to be sheer fraud.

Now another batch of 5000 e-mails from these climatist fraudsters (from 2009 again) have been published - and they seem to be genuine. They even show how the UK governmental DEFRA pressured “climate scientists” to come up with a strong story of manmade global warming. One says: I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it…..Another mail says: “Mike (Mann?), The Figure you sent is very deceptive [...] there have been a number of dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC [...]” and so on. No wonder that the IPCC Chairman has confessed “climate science” to be politically commissioned work.

As so often documented on this blog, the manmade CO2 global climate fraud has 2 purposes: 1. to promote the bankster elite´s one world government and canalize our money into the banksters´ pockets - for the starving “climate victims” of which the West is accused get practically nothing. One main reason for the starvation in LDC countries is the ideological change from fossile fuel to biofuel which produces considerably more CO2 than fossile fuel. The West is cleverly calling previous aid “climate mitigation”, so that the corrupt LDC leaders get much less than they had hoped. So far they have only received 7% of what was promised them by 2013 in Copenhagen (2009).

Although no real global warming occurs - now even acc. to the Climategate fraudster no 1, Prof. Phil Jones - the elite, not least the EU, carries on telling us about Doomsday scenarios, unless they are allowed to tax us and institute new green fees - and to raise their income at their lucrative Climate Exchanges at our more and more painful cost.
More astonishing, the Father of the climate scam, James Hansen, who is bribed by Al Gore and George Soros (Rothschild agent), has repeatedly been caught redhanded, manipulating normal global temperatures into global warming figures by primitive means. Nevertheless or therefore, he is being honoured in the corporate media - sending advice to the climate saviours of the Earth when possible!

So, the elitists are now celebrating a gigantic party for taxpayer money - called the selfappointed COP17 for the climate cops - at Durban. The participants know this is a charade, the uS and China not being willing to accept the purpose: a prolongation of the Kyoto Protocol to expire in 1 year.Russia, Japan, and Canada have pulled out. So the participants cower and do not want to be presented in the lime light - just want to have a good time at our cost. The whole exercise is meant to be a prepatory one for the Rio 2 meeting next year to complete the Communist NWO dictatorship, the Agenda 21, by the fascist corporative elite, whereby mankind is to be transformed to battery hens in order to be controlled and for the Rothschild Global Environmental Facility to take over the major part of the Earth and its resources. All this was agreed upon by 179 governments at the Rio1 Conference in 1992 to be done by means of environmentalism/ the climate scam.
So be afraid of what these fraudsters are concocting. It will cost your money, freedom, and well-being. See some of the 5000 e-mails under ADDENDUM.

“When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44).


Before the COP15 in Copenhagen, e-mail correspondences of the climate “scientists” revealed the whole business as politically ordered fraud, the “[5] Climategate scandal: “Trying to hide the decline (in global temperature)” as the leader of the scam, Prof. Phil Jones of the Climate Research Unit of the East Anglia University wrote. Phil Jones would then last year to the Daily Mail reveal that [6] there had been no global warming since 1995. Another member of his staff, [7] Keith Briffa, elegantly abolished the medieval  warm period which was 2 centigrades warmer than today´s global temperature. He did this by using tree rings from the Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, as temperature proxies. The Yamal data set used just 12 trees from a larger set to produce a dramatic recent trend of global warming. Yet many more were cored, and a larger data set (of 34) from the vicinity shows no dramatic recent warming, but warmer temperatures in the middle ages. In all there are 252 cores in the CRU Yamal data set, of which ten were alive 1990. All 12 cores selected show strong growth since the mid-19th century. The implication is clear: the dozen were cherry-picked.

[8] East-anglia[9] The Daily Telegraph 22 Nov. 2011, James Delingpole: Two years after the Climategate, a further batch of emails has been leaked onto the internet by a person – or persons – unknown. And as before, they show the “scientists” at the heart of the Man-Made Global Warming industry in a most unflattering light.
Left: The CRU of the East Anglia University.

In other words, what these emails confirm is that the great man-made global warming scare is not about science but about political activism.
If you’re going to bomb the global economy back to the dark ages with environmental tax and regulation, if you’re going to cause food riots and starvation in the developing world by giving over farmland (and rainforests) to biofuel production, then at the very least you owe to the world to base your policies on sound, transparent, evidence-based science rather than on the politicised, disingenuous junk churned out by the charlatans at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

[10] The Daily Mail 25 Nov. 20115,000 leaked emails reveal scientists deleted evidence that cast doubt on claims climate change was man-made.
[11] The mails seem to be genuine acc. to the Norfolk police – quoted by the Guardian on 22 Nov. 2011.The emails were posted by anonymous persons on a Russian server – None of the material appears to be new, either: it seems to date from the first release in 2009. Professor Mann, speaking to the Guardian, described the release as ‘truly pathetic. “Well, they look like mine.”

See the scandalous e-mailsunder ADDENDUM after this article.

[12] [13] COP17[14] On 28 Nov., the Conference Of the Partners (COP17) opened in Durban under little press attention to find a successor for the Kyoto Protocol to prevent the emission of greenhouse gases, which will expire in 1 year. [15] The Independent 4 Dec. 2011: “More than 10,000 ministers, officials, campaigners and scientists from 194 countries are meeting in Durban in an attempt to counter the devastating effects of global warming (at the cost of taxpayers!) . With little hope of a major agreement, many are happy to be out of the spotlight.” The preposterous basis is “manmade CO2 causing global warming” –while they let the real manmade instrument to change globale weather and to cause climate changes, [16] HAARP, unmentioned.

I have extensively argumented for manmade CO2 global warming to be an [7] NWO fraud and [17] here and [18] here and [19] here [20] here and [5] here and [21] here and [22] here and [23] here for the sake of money and one world government. It is a [24] religion, and [25] here“. Last year, [6] Phil Jones, the Climate Gate chief imposter, confessed, there is no global warming since 1995, and [26] Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chief, openly admits that the “climate problem” is just politically commissioned work. But the climate fraud is also a huge [27] source of revenue for the bankers at our cost.  Most powers have given up to pursue this phantasm – except the EU! The [28] hypocrisy is clearly visible [29] here.

[30] UneccThe purpose is not combating “a manmade global warming” which is a political nonexistent concoction.

The purposes are A: to create a basis for the [31] NWO one world dictatorship called the [32] Agenda 21, launched by 179 nations at the Rio Conference in 1992, cleverly manipulated by Club of Rome menber, [33] Maurice Strong on behalf of his friend, Edmund de Rothschild – as well as B: more money for the banksters. The real purpose 1992 was to establish the world´s biggest bank for Rothschild, the world Conservation Bank, later called the [33] Global Environmental Facility and [34] here – to give loans to defaulting states and take their wilderness lands and resources as forfeited collaterals. This GEF was, of course, appointed to take care of the staggering sums called [35] “climate mitigation“ to be sent from western countries into the pockets of corrupt dictators of never-developing countries and their corrupt banks alongside with the [36] fraudulent EU Investment Bank to reward that these countries emit no harmless CO2 – but instead let their peoples starve. The main part, however, goes into the pockets of corporations (see below) – do not benefit the starving peoples ([37] The Daily Mail 28 nov. 2011)! . The EFG will finally through the Agenda 21 and the [38] sustainable - [24] Climate religion of the UNEP[24] and [25] hier possess the greater part of the world.[39] Climate-justice-now

One “CO2–combat” trick  is feigned [40] Communist redistribution of Western wealth to cheat LDCs inro being thankful to the NWO elite. But the LDC leaders want more and have recognized the trick.
[41] Deutsche Welle 7 Dec. 2011: African nations say only 7 percent of the climate (mitigation) money promised to the developing world by 2013 has so far materialized.The Durban conference could sign off on a Green Climate Fund that would raise tens of billions of dollars for developing countries to respond to challenges posed by climate change. Germany insists on hosting that fund. African countries say that less than a quarter of the $30 billion promised to the developing world by 2013 is ‘new’ money. The rest has been reassigned from standing commitments, like existing aid budgets. In the hunt for new ways of generating money, some are turning their attention to international aviation and shipping.The EU is planning to extend its [27] CO2 trading scheme to aviation next year.

The Graph below shows that 450 years ago, the atmospheric CO2 was 10 times higher than todayalthough there was ice age. The graph shows that the rises in temperature occur by centuries before the CO2–increases – which means that the CO2–increases in the atmosphere are consequences, not the cause of global warming (the CO2 is released from the oceans).


[42] Hockeystick-dismantled

Michael Mann constructed the infamous Hockeystick (right), showing  concomitantly temperature and atmospheric CO2 rises. Clear: the rise of atmospheric CO2 from preindustrial 0.027 % to 0.038 % today is manmade an causes global warming?? However, this scam was based on Briffa´s fraudulent tree ring proxies. The black line in the graph shows the corrected global temperature when Briffa´s fraudulent figures were removed. This corrected hockey stick shows the mendacious basis of the claim of global warming due to CO2. By the way, [43] only 1% of atmospheric CO2 is derived from human activity!

[15] The Independent 4 Dec. 2011: Despite apocalyptic warnings about temperatures reaching record levels and carbon emissions rising faster than ever, the delegates at the vast UN climate conference in South Africa this weekend could not be further from reaching a deal – or further from the thoughts of a global population gripped by economic fears. Today, amid the preoccupations of a global recession, the future of the world itself seems a secondary concern for the political classes. Environmentalists fear there is now a lack of political momentum behind the green agenda.
The key villain remains the United States, which a year before presidential elections will not sign up to a new green target. China will not play ball either. Japan, Russia and Canada have pulled out of the current negotiations.[44] Polar bear

The stock of polar bears is not decreasing – on the contrary the [45] stock is increasing acc. to an expert

George Osborne, the UK Chancellor: “We are not going to save the planet by shutting down our steel mills, aluminium smelters and paper manufacturers.” His anti-green rhetoric sparked a rift in a coalition that had pledged to be “the greenest government ever”.

[46] The Daily Mail 28 nov. 2011 Hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ cash is to be poured into Africa to help it cope with the impact of climate change.
Last night critics questioned whether so much money should continue to be ploughed into Africa, where aid money has a history of disappearing as a result of corruption
One of the main beneficiaries will be South Africa, a country which is prosperous enough to have its own space agency.Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘What makes it worse is that much of the aid budget is spent on things that are not really benefiting developing countries.

Energy-intensive firms such as cement, aluminium and steel makers will get 95 per cent relief from the climate change levy as well as tens of millions of pounds to offset new carbon levies. It is not known whether  the money will go straight to  governments or whether it will  be channelled via charities  and companies. Julian Morris, president of the London-based think tank International Policy Network, said ‘It suggests this is an attempt to bribe African governments to sign up to whatever deals the British Government wants them to sign up to in Durban. The money will almost certainly go to foreign governments and do little to improve the lot of the poor.[47] James-Hansen

[48] The Independent 8 Dec. 2011: Father of climate change, James Hansen (1988) is the exponent of the Climate business: Deception, lies corruption and manipulation. is stil homoured by climatists. In a speech to the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco he sends this message to the COP17: Talks to limit global temperature rises to 2C will not prevent the possibility of dangerous climate change, warns the scientist who first raised the alarm over global warming. He believes carbon dioxide concentrations – now at nearly 389 parts per million (ppm) – should be no higher than 350ppm to stop catastrophic events such as the melting of ice sheets, dramatic sea level rises and methane being released from beneath the permafrost.
[49] 350 ppm have now become a religious dogme for Gaia Churches. Mr. Hansen and [50] his NASA GISS has a bad reputation for temperature manipulations - e.g. appointing Oct. 2008 to be the warmest on record - on the basis of September temperatures that were simply carried over. GISS used ground measurements - and placed 50 % of their temperature sensors [51] near artificial heat spenders! Mr. Hansen is [52] bribed by George Soros and Al Gore. He thinks [53] Chinese Totalitarianism should be imposed on the US to enforce his (Al Gore´s) climate policy.

The NWO is building on an enormous sum of lies. We pay for it with money and freedom. This is the largest insolence in history  because the NWO can make the populations of the whole world believe in this climate lie. It’s really just a communist redistribution of Western wealth to political colleagues and corporations - not the [54] starving populations of developing countries. The confiscation of agricultural land for bio-fuel production increases the NWO criminals´creation of famine and promotes their [55] population control in the direction of their planned 500 million people on Earth ([56] Georgia Guidestones)). It’s about the construction of the dictatorial one-world government.

[9] The Daily Telegraph 22 Nov. 2011, James Delingpole: “I particularly like the ones expressing deep reservations about the narrative put about by the IPCC: <1939> Thorne/MetO: Observations do not show rising temperatures throughout the tropical troposphere unless you accept one single study and approach and discount a wealth of others. This is just downright dangerous.  We need to communicate the uncertainty and be honest. Phil, hopefully we can find time to discuss these further if necessary [...]

<3066> Thorne: I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it…..

<1611> Carter: It seems that a few people have a very strong say, and no matter how much talking goes on beforehand, the big decisions are made at the eleventh hour by a select core group.

<2884> Wigley: Mike (Mann?), The Figure you sent is very deceptive [...] there have been a number of
dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC

<4755> Overpeck: The trick may be to decide on the main message and use that to guid[e] what’s
included and what is left out.
[57] Phil-Jones-Michael Mann

And here’s our friend Phil Jones (right with Michael Mann), apparently trying to stuff the IPCC working groups with scientists favourable to his cause, while shutting out dissenting voices.

<0714> Jones: Getting people we know and trust [into IPCC] is vital .

<3205> Jones: Useful ones [for IPCC] might be Baldwin, Benestad (written on the solar/cloud
issue – on the right side, i.e anti-Svensmark), Bohm, Brown, Christy (will we
have to involve him ?)

Here is what looks like an outrageous case of government – the [58] Department for  Environment, Food  and  Rural Affairs – actually putting pressure on climate “scientists to talk up their message of doom and gloom in order to help the government justify its swingeing climate policies:
<2495> Humphrey/DEFRA:  I can’t overstate the HUGE amount of political interest in the project as a message that the Government can give on climate change to help them tell their story. They want the story to be a very strong one and don’t want to be made
to look foolish.

Here is a gloriously revealing string of emails in which activists and global warming research groups discuss how best to manipulate reality so that climate change looks more scary and dangerous than it really is:

<0445> Torok/CSIRO: [...] A perception of an “unchanging” environment leads people to generate local explanations for coral loss based on transient phenomena, while not acknowledging the possibility of systematic damage from long-term climatic/environmental change [...] Such a project could do a lot to raise awareness of threats to the reef from climate change

[10] The Daily Mail 25 Nov. 2011:  >  Andrew Orlwowski, UK science site The Register’s science correspondent comments on one email that says, ‘What if climate change turns out to be a natural fluctuation? They’ll kill us all’

> Clive Crook, a commentator for the Atlantic, who described the earlier inquiries into the Climategate emails as ‘ineffectual’ and ‘mealy mouthed’, reportedly said, ‘The closed-mindedness of these supposed men of science, their willingness to go to any lengths to defend a preconceived message, is surprising even to me.

‘The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering.’
Following on from the original ‘climategate’ emails of 2009, the new package appears to show systematic suppression of evidence, and even publication of reports that scientists knew to to be based on flawed approaches. The emails paint a clear picture of scientists selectively using data, and colluding with politicians to misuse scientific information.

> Prof. Jones – who is working with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – said: ‘Any work we have done in the past is done on the back of the research grants we get – and has to be well hidden.
In another of his emails, he wrote: ‘I’ve been told that Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is above national Freedom of Information Acts.

‘One way to cover yourself and all those working in AR5 would be to delete all emails at the end of the process.’ Other scientists are clearly against such a policy, but some seemed happy to collude with concealing and destroying evidence.

If I were a climate activist off to COP 17 in Durban later this month, I don’t think I’d be feeling a very happy little drowning Polie, right now. In fact I might be inclined to think that the game was well and truly up.

[59] Survey here at Activist Post 24 Nov. 2011

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