“The Great Common Cause”, Cosa Nostra, and now “Common Purpose”: Nazism, Mafia – and New World Order: All of an infiltrating  piece.

This is a thought-provoking  context.  If any of you know more about  Common Purpose and its  relations with the EU I should be grateful to learn about it.

Deutsche Welle 18. Sept.2008:  The German government's own bank, KfW, suspended two top executive officers from their duties Thursday after blunders that lost KfW 536 million euros in the Lehman Brothers failure.
In the worst blunder, KfW deposited 350 million euros ($503 million) with Lehman on Monday, just hours before Lehmann Brothers (Rothschild´s intimate friends) declared itself insolvent, although the Lehman failure had been Sunday's top world news story.

Credit Institution for Reconstruction (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau Website)  website: Since 2005, the KfW bank group under the sponsorship of their location supports Common Purpose Program Frankfurt.

In this multicultural video (Click Our Mission) we are told that the Rockefeller Partner Morgan Stanley is in it, and that "Common Purpose" is a "catalyst of a dramatic social transformation".

We would only exclude organisations or individuals if they deliberately promoted the use of violence, incited race or religious hatred,

"There are no easy answers - and Common Purpose is no easy ride. It challenges every personal and professional prejudice you have (qouotations change).
It’s unsettling. It’s also the best learning I’ve ever done."

"Engage individuals from all parts of society and inspire them to transformation of society (quotations change)."

How do they catalyse this?
Here we are toldOur participants don't just sit in meeting rooms studying abstract management problems or wrestling with intellectual exercises. They go out into their own community and grapple with real life problems at first hand, visiting prisons, housing developments, businesses, hospitals and manufacturing plants in order to find inspiration .”

Diversity underpins everything we do.
Since 1989, more than 120,000 people have been involved in Common Purpose worldwide and over 23,000 leaders have completed one or more of our programmes."

What is the Common Purpose?
I would advise any one to see this shocking video (54 min), where former naval officer and city councillor, Brian Gerrish, Plymouth, presents his research on this secret organisation. He does so by presenting copies of original documents showing this monster in activity.

"The organisation presents itself as charitable" – has nevertheless threatened Mr. Gerrish´s life. "It keeps on about diversity, demanding parity between natives and immigrants in councils etc. as well as racial intermingling as their prerequisite for their new society.

They have infiltrated everywhere in society, in the churches, schools, in the police, hospitals, MPs, local councillors – but most of all among their officers. They are recruiting in particular 12-14-year-old school pupils with leader capacity singled out by teachers with the „right“ heads to „train“ them.

                                                                     Brain cancer cells

In all leader training people are brain-washed to think their loyalty to „Common Purpose“ is above loyalty to their firms, society etc.
Mr. Gerrish has been contacted by many people and the relatives of such persons who have been mentally very ill after their „leader training“, i.e. brainwashing.

Common Purpose promise to rid their leaders of „prejudices“, under which we all seem to suffer (nationalism, Christianity etc).

Fraud, lies, corruption, political infiltration, social engineering, mind control, even pedophilia and homosexuality are part of „Common Cause“, according to Mr. Gerrish.

If you protest with the local authorities or the media you meet a wall of silence and lies. IT IS A CONSPIRACY – You can leave the word theory out," says Mr Gerrish!
Common Purpose was started in 1989 by Julia Middleton, who is a close ally of Mr. Geoff Mulgan of „Demos“, a communist organisation under the control of The Council on Foreign Relations, the Chatham House and the brainwashing Tavistock  Institute, where they sometimes meet according to Mr Gerrish.

According to Demos UKs website: Between 1997 and 2004 Geoff Mulgan had various roles in the UK government including director of the Government’s Strategy Unit and head of policy in the Prime Minister’s office. 
Before that he was the founder and director of the think-tank Demos, described by the Economist as the UK’s most influential think-tank; chief adviser to Gordon Brown MP .
Julia Middleton is a cofounder of DEMOS.

Ms. Middleton has written a book „Beyond Authority“ which is highly recommended by Jürgen Moog, Police Director in Frankfurt am Main (quotations change) !! 

Mulgan cooperates closely with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, the brother of British Foreign Minister, David Miliband.
Even Cabinet Security and Intelligence leader Mottram is in it."
On June 28, 2008, Gerrish gave the same speech supplied with some new information.
 Here he shows the directors of N. M. Rothschild & Sons, Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, the BBC, Matthew Taylor – a high level staff in Downing Street 10, as well as the European Director of the Lehman Brothers to be involved (and that was 3 months before the KfW scandal), and that British taxpayers pay 721.000 pounds annually for this “charity”, which is said to subvert and destroy the old society to clear the track for the New World Order.

"Our minds are being interfered with – and there is but one way to counteract this invisible enemy: Talk about it." (Brian Gerrish.)
By and by the Common Purpose in the UK  is represented in 45 cities.
72 of the FTSE - 100 - firms and thousands of smaller businesses have already cooperated with Common Purpose. Over 25.000 leaders have participated in programmes of Common Purpose.

German Common Purpose residences are in: Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Mitteldeutschland, Stuttgart.

Common Purpose International runs the construction of new Common Purpose-Organisations and -Programmes outside of the UK. Sir David Bell, Chairman der Financial Times Group, is Chairman of Common Purpose International. 

”Your Turn" challenges very young people to think in new ways about their region and their world”.

Common Purpose is growing worldwide and is active at present outside of the UK in Germany, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Africa, Ghana, India and  Hungary. In Spain, Turkey, Switzerland and France programmes are being built up.

About us 
We expand leadership competences of today´s and future carriers of responsibility.
We back civil society, giving leaders from all areas of society the tools they need to contribute to efficient functioning of their city.
” Cities and regions prosper in the best manner when all actors recognize how their actions are interdependent and when they cooperate across fields of responsibilty and cultures.

360 Website connects the "graduates" , i.e. those who have done the full leader training  of  Common Purpose.

Our programmes foster goal-oriented  cooperations between the different sectors of society and  show the way to a more efficient, cooperation beyond individual fields. On a total, already more than 60.000 were involved with Common Purpose activities als participants or lecturers.

Diversity within a community is a sign of strength .
Out of it arises a wealth of ideas, perspectives and resources needed by any society for its further development.”

Considering the information given by Brian Gerrish it is no wonder that the German directors of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau sent 500 mio dollars to the Lehman Brothers just before they went bankrupt:
Loyalty to Common Purpose supercedes the loyalty to the Kreditanstalt, to the German taxpayers - and the European director of the Lehman Brothers is in the Common Purpose!!
One may wonder how much more money they extract from the Europeans.

  We are dealing with a very subversive movement related to and probably directed by the New World Order´s Council on Foreign Relations and the Chatham House as well as the brainwashing Tavistock Centre.

Of course, the EU Commission denies cooperation with Common Purpose: Here is part of an Answer to this question from UK MEP, Davis d Martin: "I can conclude that the contacts are limited to the information visits, and there is certainly no "ongoing alliance or mutual understanding" between the Commission and Common Purpose". I have however verified that beyond the information visits described, the Secretariat-General has no contact with Common Purpose."

Is that the whole truth?
Common Purpose´s website recommends a leader programme called Power Dynamic:

"The day will afford participants the opportunity to build on their existing knowledge in the context of a new national or international landscape. The impressive line-up of previous speakers includes among others: 
Charles Tannock, MEP for London

There will also be a unique set of visits to key political, financial and media institutions across London, Brussels and Edinburgh. Past visits have included:
UK Permanent Representation to the EU
BBC (London and Brussels)

10 Downing Street

The European Commission
Conservative Party HQ.

Did they really just take a look at the premises? No.
On Dec. 7, 2006 the CP trainees met with:
Graham Watson, MEP, South West England and Gibraltar and Diana Wallis, MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, The Commission,    The Council.
Here you can see their UK sponsors. And here, you can see German sponsors (at the end - including the Rothschild partners Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank - through Morgan Grenfell).

So - although Mr Gerrish can only prove that this organisation has consolidated in the British government and only supposes it has spread to the EU - there are more reasons to believe that the latter is the case:
1.The EU calls itself illuminist, (explanatory statement),the name for members of the Rothschild New World Order.
2. The British Labour PrimeMinisters Blair and Gordon Brown are just appendices to Brussels and cannot have an independent policy any more.
They can only act for Common Purpose if the EU allows them to.
3. Mr. Gerrish thinks the Common Purpose is a Nazi organisation.In his video, Mr Gerrish also shows that the Nazis are growing still more popular in British media!
But of course, the Nazi New World Order, too, was financed by Wall Street  - as was the unification of Europe