Summary: Vladimir Putin is to resume the post as Russia´s president in March 2012, while Pres. Medvedev is to take Putin´s place as prime minister - a pre-arrangement that seems little democratic.
Mr. Putin has a past as a KGB officer before he became president in 2000. Today his KGB cronies are the masters of the Kremlin  and all other important buildings in Moscow under the name of the FSB. They are liable to no one - and they are stinking rich. They have cut the freedom of expression and other freedoms in Russia.
Putin and his FSB are suspected to have done critical journalists in.

Many think Mr Putin is a Freemason - and developing into a Communist NWO antithesis to the Fascist Jewish dominated US-NWO thesis (Hegelian Dialectics). Mr. Putin is opposed to the Jewish Pharisaic striving for world domination - and praises “Stalin´s good sides.

There is reason to believe that Mr Putin will set out for a clash with the US hegemony, which Russia is angering more and more through its vetoes to new NATO aggression - against Syria, e.g. But what is more worrrisome for the Fascist US Judeo-NWO is Putin´s vision of a resurrection of the Russian Empire in a Eurasian Union building on the heritage of the Soviet Union and  associated with the EU and China - although the Chinese laugh at that idea today.
A Russian Professor, Igor Panarin, seems to be a kind of Rasputin, inspiring Putin to such an ambition. Mr. Panarin believes the US will disintegrate ina civil war and split into 6 parts - of which Alaska will return to the reborn Russian Empire - which will also be closely associated to Iran. At least it seems likely that 10 former Soviet republics will join this new Empire by necessity.

This is in direct opposition to NATO´s driver for global dominance, which has dominance over Eurasia as a precondition - as formulated by Zbiniew Brzezinski, who hates Russia. Russia knows she is being encircled and isolated acc. to Brzezinski´s strategy - and is beginning to show teeth in the Baltic Sea - much to the worry of other Baltic states.

Many see the globalism of the Fascist US Judeo-NWO coming to an end. However, the US is not likely to give up its political, military and economic supremacy to its Communist Rival, the parvenu, Vladimir Putin´s Russia, without the ultimative showdown - which is already staged in accordance with the Hegelian Dialectics: Freemason Albert Pike´s prediction of WWIII is based on Biblical prophecy - and very influential Jewish and and Christian sects are working to stage the apocalyptic scenario of the Bible.

One Mr. Bill Ryan of the Camelot and Avalon Projects  asserts to have information from a highranking military insider affiliated to the London City that the Illuminati/Freemasons are in a hurry to see a shocking plan, “The Anlo-saxon Mission” , through before an expected “geophysical event” soon to make any talk of wars meaningless. The Illuminati plan would be: 1. To invent a reason for letting Israel attack Iran. 2. This would be retaliated by China or Iran (which is assumed to already have nuclear weapons - from Kazakhstan and possibly China)  - and a limited nuclear war would take place in the Middle East. 3. People worldwide will be so horrified that they demand their governments to introduce very severe control of  their multicultural citizens. 4. Then the Illuminati will release a racially engineered deadly virus against the Chinese to kill really many of them (”The Chinese will catch a cold” - as the Illuminati said hile laughing at a 2005 meeting). The Chinese? will then release a deadly “plague” on the West. By now the Illuminati suppose that 50% of mankind will have been killed. However, their Georgia Guidestones there is still a long way down to the 500 mio. they want to survive as their slaves. So now follows the real WWIII with an all out nuclear exchange,

The racist Illuminati  want the Anglo-Saxons to be building the New World and its Order. They don´t want the Chinese to do it. Bill Ryan ascribes this way of thinking and planning to a superhuman evil spirit – and hopes knowledge of the plan will raise mankind in protest – and prevent it (a futile hope). End of summary. I cannot tell if this is some kind of psy-op or if it´s real. At least it resembles the predictions of
Freemason Albert Pike, Matth. 24, Luke 21, and the Book of Revelation, chapters 13, 17 and 18,  where the Red Beast will burn the Rich Harlot off the face of the Earth within one hour. The bloody war in the Middle East was demanded  by the Bilderberg Illuminati in June 2011. Serious media strongly suspect an Israeli /USattack on Iran within few weeks.


Revelation 17: 11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. 12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. 13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. 16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. 17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.
18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.


*New-nobilityMedwedew-putinRussia´s Pres. Medwedew and Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, have agreed to swap offices in the upcoming elections in Russia in March 2012.
Such arrangements with guarantee of realization are rigging and have, of course, nothing to do with democracy.

Who is Vladimir Putin?
The macho, Putin, already had the post as Russia´s president for 8 years previously. He has sinister sides:
The Guardian 25 Sept. 2010:  His cronies are the mafiosi of the Russian Security Service (FSB – a reincarnation of the KGB) who contrary to the KGB (to which Putin belonged) are not liable to any political institution. “Once elected president, Putin´s old pals from the KGB  were given the keys to the Kremlin and just about every other important building in Moscow. Soldatov and Borogan give the creepy details as to how they chipped away the recently won media and other freedoms.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) leadership so influences policy that nobody is overseeing its activity. It is effectively free to act as it feels fit; it does so. The FSB controls all the key political offices of state except Medvedev. The Kremlin boys are stinking rich.”
Acc. to The Guardian 11 Sept. 2010,
British intelligence agents are convinced that the Kremlin was involved in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London. His FSB was suspected of having murdered Anna Politovskaja and human rights people trying to find the truth about Politovskajas  murder.

Quite a lot of people make Putin a Freemason – e.g. here and here, thus being an Illuminati-brainwashed Hegelian antithesis to the US thesis. However, here is an opposite opinion: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin takes the necessary measures against the Jewish freemasonic striving after world domination. This is also reflected by the fact that the independent, impartial Criminal Court of Moscow has just now Abdullah_satan_signsentenced the Jewish freemasonic thief, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, to fourteen years’ imprisonment. Putin has emphasized Stalin´s merits –  at the same time stressing that he killed millions of Russian and Soviet citizens.Putin´s masonic-handshake

Left: King Abdulla of Jordan shows an understanding Putin the Illuminati Lucifer sign.    Right: Radiant Putin being greeted with a masonic handshake

Putin as a jazz crooner – singing “Blueberry Hill” – hear him,  reverence to the US?

Putin´s Rasputin? has a very dangerous vision of a new Russian Empire and disintegration of the US
The Telegraph 12 Oct. 2011Igor Panarin, dean of the Russian foreign ministry’s diplomatic academy, predicted the birth of a powerful “Eurasian Alliance”, led by the Russian prime minister, with a single currency and parliament based in St Petersburg. The new Russian empire would be built on a reformed Soviet Union, minus the Baltic states, as well as Alaska. In addition, Mr Putin’s new government in St Petersburg would play a dominating role in Iran and the subcontinent. The European Union will be joining China and Russia’s “Eurasian Union” as part of a triumvirate of global domination. Eastern Europe, however, would fall under Russia’s sphere of influence again, he told The Daily Telegraph. However, the Chinese do not accept this plan.

The professor is treated with great respect within Russia. Mr Panarin came to prominence in 2006 with a forecast that mass immigration, economic decline and moral degradation would trigger a civil war in the United States next year, a belief he stands by. The conflict will be so severe, he predicts, that the United States will disintegrate with Alaska returning to Russian control, California becoming a Chinese colony, Texas falling to Mexico and an east coast rump seeking the protection of the European Union.
He is also a frequent visitor to the Kremlin, for whom he has written strategy reports. It is unclear how much advice he gives Mr Putin.

Mr. Putin seems to share this big idea
The Telegraph 4 Oct. 2011: Mr Putin said he wanted to create a global power bloc that would straddle one fifth of the earth’s surface and unite almost 300 million people. Vladimir-putin_1751954cWe have a great inheritance from the Soviet Union,” he wrote in the daily Izvestia newspaper.
The Russian prime minister called the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century” and is known for revelling in Soviet nostalgia.
He insisted that the Eurasian Union would be freer than the Soviet Union and membership would be voluntary. “We are not talking about recreating the USSR,” Mr Putin claimed.

The Soviet Union included 15 different republics which became independent countries after its chaotic collapse in 1991. Four of those countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Georgis –are vey unlikely to sign up to the Eurasian Union. Ukraine´s way is uncertain. But Mr Putin said an existing kernel of three countries – Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus were already locked into a new common economic space with shared customs and other rules that would serve as the foundation for the Eurasian Union.

Andrei Okara, a political analyst, said: “Putin does not just see himself as a Russian leader but on a historical and global scale. He wants to make grandiose political moves that will leave their mark on history.” The Telegraph 5 Oct. 2011: For Mr Putin though, it is about booking his place in history. His supporters already see him as the man who saved Russia from disintegration after the chaotic 1990s.
The Telegraph 5 Oct. 2011: “An economically sound and balanced partnership between the Eurasian Union and EU can change the geopolitical and geo- economic situation of the entire continent and have a positive impact globally.”

Global research 10 Oct. 2011: V. Putin’s paper “A new integration project for Eurasia: The future in the making”.The reaction of the Western media to the integration project unveiled by the Russian premier was uniformly negative and reflected with utmost clarity an a priori hostility towards Russia and any initiatives it floats.

Putin´s plans for a New World Order, the Eurasian Union, is a rival and a threat to the (Pharisaic) New World Order.
The obvious explanation for Cold War-style headlines in Western media is that, if implemented, the plan would come as a geopolitical challenge to the new world order, to the dominance of NATO, the IMF, the EU and other supranational bodies, and to the undisguised US primacy. Just days ago, Moscow drew avalanche criticism after vetoing the UN Security Council resolution which could authorize a replay of the Libyan scenario in Syria.
Moscow’s Western “partners” are outraged whenever Russia, in concert with China, puts obstacles in the way of their new world order.
No doubt, Putin’s messages about the Eurasian Union sounded alarming to Western leaders. What followed the collapse of the USSR and the bipolar world was not an end to the struggle over global primacy, but an era of military interventions and displacements of defiant regimes.

Global dominance is an openly stated and constantly pursued goal of the Euro-Atlantic community and its military and financial institutions – NATO, the IMF, and the World Bank - along with the Western media and countless NGOs. In the process, the Western establishment remains fully aware that, in Z. Brzezinski’s words and here, „America’s global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained”. Sustaining the “preponderance”, in turn, takes control over Europe, Russia, China, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Western, Chinese, and Russian watchers alike are predicting an imminent failure of the neoliberal globalization model embedded in the new world order, and the time is coming for the political class to adopt the view. Neither Russia nor any other post-Soviet republic can survive in today’s world single-handedly, and Russia as Eurasia’s key geopolitical player with economic, political, and military potentials unparalleled across the post-Soviet space can and should stake a bid for an alternative global architecture. Surviving, preserving the economic and material foundations of national existence, keeping traditions alive, and building a secure future for the children are the objectives the Eurasian nations can accomplish only if they stay aligned with Russia.
EUbusiness 23 Sept. 2011A rise in Russia’s military operations in the Baltic Sea region is cause for concern among Baltic states Finland, Sweden and Poland, Estonia’s military chief said.

Erst-manhattanAn imminent failure of the neoliberal globalization model? Too good to be true. But is the alternative, Mr. Putin a more soothing choice? The US will not accept giving up its world hegemony and the dollar as the world´s reserve currency without taking the ultimate showdown with its rival. For the US and Russia are doomed to remain enemies till the bitter end of the world. This whole history is nothing but Illuminati Hegelian dialectics through WWIII of the Albert Pike scenario. The riots of “Occupy Wall Street” and here might very well be the beginning of the civil war predicted by Russian Mr. Rasputin?, Igor Panarin.                                                                    Now followsNow Now follows a 56 min. long video with content which is incredible to any one who is not familiar with the Book of Revelation or Albert Pike´s 3 World Wars – where it is all described. And no wonder considering the enormous influence of the Doomsday Sects described by Wolfgang Eggert in his “Petition – Apocalypse NO!” and “First Manhattan – then Berlin” (German) – here on video (German) – for they use the Bible as their working scheme. You can see a transcript of the the report given by Bill Ryan of the Camelot and Avalon Projects (from 2010) and here. (Thanks to “Der Honigmann sagt…”). However, there is one thing about Bill Ryan that makes me sceptic: Just like the Illuminati, he thinks man can develop to become gods! (Genesis 3:5). Is Ryan´s story just another psy-op? Idon´t know – but here it is:

London-dragonIn summary, Bill Ryan tells what he has learned from an anonymous insider military person who in 2005 partook in insider senior Fremason/Illuminati meetings in  London City (where the statues are mostly of dragons, i.e. symbols of evil). Ryan´s contact learned that the Illuminati are running a Satanic plan called the “The Anglo-saxon Mission”: First they will find a pretext to let Israel attack Iran. Then China or Iran will retaliate and there will be a nuclear war in the Middle East. This comes as a shock to the peoples of the world, who will demand from their governments to introduce totalitarian heavy controls on people. There will be a ceasefire – and during that, the the Illuminati will release a flu-like genetically targeted  virus, a racial weapon against the Chinese population. It is designed to spread like wildfire and to knock out a large number of the Chinese. And these people in this meeting were LAUGHING about this, saying:” China will catch a cold.” Then a virus will spread to the West -possibly as a Chinese retaliation.

Georgia_guidestonesThe source said this was about population reduction. The Illuminati suspected that by now 50% of the Earth´s population would be dead – so there is still a long way down to the 500 mio of the Georgia Guidestones (left).  And then, he said, the real war starts – WWIII with a much more major nuclear exchange.
And our source said that he felt, from inside information he continued to receive, that this is still timed for something around 18 months from now, and that puts it right about the middle of 2011. He doesn t know this for sure because these events aren?t calendar-driven; they?re actually event-sequence-driven.
The Illuminati, the Controllers, the Cabal  believe that there is going to be what he called “a geophysical event”, a major  event only happening every 11.500 years. The Illuminati seem behind schedule. So they are in a hurry now to realize their plan ahesd of this expected geophysical event – whatever that is.

If they think that a new Earth needs to be rebuilt, a “new world” after a cataclysm, they want theGorbachev-putin Anglo-Saxons to be doing it. They don´t want the Chinese to be doing it. Bill Ryan ascribes this to a superhuman evil spirit – and hopes knowledge of the plan will raise mankind in protest – and prevent it (a futile hope). End of summary.

The perspective of an endtime showdown between the US and Russia does give associations to Albert Pike, Matth. 24, Luke 21, and the Book of Revelation chapters 13, 17 and 18 where the Red Beast will burn the Rich Harlot off the face of the Earth within one hour. Mr Putin is ruler No 2 (and a hopeful No 4, too) of the mentioned new series of rulers. So, the question is, who is ruler No 8 of the first, scarlet series of rulers, the ruler who was dethroned and who will regain power through ruler No 2 of the new series? There is one such man. But he is probably too old – and is often at odds with Mr. Putin. But he may be indispensable for Putin, if he will tie the Eurasian Union to the EU. For that 8. ruler (first party secretary) is very popular in Europe, in Germany in particular – but certainly not in Russia. The bloody war in the Middle East was demanded  by the Bilderberg Illuminati in June 2011.

There is a strong suspicion that Israel/US will attack Iran within the next few weeks (Paul J. Watson, Activist Post 14  Oct. 2011 and Deutsche Welle 14 Oct. 2011 and Gulf News  14 Oct. 2011)