Summary: Besides the genetic food manipulations by corporations like Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta etc. with potentially dangerous consequences for man - and certainty for animals - even more frightening genetic developments are in the making. Acc. to the Daily Mail, since 2008 i the UK 155 animal-human embryos have been produced - arguably for medical purposes - especially for harvesting stem cells. By British law, human-animal hybrid embryos  have to be destroyed within 14 days. But there are countries which are not so particular about that. About 200 labs worldwide outside Europe are experimenting with animal-human hybrid embryos. No scientist could tell the British Parliament why embryonic stem cells would be better than adult ones.

MSNBC on 24 June 2010 thought that the trend is towards a “unihuman” superrace – genetically and by means of biocompatible chip implantations (transferring unimaginable artificial intelligence to “posthumans”)  - leveling out racial differences into one bigeyed human type more prone for domestication and for being more liable to contract diseases due to superbugs.

Artificial Intelligence researcher Hugo de Garis:  The development of super-intelligent A.I. may lead to a devastating world war that could kill billions of people. “As a brain builder myself, am I prepared to risk the extinction of the human species for the sake of building an artilect? … yep.”
Scientists are playing with God´s tools, the DNA. Their motive is primarily to satisfy their own curiosity - and to make money to go to the extreme.  Tom Knight, professor at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab says that “The genetic code is 3.6 billion years old. It’s time for a rewrite.”

Arthur Kroker, Professor of Political Science: “Suicidal nihilists”, states Kroker, “…occupy the commanding heights of digital reality…They can very happily ally themselves with a notion of nuclear holocaust or perfect exterminism… They’re creating again and again the exterminism of human memory, the exterminism of human sensibility, the exterminism of individuated human intelligence, the exterminism of human morality itself.”

Among the many monstrosities produced in the genetic laboratories are spider-goats producing in their milk spider silk protein which can be used to make bullet proof clothes - 10 times harder than steel. Experiments are even been made in the Netherlands to splice the spider silk producing gene into human skin - to make individuals invulnerable to bullets! Another outrageous experiment has produced a beagle dog in 2009 (in Seoul) which fluoresces green when fed with the antbiotic Doxycyclin.

Monsanto´s GM grain modifications require plenty of  embryo-damaging Roundup, which has now produced resistant superweeds growing up to 3 inches a day in size! Also, the other herbicides have no effect on these superweeds. PPJ Gazette wrote on 19 July 2011:  “Your tax payer dollars are paying for the eradication of invasive species like stink bugs and salt cedar. Meanwhile, more of your tax dollars are funding the vast promotion of the ultimate invasive species: genetically engineered plants and cloned animals.”  Not to mention 2 legged invasive species.

If we shall se Minotauruses and centaurs running about in the future is unknown. I think scientists would like to see such species. The dabblers can only use what  was already created from anorganic material billions of years ago: Cells and DNA. Indeed they cannot even produce the most primitve kind of life, e.g. an amoeba, out of anorganic material - not to mention the highly specialized visual cells.
I know you will ask  “who is this Creator?” Well, since the Middle Ages your forefathers knew. He has a name: Jesus Christ, and our western culture was partly built on his ideas. I guess that is the main reason why the Luciferian NWO wants to destroy western culture.
Contrary to other “gods” he has left his visiting card: His 3-dimensional photographic negative on his Shroud of Turin - declared genuine by all sciences. It can be seen in details on this blog.

I think that the immoral dabblers in gene splicing of human and animal genes are in accordance with the incredibly influential (on the Pentagon, on the Israeli government) chaotics of  the Luciferian New World Order, who are using the Bible as their working plan for the chaotic endtimes of the world. These sects, too, have names: Chassids, Chabadists, Pentecostlers. I do not think that Éliphas Lévi´s Baphomet, the symbol of evil, looks like an animal-human hybrid just by chance. I think it is a deeply-rooted illuminati desire to change Creation radically, making themselves mimic creators - in order to mock the original Creator whom they hate so much. What we are facing now is the ancient war between God and the Devil/Lucifer.
Or, as author Tom Horn puts it: “We are heading for Armageddon.” Lucifer is  personified in human intelligence in the service of evil: the self-proclaimed “gods”, the elitists who are going to replace those who want to remain humans with their  animal-man gene-spliced and chipped monster creations - super-intelligent posthuman individuals with unfathomable intelligence and immortality , able to communicate with angels and demons, but under total control of the elitists.


Centaur-423-1MinotaurusI have several times written on Monsanto´s GMO program to take over the world´s food supply by means of GMO products promoted by the US government, now the nanoparticle experiment on mankind and the UN Codex Alimentarius – using Gestapo methods.
However, the next stage is a model of Hell. Man´s desire to play God has brought scientists to play and juggle with the elements life, eggs and sperms, the genes. Not only would they be able to produce a superhuman race if allowed to. And who knows what they are already doing?
But now it turns out that scientists for at least 15 years have been producing bizarre creatures, monsters by fertilizing cows´eggs with human sperms  (Photo of sculpture left – computer construction right)?

Right: MSNBC on 24 June 2010 thinks that the trend is towards a “unihuman” superrace – genetically and by means of biocompatible chip implantations (transferring unimaginable artificial intelligence to “posthumans) - leveling out racial differences into oneUnihuman.grid-4x2 bigeyed human type more prone for domestication and for being more liable to contract diseases due to superbugs.

Infowars 29 July 2011: Fred Charles Ikle, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy under President Reagan, sees a possibility of “Annihilation from Within.” “The prospect is that in the decades ahead, biotechnology – together with other sciences – may fundamentally change the human species and thus pose an elemental threat to democracy, the world order, and indeed to all civilizations,” writes Ikle. Tom Knight, professor at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab says that “The genetic code is 3.6 billion years old. It’s time for a rewrite.”

Top A.I. researcher Hugo de Garis explains in the following clip that the development of super-intelligent A.I. may lead to a devastating world war that could kill billions of people (see Tom Horn (author of The New Tactical Guide to Extra-Dimensional Warfare (November 2010)) explaining it in the above video) . He adds that he is more than willing to take the risk, saying, “As a brain builder myself, am I prepared to risk the Annihilation-from-within-199x300extinction of the human species for the sake of building an artilect? … yep.”Glowdog2-420x0

Arthur Kroker, Professor of Political Science at the University of Victoria and Director of the Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture identified an abhorrent element within the technological community. “Suicidal nihilists”.”

WA TODAY 28 July 2011: A research team from Seoul National University (SNU) said the genetically modified female beagle (right), named Tegon and born in 2009, has been found to glow fluorescent green under ultraviolet light if given a doxycycline antibiotic, the report said. The researchers, who completed a two-year test, said the ability to glow can be turned on or off by adding a drug to the dog’s food.

The Mail 25 July 2011:  Figures seen by the Daily Mail show that 155 ‘admixed’ embryos, containing both human and animal genetic material, have been created since the introduction of the 2008 Human Fertilisation Embryology Act.This legalised the creation of a variety of hybrids, including an animal egg fertilised by a human sperm; ‘cybrids’, in which a human nucleus is implanted into an animal cell; and ‘chimeras’, in which human cells are mixed with animal embryos. Scientists say the techniques can be used to develop embryonic stem cells which can be used to treat a range of incurable illnesses.Monster-mus

GMO food has been shown to be poisonous in animal experiments, producing e.g. monster mice - as well as organ damages killing rats – and infertility.

The figure was revealed to crossbench peer Lord Alton following a Parliamentary question. “None of the scientists who appeared before us could give us any justification in terms of treatment.“‘Of the 80 treatments and cures which have come about from stem cells, all have come from adult stem cells – not embryonic ones.

Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, from the Medical Research Council’ s National Institute for Medical Research, said the scientists were not concerned about human-animal hybrid embryos because by law these have to be destroyed within 14 days.
Human-animal hybrids are also created in other countries, many of which have little or no regulation.


Monsanto once moreSuperweed
Farmers-marketNatural News 1 Aug. 2011: The proliferation of superweeds — weeds that have mutated to develop resistance to popular herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup formula — continues to rise. But the individual plants’ overall size and strength is also increasing. According to a series of new studies published in the journal Weed Science, farmers are having more trouble than ever dealing with out-of-control superweeds in their fields, some of which grow up to three inches a day in size, and are so strong and thick that they are destroying farm equipment.

The studies reveal that there are currently at least 21 different weed species known to be resistant to Roundup, also known generically as glyphosate.
Since 2007, the total acreage of farmland known to be infested with superweeds has also jumped more than 450 percent, from 2.4 million acres to 11 million acres, which means that the problem is only going to get exponentially.
Genetically-modified (GM) crops, which are the primary target of herbicide applications like Roundup, are currently planted in roughly 200,000 square miles of American farmland. But some of the same superweeds that have developed resistance to Roundup as well as to alternative eradication methods.  Comment: Roundup causes severe damages to the foetus.Baphomet.2

Right: Occultist Éliphas Lévi´s Baphomet, the symbol of Evil - and for some elitists of their Illuminating God

The Guardian 6 July 2011: The European Parliament on Tuesday backed plans to let member states choose whether to ban the cultivation of genetically-modified (GM) crops on their territory, giving a detailed list of grounds on which such bans could be imposed.
Some of the EU executive’s proposals have been deemed incompatible with World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

PPJ Gazette 19 July 2011 Your tax payer dollars are paying for the eradication of invasive species like stink bugs and salt cedar. Meanwhile, more of your tax dollars are funding the vast promotion of the ultimate invasive species: genetically engineered plants and cloned animals.

AmoebaThis is not a fairy tale. It is real present. Many Laboratories all over the world are developing bizarre bastards for one purpose or another, leaving moral considerations out – just thinking of prestige, money and business. Mankind´s misery is that it can decode what God made well to recombine his building materials, the cells, according to their own sick imaginations.

Creation is coincidence, you say? Then please tell me how such a regular thing as the most primitive cell, an amoeba (left), a living energy factory, matches the definition of fortuitousness – not to mention the highly specialised rods and cones of the retina transforming visual impressions into electric impulses to be transformed by the optic nerve to the visual cortex where other specialized celles transform these impulses into visual reality – and via brain networks trigger relevant coordinated muscular reactions – e.g. the swatting of a fly? This is the rule – while failures of these processses are exceptionally rare. Laws – alsoRetinastav2 natural laws – only exist where there is a legislator - otherwise there is chaos. The miserable partly existing monsters mentioned above as well as those of the future have dabbling human creators.

Pictures – right: a visual rod consisting of 1) an outer segment, filled with stacks of membranes (like a stack of poker chips) containing the visual pigment molecules such as rhodopsins, 2) an inner segment containing mitochondria, ribosomes and membranes where opsin molecules are assembled and passed to be part of the outer segment discs, 3) a cell body containing the nucleus of the photoreceptor cell and 4) a synaptic terminal where neurotransmission to second order neurons occurs (below left). When hit by light the rhodopsin pigment bleaches through a cascade of enzymatic processes. The enegy for this is stored in energy rich phosphate ties split off enzymatically when needed from e.g. adenosine-triphosphat A18wiringto adenosine-diphosphate and in the end adenosine-monophosphate. Who can associate such complicated regularity with coincidence (chaos)?

None of the dabblers in God´s workshop has been able to reconstruct the first cell, an amoeba, e.g., out of inorganic materials – let alone invent it on his own.  What they do is dabbling to grotesquely transform Creation – thus mocking the Creator whom they hate so much and here I think it is time for the real Creator to intervene.

This world belongs (John 14:30) to Lucifer, personified in misguided human creative intellect in the service of evil, till the rapidly approaching day of reckoning (Matth 25) in consequence of Lucifer´s sick creation – a nuclear war (Matth. 24, Habakuk 3, Isaiah 13, Jeremiah 25:15–38). Remember, this is the working plan of the Doomday sects (Chassids, Chabadists, Pentecostlers) with so great influence on Netanyahu and the Pentagon (Wolfgang Eggert´s video and Wolfgang Eggert´s petition) – and what the elite has been planning for a long time.

In the above video, Tom Horn thinks that transhumanists (posthumanists) with implanted chips will outdo humans in every field, learning and thinking infinitely much faster and knowing infinitely much more.

Kristi ansigt pos

This and animal-human gene splicing will produce individuals with new modes of perception. They will be able to communicate with angels and demons and will make themselves immortal.  And they will be completely subject to remote control by the elitists. Horn quotes Hugo de Garis´ world war vision - and sees a battle between those who want to remain humans and those already very active elitists who want to destroy humanity. This will be the Armageddon, which is the final battle between the Creator and sustainer of mankind and his cosmic opponent, Lucifer the Dabbler. And I know that the conqueror of death already has defeated Lucifer a long time ago.

Who is that conqueror? You should know, for he accompanied your forefathers in pleasure and distress. And he left his visiting card, a 3–dimensional photographic negative on the Shroud of Turin – declared genuine by all sciences  as I have shown,  originated 1850 years before the invention of the photo technique. And he has declared to return in the middle of what can only be seen as a nuclear war (Matth. 24, Luke 21)