Summary: Syria is ripe for a NATO/NWO attack. The Russian ambassador to NATO told that there are far advanced plans in this regard. NATO General Wesley Clark told even 10 years ago, that after Libya, Syria and Iran were to be attacked. Now, Turkey and the United States have granted the Assad regime a deadline on 27 Aug. to cope with the revolts in Syria and introduce democratic reforms. If the deadline is not met they would consult about military intervention. Therefore, the next 14 days in Syria will be very bloody.

Our corporate and state media serve us primitive, unconfirmed propaganda messages that have emanated from a Syrian anti-Assad refugee office in London. No independent investigation. Independent European observers report that a reported 1.2 million demonstrators in Hama, only comprised about 10,000 demonstrators - including well-armed foreign warriors. Moreover, among most Syrians, Assad is a popular figure. The Syrian middle class and large religious groups believe that reforms could only be  ade by Assad. EU officials think so, too.  Big pro-government demonstrations were twisted by western media into anti-governmnetal ones. Staged videos several years old from Lebanon and Iraq have been used as evidence against the Assad regime. Nevertheless, the U.S. administration seems poised to demand the resignation of Mr. Assad’s, which is supposed to carry heavy consequences.

Much – the US has declared its financial and advisory support for the rebels -  seems to  suggest that the forces Assad fights are the same as in Libya: CIA / Soros-supported NGOs, the Muslim Brotherhood and “Al Qaeda”-warriors who have different motives: a secular state, and the Sharia law, as in Iran. Nevertheless, NATO wants to just use Syria as a bridgehead for an attack on the Iranian  Sharia state.
Are you confused?


Syria is getting ripe for NWO intervention and has stil time until 27 Aug. acc. to the final warning + 1 from Turkey and the US, to stop the slaughter of members of the CIA allies, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda!!  Acc. to Russian NATO envoy Dmitri Rogozin, Syria is to be a bridgehead in the long planned war against Iran. The pretext seems to be its resistance to submit to CIA/Soros` NWO civil societies / and ”Crisis Group” forces behind the “Arab Spring” – Syria seems to be the starting point of the “great, bloody war in the Middle East wanted by the Bilderbergers in order to increase Oil prices. 

DEBKAfile (blog of Israeli intelligence service) 14 Aug.: NATO headquarters in Brussels and the Turkish high command aredrawing up plans for their first military step in Syria, which is to arm the rebels with weapons for combating the tanks and helicopters.  The tendency is to get the weapons to their destination overland from Turkey  by either the Turkish plan to establish buffer zones inside the Syrian border, or the arms would be trucked into Syria under Turkish military Assadresizedguard. Besides, a campaign to enlist thousands of Muslim volunteers to fight on the rebels´side is being discussed.

Faked news by the Media
Prof. Michel Chussodowsky wrote in The Global Res. on 17 June 2011: What the mainstream media has failed to mention is that despite the authoritarian nature of the regime, president Al Assad is a popular figure who has widespread support of the Syrian population. The large rally in Damascus on March 29, “with tens of thousands of supporters” (Reuters) of President Al Assad was twisted to show resistance against Assad´s regime.  Pierre Piccinin (Global Res. 2 Aug. 2011) went to Syria and saw that the rebellions were ebbing out – except at Hama. He could not recognize the up to 1.2 Mio demonstrators reported by western media at Hama on a given occasion. He only saw about 10.000!! Piccinin tells that all the figures and events brought by western media are derived from just one place in London: a bureau of a Syrian opposition group -without independent research. The reports come from various platforms of Syrian activists living abroad ( ANSAmed 9 Aug. 2011 and here: and here). ”Time” 11. August went to Hama – just to hear second-hand reports. ANSAmed 12 Aug. 2011: Syrian soldiers who refuse to open fire on civilians are being summarily executed by fellow service personnel acc. to Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon in the Security Council. The document, gathers together witness reports from deserted troops.

Global Res. 9 Aug. 2011 brings an interview on Russia Today from 29 Apr. 2011 with Anhar Kochneva,SYRIA-military director of a Moscow-based tourist firm specializing in the Middle East. She often travels to Syria.
“Hillary Clinton has already stated that if Syria cuts its relations with Iran and withdraws its support for Hamas and Hezbollah, the demonstrations would stop the next day. They don’t even bother to keep secret the hand instilling riots in Syria.
There are a lot of staged videos. And they show footage from Tripoli, or footage taken several years ago in Iraq, and say it is unrest in Syria. Women share information online following TV reports on ‘mass unrests’. And they reply: we looked down from the balcony, and didn’t see anything that the TV was Military-burialtalking about.(Possibly the proverb is true here: No one are so blind as those who won´t see!)

Presently, a lot of young unarmed policemen get killed. The media propaganda immediately labels them as victims of the regime.

RT: Who shoots unarmed policemen? AK: Not long ago, they caught three commandos in the outskirts of Damascus, when they were randomly shooting at people. They turned out to be Iraqis.

EUObserver 10 Aug. 2011: A NATO strike to disable the Syrian army is technically feasible
according to experts, such as former French air chief Jean Rannou. Alastair Crooke, a former MI6 officer and high-level EU advisor who runs an NGO in Beirut: “Many Syrians believe Assad is the only person who can bring in reforms”.

Turkey´s foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, went to Damascus on Tuesday, and American officials said he gave Mr. Assad a two-day deadline to end the crackdown. DEBKAfile 9 Aug. 2011: Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutogluleft Damascus empty handed after six hours of talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad on Aug. 9. After Davutoglu flew out, the Syrian government published a statement pledging “not to relent in its pursuit of Syrian-woundedterrorists.”

Bitterly crying messengers of peace
ANSAmed - ROME 9 Aug. 2011 -The Turkish Foreign Minister warned that ”the coming days will be critical for Syria. But already the same day and thereafter, the Syrian regime showed its contempt - continuing wreaking bloodbaths.
Egypt´s Foreign Minister Mohammed Amr on nnel Al Arabiya: ”Syria is approaching a point of no-return”.
Delegations from Brazil, India and South Africa have arrived in Damascus for talks aimed at finding a solution to the crisis. The Guardian 10 Aug. 2011: The United States is poised to call on President Bashar al-Assad to step down. Syrian opposition sources and western diplomats predictedthis would have far-reaching implications

Mr Assad decided on Monday to dismiss General Ali Habib, because he was opposed to a continuation of the military repression. The next day he was shot.

Turkey is ready to jump at its prey, Syria, to revive the Ottoman empire
Deutsche Welle 10 Aug. 2011: Turkey’s geopolitical axis has shifted towards the Middle East and Muslim countries.
“This introduces a new Turkey, which is usually described as a model of moderate Islam, a model of democracy for the broader Middle East. Comment: This is sheer globalist propaganda. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan says:
“Our minarets are our spearheads, our mosques our barracks, their domes our helmets and the faithful our soldiers.”
On Aug. 21, 2007, Erdogan said about the often used term “Moderate Islam“: +”These descriptions are offensive and violate our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam. And that´s it!”

Nejat Eslen: “In Turkey we are already getting signals of what I call geopolitical megalomania. There is more and more talk of Turkey as a global actor. This trend may put Turkey under risk.”

“Turkey will never turn into a country like Iran or Egypt,” said Bozkurt. “ Erdogan wants to have absolute power and exercise it alone. Today he is the strongest man in his party and in the country. In fact, what we are living in Turkey today is already nothing but a de facto one-party, one-man system.”

How does the Syrian government react?
The New York Times 10 Aug. 2011: “They’re starting to be divided, and you have people in the government who are really getting frustrated with Assad and his security circles,” an Obama administration official in Washington said.
American and European officials acknowledge that a deeply divided opposition has so far failed to provide an alternative to the leadership of Mr. Assad. In Damascus this week, 41 former Baathists and government officials urged an end to the crackdown, the deployment of the military and the relentless arrest campaign.
Otherwise, the group warned, the country was headed for “catastrophic results.” But unless armed forces turn against Mr. Assad, analysts and diplomats say, there is no immediate threat to his rule. Senior officials remain convinced the uprising is led by militant Islamists.

There is no doubt that the US and EU  NWO are preparing an attack on Syria under mendacious humanitarian pretext – just as in Libya. Already 10 years ago, NATO general Wesley Clark knew a list of countries to be attacked and subdued by the NWO/USA, Syria and Iran being included after Libya (see above video)! The corporate media informs the public through onesided, unconfirmed propaganda from one biased oppositional anti-Assad office in London

I just received a petition from the calling on people to sign an address to the EU to introduce an oil embargo against Syria. (Wikipedia):  Canadian minister John Baird labeled Avaaz as ” tied to billionaire activist George Soros (Rothschild agent. Ezra Levant has identified Soros as an indirect supporter of AVAAZ through MoveOn, which is Soros-funded (Wikipedia).

Bashar Assad and his regime is brutal and abhorrent, no doubt. But firstly, the riots there as in the other Euromediterranean countries are instigated by the CIA´s and Soros´ civil society organisations. Secondly, the events in Syria are very one-sided and exaggerated by the media. Thirdly, there are well– armed foreign fighters among the demonstrators  – just as in Libya. Behind it all – and particularly in Hama – is the Muslim Brotherhood and here, an Illuminist CIA and MI6 partner of which Al Qaida is seen as an arm, with ambitions to rule all Euromditerranean Muslim “partner countries” –and to islamize Europe. As in Libya, these are the forces the EU and the USA want to support. They have the desire to crush the established, dictatorial societies in order to replace them with radical Muslim theocratic Sharia states like Iran, which they want to destroy! For they certainly cannot be so naïve as to assume they can make western democracy succeed in Muslim countries – an insult to Allah. To obtain this, NATO seems willing to make the stealthy WWIII a very hot great war, starting in the Middle East.