The Vultures Are Flapping Their Wings

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"Order out of chaos - but first create chaos" - illuminist motto.

[1] After the US House of Representatives yesterday refused the governmental bail out plan the New York Stock exchange saw its greatest plunge ever: 770 points in one session.  At the same time US and [2] European banks are falling like domino pieces.
The [3] gigantic collapse of world economy predicted by this blog on Apr. 16, 2008, now seems to be reality.

 "[4] U.S. power is bound up with economic power” (Council on Foreign Relations Sept. 26, 2008).
So what happens when the USA is bailed out , i.e has its worldwide credits taken over by its “opponent” - or lets the financial markets crash??

First the optimist [5] The Times Online Sept. 30, 2008:In one form or another, the package will surely be passed in the next few days, since the alternative would be the failure of every leading bank in America.

[6] Then the pessimists
[7] Der Spiegel Online 30 Sept., 2008: German Foreign Minister, Peer Steinbrück: After this crisis, the world will no longer be the same. The financial architecture will change globally.[8]
The Telegraph, Sept. 29, 2008
:"Perhaps the most frightening development, banks have deposited some €28 billion with the European Central Bank, afraid of leaving it stashed anywhere else, "The ECB is no longer able to inject liquidity because the money is just coming back to them again." [9] The Guardian Sept. 30, 2008:"Peter Morici, professor of business at the University of Maryland, said: "Things are going to get so bad something will have to be done in the next few weeks. Banks will sink, credit markets will seize, the economy will go into something much worse than a recession."

[10] Illuminist (explanatory statement)  EU endangers our savings/pensions: [11] EurActiv Sept. 30, 2008: Brussels warned that there would be no leniency in its approach to state intervention despite the spreading crisis. "If there are measures which represent state aid, we will act promptly,"

[12] The Wall Street Journal Sept. 25, 2008  Foreign officials question American economic leadership and oppose policies that follow the U.S. model.

[13] [14] Council on Foreign Relations Sept. 2008: America’s current account deficit is financed by  purchases by central banks of countries not sharing US values .

Left: Hong Kong

The United States may have more to lose than its creditors.This gives creditors potential leverage over U.S. policy.

The Vultures are already flapping their wings.
The danger to international finance today seems to come from 2 sides:
1. The Jewish, Talmudic, international New World Order "elite" and their acolytes calling themselves Illuminate/illuminist.
2. From China.

Jewish New World order
Although this blog has time and again mentioned Rockefeller and Rothschild as the wirepullers of the New World order, I deliberately omitted to keep on about their Jewish background, although I have mentioned the [15] Rockefellers as Marano Jews .The [16] Rothschilds are Talmud Jews , as Manfred and Anne Lehman write: "We must be grateful to old Meyer son of Amschel Rothschild, who, through his erudition in the Talmud and his religious piety, instilled lasting values in his sons and descendants. May his memory be blessed!"

These Talmudic Jews are the so-called elitist Jews centered around Rothschild and Rockefeller, whom I have [17] previously described as the scurge of us and ordinary, decent Jews in particular.

However, the more the international finance crisis spreads the more impossible it becomes to omit pointing out the role of the Talmudic Pharisean Elite in our calamities. 
The Jewish elitist Lehman Brothers´ directors walked away with enormous bonuses  to be paid by shareholdes and taxpayers, and others of their ilk buy the bankrupt firms for pennies on the dollar – or simply run them on behalf of governments.

This was the case with the [18] Northern Rock, the [3] Bear Stearns, etc. Now they are ready with a rescue plan to secure that their overall plan: They call it world governance, meaning they take over economy, military, climate ideology ([19] CCX , ECX  - run by Rockefeller and Rothschild Banks) , politics (US and [20] European Councils on Foreign Relations,  the [21] Bilderberg Group, [22] Club of Rome, the [23] Trilateral Commission etc.

[24] [25] The Guardian, Sept. 29, 2008 :“Peter Mandelson, the EU ([26] Jewish elitist  and [27] here) trade commissioner, has called for a far-reaching reform of global financial and regulatory systems.
The former Labour cabinet minister demanded new models of global governance to take account of the redistribution of economic power in the world, appearing to back European calls for reforms of institutions such as the IMF.

The IMF is run by [28] Jewish elitist Bilderberger, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
Peter Mandelson´s comments, at a [29] World Economic Forum (headed by Bilderberger 2003 Klaus Schwab) conference on "new champions", found an echo among Chinese political leaders, bankers and regulators, who all demanded stricter international rules on regulation of financial institutions.
China's premier Wen Jiabao promised that his country would contribute growth of about 10% a year and financial market reforms to help a global recovery. 
Rockefeller´s Trilateral Commission does not hold meetings in [30] Pekin in vain!

So how to handle this speedily?
[31] Politiken Sept. 29, 2008 : The [32] Jewish elitist President of France and president of the EU, Nicolas Sarkozy, has summoned prominent  EU-leaders to an emergency meeting to prepare an international summit on a new financial system. It will be the leaders of the European G8-countries the leadership of the EU Commission and The European Central Bank, ECB, as well as the  finance ministers of the euro countries who will be invited to meet shortly.

Emerging China
This  is another hungry vulture  looking for the  US banktrupt estate – or is it?
I could not understand this[33] video i[33] nterview with Jewish elitist Bilderberger, CFR, former member of the [34] Trilateral Commission Henry Kissinger about  the New World Order : ”I have said to previous, to the present – and I am sying to future US Presidents: Our relations with China is the funamental challenge to American foreign policy” – until a few days ago, when an article from [35] Die Zeit Online  was sent to me.

The China State Investment Corporation was negotiating with Morgan Stanley about the acquisition of additional shares.

Even at the middle of this year the Chinese were coupled with later bankrupt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with 376 billion U.S. dollars loan commitments - that is, with one fifth of its gigantic foreign exchange reserves of just over 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars.

Currently the U.S. government needs loans amounting to at least 20 billion U.S. dollars every month to finance the recurrent expenditure. The money comes mainly from Asia. The Japanese are also creditors.

On 22 August  Yu Yongding reported by mail at the financial news agency Bloomberg, that if Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were left to go bankrupt it would have disastrous consequences beyond human imagination. Wherupon the US government saved them.

And David forces Goliath to account for a large part of the private real estate loans in the U.S. and to drive its own debt further into the heights. The Asian central bankers, especially the Chinese, "go  out of the crisis as the winners," admits the influential U.S. magazine BusinessWeek Online.

Three of the five largest banks in the world now come from China.
The most valuable bank in the world is now the Industrial Bank of China (ICBC).
[36] The origin of the subprime mortgage crisis in the USA
[37] American Thinker Sept. 29, 2008 by Abraham H. Miller,  emeritus professor of political science, University of Cincinnati: The Community Reinvestment Act was pushed hard by Bill Clinton, although it originated under Jimmy Carter.

So the country's biggest buyers of mortgages were pressured into lowering the qualifications of applicants, in order to increase the percentage of poor that got mortgages.  By 2006, 30% of all mortgages went to people who in any other circumstances wouldn't qualify.
In the short run, all sorts of money was to be made by lowering standards and processing sub-prime loans for the poor.
Fannie and Freddie became big contributors to the Democratic Party.

Distrust  all our politicians and bankers most. For they have organized and made their greed so effective on a larger scale than this world has ever seen before.

This is to say, these smart superrich bankers make a lot of [38] hazardous speculative business with money the “borrow” from us, our savings, our pensions. They push the prices up, overbidding each other. They empty their firms of airy values, retract credits, so their castles in the air “values” in homes and firms disappear like dew before the sun in July.

When people are ruined and forced to leave their homes they take care that the tax payers pay the debts – to whom?
To the criminals who have already once emptied the kitty.

Moreover, they are so insolent as to use this opportunity which they have created to their surfeit at our cost to promote their political power which they call “world governance of the New World Order” - which is to say they will govern our money and make new tricks at our costs - and to consolidate their dictatorial power and incredible wealth!!

Bizarrely, Michael Gorbachev, the man who calls blood-thirsty Lenin a great president, was the [39] first to use the phrase “New World order” – in Dec. 1988 at the UN.  I don´t think this is incidental, since the [40] 6 point programme of the illuminati New World Order introduced by Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt on  1 May, 1776, is absolutely communist, and since Friedrich Engels noticed that [41] the Communist Manifest was derived from Illuminate Babouvism  of the bloody French Revolution. And illuminist New World Order People like Rothschild agent J.P. Morgan financed the Russian Revolution as did the Rockefeller-[42] Federal Reserve System and Germany.

Do I have to add that Rothschild is interrelated with the Bank of China?
[43] New York Times Sept. 19, 2008 : Bank of China is coughing up 236.3 million euros ($341 million) for a 20 percent stake in La Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild. 
[44] Financial Times  15 Aug, 2008 : Rothschild Continuation Holdings, one of the investment bank's holding companies, has bought a 5 per cent stake in Qingdao City Commercial Bank for €25.4m (£17.3m).

No wonder that Jewish Henry Kissinger found it fundamental for the US to have good relations to China, so that Jewish illuminate capital may thrive.

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