Murdoch´s Media Power: Wagging Politicians and Police - Gagging Mankind - Blacking the Truth

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Summary: The scandal about Rupert Murdoch´s media, The News of the World”, has revealed an incredible corruption in the leadership of the UK. British politicians from Tony Blair via Gordon Brown to David Cameron cringed before the Murdoch media (the 2. biggest media corporation in the world).  Labour and Tory leaders were invited to “News of the World” parties which were, in effect, a conspiracy between the British media and the political class against the country as a whole. They were the men and women who governed Britain and decided who was up and who was out. Government policy was influenced and sometimes created by them in common. The Murdoch insiders brought about legislation and British policy by influencing the politicians, because the politicians feared the media people´s power over them due to Murdoch insider´s´ knowledge of their sins. They also feared bad headlines should they disagree with the Murdoch media officials. Moreover, of course, there were valuable favours included. Prime Minister David Cameron, e.g., was given a flight in a private jet belonging to Rupert Murdoch´s son-in-law, stated to be worth 30.000 pounds?? to a private meeting and party with Murdoch on non-mentioned topics. In his 14 months in office as prime Minister, David Cameron has had 26 private meetings with Murdoch media officials. It was also reported that Murdoch had given Cameron a personal guarantee that there would be no risk attached to hiring the ex-editor of the News of the World Andy Coulson as the Conservative Party’s communication director in 2007. Cameron took Murdoch´s advise   in spite of Coulson having resigned as editor over phone hacking by a reporter and despite warnings from Nick Clegg, Lord Ashdown and The Guardian. Coulson resigned his post in 2011 and was later arrested and questioned on allegations of further criminal activity at “The News of the World”.

Tony Blair held private talks with Berlusconi in favour of Murdoch business in Italy. At the annual Labour Party conferences, Murdoch Internatinal´s leaders participated, sitting immediately behind the cabinet as though they had been coopted there. When murdoch´s favoured ministers left office, they were rewarded. Murdoch´s insiders incl. Rebekah Brooks, who was recently arrested,  were always to be found on the side of the stronger party.

The second in command of the London Metropolitan Police has also had to resign over his handling of the phone hacking scandal and his links to Neil Wallis, the former News of the World executive. This came ours after the chief of the Metropolitan Police resigned for not having told Cameron of his appointing Wallis. Although he denied that, many think that his accept of a luxury stay at a wellness spa worth 12.000 pounds was the reason. No less than 10 police officials were on the payroll of the “News of the World”!!

Rupert Murdoch is a member of the US Council on Foreign Relations, the “invisible government”, wanting to rule the world by David Rockefeller´s rules. Hillary Clinton says she takes her orders from that private club! Acc. to former US presidency candidate, Barry Goldwater,the CFR has taken over the US and wants to take over the world, too, in a new World Order. Goldwater demonstrates how they are making it: They control the most important media in the US (and elsewhere by means of Rupert Murdoch and his ilk). The above probably is true in most of the western world.
Declassified documents now show that Israel has bribed the US media to take Israel´s views. No wonder, since the owners of the media are largely the same Jews  that own the biggest banks of the world. Rupert Murdoch is said to be a passionate Zionist Jew.

This way, we are being ruled undemocratically by a small globalist clique through politician stooges that we elect. No matter what party we vote for, it is in the grip of this small corporate, super rich elite of the world. You may not know. For you may still believe the corporate media whose task ist to twist lies into truth and vice versa - and in the best case conceal the truth. This is the New World Order.


[1] Murdoch-brown_1946936cRupert Murdoch´s News of the World hacked into the voicemails on the mobile phone of murdered teenager Milly Dowler in 2006. Since then, many more hackings followed – in particular with politicians.  This has now started an avalanche whereby the dirt of the British (and international) political and police system was laid bare: corruption, friendly turns, blackmailing of politicians and police through their fear of the black sides of their lives being exposed to the public, and the fear of bad headlines This illustrates the sick media  that this blog has warned against time and again  – ruled by the New World Order tycoons to enforce their policy towards their  [2] one-world governance/[3] government.

1. Murdoch Press effect on  government policy was wretched. Decisions were determined by consideration of the following day’s headlines rather than sound analysis.
[4] The Telegraph 14 July 2011, Peter Osborne: The author started  working  for the House of Commons as a lobby correspondent nearly  20 years ago and saw how the democratic process had stopped functioning. He saw that ministers no longer gave their announcements  to the House of Commons - instead they leaked them through the press, i.e. to the correspondents who were treated as though they were the real MPs. The  traditional checks and balances thus no longer operated.[5] Rebbeca-brooks_1938203c

In particular, the Rupert Murdoch (left) Press abused their power. Rebekah Brooks (right), the chief executive of News International was just arrested - now released on bail.

She  emerged on the scene when New Labour under Tony Blair was on the verge of power.
[6] News-of-the-world+murdochA version of this process repeated itself when Gordon Brown became prime minister. Gordon Brown, too, was part of the Murdoch system of government.

Rebekah Brooks started as a star in and for the New Labour as it was in ascendance. When its star waned she changed her style to a Tory one – and participated in David Cameron´s 44 birthday last year. She – like all “News of the World” insiders attached like glue to whichever political party in ascendancy.

At exactly the same time that Mrs Brooks was getting on so famously with the most powerful men and women in Britain, the employees of her newspapers were listening in to their voicemails and illicitly gaining access to deeply personal information. One News of the World journalist once told Osborne how this information would be gathered into dossiers; sometimes these dossiers were published, sometimes not. The knowledge that News International held such destructive power must have been at the back of everyone’s minds at the apparently cheerful social events where the company’s executives mingled with their client politicians.

During the Blair years, News International executives would attend the annual Labour Party conference, they were awarded seats just behind the cabinet, as if they had been co-opted into the Government. The first telephone call that Blair made after he had escaped from the conference hall was routinely to Rupert Murdoch himself. When ministers who had been favoured by the Murdoch press left office, they would be rewarded.

When Tessa Jowell was Culture Secretary five years ago, News International hacked into her phone and spied on her in other ways. What was going on amounted to industrial espionage, since Ms Jowell was then charged with the regulation and supervision of News International.
Yet consider this: Ms Jowell was informed of this intrusion at the time and said nothing. More curious still, she retained her friendship with Rebekah Brooks and other News International figures. Indeed, Ms Jowell appears to have been present at the Cotswolds party thrown by Matthew Freud, son-in-law of Rupert Murdoch, only 10 days ago. James Murdoch, heir apparent to the Murdoch empire, was also present.

These parties were, in effect, a conspiracy between the British media and the political class against the country as a whole. They were the men and women who governed Britain and decided who was up and who was out. Government policy was influenced and sometimes created. Osborne doubts very much whether Britain would have invaded Iraq but for the foolhardy support of the Murdoch press.
[7] News-of-the-WorldFurthermore, private favours were dispensed; Blair when prime minister spoke to his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi about one of Murdoch’s business deals in Italy. Of course it was all kept secret, though [8] Stephenson1_1948895cdetails did sometimes leak out.

[7] Now the Murdoch scandal is dragging VIPs into free fall: The Telegraph 18 July 2011: The Metropolitan Assistant Commisioner John Yates (left)  has resigned over his handling of the phone hacking scandal and his links to Neil Wallis, the former News of the World executive, just hours after Sir Paul Stephenson (right), the [9] Metropolitan Police Commissioner quit as Britain’s top policeman. Acc. to the Danish Newspaper [10] Boersen 20 July 2011, no less than 10 British police officials were on the payroll of Murdoch´s “News of the World”!!

In a carefully worded resignation speech that appeared aimed directly at Downing Street, Sir Paul Stephenson, the commissioner of the Metropolitan police, said the prime minister risked being “compromised” by his closeness to former  News of the World editor Andy Coulson. Stephenson denied that he was resigning over allegations that [11] he accepted £12,000 worth of hospitality from Champney’s health spa, focusing instead on his decision not to inform the prime minister that the Met had employed Coulson’s former deputy Neil Wallis as a strategic adviser.

Of course, some now demand the scalp of Prime Minister Cameron. But it seems difficult to prove he has acted in bad faith. Or did he? A [12] spokeswoman for the Prime Minister disclosed that a revised list of Mr Cameron’s contacts with senior media figures is being published, as there had been some “omissions” from the version issued last week.


WHO is Rupert Murdoch
[13] Wikipedia: Keith Rupert Murdoch born 11 March 1931, is an Australian American media mogul. Critics argue that Murdoch simply supports the incumbent parties.

In August 2008 British Conservative leader and future Prime Minister David Cameron accepted free flights to hold private talks and attend private parties with Murdoch on his yacht, the Rosehearty. Cameron has declared in the Commons register of interests he accepted a private plane provided by Murdoch’s son-in-law, public relations guru Matthew FreGulfstream IV private jet was valued at around £30,000??. The Conservatives have not disclosed what was discussed.

[14] Cameron-murdoch-puppet

In July 2011 it emerged that Cameron met key executives of Murdoch’s News Corporation 26 times during the 14 months that Cameron had served as Prime Minister. It was also reported that Murdoch had given Cameron a personal guarantee that there would be no risk attached to hiring the ex-editor of the News of the World Andy Coulson as the Murdoch -adlConservative Party’s communication director in 2007. This was in spite of Coulson having resigned as editor over phone hacking by a reporter. Cameron chose to take Murdoch’s advice, despite warnings from Nick Clegg, Lord Ashdown and The Guardian. Coulson resigned his post in 2011 and was later arrested and questioned on allegations of further criminal activity at The News of the World. Here is a [15] list of Murdoch owned media.
The whistleblower who informed the public of Coulson´s phone hacking, [16] Sean Hoare, has just been found dead – for reasons unexplained. But he did fear for his life before his death.
Rupert Murdoch´s  mother is said to have been [17] Jewish. Murdoch is said to be intimately associated with Zionist organisations such as the ADL.


2. Rupert Murdoch is a
[18] member of the US Council on Foreign Relations.
[19] This Council wants to rule the world by means of David Rockefeller´s ideas. So far it is the invisible government of the US – and Hillary Clinton above openly admits to take her foreign political orders from that club.
However, the Council on Foreign Relations also controls the media of the world, Murdoch´s contribution  being very considerable. Their strategy is to control all the biggest media and place one of their minions to edit each and every one of them – starting with JP Morgan´s initiative in 1917. See the following video. The CFR members comprise many editors of the US biggest media.


3. Former US presidency candidate, [20] Barry Goldwater´s essay from 1979 on the CFR/Trilateral Commission´s control over the media. He writes: “In September 1939, two members of the Council on Foreign Relations visited the State Department to offer the council’s services. They proposed to do research and make recommendations for the department without formal assignment or responsibility, particularly in four areas - security armaments, economic and financial problems, political problems, and territorial problems. The Rockefeller Foundation agreed to finance the operation of this plan. From that day forward, the Council on Foreign Relations has placed its members in policy-making positions with the State Department and other federal agenciesAlmost without exception, its members are united by a congeniality of birth, economic status and educational background. [21] Barry-goldwater

Their goal is to impose a benign stability on the quarreling family of nations through merger and consolidation. THEY SEE THE ELIMINATION OF NATIONAL BOUNDARIES, THE SUPPRESSION OF RACIAL AND ETHNIC LOYALTIES, as the most expeditious avenue to world peace. They believe economic competition is the root cause of international tension.

Barry Goldwater (right) then brings: Irrefutable evidence of CFR/ [22] Trilateral Commission takeover of America. What was once our country, is now their country -through all the media he lists.

4. [23] Israeli bribery of the US media has been revealed in declassified ocuments

Of course Barry Goldwater lost presidency to the [24] Trilateral Commission (TC) and [22] here stooge, Jimmy Carter, selected by the CFRs and TC founders, David Rockefeller and [25] Zbigniew Brzezinski. So, you see, our daily news, our policies, our world, are not shaped by our elected politicians – but by powerful media owned by unscrupulous banksters – like Rupert Murdoch – and controlled by the CFR. Our politicians fear the power of these media moguls and love their money to the extent that they cringe to them, consult them on political matters, legislate to please these Illuminati masters of the world. Even Scotland Yard seems deeply infected by Rupert Murdoch´s money and good advise. Even the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has every [26] Dick-durbinreason to fear the avalanche of embarrassing revelations now rolling over the UK. And [27] so it does seem to be.
The German poet, Heinrich [28] JugurthaHeine, said: “There is only one God - Mammon. And Rothschild is his prophet.” If so, then the centres of power are just the temples of Mammon.

Left: [29] US Senator Dick Durbin: The bankers (the media owners) own the US Senate!
Right: Jugurtha, king of the Numidians, about Rome 110 b.C.: “Woe to the big city which is for sale and is heading for its demise, if it can find a buyer”.

The consequence of this is that we are being manipulated, dumbed down. They tell us that Christian national culture and nationstate are bad, but that Muslim multiculture and immigration is good, as well as that you are a criminal racist [30] to be punished if you don´t like multiculture in your country. They conceal the secret decrees by which the world is ruled by their fawning politician-slaves elected by you, if they think the decrees might make you angry.  Day in day out we hear lies and half/twisted truths – thus believing in e.g. the [31] climate lie, the non-existence of [32] chemtrails, the just, humanitarian war in Libya, where plenty of civilians are being kileed by friendly bombs. Believing in the rebels being the good guys – although they are Muslim Brotherhood militia men, [33] incl. so-called Al Qaeda fighters, whom we have been told are the evil fellows behind the complicated [34] 9/11 operations, which no un-schooled Muslim could perform. Al-Qaida fighters were [35] still alive days after 9/11 acc. to the [36] BBC, the [37] London Telegraph – and even [38] FBI boss, Robert Mueller, had no idea about who the highjackers were.  Former Pakistani spy chief, Hamed Gul, has declared [39] 9/11 to be an inside job – as all facts indicate. even the explosive, [40] nanthermite, was found all over ground zero.

Did you ever hear about such things in the corporate MSM? Did you ever hear anything but “Pth! Conspiracy theory” when such views were vented? Well  - the ABC does have something shocking here: The US NORAD drilled den the 9/11 -2001 attacks with highjacked airliners on the WTC Twin Towers already in 1999!!!

But otherwise, media owners like CFR member Rupert Murdoch are brainwashing you for their specific goal: one-world and [41] one-world governance/[3] government by them and for them. In fact we already have their [42] world governance acc. to EU Pres. van Rompuy.

What they not at all tell us is this: [43] Global Res. 20 July 2011: Rupert Murdoch’s TNTW was only attempting to do in a small way what the governments of the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are doing big time every day. [44] ECHELON is a criminal operation in violation of international law. Like a mammoth vacuum cleaner in the sky, the National Security Agency (NSA) sucks it all up: home phone, office phone, cellular phone, email, fax, telex…satellite transmissions, fiber-optic communications traffic, microwave links, voice, text images (that are) captured by satellites continuously orbiting the earth and then processed by high-powered computers.”
We are already being even dictatorially watched - and Murdoch’s sin is that his media have been caught with its hands in the cake tin. The big thieves hypocritically hang the smaller ones, so as to bee seen as the just ones!

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