ADDENDUM: Denmark has just introduced a very superficial border control - to stop the immigration flow from the Euromediterranean from submerging Denmark, although the pretext is another. The EU is furious, fearing to lose cntrol over us. Immediately a Hessian Justice, Integration and European Affairs minister is doing Denmark a Great Favour: He recommends Germans not to make vacations in Denmark. The man seems to think his advice will have an authoritative effect . It has not - on the contrary, 77% of Germans wanting Germany to do the same. 86% of  Danes sympathesize  with the border control.


Summary: The EU has great self-inflicted difficulties with the previously unlimited Muslim immigration. Despite a distinction between legal and illegal migrants, the EU has always found a pretext in order to keep illegal migrants and to feed them at taxpayer expense and privation. There is a reason: British and Danish politicians have betrayed the true background of the Muslim mass immigration to Europe in public. The politicians simply want to replace the old Christian and European national cultures, whose thinking founded the developed world – above all with Islam, which excludes independent thinking and is very authoritarian. As expressed by Pres. Sarkozy, the EU also wants racial exchange / mixture. As a region of the ”world community” / NWO, the EU wants to have obedient slaves linked to a central authority as a large mass, like computer elements, that can be centrally controlled and and never thinks of rebellion – unless NWO forces such as the CIA and Soros’ NGOs were to instigate them. Example: “The Arab Spring”. Otherwise the Muslims were always nicely submissive to their leaders.

The EU never attached much importance to the qualifications of immigrants - even though EU commissioners say the opposite. A recent Danish research project shows that  Muslim pupils score miserably in comparison with western pupils at the Danish school Leaving examination. These are the citizen, our politicians and their NWO masters want to inherit our societies. Through primitive expressions like “Racist”, “Pth! Conspiracy theory!”, brainwashing by the corporate media keeping silent about or twisting events, Mental Hygiene, and the Marxist Frankfurt School, the European populations are easily manipulated and do not respond to the increasing violence and poverty ensuing from immigration. Now things seem to be changing somewhat. Thus, in election situations, national politicians, who voluntarily and without asking their peoples handed their national-decision powers over to the EU Commission, are having problems - not with a non-existent conscience but with the fear of not being re-elected. So, they make a theater of “border control disputes”, which in reality are none -to pull the wool over the eyes of their the voters, showing them the “consciousness of responsibility” that they never had - bravely accompamnied by empty criticism from their EU colleagues. These politicians are now producing the right argument: The Schengen borders never worked - they just never were meant to work. Thus, today we see  the highest ever number of refugees - because EU countries cannot attack their old cronies soon and vigorously enough to chase their dear Euromediterranean “partners” into the EU. Until the Libyan war, there were few Libyan refugees. After the Libyans are being bombarded on both sides by the NATO, Libyan refugees are teeming to Europe - as well as “liberated” Tunisians - and soon Syrians, too. And due to the EU-promoted war they cannot be repatriated!  All well-known from the Iraqi and Afghan recipe.

Now, a Congolese member of the Standing United Nations´Office at Geneva, Serge Boreta Bokwango (left), created an open letter in which the content is very harsh criticism with some his fellow-countrymen who come to live in Italy: “Italy in the south does not receive only North African garbage but also from Africa (the African immigrant street vendors and beggars in the streets). I wonder why Italy, other European countries and the Arab states allow and tolerate the presence of these individuals on their national soil. Perhaps once again to humiliate Africa or mere distraction? I feel a strong sense of shame and anger at these African immigrants who behave like rats that infest the city. I harbour strong feelings of shame and anger also towards the African governments that favor the mass start of their waste to Italy, Europe and Arabia.”

Harsh words at a high level. Everyone has to judge the truth value of these words for themselves. There are now studies that demonstrate both coloured and whites to believe that the white race is being increasingly discriminated against.


José Barroso, EU Press Release 28 June 2011: “Migration, unsurprisingly, continues to be an emotive issue. Public opinion is mixed and highly sensitive to this issue. In some cases the issues of migration are in fact used by extremist populist forces against the European project… This fact makes it critical for us to take a comprehensive approach to managing migration issues. As a very last resort, the EU response could include the reintroduction of internal border controls, for a limited period of time. This mechanism will not affect the right of persons to free movement as provided for by the EU treaties.
Comment: Notice how this self-righteous man describes his opponents contemptuously as “populists an empty word to disparage people - just like the unsubstantiated words racist”, conspiracy theorist, “Anti-Semitic and “class enemy” etc.

The Daily Mail 28 June 2011 ‘Undesirable’ and ‘dangerous’ immigrants who have committed serious crimes in Britain cannot be deported if they face ‘ill-treatment’ at home because it is against their human rights, say Euro-Judges.


The EU has problems these days: The Euro is said to bei in danger due to defaulting PIIGS states, Greece in particular. This however just seems to be an excuse to make it easier for the EU topull more money out of Eurpean taxpayers. But the EU has more problems. The EU Commission and i.a. the Danish and British governments wants to make an ethnic exchange in Europe in order to destroy Christianity and nationalism completely in accordance with Adam Weishaupt´s 6 commandments snd here– and has promised to grant free mobility to citizens from its Euromediterranean Muslim “partner countries” –  even to bring another 56 mio.  Africans + their families in from outside those countries. However, now in conflict with the Schengen agreement, leaders of nation states are beginning to feel the pressure from their electorates and are introducing internal border controls (Denmark, Germany, France) – this giving rise to much concern in the EU Commission who wants to keep its vassals away from relapsing into national sovereignty.
The Euromediterranean Project now exists only in the sick minds of thickheaded eurocrats, who are making ever stronger demands on the “partner countries” as for  productivity,human rights and democracy than the previous demands which the “partners” did not even dream of fulfilling, because such demands are incompatible with Allah having already given all necessary laws – new ones thus being disparaging Allah. The following will describe the present situation as for migration which has been strongly accelerated by the much praised “Arab Spring”.

Serge-boret-bokwangoFirst a sobering remark: JulieNews it. 7 June 2011 NAPLES - A Congolese member of the Standing United Nations´Office at Geneva, Serge Boreta Bokwango (left), created an open letter in which the content is very harsh criticism with some his fellow-countrymen who come to live in Italy. In particular, Bokwango refers to immigrants in southern Italy and observes succinctly: Italy in the south does not receive only North African garbage but also from Africa (the African immigrant street vendors and beggars in the streets)
The Africans that I happen to see in Italy sell everything and prostitute themselves more and more - they are the garbage of Africa. These men, hawkers on the beaches and streets of the cities, do not under any circumstances represent Africans living in Africa fighting for the reconstruction and development of their countries. On this state of affairs - writes the Congolese representative at the UNOG I wonder why Italy, other European countries and the Arab states allow and tolerate the presence of these individuals on their national soil. Perhaps once again to humiliate Africa or mere distraction?
The conclusion of the letter is no less bitter than the beginning: As for me - writes Bokwango - I feel a strong sense of shame and anger at these African immigrants who behave like rats that infest the city. I have strong feelings of shame and anger also towards the African governments that favor the mass start of their waste to Italy, Europe and Arabia.

EUOBSERVER 24 June 2011 - EU leaders on Friday (24 June) agreed to establish a “safeguard mechanismallowing the re-introduction of internal borders in exceptional circumstances, potentially curbing one of the most integrative aspects of EU membership.
The mechanism would allow “as a very last resort, (…) the exceptional reintroduction of internal border controls in a truly critical situation.  Details will be elaborated by this fall.

An agreement on an EU asylum system is still far from reach. Leaders also rejected a temporary exemption from the so-called Dublin regulation which obliges member states to send back asylum seekers to the first EU country of entry, as proposed by the commission.
Instead, they urge to “push forward rapidly” with work on so-called smart borders keeping track of all entries and exits of non-EU citizens to prevent visa overstay and allowing registered travellers to go through airport security by simply swiping their passports.

WelcomeEUobserver 24 May 2011: Travellers from the 41 countries and territories around the world enjoying a visa-free regime with the EU may in future have to endure cumbersome visa procedures if Brussels decides the system is being abused. The European Commission announced Tuesday (24 May) that it would temporarily suspend countries from the visa waiver list if there is a sudden increase in asylum applications or illegal stays.
An EU member state would have to prove that it has a 1. massive influx of illegally staying nationals from that country, meaning more than 50 percent over a six-month period for the suspension to be activated. 2. The same would apply if the member state proves that more than 50 percent of asylum applications in half a year came from a country where the asylum requests were normally below three percent. 3. When readmission applications from a country rise by over 50 percent over a six-month period, in comparison with the previous half year.

Malmstrom insisted that it would be only a “last resort” measure and that no particular country is targeted. But she mentioned Serbia and Macedonia as being currently “in dialogue” with the commission about how to address the problem of thousands of their nationals seeking asylum in EU countries!!! (Nichts von den geliebten muslimischen Ländern!!)
Hopefully it will never be used, but we need this mechanism. And with the Arab Spring forcing an overhaul of EU’s neighbourhood policy towards the southern neighbours, visa liberalisation has become a prospect for countries such as Tunisia and Egypt and possibly Libya, if Gaddafi is removed from power. Currently, only Israel is included on the visa-free list in that region.
Comment: While the EU will give visa liberalisation to its euromed Muslim partners the influx from Christian countries is a problem for the EU illuminists (explanatory statement) – who have declared to  want a big  Muslim immigration to change e.g. the UK radically. A Danish MP said the same thing in 1975.”  It is deliberately untrue that only Israel has this “advanced status”. Morocco was granted it on 13 Oct. 2011 – and it does not seem to be so big a problem that Morocco kills its West Sharan subjects and persecutes Christians that the EU should deprive it of its “advanced status”.

EUObserver 21 June 2011: Barroso did concede that member states need clearer rules than the ones currently included in the Schengen code. In his view, the solution is a “community-based” mechanism allowing for a decision “at European level” on the reintroduction of short-term internal border controls when a country is under extreme migratory pressure or fails to secure a part of EU’s external borders. Such a mechanism - with the commission playing a central role - “would further reinforce mutual trust and also reduce the need for recourse to unilateral initiatives by member states,” Barroso argues. Barroso did concede that member states need clearer rules than the ones currently included in the Schengen code.

The Danish Parliament has approved plans laid out by the government to have “permanent customs checks” in place in order to clamp down on drug trafficking and other illicit activities on its borders with Germany and Sweden. The plan has irked Berlin and the commission alike. The agreement calls for 98 new customs agents on Denmark’s borders, 24-hour manned borders, four new customs houses, roads separated into six lanes, spot-checks, video surveillance and high-tech ‘contraband’ scanners to come by 2014.

Germany’s deputy foreign affairs minister, Werner Hoyer, wrote in an article published in all 27 EU countries last week, that EU countries considering new border controls are “playing with nationalism’s fire.” In response, the Danish People’s Party labelled his comments as “national neurosis” Immigrants-illegal-among-wine-boxestied to Germany’s Nazi past).

The Daily Mail 14 June 2011: As many as 2,500 illegal immigrants a week are flooding into the continent from North Africa through Italy.The official figures, which came from Warsaw based Frontex, show that for the first three months of this year 33,000 people (more than a doubling as compared to June 2011)  entered Europe illegally with 22,600 coming through Italy. Most of those were economic migrants from Tunisia and sub-Sahran Africa who had fled countries that had been hit by popular uprisings in what was dubbed the Arab Spring.
European and Turkish authorities beefed up border controls between November 2010 and March 2011, slashing the number of daily transits that were detected to 52 from around 250 at the start of the operation.

EurActiv 9 May 2011: Over the last few days, several overloaded small boats have started arriving at Lampedusa from Libya, carrying hundreds of mostly black African immigrants. Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said the immigrants were refugees fleeing Libya due to the war and would not therefore be repatriated.
Cecilia Malmström, the EU’s commissioner for home affairs, said she was “continuously concerned” by the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Libya, and called for “urgent action”. “The reports of men, women and children from sub-Saharan Africa being forced out of the country by the Gaddafi regime are particularly worrying,” she said in a written statement.
Or is it by the NATO troops who made the war? Malmström urged the EU to show solidarity towards its most exposed member states as well as towards North African countries that were bearing the highest burden of the conflict in Libya. An upcoming conference will specifically call for relocation and resettlement, and discuss and review commitments and pledges made by EU members, she explained.

Deutsche Welle 5 June 2011:  Merkel said that on humanitarian grounds Germany would accept refugees arriving from countries where there was evidence of political persecution - such as Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. However, the chancellor said the country had no responsibility for those arriving from countries such as Tunisia - where a ruling dictatorship had been toppled. The chancellor also hit out at discrimination against Christians around the world.  Merkel said it was unacceptable that people should be disadvantaged and persecuted for their belief. She stressed the need for states to observe the UN Charter on Human Rights as for Christians.

Net migration increased at the fastest rate since Labour opened Britain’s doors to workers from the Eastern European states that joined the EU seven years ago.
The Daily Mail 27 May 2011: In the year up to September 2010, the figure for net migration – the difference between immigration and emigration – was 242,000, the third highest on record. Some 586,000 people arrived to live in Britain and 344,000 emigrated. Immigration from Eastern Europe rose by some 50 per cent to 72,000 while the numbers of Eastern Europeans leaving to go home dropped by nearly half to 29,000. Nothing said about non-european immigration which must be by far the biggest.

The Daily Mail 24 May 2011: Sociologists from Harvard and Tufts universities asked 209 white and 208 black men and women to rate ‘racism’ against both ethnic groups since the 1950s on a scale of one to 10. The results, published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, showed that on average blacks saw anti-white bias rising slightly from 1.4 in the 1950s to 1.8 today. Blacks also perceived that racism against themselves had steeply declined from 9.7 in the 1950s to 6.1 in the 90s. Whites believed that discrimination against them had increased from an average of 1.8 in the 1950s to 4.7 in the 2000s.

The Euromediterranean Partnership
EU Commissioner Stefan Füle., EU Press Release 25 May 2011:  We will offer our partners our experience and our assistance towards democratic reform, but we will not impose our model on them. The Communication proposes allowing each partner to develop its links with the EU as far as its own aspirations, needs and practices allow. We must listen to our partners and we adapt Immigration-queueour offer where possible to their particular situation.

The Communication contains numerous concrete proposals, including 5. easing mobility and integration in a pan-European energy market or participation in EU programmes and agencies.
And what if a neighbour does not make any progress in building and consolidating democracy and respect for the rule of law? What if it violates human rights and democracy standards? In that case, the EU will not want to punish the people of that country. On the contrary, the EU will strengthen its support to civil society in that undemocratic country. This is what we are doing in Belarus and in Libya.

As for the possibility of reinstating border checks, Barroso insists on strengthening relations with Mediterranean countries as an essential element of the EU’s answer to the immigration crisis. “The Commission considers that only a reinforced partnership with countries at the South of the Mediterranean will allow a sustainable solution to the current migratory pressure,” Barroso wrote in his Escaping-immigrants-mandurialetter. He also underlined the necessity to put in place a common asylum system, stressing that previous attempts were defeated due to resistance from EU member countries.

“Europe is being ethnically cleansed of Europeans”, Andrew Brons, MEP.

ANSAmed) - APRIL 1
- Immigrants who have recently arrived to the island of Lampedusa and who have been transferred to the camp that has been set up in Manduria in the province of Taranto are fleeing en masse. The immigrants have managed to escape through an opening near a gate in the small fence. The Jerusalem Post 17 May 2011: In April, Italy granted around 20,000 Tunisians temporary residency permits. The day after the men received EUBabel-tower-europe-many-tongues-one-voice-150 permits, they began moving to Tunisia’s former colonial ruler, France, where some had family ties. In response, French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office declared that “the governance of Schengen is failing – and he closed his borders to the “refugees”. Euractiv 2 May 2011: France and Italy started a campaign to reimpose some of the border checks, abolished in 1995.


What this immigration of peoples who are totally unwanted by the European peoples and who hate and despise Europeans and their way of life is no less than the enforcement by a dictatorial NWO regime (The EU) of the biggest ethnic exchange in history. The Euromediterranean Project is dead – but  the elitists want European nationalism, culture and above all Christianity to disappear, since these are obstacles to their boundless one world. The elitists want to eradicate the enterprising middle class, which is the moving factor behind the Western world as it is known today. In the US, this process has progressed far after the subprime mortgage fraud and financial crisis arranged by the elitist banksters.

The table above according to  KREVI (The Municipal and Regional Evaluation Institute) shows  the average notes obtained at the Danish school leaving examination from the 9. class by pupils born by mothers born in various countries. As seen the pupils from Muslim countries score miserably in comparison with Westeners from Norway, Germany (Tyskland) and the UK (Storbritannien), the USA. These are the citizens which our politicians and their NWO masters want to inherit our Western societies

And why do the elitists want to have backward populations - even called Africa´s garbage by an African UN politician -  in and enterprising people out of Europe? There are certainly several causes. But one cause is, no doubt, that backward, uneducated people are much easier to govern. They simply do as they are told. Thus, there  were no rebellions among Muslims – until the CIA planted the seeds of sedition among them in the Arab spring. Maybe, the old Roman principle: divide and rule is one reason why the elitists ever since the French Revolution have been creating discord and wars according to the Hegelian tactics. The elitist New World Order/ “the International Community” is a global empire created by the owners of the corporations – not to rule cultures but all mankind as robots connected to a central computer to give an enslaved mankind its orders.

These robots, however, are by no means allowed to be white. Acc. to Pres. Sarcozy, the white race must disappear and through Metissage be changed into a europid-negrid-Arab mixed race.That´s our duty – or the French government will see to it! Do you not comply? “Racist!!”